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Best friends' best kept secrets

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Best friends' best kept secrets
« on: November 02, 2022, 11:33:48 PM »
This is Lynne’s story of how she broke the news that she was fighting a CLAWS to her best friend Sue and the surprise reaction that she got. As well as including an extract from an unpublished fight between myself and Suzi Lomax and Sue's own adventures, this story also mentions four of my other posted stories; wrestling stories “Oh, Carole” and “The Terri and Judy show”, the boxing story “Who’s title is it anyway?” and my catfight with Lynne, “The jealous wife”. If you like this story, check them out.

Sue is my best friend and we do everything, well pretty much everything, together. We’re gym buddies, dog walking buddies, party buddies, beach buddies, shopping buddies, salon buddies and, yes, we’ve even been buddies at ‘that’ from time to time. She’s my surrogate sisters, mother, best friend and lover all in one.

Sue, and her husband Tony, moved in next door to us 20 years ago. At the time she had a two-year-old daughter, Zoe. My boy Davey had just turned three and I was pregnant with my daughter Jess. Suddenly having a next-door neighbour who wasn’t only my age (she's actually 6 months older than me) but also a fellow mother and with a daughter just that bit older than my bump was a godsend. When Jess was born Sue was with me night and day (Rick and Tony were both, frankly, fucking useless) and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Every girl needs a Sue and I’m lucky to have mine.

We have no secrets. Well, we didn’t until I found out about Rick’s peccadilloes and set out to have a frank discussion with one Ellen Shaw. We had a catfight out on the dunes – and then we got to know each other little better.

One thing led to another and now I’m signed up to fight at CLAWS, the Civilised Ladies Amateur Wrestling Society, which turns out to be a secret club based that the very health club where Sue and I work out. What’s more, the management of the club have asked me to try and recruit Sue to join me.

I’m worried, not by what she’ll say when I confess what I’ve been up to but what I’ll do if she says yes. I love her, she’s my best friend, but if she joins the CLAWS senior tournament, we are going to have to fight each other at some point and I’m just not sure how that’s going to work out. How am I ever going to get md enough at Sue to hurt her?

I was sitting in my kitchen just after lunch one day, pondering how I could persuade her to join me, when Sue popped her head around the door and, seeing me looking serious, asked:

“What’s up babe?”

“Ummm…I found Rick’s porn stash.”

“Oh, did you now?” She laughed, “What’s he into? No. Don’t tell me, let me guess. S&M? Bondage? Girl-on-Girl? Boy-on-boy? Sex with household appliances? Lesbian gymnasts in treacle? I give up! Go on, Lynne, tell me.”

I paused for dramatic effect and said: “Wrestling.”


“Specifically, women wrestling topless, and occasionally boxing as well. In a ring. With a referee and an audience. Beating seven bells out of each other.”

“How did he react when you caught him?”

“Initially he was embarrassed but then he seemed to take the view that it was okay and a bit of a joke. He even invited me to watch with him.”

“And did you?”

“Yes, he was sat there with an enormous hard on and I wanted it desperately. We watched this video of two girls wrestling, then the winner took a strap on and fucked the loser in the arse. Rick’s eyes were popping out of their sockets and I was soaking wet just watching it so I just dropped my knickers and jumped on his cock – the best shag I’ve had in ages.”

“Way to go, Lindy.” (Sue often calls me Lindy or Lindy-Lou. If someone else did it I’d probably deck them, but Sue is Sue and I can never get upset with her.)

“How many of these films does he have?” She asked.

“He’s got dozens of videos of girls beating the crap out of each other. Some are in their twenties but most are our sort of age. it’s pretty…exciting.”

“Lindy-Lou! Have you been getting off on Ricky’s fighting girls as well? So, what’s the problem…”

“Well, there’s the one particular woman he’s really into. Now his secret’s out, he watches her videos when I around and he even talks to me about them. A couple of months ago he even called out her name when he was fucking me.”

“Jesus, that’s not right girl, I hope you gave him a slap.”

“I did but I was really jealous. She’s getting on a bit but she’s really hot in these films.”

“Fancy that. Well, come on, what are you waiting for, show me some.”

