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Elyse Levesque vs Jaimie Alexander

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Elyse Levesque vs Jaimie Alexander
« on: September 20, 2022, 05:57:51 PM »
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Story took place during season 2 of Blindspot

Jaimie Alexander vanquished a demon when she beat Olga Kurylenko and now she and her cast mates were out celebrating.  “You got to watch most of them and wish you were there to see me shut Olga up.  Callies came in like she always has with this huge ego and went out the way she always left shows with the realty she isn’t good enough.  Deanna hit me good a few times but hey I’m not a dominant fighter I’m a winning one… Toboni now that bitch was a tough out… Then Gal calls me, and I still go because who doesn’t want to beat up Wonder Woman.  Staring across at Olga who thought I’d drop and beg forgiveness and now today she wishes that were true because whatever questions were out there from the tournament well… I beat that ass for the second time.”

Everyone was laughing and Jaimie’s hand gestures were on point making a motion like she was slapping Olga forehand and backhand.

At the other side of the bar was Elyse Levesque with some friends “What did I tell you for so long.  If I were in that tournament, I would have torn apart the competition… Destroyed Laura (Mennel) and then me and Melanie (Scrofano) beat each other up good but she ended up knocked out.  … Kyra Zagorsky who has always been jealous of me thought she’d shut me up and I wired her jaw shut Fought Supergirl and won.”

Emmy winner Tatiana Maseley was with Elyse and excused herself from the table and went to the ladies’ room.  When she was at the sink, she saw fellow Emmy winner Archie Panjabi they talked for a few minutes and Archie asked, “So who is in your company?”

“Elyse Levesque, we were on the final season together and I fucking love her.  She’s so amazing.”

“I feel the same about Jaimie… But I’m tired of hearing her talk about all her fights.  She is so ingrained especially after beating Olga.”

“Oh my god same with Elyse… Then she talks about that tournament where she’s convinced, she would have done great.”

“Just wondering… How tall is your friend?”

Tatiana smiled “Fun fact she is the Same height, the same build and hell they were born same year.”  Both stood there smiling and nodding then looked at the other.

“Let’s see” Archie said “What do you think it will take… Why ask we both know they both think that they’re the best at fighting.”

“Oh, I know exactly what tangent get Elyse on.”  Tatiana smiled “You make sure Jaimie is listening.”

Ten minutes later the groups had unknowingly found themselves closer to each other and Elyse was asked “You keep talking about that WBACCF tournament and how good you would have done.  Why do you believe you would have done so good?”

“Did I just hear WBACCF?  And tournament?”  Jaimie had overheard, “Who thinks they would have done well there?  Tatiana so good to see you, is it you?”

Elyse got very protective of Tatiana and stepped in front of her and was face to face with Jaimie “Don’t get aggressive with my friend.  Just so you know it was me who mentioned the tournament”

Jaimie glanced at Elyse “Why do you think you would have done so well in that tournament.”

Elyse’s eyes went down then came back up locking up with Jaimie.  “Well with all due respect I looked at every bracket and know the women.  There wasn’t a bracket that I would not have at minimum got to the final fight.  I think top four is pretty well a lock and yeah I mean what else is there to say”

“So, you think you could have accomplished that.  You?  I was in that tournament, and I reached the finals.  So, as I look right at you and honestly and take this from someone who”

“Someone who in reality lost in the first round and made the finals because the other woman was to beat up to compete.”  Everything seemed to stop from that comment by Elyse

“I beat Olga in the first round of the tournament and just beat her for the second time”

“First time”

“Ok Elyse that’s your name right.  Well now I get to congratulate you.  You see when you first stepped up I wondered if this is a ass worth kicking but now with what you just said.  You are officially an ass I really want to kick and will kick”

Elyse Levesque showed no fear whatsoever of one of Hollywood’s most feared Amazons.  She stepped up to Jaimie Alexander and brought her face forward “Then please kick it.  Olga was my dream fight as at least… I respected her.  You are just a knock off version a bargain bin Olga.  Jaimie ‘we can’t afford Olga so get’ Alexander”

Jaimie brought her face forward and whispered in Elyse’s ear “You had my attention earlier but that crossed a line so what happens to you now after that.  You get the Olga treatment.”

