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Angelica Celaya vs Serinda Swan

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Angelica Celaya vs Serinda Swan
« on: November 01, 2022, 12:27:51 AM »
{alt}the grill house wilmington north carolina

Fight took place in 2018

Serinda Swan got off her motor bike looked at the club and smiled.  There was a woman in there and that woman was about to get hurt. She went to that motor bike and knew the bitch was inside.  She was getting some revenge on Angelica Celaya.  Now was the time to destroy Angelica.  She and Katharine McPhee finally settled, and she had more cash I her body than Katharine had it

She walked in “Where’s Angelica Celaya.”

The crowd parted making a path straight to Angelica

“Hey bitch, I remember that payment you gave me, but you never took your receipt.”

Serinda kicked Angelica’s chair out from under her.  Serinda wasn’t looking for a fair fight and grabbed a beer bottle but got her pants pulled and ended up having her chest slammed on the bar.  Angelica stood up and flipped Serinda over the bar.  “I fucking remember and I’m so glad you think this could ever change.”

Angelica jumped on the bar and had to duck a thrown beer bottle.  She was then upper cut with a tray and was sent flying off the bar.  “I’m going to beat this bitch down and laugh.”  Serinda holding the tray jumped on the bar and jumped off slamming the tray down onto Angelica’s tits like a elbow drop

“She got paid to fight but claims she would fight for free… I’m ending her worse than I ended McPhee.”  Serinda was up and grabbed a glass and smashed it over the top of Angelica’s head.

Serinda picked Angelica up and slammed a knee nto her face “I’m better than her and she fucking knows it “
Serinda gut wrench powered Angelica up into the air and threw her at the railing of the bar.  Angelica’s back hit real hard.  Serinda grabbed the tray again and again swung it connecting with Angelica’s head

“Don’t you want to fight her fair.”
“You can stop”
“Do you fear her”
“Why do all this”

Serinda knew people were saying things like that but she didn’t’ care.  She wanted to hurt Angelica to the point where she Serinda Swan was satisfied.

Serinda ripped open the shirt of Angelica Celaya then kneed her between the legs.  “I’m doing it because I promised myself to hurt this whore for what she did to me and that’s all that matters to me.”

“This bitch took money to take me out and needed help.  The beating she gave me needs to be returned ten fold”

Angelica was down and it looked like she was begging Serinda. She was just in so much pain her body leaned forward onto Serinda.   Serinda picked Angela up and removed Angelica’s bra then tied the wrists of Angelica Celaya up with the bra and shoved her at the bar.

Serinda just stared at the body of Angelica Celaya “The fight is over.”  She kept staring thinking about how and why she was here. “This is the last time anyone thinks they can challenge me so say you fucking regret starting a fight with me.”

Serinda grabbed another tray and pressed it down on Angelica’s tits “I dare you to come at me again… I FUCKING”  Serinda spun and slammed it in Angelica’s face “DARE YOU.”

Serinda hit five knees between the legs then pulled Angelica by the hair so she was looking at her “It IS OVER.  OVER Do You understand me???”

Serinda threw Angelica at the bar then pancaked her “You all see how my tits smashed hers.”  Serinda then took off the rest of Angelicas shirt and used it to tie Angelicas arms to the bar.

Serinda got down on her knees and wedged Angelicas feet on the foot railing running across the bar.  She began to get up and hit a uppercut between Angelicas legs then got up fully and just looked at the beaten Angelica Celaya. 

Serinda threw a punch then stopped “Not worth the potential of a break.” she then slapped Angelica six times each louder than the next “McPhee fucked my hair up but you ruined my rep.”

Serinda walked away and people were thankful this was getting uncomfortable to watch.  Esp as Angelica Celaya just hung there dominated and destroyed.  “Come on.”  People shouted as Serinda again had the tray

Serinda put the edge of the tray in Angelicas mouth “You wanted to know what it was like to fight me.  Now they all know what happens when Serinda Swan is focused on only Angelica Celaya.  Go back to whatever you do bitch.  We are fucking done”

Serinda hit a knee between the legs spun around 360 and hit a uppercut to a fallen face of Angelica Celaya snapping her head back and knocking her out cold.  Serinda watched Angelica fall and caught her and led her into her tits.

“This is the photo I want.  Get it all angles and I’ll let her drop put my foot between her inferior tits and acclaim my dominance over her.”

Everyone began taking the pictures “Dm me those pictures over Instagram.”  She then reached and took Angelicas bra off and violently whipped her shoulders sending Angelcia Celaya to the ground

Serinda put her foot on Angelicas chest pressed down put the bra near her chest “To small for superior tits”  She threw it back down at Angelica “Don’t let me see you again.  Someone warn Katie Cassidy that bitch is next.”

Serinda walked away victorious and when Angelica got up “She wishes this was over.  She jumped me now we are in a blood feud.”

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