I led her through to the study, fired up the laptop and plugged in a thumb drive and selected a file at random.  The fight turned out to be one I’d not seen before, an encounter between Ellen and the Marshall’s CEO, Suzi Lomax.

We watched in relative silence for almost 15 minutes as Ellen built up a commanding lead over the buxom brunette but then, suddenly, it all went wrong for my mentor. After administering two postings in quick succession Suzi hurled Ellen against the ropes and drop kicked her on the rebound.  Helping the dazed blonde back to her feet by her pony tail Suzi pushed her back against the ropes with a series of forearm smashes before drop kicking her clean out of the ring. 

Ellen landed heavily on the floor and it looked like the fight was over but she made it to her feet at the count of 6 and hauled herself onto the apron, getting back into the ring as the referee counted 8.

As Ellen crawled back into the ring Suzi hauled her up by her hair, led her to a corner post and smashed her head into it five times before slamming her down on her back and delivering a leg drop across her boobs. 

Ellen lay on her back convulsing for a couple of seconds before rolling over and coming slowly to her feet as the referee's count reached 9.  Suzi was waiting and whipped her straight into a post, following up with a powerful body check that caused the ring to shake. A clearly unconscious Ellen started to sink toward the canvas but, before she sat down completely, Suzi monkey flipped her back to the centre of the ring. Ellen flopped to the mat and lay flat on her back, arms out by her sides, making no attempt to get up as the referee counted her out. 

“Wow!” Said Sue as the film finished, “That blonde just doesn’t know when to give up, does she? I recognise that buxom brunette. Isn’t she the new boss at Marshall’s?”

I nodded.

“And who was that blonde she was fighting?”

“That’s my mentor, Ellen Shaw.”

“Your what?!”

“My mentor.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve taken up topless MILF wrestling Lindy? – Rick’s going to cream his pants when he sees you in action.”

“Funnily enough that’s exactly what the girls at CLAWS said.”


“It’s the name of the fighting club. It’s a well-kept secret but it’s been based at Marshall’s for years. Quite a few of the people who work there also fight at the club.”

“So come on, spill the beans, how come you’re fighting there?”

“Well, like I said, Rick was watching these videos. He had the hots for this Ellen Shaw woman and I was really jealous. I assumed the films were made abroad somewhere. Germany or the US or somewhere, so I was surprised when I was out window shopping one day and I saw her working in a shop.”

“What? Where?”

“That little hippy place down on the coast, ‘Dream Catchers’.”

“What, the arty place with the sea glass jewellery?”

“The same, it’s her shop. Anyway, I though ‘what a bitch’ and I decided to have it out with her. I followed her to the beach one day and challenged her to a fight in the dunes.”

“What happened Lindy-Lou.”

I looked a bit coy as I said: “I lost, but then she invited us to join CLAWS.”


“Yes, another girl who was watching us…”

“Watching you fighting?”

“Well yes, fighting but also, you know, I mean we weren’t wearing much to start with and…”

“Lynne Newell, you little slut. You mean you fought her and fucked her?”

“Well sort of, she fucked me actually.”

“And this other girl…”


“Nat, she just watched you, did she?”

“Well yes, she did. Then she said she wanted to fight Ellen, but Ellen refused so she just watched us and wanked herself off.”

Sue jumped to her feet and stood in front of me, hands on hips, doing her best to look shocked and indignant while trying not to laugh.

“Lindy! What are you like! I can see I’m going to have to keep a close eye on you in future. Fancy fighting other women at your age. As for letting little strumpets get off on watching you. Well, I just don’t know what to say.”

Then she suggested another video. I picked another random file. This time it turned out to be a nude boxing match between Ellen and Terri, who called herself Miss Tee back then. I’d seen this one before so I knew the result but it didn’t stop me watching avidly right up to the moment where Miss Tee was counted out and Ellen fucked her with a strap-on dildo. I watch Sue wince as Ellen punched Terri in the pussy and her eyes widen as she began fucking the semi-conscious brunette after she’d been counted out.

“Do they always do that when they win?” Asked Sue

“I don’t think so,” I replied, “They don’t normally fight naked either. I think there was a lot of bad blood between Ellen and Miss Tee at that time, although Ellen assures me that they’re best friends now.”