Jaimie stepped back and stared at Elyse who then leaned in “Olga took you for granted I wont stop and there’s no stupid rules to declare a winner.  You bit off more than you could possibly chew with me.”

Elyse stepped back.  What happened in the Kurylenko fight wasn’t supposed to be known but Elyse knew the details on what happened.  Likely Olga was talking out of turn but it didn’t matter so Jaimie slapped Elyse as she was pulling back and got in range of a slap

“Guess you made the decision.”  Elyse said feeling her cheek
“It was made by our friends.”

Jaimie was looking at Elyse’s friends behind her.  Giving them a look that said you must dislike your friend.  Elyse gave Jaimies friends a look and they saw a confidence in Elyse.  These two were built so similar but what about skill level.

Elyse faked two slaps and on the second Jaimie bit bad and Elyse saw the flinch and move back so she came with a jumping jab from on her hip.  That put Jaimie down and Elyse moved away knowing it was more a trip by Jaimie, so she had to clear the area.

“Look at you clear this area.  You are about to get a .”

“We spoke enough.  If you got something to give me, I want that gift.”

Elyse stepped forward was about to throw a punch and got hit with a straight kick that sent her to her ass.  “You stepped up and entered the big leagues tonight.  Don’t worry I’ll send you back to where you belong”

Elyse slammed her hands on the floor and got up.  Jaimie got more relaxed in seeing Elyse’s frustration and poked her head out then hit two jabs and pulled back when Elyse fired back.  Jaimie moved away and pumped her shoulder to fake the jab and try to make Elyse open up

Elyse could see what Jaimie was doing.  She made a decision to play along that Jaimie had the better technique and would fire off sloppy wide punches which Jaimie easily ducked and moved away from.  ON Jaimie counters Elyse got hit but she rolled with it and acted more hurt than she was

Archie got by Tatiana “This is not what we hoped for.  Jaimie should end this quick”

Elyse threw a big right hand that went her entire wingspan.  It was sloppy it didn’t have any power.  Jaimie caught got into a power stance to counter with an uppercut and didn’t notice Elyse smile.  Jaimie cocked back for the upper cut and Elyse turned her hip for a inside leg kick that caught Jaimie on her plant legs in the back of the knee and it took her down

“Still confident.”  Tatiana said

Elyse hit a left slap but was wanting to get into a position to hit a right handed punch of some kind to Jaimie.  Jaimie had a butterfly guard and could take the slap but now saw the right hand.  This was a technique she would use if the fighter wasn’t skilled but thought they were

Jaimie straightened her legs and got up quickly and got tackled into the crowd.  Jaimie hit the ground bucked her hips and sent Elyse off the top.  Jaimie now tackled Elyse only to get bucked off with the hip thrust


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Re: Elyse Levesque vs Jaimie Alexander
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2022, 06:04:39 PM »
Up quick Jaimie hit a jab then moved her body and threw a left high kick which got blocked then Elyse spun for a elbow attack which Jaimie blocked.  Elyse hooked her foot behind Jaimie Achilles pulled and sent Jaimie down

Elyse left her feet corkscrewed her body and splashed Jaimie.  Her stomach going across Jaimies.  Elyse lifted her hips and slapped stomachs again.  She felt Jaimie release some air then spun to get atop Jaimie and maybe end this fight. When Jaimie felt breasts on hers she raised her hips and sent Elyse off then rolled in the opposite direction to get up

Jaimie spun to get her leg underneath and get up quick.  Elyse watched how Jaimie was getting up she was so experienced she was planning on using her length.  Elyse slowed how she was also experienced at using length.  She was on her knees stayed down and Jaimie just threw a kick that would have gotten her in the head if she stood up just behind Jaimie

The kick sailed over the head instead and Jaimie ended with her back turned to Elyse who leaped up and hit a drop kick to Jaimies back sending her over a small table.  “I love that counter you just tried.  You might be the challenge I always wanted but really you might just be a version of me.”

Elyse looked over at Jaimies friends “How long have you all waited to watch her lose.”  She then had to stop the table from hitting her as Jaimie threw the downed table back up onto its legs

Jaimie was up before Elyse could straight back up and hit three forearms to Elyse’s back.  Two wit the left and one with the right.  “This Canadas best.  This the best you can send at me.”  She grabbed the red hair and lifted Elyse up and slammed her down three times on the table.

