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Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance

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Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance
« on: November 07, 2022, 12:28:56 AM »

Fight took place in 2018

How many fights did Erica Durance really have left in her…? The answer varied and the variation was Jill Wagner.  No two fights in her life were as personal and hate filled as the two fights with Jill.  So, while fights with others is something, she was less interested in she would not let Jill have anything over her.  She ends Jill not the other way

She was watching some of the fights she had over the years which were recorded with Kristin Kreuk.  The queens of Smallville were both watching their fights that were near a camera

“You legitimately got some talent” Erica said

“Yeah and I think its funny that you found out my feelings for Alona by finding your own Alona.”

“Jill drives something in me.  You don’t like how Alona makes you feel but me, I love the thought of breaking Jills face and hope to do it again.”

“Its nice to know Alona and I won’t fight again.  I’d still like one more fight in a room with padding so it was about our abilities but at the end of the day I don’t think that fight would end with both of us alive.  After the tournament our agents sat us down ‘Do you finish or not’  We both knew the truth and it took every fibre in my being and every fibre in hers not to fight then and there but we didn’t and now we won’t.”

“Obviously you two didn’t want to finish the story which is only right.  I know her, she’s sweet and super skilled like you.  It was combustible when you got together so stay apart.”

“Would you have a third fight with Jill.”

“I would yes, oh hell yeah would I want to keep proving to her I’m the better woman.  Why is she challenging me? is she here?”  Erica got up eager for Jill, but it wasn’t Jill

A few more women from Smallville showed up then in walked Missy Perygrym with her .  Alana De La Garza who spoke right away “Does this cast seriously have a crown?”

Kristin got up “When we all went through the fight records this is the fight we never got to see.  Alana went on to some great things and had excellent fights and Erica I know” Erica stopped Kristin looked at Alana

“She wants to know about the crow.”

Alana got in Erica’s face and Erica was not expecting that “I think You should go get it and take on one more person from Smallville.”

They stood there staring each other down for two minutes “Kristin go get it”

“Arrogant bitch brought it here I’m going to enjoy putting you in your place.”

“Put me in my place, this is literally my place I earned it here when I wrecked Cassidy.  You think you are better than me I’m going to beat that thought out of you.”

“That crown belongs to Kristin and when I beat you, I’m putting it on her head.”

Kristin Kreuk came back out and Erica backed up “You know what Alana you’re right. Kristin here is the best to come from here and we had a lot of great cat fighters.  Kristin from day one just got better, and she is still kicking ass.”

Kristin showed up with the crown and Laura Vandervoort spoke up “You were the original… You have fought the most diverse fights.  You grew and got better each year as you learned.  You are the Queen of all who showed up on Smallville and if you had the ability to fight Ashley Greene to show the Berlanti Verse how to defend you would have already.  Erica  took the crown seeing Laura put the crown on Kristin and all the women went to one knee to acknowledge what just happened

Everyone was up “Thank you” Kristin said “And before this starts it needs to be said that what Ashley Greene did to a weak Danielle Panabaker needs to be avenged and Laura you are the one to do it.  You both have skills and she has a ego you will break and show them over there why we are the originals.”

“I thought I was here away from my network shows to beat up a has been.  A woman who said I’ve been ducking her for years.  A woman …”

“A woman who looks at you as a challenge to conquer.”

“So is this about convincing Laura to fight Ashley or is it about us.”

“Its about both.  So lets get to this shall we.”  Kristin said walking outside

It was a groomed garden and the bush was set up as a ring.  Alana walked past Erica took her shirt off and got in the middle “I don’t need to be part of this world but Jill and…”

Erica stormed over to Alana “This is a fight I want and always wanted but that sluts name.  That arrogant entitled bitch is not to be talked about here on Smallville.  You don’t want me fighting you with anger she causes me.  On that you can trust as true.”

“I seriously could care less.  Come at me as motivated as you want there’s no mugs or pieces of wood to get hit with, so your chances are done.  Kristin is the queen, but I am not part of this world anymore, so I want my name out your mouths unless its about how bad I kicked your ass.”

“You just don’t talk…”

Alana pushed Erica and Erica ended on her ass “I didn’t come here to talk.”