“Like us you mean? Do you want to fight me Lindy-Lou?” She asked putting her hand on my thigh and stroking it. The sensation was electrifying:

“Oh, yes please.” I said, already feeling my knickers getting wet. “Would you like to wrestle me?”

“Yes, but not here. Let’s go next door. Tony is away on business and Zoe won’t be home for hours so there’s no chance we’ll be disturbed.”

She got up to leave and then called over her shoulder: “Oh, and bring that thumb drive with you. A couple more videos will help get us in the mood.”

It seemed this was going to be easier than I thought. But it would be one thing to get Sue to wrestle me in her living room and a different thing altogether to get her to join me at CLAWS. I quickly switched off the computer, grabbed the thumb drive and followed her back to her place. When I got there, she was already rearranging the furniture in her living room to make space for us to fight.

“Put a film on, honey.” She called over her shoulder. I stared at their big wall mounted TV and was clueless. I waited for her to finish rearranging the furniture. She switched the TV on showed me how to connect the thumb drive and use the remote to select a file. The file I selected was another fight I hadn’t seen. Ellen was taking on a much larger woman in navy blue gym knickers.

“God, that’s the biggest schoolgirl I’ve ever seen.” Said Sue, “I wouldn’t fancy my chances against her.”

Ellen put up a good fight against the larger woman. She led for the first half of the fight but then made a mistake. The fight got very ragged. Ellen was taking a pounding but the big girl’s back was giving her trouble.  The end came when the big girl, Carole, pinned Ellen in a corner and held her face against her big tits. I watched Ellen’s legs buckle and then Carole kissed her, took a step back and slammed her face first to the mat.

Ellen lay face down as Carole stood unsteadily in front of her and the referee started counting. As the reached 10 Ellen raised her head and stared, glassy eyed at the big woman standing in front of her. The bell rang. Carole raised her arms in victory and then sank slowly to her knees, completely spent.

“Fuck me,” said Sue, “the big girl nearly didn’t make it.”

She was clearly impressed. Ellen may have lost but she put up a very good fight against the odds.

“Okay Lindy-Lou, our turn now.” Said Sue, jumping to her feet. Before I knew what was happening, she’d pulled off her sweater, dropped her jeans and unclipped her bra, releasing those beautiful D cups of hers. She stood before me and just a pair apricot colour panties and said:

“Come on Lynne, get your kit off. Let’s have a fight like those girls did.”

I was taken aback. I mean, I’ve seen Sue naked many times but she was really fired up. She was really hot for this. Suddenly I was feeling a little nervous and self-conscious. I stood up pulled my T-shirt off, slipped my shorts down and then undid my own bra, letting the girls hang free. I was wearing a pair of black cotton panties and nothing more. We faced each other across the carpet. Sue stared at my swaying orbs and said:

“Okay big girl, show me what you got!”

We circled for a moment and then locked up, shoulder to elbow. Just like Cassy and Ellen had taught me to do. Sue seemed to know how to do it instinctively and we were soon struggling to take each other to the floor. Sue’s hand found its way up to my hair by my ear and she started yanking. I screamed: “Hey! No hair pulling!”

“Sorry Lindy-Lou,” she said, letting go of my hair.

Then she hooked a leg behind mine and tripped me. That took me to the floor with her on top. For the next five minutes or so we rolled around on the floor, struggling supremacy. It wasn’t quite like the practice fights I’ve had at CLAWS. With Sue it was all a bit more playful and gropey. Nonetheless, we were taking it quite seriously. She was surprisingly powerful and several times she had me trapped in quite painful holds. But I was giving as good as I got. Eventually I managed to pin her to the mat with me on top, my hands holding her wrists and my breast pressing down on hers.

I stared into her face and said: “How do you like that then Sue?”

She looked up at me and said: “I like it a lot, Lindy.”

Then she looked into my eyes, smiled and said:

“Lynne, I also have a confession to make. I used to fight before you knew me.”


Catching me by surprise she quickly rolled to her left. Suddenly it was her on top and me underneath. She grabbed my wrists, pressed down on me with her body, her nipples rubbing against mine, and began to explain:

“Before I moved here, before Zoe was born, before Tony and I got married, I used the wrestle other women in private.”