Three more forearms to the back this time two with the right and one with the left.  Jaimie grabbed the red locks stepped back and took a look at Elyse’s friends “I legit thought for a second I might lose her, but she does not belong in the conversation of toughness with me and the tournament”

Elyse got on her hip and combined Jaimies pull with her push and slid off like jumping over a hood of a car.   Jaimie was giving no credit whatsoever to Elyse.  As far as she was concerned Elyse was done and she just needed to do something unneeded but totally cool to finish this fight

Instead everyone heard Jaimie shout “What the” Elyse was  on her feet got the position below the hips and lifted Jaimie up in a spine buster position turned and spiked Jaimie Alexander on the table.

Elyse drilled a punch to Jaimes unprotected and extended stomach then a second and pulled Jaimie up to her feet by the collar of the shirt.  Squat down lift the member of the Mcu up and spike her a second time on the table then hit forearms to the chest

Elyse could hear everyone they were begging her to stop so she lifted Jaimie up again and spiked her down again but this time the table snapped.  Elyse looked amazing standing over Jaimie “I was right, and you are full of shit” She began stomping Jaimies stomach

“Wait” Elyse knew she was about to be pulled off “She’s still conscious.”   Elyse sat on Jaimie stomach

Her hand went to Jaimies forehead and slid “Hi you just said something about the tourney…Well Jaimie they all thought wed be a great fight and it was but I would like you to admit you were wrong and most of all I want you to say who won this fight”

“I said what I said, and this isn’t…”  Jaimie went and grabbed elyse by the tits.

“Squeeze them weak overrated BITCH” Elyse spit out and got her hands on Jaimie’s long neck “I’ll squeeze this and lets see what FUCKING HAPPENS”

Jaimie squeezed the tits of Elyse and Elyse tightened her jaw and began to squeeze the throat.  It was hard for Jaimie to get power from here but she escaped from this position before with a tit squeeze, but those women didn’t have as much fight experience.  Harder Jaimie squeezed the harder Elyse squeezed and she had the advantageous position so those watching it looked like elyses arms were stronger with veins in the bicep as she squeezed.

It was about thirty seconds and Jaimies hands dropped so Elyse let her choke go.  The fight was over that was clear and it was also clear Elyse Levesque had demands of Jaimie Alexander esp as she slapped her “I want you to admit I won.”

Slapped her again “Take back what you said about the tournament and tell them their dream fight is your night mare.”

“You won.”   Jaimie said but there was some defiance in her voice, so Elyse slapped her again “I don’t apologize.”

“Did she ..”  Elyse slid down a bit and grabbed Jaimies tits and pushed them upwards digging in as hard as she could “You did this to me how does it feel to know you aren’t all that.”

She was about to squeeze Jaimies throat again when her friends got in front of her and behind her “Its enough her friends are about to jump you.”  Tatiana got the hand on the shoulder “she said it you won just like I knew you would.  Now get up and let’s leave.”

“She disrespected me…”  Elyse stared down and something about Jaimie Alexander was setting her off.  Elyse looked up at her friends and seen Jaimies friends getting mad, /so she stood up put her foot on Jaimies face and rubbed it then planted the foot on Jaimies chest.

“They wanted to know.  She thought she knew… Now everyone knows which of us is the baddest bitch around.”  Elyse pressed down then walked over Jaimie smushing Jaimies face with her foot.

Elyse got outside and when It was just she and Tatiana “I never knew until I was nose to nose with her she was the fight I was preparing for.  She was the fight I wanted when I said how I would have done in that tournament.  I’m glad she was here because that challenge was what I needed.”

“I knew it was her you were talking about and was probably the only one who knew you’d win.”

It was days later when Jaimie finally spoke about the fight.  She was on set and someone finally came over to ask her what was bothering her “I should have won that fight and when we fight again I don’t care how equal you think she is to me I will beat her senseless. She is not my equal and let it be…”  She looked at her phone “All these bitches thinking I’m ready to get knocked down are all on notice.  I wont lose again.”

She went to do a stunt and when it was over Jaimie punched a wall “Elyse put her foot on my face after getting a lucky win I’m going to make her kiss my feet.”

(Upcoming: Ashley Greene vs Teresa Palmer rubber match; Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance; Arielle Kebbel vs Michelle Langstone)