Erica got up ducked a punch got her hand to Alana’s stomach was able to lift her a little then shoved her away “Good then let’s fight and find out.”

Alana landed and blocked a punch then hit three punches to the stomach and went for a guillotine choke.  Erica grabbed the back of Alana’s knees lifted her up and slammed Alana down.  Alana’s arm loosened and Erica immediately popped her head and went for a slap.  Alana saw the arm go up and her hand went to Erica’s collar, and she pulled down and got away from Erica.

She was getting up and was pulling Erica around the grass by the shirt before the shirt finally got off.  It caused Alana to spin, and she went for a kick after, but her foot got blocked and Erica slipped behind Alana grabbed her by the waist and rolled her back

Erica tried to get the shirt off Alana, but Alana drove forward and Erica got a waist lock.  They rolled around the floor.  On each others side, on a back but most was north south position.  Faces got slapped with the other tits and after five minutes they got on their knees and Erica had Alana’s shirt removed

Erica grabbed Alana right wrist and Alana grabbed Ericas they went left and right then arms went over the heads they pressed bodies together “This what you wanted Erica?  Is this what you wanted?”

“Your tits are…”  Erica was surprised at ferocity of how Alana fought and how hard her body still is.  Then she got shoved to the ground

“Better back then better now.  You should have kept my name out of your mouth Erica”  Alana stood up “Now get up because I’ll beat that thought into your head.”

Kristin went up to Missy “So this seems personal to her.”

“Its not she doesn’t want to be here and if she has to do this, she wants people to know what she could do still.  Christ, she has some body.”

“Either get up or admit I’m to much for you.  You felt our bodies together…. Oh shes getting up is it to.”

“Its to fight Alana.”

“Then come on with it.”  Alana threw two big punches.  Erica avoided one blocked the second and then hit two big punches to Alana

Erica then got a headlock in and made sure she was having her tit into Alana’s face.  Up and down with her arm putting pressure on the neck while using her tit to disrupt the breathing.  “This is what it means to fight bitch this is what it means.”

Erica tried to flip Alana over her hip, but it was blocked.  Alana then grabbed the back of Erica’s pants pulled upward.  That relaxed the headlock then Alana drove her elbow down on the inside of Erica’s knee then stepped out of the headlock and hit a left hook to the tit stood up went for a over hand right to the ear.

Erica leaned back on her leg avoided the punch and came forward with a hard punch to Alana’s tit.  She went for a follow up but Alana stepped forward and they ended up tied up.  Both hand the same idea and used tit on tit pressure then it was Alana who grimaced, so Erica threw Alana down

“Maybe your tits aren’t as impressive as they thought.”  Erica then dove down at Alana who moved they got up and Alana hit a left haymaker then a right upper cut to Erica’s tit which popped it completely out of the cup

Before a comment could be made Erica hit a short jab then a harder jab.  She went for the right it was blocked and Erica quickly reached for the bra strap and threw Alana to the ground this time she never spoke and jumped on Alanas back.  Alana covered her face so Erica kept punching the side of Alana’s tit

Ten slapping punches that landed with impact on the terrific tit of Alana De La Garza.  Erica stopped grabbed the top of Alanas’ hair and they could see her tit was mostly out of the cup “This is what she and I both knew what would happen.”

Alana turned her shoulders while Erica was bragging and got her right arm between the legs.  She never went up though instead she drove the arm forward at the back of the knee trying to put her arm through the knee.  Erica crashed and Alana turned immediately into a thunderous slap which put Erica completely on her back

There was a groan from Erica and Alana stayed one knee between Erica’s legs her other leg up.  Left hand on the tit which she pressed down on the tit.  She looked down at Erica and could see her hand print “Ok Erica” Alana grabbed the inner part of the bra cup stood up yanked Erica up and hit a punch to the stomach that doubled Erica over

Alana then hit a double ax handle blow to the back dropping Erica to her knees.  She got behind Erica one hand in the top of the hair and the other on the back of the bra.  Alana made some deep breaths “Do you remember why it was you never challenged me back then?”