I was astonished. The look on my face must have encouraged her because she continued:

“It was all very discrete. Private matches with no audience. We fought in private houses and rooms. There were a few local women doing it…”

“How did you get into it?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you later. Right now, let’s finish this fight.”

All the while she’d been talking, she’d been rubbing her nipples against mine and pushing her crotch against me. I was getting pretty turned on. With a wicked smile on her face, she upped her tempo. I could feel myself coming to the boil. I started breathing raggedly and moaning as I got more and more turned on. At the crucial moment she let go of my left wrist, stuck her right hand down the front of my knickers and kissed me full on the lips. I exploded in a violent orgasm.

She lay on top of me as a wave of pleasure washed over me, rubber her nipples against mine and licking and caressing my earlobes as I trembled in post-orgasmic shock. When she sensed I was coming back down to earth she sat up, straddling my belly with her hands on her hips. She stared down at me and said:

“Well, I think that’s a victory for me.”

“Why?” I asked, “I didn’t submit – you made me cum is all.”

“Very true Lindy,” she replied, “but you’re not supposed to do that, are you? If I’d have stood up and started counting, do you really think you could’ve beaten the count in the state you were in?”

I had to concede it was doubtful.

“Oh Lindy, you’ve got a lot to learn if you’re going to do this wrestling thing properly. It’s a good job I’ve got experience and you’ve got me to help you.”

“Okay, Mrs. Expert, tell me more how come you know so much about this fighting thing.”

“Only if you agree that I beat you.”

“Okay, you win – this time. Now tell me the story, and give me a glass of wine.”

“Oooh – get you, miss hoity-toity.” Said Sue as she got to her feet and wandered, naked but for her apricot knickers, into the kitchen. I watched the sway of her hips as she sashayed out and, rather embarrassingly, came again. I let out an involuntary squeak and Sue looked over her shoulder, quickly taking in the situation, and said:

“Ooops – you really are going to have to learn to control that if you’re going to be a fighter.”

“I know”, I said ruefully, “Ellen and Cassy have already told me.”

She busied herself in the kitchen for a minute before returning with a bottle of Sauvignon and two glasses. She made her way to the couch and bade me come sit with her. Then she handed me a glass, filled them both, put the bottle down and raised hers.

“A toast,” she said, “to you and me – best friends in all we do.”

We chinked glasses, took a sip each and sat there. Two sweaty MILFs sitting side by side on a couch in a suburban house in the middle of a weekday afternoon, drinking wine, in nothing but their panties – like it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

“Well go on then.” I said, nudging her boob with my elbow, “Tell me what happened.”

“Okay, it was years ago. The mid 90s. I was about 20 or 21. Still at art college. I had an evening job as a cleaner at a local school. Just a couple of hours between 5pm and 7pm…”

She paused for a moment and took a sip of wine before continuing:

“Anyway, one day I locked up as usual but then, half way home, I realised I’d left my watch in the janitor’s room. It was late but I didn’t have any plans so I decided to go back and get it. When I got back to the school it was about 8:30pm and dark so I was surprised to see two cars in the car park. They hadn’t been there when I left.

I let myself back into the school and headed down to the janitor’s room to collect my watch. As I was leaving, I heard noises and noticed a light on further down the corridor. The door of the school hall, which doubled as a gym, was partially open and light was flooding out. From inside the hall, I could hear the sound of thuds and women’s voices, not speaking as such but crying, grunting and groaning.

I should have just walked away, it was none of my business, but I was curious. I pushed to door open slightly and stepped inside. The scene that confronted me was fascinating. Mats had been spread on the floor by the wall bars and a camera set up on a tripod at one corner. A woman with a video camera was moving around filming. What she was filming was two women, dressed in bikinis, wrestling with each other. I recognised one of them as a teacher, a girl a few years older than me. A proper red head. I mean I’m a red head, but my hair is auburn, this girl was a true ginger. She was dressed in a black halter neck bikini. The other woman was older, probably early thirties, with dark hair, in a canary yellow outfit.

