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Battle Of The Cousins - Christmas Slay

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Battle Of The Cousins - Christmas Slay
« on: October 27, 2010, 10:25:32 PM »
Hi, this is a sequel to my story, Battle Of The Cousins, if you haven’t read that, then I would highly recommend doing so, this sequel takes place at Christmas time, hope you enjoy the story.

I had invited my couisns to my house for Christmas, neither knowing the other would be there, it is my hope that another fight like the one that took place in my basement 3 months ago will take place.  I hear the door bell ring.  I walk over, and open the door, and see Cassie standing there.  “Hey Cassie.” I say.  “Hey Arion, what’s up?” Cassie asks.  “Not much Cassie, what have you been up to, how is everyone?” I ask. Cassie opens her mouth to respond, but there is a second knock on the door.  I open the door, and there stands Jess.  Cassie and Jess spot each other.  “Hello Jess.” Cassie says.  “Hello Cassie.” Jess says in return.  I notice the two of them are locked in a fierce and intense glare.  “I need a two boxes from the basement, can you two go, and get them?” I ask.  “Sure we can, right Jess?” Cassie asks.  “You bet.” Jess responds.  Cassie and Jess walk over to the basement door, and open it, and head down.  I open the door a few minutes later, and I sneak down, and peak around the corner, and see my cousins removing their clothes.  After they’re both naked, they glare at each other.  “Been itching to get pay back you stupid slut.” Jess says.  “You think you’ll be any better this time you cxnt?” Cassie asks.  “Why don’t we find out.” Jess says, and she raises her fists.  Cassie raises her fists as well, and the two naked, angry girls begin circling.
Cassie swings her fist, and the blow hits Jess in the mouth, causing a cut to appear, and the cut begins dripping blood..  Jess stumbles back in pain, but quickly returns the punch, catching Cassie in the nose, causing blood to begin dripping out.  Cassie throws a quick right at Jess, but Jess ducks to the side, and punches Cassie in the belly, knocking her back.  Cassie knocks over a box of glass decorations when she is knocked back, and the glass shatters as it hits the ground, but Cassie and Jess don’t notice, as they’re too focused on their hatred.  Cassie and Jess smile with malice as they see blood dripping from their rival.  “Had enough cxnt?”  Jess asks.  Cassie cracks Jess in the nose with a right hook, and Jess has blood flowing freely out of her nose and down her face.  “That answer your question whore?”  Cassie responds with pure hatred.  Jess slams her fist into Cassie's belly, knocking all of the air out of her lungs.  "Guess so slut, I hate you so much, that first night we spent together, I wanted to tear into you so bad." Jess responds.  Cassie catchest her breath, and throws a right hook into Jess's right breast, and Jess lets out a sharp gasp of pain, and she stumbles back into the empty tv stand.  Jess holds her right breast, which is now beggining to turn black and blue.  Jess throws a right hook, which catches Cassie in the side of the face, whipping her head to the side, and sending her stumbling back into the wall.  The two rivals take a moment to inspect the damage they've done to one another.  Cassie's nose is bleeding, the blood running down her face and down her neck onto her breasts, she also has a bruise forming on her left cheek, and one on her belly.  Jess has a split lip, which is bleeding, the blood rnning down her neck onto her breasts, there is a bruise on her right cheek, her nose is broken, and blood is running from her nose down her face and her neck onto her breasts.  Both girls smile in satisfaction as they see the damage they've caused.  Cassie and Jess approach eachother, and Cassie throws an uppercut at Jess's chin, but Jess ducks, and she throws and uppercut to Cassie's cxnt, and Cassie lets out a shriek of pain, and she doubles over, holding her pussy.  "Bitch!"  Cassie moans in pain.  "Fuck you cxnt, I'm not gonna let you off easy you fucking slut, I'm gonna fuck you up this time around."  Jess replies.  Cassie throws a left hook, which catchest Jess in her eye, and Jess's vision goes fuzzy for a moment.  Jess glares at Cassie, as she feels her eye starting to swell.  "Fucking bitch!"  Jess throws a right hook, that catches Cassie in the belly, knocking the air out of her lungs.  Cassie doubles over, trying to catch her breath, gulping for air.  Jess gets Cassie in a cholk hold, and begins choking air out of Cassie.  "Give up bitch!"  Jess Commands.  Cassie's eyes are wide, and she's waving her hands as Jess chokes the air out of her.  "GIve up, and I'll let you go!"  Jess shouts.  Cassie nods, and gasps out that she gives.  Jess releases her choke hold, and Cassie falls to the ground, gasping for precios air.  "Bitch."  Cassie gasps out.  "We can have another rematch bitch, and I'll kick your ass again."  Jess says in a proud voice.  Cassie glares at Jess.  "Of course I want a fucking rematch you whore!"  Cassie gasps out.  The two rivals grab some old towels from out of a box, and they begin cleaning themselves up, soon, the blood is cleaned off of their bodies, but their noses are still bleeding, as is Jess's split lip, and she now has a black eye.  "What are we going to tell Arion bitch?"  Jess asks.  "Well, he probably already suspects that we've been doing anything other than what we said we were going to do, he was looking at us a little odd the last time, you must have missed some blood the last time you useless whore!"  Cassie shouts at Jess.  "We were both bloodied and bruised slut, not just me, which makes you as useless as me cock whore!"  Jess shouts back.  "Who are you calling a fucking cock whore you're the cock whore slut, probably suck your boyfriend's cock like a little slut!"  Cassie shouts, enraged.  "I can't wait to kick your ass again you piece of useless shit!"  Jess shouts at Cassie, her blood at the boiling point.  "We'll meet down at my house as soon as we heal bitch, just you and me!"  Cassie barely manages to shout out as she's extremely angry.  I sneak back upstairs at this point.  I sit on the sofa.  Cassie throws open the basement door.  "Find the decorations?"  I ask.  Cassie looks at me, and I see rage in her eyes.  "Ask the little whore."  Cassie storms over to the front door, yanks it open and exits the house, slamming the front door behind her.  Jess exits the basement a second later, just as angry as Cassie was.  "How'd the search go?"  I ask.  Jess looks at me with the same rage in her eyes as Cassie had.  "We didn't find the decorations, and a box of decorations fell and broke, sorry Arion."  Jess admits.  "It's fine, hit your head down there?"  I ask.  "Yeah, I'd better get going, need to help my mom with something."  Jess responds, then she heads for the door.  "Seeya."  I say.  "Bye Arion." Jess responds, then she opens the door, and she exits the house.

This has been the sequal to my first story in the series, hope you enjoyed it.
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