I watched entranced as the two women struggled for supremacy on the mat. It rapidly became clear that the brunette was dominating and the teacher, while doing her best, was constantly on the back foot. Once or twice, they rolled off the mats. When that happened the camera woman, who doubled as referee, told them to ‘break’ and they released their holds, stood up and moved to the centre of the mats before locking up again. After about five minutes the teacher managed to undo the clasp on the brunette’s bra, exposing her pert breasts. The brunette simply took her bra off, cast it aside and carried on fighting topless.

All three women were so engrossed in what they were doing that they didn’t notice me watching from the doorway. Eventually the brunette trapped teacher across her knees, one hand holding her ankle on the other hand wrapped round her throat. The brunette rolled onto her back pushing the teacher skyward and applying pressure to her back. The teacher frantically waved a submission. The camera woman called out:

“Submission! Jan wins.”

The brunette released the hold and the red headed teacher collapsed in a heap and lay on her side on the mats. As the brunette sat up with a pleased expression on her face, the camerawoman zoomed in on the teacher’s face and said:

“Never mind Pauline, the rule of averages says you’ll beat Jan one day.”

I couldn’t help myself; I broke into a spontaneous round of applause. As I did so, all three women looked around in surprise.

“Oh, fuck” said the teacher, “we’ve been rumbled.”

“Sorry,” I said, “but that was amazing.”

The teacher said: “I know you. You’re one of the cleaners. Sarah, isn’t it?”

“Susan.” I corrected. “Susan Fiske.”

“Sorry, Susan, please don’t tell anyone about this will you? I’ll probably get the sack if you do.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Your secret is safe with me. But I wouldn’t mind having a go myself.”

“Really?” said the brunette. She waved her hand indicating first the camera woman and then the fallen teacher: “Well, Jill here doesn’t really fight and Pauline’s probably had enough but I’m happy to take you on.”

With that she picked up her bra and put it back on before turning to me and saying: “Well come on Susan Fiske, let’s see the colour of your underwear.”

Suddenly realising what I’d let myself in for I quickly stripped down to my lilac bra and panties, fortunately a matching set. The brunette appraised me for a moment. To say I was bit self-conscious would be an understatement. I wasn’t used to being with strangers in my underwear and I was aware that, compared to the brunette I was about to fight, I was rather buxom.

“Nice tits,” she said, “But please forgive my manners, I’m forgetting myself. Let me introduce us. This is Jill Montrose,” she indicated the camera woman, “and I think you know Pauline Grainger, don’t you? I’m Janet Somerville. We are part of a group of ladies who fight discreetly. We travel to each other’s venues. I’m lucky because Pauline has found this place and lets me share it with her, my own place isn’t big enough. If you don’t mind, I’d like Jill to film you fighting me, some of our other friends might like to see it.”

I wasn’t 100% sure about this but I agreed. While we’d been talking Pauline had been slowly recovering from her ordeal and was sitting up. She shuffled to a corner of the mats while Jill reset the camera on the tripod. Then Jill picked up her hand-held camera and started it. Jan and I faced each other across the mats and Pauline cried out: “Fight!”

Before I had time to react Jan pounced on me and threw me to the mat. Then she jumped on top of me and, for the next three minutes, I struggled to get her off me while she subjected me to a series of painful holds. Eventually she trapped me in a body scissors, her strong legs across my tits, and I was forced to submit. Jan released the scissors and I rolled out from between her legs and lay panting on the mats as Jill announced: “Submission! Jan wins again.”

Jan got to her feet and I sat up, rubbing my poor squidged boobies. She offered me her hand and helped me up saying:

“Well done, Susan, not bad for a first attempt. Would you like to do it some more?”

“Well, not right now, but maybe another time.”

Pauline had been sitting on the corner of the mats, her hands clasped round her knees, watching all this. She finally looked up at me and said:

“Susan, Jan is a top fighter, don’t feel bad that she beat you so easily. Maybe you’d find me a better opponent. Would you like that?”

“Oh yes.” I replied.

It seemed the evening’s entertainment was over. Pauline and Jan disappeared to the changing rooms for a shower. I put my clothes back on and helped Jill put the mats and camera gear away. After about 10 minutes Jan and Pauline reappeared and Jan said cheerily:

“Well, that was fun, shall we go to the pub?”

It was already 9:30 and I still had an hour’s walk home. I started to make my apologies but Jan said:

“Don’t be silly Susan, come for a drink with us and Jill and I will give you a lift home.”

Well, it would be better than walking. I joined the girls for a drink and, true to her word, Jan took me home. A few weeks went past and I didn’t think any more about it until one day Pauline came up to me and said: “Sue, do you still want to fight me?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Great, are you free Friday evening? Jan’s having another fight, someone’s coming down from the midlands. I thought you and I could have a fight as well. A proper one this time. Are you up for that?”

I nodded.

“Wonderful. I’m so looking forward to getting to grips with you.” She said, “Be here at 8pm on Friday, bring a bikini and a towel – unless you prefer fighting in your underwear.”

As you can imagine, I was really excited and couldn’t wait for Friday to arrive. At 8pm I was waiting in the hall when Jan and Pauline arrived:

“Where’s Jill?” I asked.

“She’s waiting outside for my guest,” Said Jan, “Now can you give us a hand with these mats?”

I helped Jan and Pauline lay the mats out and few minutes later Jill came in with a woman of West Indian appearance with a strong accent, a cross between the Caribbean and the West Midlands.

“Hello Janet,” she cried when she saw Jan, “How are you?”

“I’m fine Pamela,” Said Jan, giving her a hug, “Now, let me introduce you to my friends here. This is Pauline, who got me this wonderful venue, and this is Susan. Ladies. This is Pamela Norton, she’s a very good fighter and always a pleasure to get to grips with. It’s Susan’s first fight tonight, Pam. She’ll be taking on Pauline. Now let’s get changed while Jill sets up the cameras.”

Pauline directed Pam and myself to the girls’ changing rooms while she and Jan headed for the boys’ room. Once again, I felt self-conscious stripping off in front of a woman I’d only just met. But Pam seemed warm and friendly and soon put me at my ease. As we changed, she asked me how I’d got involved in this fighting thing. I admitted that I just stumbled into it and decided to give it a go. I explained how I’d discovered Jan and Pauline fighting in the school gym a few weeks before. She asked if I’d had a chance to fight yet. I admitted that I’d lasted about three minutes against Jan before I was forced to submit. Pam said:

“Never mind, that Janet is a queen bitch. She beats almost everyone. It’s not surprising you lost fairly quickly to her. Pauline is much nicer she’ll teach you a lot. You should have a good fight with her.”

I asked Pam how she felt about her chances against Jan today. She said she was a pretty good fighter but she was currently three and one against Jan. She was hoping to make it three and two today but it had been a while since anyone had beaten Jan, so she wasn’t optimistic.

We started to undress. Pam was quite a big girl with a well-rounded figure and lovely coffee coloured skin. I turned away from her while I slipped off my bra and panties and put on my emerald green bikini. When I turned back, I found she was staring at me, admiring my figure. She was completely naked; she smiled and blushed a bit:

“Nice body.” she said.

“Thank you and the same to you.” I replied.

She bent down and pulled on her bikini bottoms. They were Day-Glo orange and, with a matching halter neck top, really emphasised the shade of her skin. I wasn’t that drawn to women but she was quite beautiful, and powerfully muscular as well, I found her very attractive. I wish her good luck against Jan, she wished me the same against Pauline and we walked out of the changing room to face our opponents.

When we walked out of the hall Jan and Pauline were already waiting for us, dressed as they had been that time and I’d met them a few weeks earlier. Jill had finished setting up the cameras and everything was ready. Jan said:

“Ladies, unless anyone has any objections, I propose we make these fights ‘submissions only’ with a fixed time limit or a 10-count decider. As this is Sue’s first time, I suggest Sue and Pauline just fight for 15 minutes Pam and I will do 30.”

No one seem to have any objections so Jan said:

“Okay, let’s do this. Pauline and Sue first.”

Jan and Pauline crossed the mats to a corner by the wall bars where a towel and a bottle of water have been placed. Pam led me to the opposite corner and we stood there for a moment. Jill asked:

“Ladies are you ready?”

Pam touched my shoulder and whispered ‘good luck’ in my ear. Then Jill said: “fight” and I stepped out onto the mats to face the young school teacher.

We locked up in the centre of the mats. It was fast and furious and I have to admit I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. It was no surprise when, after just a couple of minutes, I found myself trapped in a painful hold and forced to submit to Pauline.

The first fall over, we were free to return to our corners for a minute’s break. I was breathing hard as I sat trying to gather myself. Pam gave me huge amounts of encouragement and advice and when we came out for the second fall, I was ready.

The action was a little slower this time. I was learning as I went, copying Pauline’s holds and things I’d seen Pauline and Jan doing the last time I watched them in action. I was pleasantly surprised when, after three minutes or so, I managed to trap Pauline with an arm bar and she whimpered her submission. I done it! I’d won a fall!

We carried on fighting for another five minutes or so before, once again, Pauline trapped me and I was forced to submit. We were both getting pretty tired by this time. We came out for the fourth fall and struggled for advantage but, try as I might, I couldn’t get her to submit again and, after three minutes, Jill called out:

“Time’s up ladies, Pauline wins by two submissions to one.”

I returned to my corner and Pam congratulated me. I hadn’t won but I felt I’d put on a good show for a first timer and I was looking forward to more fights in the future. Pauline also came over and congratulated me.

“You nearly had me there a couple of times.” she admitted, “I’m looking forward to another chance to get to grips with you soon.”

After a five-minute break, while Jill reloaded her cameras and generally played around with things, Pam and Jan faced off and, for the next thirty minutes, I was treated to a masterclass in ladies submission wrestling.

Pam was a strong and competent fighter but, despite her superior size, Jan always seemed to have a slight edge. Jan took the first fall and then Pam equalised. Jan went ahead a short while later but then Pam managed to pull two back and, for a brief while, she was leading by three falls to two. Around the 20-minute mark she began to fade. By this time both women lost their bras and were using each other’s tits as legitimate targets. Over the next 10 minutes, Jan managed to make Pam submit three more times. The West Indian girl ended the fight naked after Jan pulled her bikini bottoms down during a particularly impressive submission hold. It ended Jan five, Pam three. Another victory for Jan and a disappointment for Pam.

Fighting over, I commiserated with Pam as we got our stuff and headed back to the girls’ locker room for a shower. Pam was already naked and I quickly slipped off my bikini. We stood side-by-side under adjacent showers in the open cubicle.

“I’m sorry you lost.” I said.

“That’s okay honey,” she replied, “like I said, Jan is the queen bitch, she’s got to be the best house fighter on our circuit, it’s a lucky girl who gets the better of her.”

I turned my back to Pam and rinsed the shampoo out of my hair. Seconds later I felt warm breath on my neck and hand caressed my left breast. A spun around and Pam kissed me firmly on the lips and slipped her right hand into my pussy. I squealed in surprise, she looked shocked for a moment but then I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her back.

I’d never had a woman before but it felt natural. For the next few minutes, we stood under the shower, our hands in each other’s pussies and our tongues down each other’s throats, until we burst into spontaneous orgasm and collapsed on the cubicle floor. We lay there for a while, our bodies tangled together, until Pam said:

“Come on Sue, they’ll be waiting for us.”

In a moment of shock, I remember Jan, Jill and Pauline were still outside. I rinsed myself in the shower and quickly dried myself and dressed as Pam did the same. I couldn’t resist a cheeky pat of her bum as she mooned at me at one point. When we were dressed, she stepped up to me and said:

“Thank you, I always enjoy sex after a fight, I think you did too.”

In reply I just kissed her hard on the lips. We picked up our bags, walked out of the locker room and, rather sheepishly, re-joined the others who were waiting in the hall. Everything had been packed away and they were looking a bit impatient.

“You took your time.” Said Jan irritably.

“We were…getting to know each other.” Said Pam.

“I bet you were,” Jan replied with a knowing smile, “Come on ladies, it’s pub time.”

We found a quiet corner in the pub and chatted about this and that. Jan was particularly keen to hear about Pam’s fight exploits:

“So, Pam, how did you get on in that topless championship thing the other month?”

“Not as well as I’d hoped. I made it through to the second round but that Scottish bitch from Manchester, Mitzi McLean beat me to a place in the final.”

“You still made some money though?”

“Yes, it was £500 if you got to the second round, another £1000 if you got to the final and another £1000 if you won. Pretty generous for Gerry, but he did have sponsor. Me and Evie Walker got £500 each.”

“And Mitzi got the £2500?”

“No, she lost in the final to some southern girl, Tanya Brooks, it was an epic fight, lasted three quarters of an hour, but in the end, Mitzi wasn’t up to it.”

“Tanya Brooks?”

“Yes, she fights for Gerry, although Evie seemed to know her as well.”

Jan looked at Jill who asked: “This Tanya girl, what did she look like?”

“Tall, brunette, small tits but a well-rounded bum, why?”

Jan said: “We know someone who answers that description but her name’s not Tanya.”

“What’s in a name?” asked Pam, “She may have changed it.”

“Well, it certainly sounds like Terri.” Said Jan, “And you say Evie Walker knows her? That would fit. I thought she’d given up fighting…”

“Who knows? If I see her again, I’ll ask her.” Said Pam, “Anyway, they’re having another championship next year. You should enter Jan; you’d have a good chance of winning.”

“Not really my style of fighting and besides I don’t need the money these days, the business is doing well and I’m getting all the fight action I want.”

The conversation moved on to other things. Pauline was keen to fight me again and we did, a couple of months later. That time I managed to beat her. After that I was part of the gang. I fought quite a few women over the next few years, including Pam Norton. Sometimes they would come to us. Sometimes I would go with either Jan or Pauline to meet our opponents on their home turf. We travelled all over the country. I got quite good at it. Towards the end I was winning most of my fights. I think if I hadn’t met Tony, I’d still be doing it now. I know Jan and Pauline are, despite the fact that Pauline’s happily married with kids of her own and Jan must be about 60.”

Our glasses were empty so she topped them up and, for a moment, stared wistfully into the distance, clearly remembering days gone by.

I was gobsmacked. And to think she’d complained about me fighting Ellen. It seemed she was an old hand herself. This was my opportunity. I snaked my arm around her shoulder and playfully squeezed her left tit:

“Sue, would you ever…”

Before I could finish, she jumped on top of me, her face inches from mine, her tits once again working their magic and she rubbed her nipples against mine.

“…join you at this CLAWS place?” She asked. “Let me think about it. In the meantime, let’s have another of Ricky’s randy videos.”

With that she kissed me and slipped off me again. We settled down side by side. As I worked the remote to find a file, she stuck her hand down the front of my knickers.

“Sue don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“Oh, don’t stop.” I said as her fingers started massaging my clit and the video started playing.

My final random selection turned out to be the newest one, just one year old. It showed Terri, appearing for the last time as ‘Miss Tee’, wrestling Judy Cat for the senior title. Miss Tee started well but Judy fought back with her big tits and eventually knocked her out. The fight finished with the poor woman slumped in a corner having been smothered by Judy’s big boobs. As Miss Tee was counted out, a yellow stain appeared on her white panties.

“Shit,” said Sue, ”She’s wet herself! Poor love. How embarrassing. I guess if you’re out for the count, you can’t do much about it, can you?”

I couldn’t answer, I was on the brink of orgasm and suddenly came, very violently.

“Oh, Lindy-Lou, look at the state of you,” she mocked, “You’d better go home and change your knickers before Ricky gets in.”

I could have stayed with Sue all day but she was right, time was marching in and Ricky would be home soon. I needed a shower and a change of underwear. I quickly pulled on my t-shirt and shorts, grabbed the thumb drive, gave Sue a lingering kiss and headed for the door, leaving her stood there in just her knickers and a knowing smile. As I went to open the door, Sue hit me with another bombshell:

“Something else you should know about, Lynne. Zoe is already fighting at CLAWS and has been trying to persuade me to join her. I’ve had my doubts but now that I know you’ll be one of my opponents I’m willing to give it a try.”

Fuck me, that was easy. Now all I had to worry about was facing my bestie in the ring.
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