Erica turned and took Alana down.  She grabbed a tit and was about to squeeze when Alana used the bra to flip Erica.  The bra ripped apart, Alana got on her stomach spun and tried to get on Erica’s side, but Erica grabbed Alana’s bra and flipped her snapping the bra.  They got at each others hair and began to roll around the grass shaped like a L or J

Bras were lost and hair was ripped out they after a furious three minutes got separated and both got up hands on knees they needed some deep breaths.  Erica could hear everyone and looked Alana was listening as well “I don’t have a problem with Erica, but she wanted a fight so…”


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Re: Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2022, 12:30:05 AM »

“I did and this is what Laura said a fight with us would be and I still have to know if I can beat her, and I think I am.”

“You’re not.”  Alana went forward threw a punch which Erica ducked hit a overhand to the tit pressing it down to the ribs.  Alana grimaced but did hit a elbow to Erica’s back.

Alana ended up with Erica’s head between her legs, so she dropped her chest on the Canadians back and grabbed her tits and pulled down.  “Had enough?”

Erica’s eyes were closed as tight as she could close them, and she was fighting the scream.  For those with experience at fighting especially going after tits or having their tits attacked, they could tell Erica was legitimately considering quitting

Erica gave up in terms of fighting back.  She let her body go deadweight and dropped down and now Alana’s hands were trapped.  Alana wasn’t in that many fights, so she tried to pull her hands out but failed.  She just wanted to do something, so she hit some knees to Erica’s ass cheek.

She got her body up straight to pull her hands out and she struggled shouted in trying to get more strength which was when Erica bucked upwards and flipped her.  Erica is much more experienced at this and had a reverse face sit in no time.

Erica wasn’t interested in that sensual position that was not what this fight was about.  It was about destroying the others body and she hit four rapid punches to Alana’s stomach then grabbed those large tits and gave them a twist.  “I can feel her screams on my butt.” 

They got to the front of Erica She might have the fight won and they saw a sweaty Erica Durance with massive bruising on her tits.  Then They saw Alana’s ass as she got her legs up and one foot got under Erica’s chin and the other under the tit

Alana grinded the foot on the tit disfiguring Erica’s tit into weird shapes temporarily but she the CBS star got that heel under the arm and brought Erica down forward.  Alana sat up and didn’t got for the face sit like Erica did

Instead, Alana hit a double ax handle swing to Erica’s stomach then a smaller swing She felt Erica blow out air “This about your jealousy of tits is it well.”  Alana kept her hands where they were and brought her elbows down on Erica’s tits “Well here it is Erica now what will you do.”

They could see the muscles in Alana’s biceps and shoulders as she put pressure down on Erica tits.  Bring one elbow forward toward Erica’s feet stretching that tit that way.  Other elbow went toward Erica’s head twisting that tit.  Alana speaking gave Erica a chance to counter she had an idea what was about to happen and she underhooked Alana

Hands under and Erica got to Alana’s large tits.  Erica’s tits were getting worked over but Alana left her own open and Erica pulled down and outwards.  Alana and Erica were both in pain, but neither was letting go when the sweat on Erica’s body caused Alana to slip off Erica’s tit and on top of her.

Alana tried to move so she could get her legs around Erica’s head, but Erica hit her forearm into Alana’s hip knocking her away.  Erica tried to get atop Alana, but Alana got a foot between the tits and kicked Erica away

They never popped back up, but they did get up.  Tits feeing weird from being stretched by the other.  Alana smiled then Erica scowled “Why are you smiling” 

Were both massaging our tits and trying not to show it.  This is kind of fun.”

“Normally when a woman does to me what you have but then look what I’m saying we are doing a different here.  Fighting her ad others, they went at my tits completely different and yeah, I think this is fun.  But I am going to win.”

“This has been fun don’t get me wrong it has been glad we did this in our forties, but you are ending up on the losing end.”

Erica scoffed and brought her fists up “I’ll show you who is going to lose.”  Erica’s punches were slower so Alana never brought her fists up just slipped the punches.

Alana hit a punch to Erica’s tit as a counter punch then went for a hook which Erica ducked underwent for a take down.  Alana shifted her hips and threw Erica away and then went for two haymakers.  Erica leaned back then ducked under the second and hit two punches one to Alanas stomach and the second a uppercut to the tit

Erica stepped back went for a big swinging right to end this fight, but Alana got her arm up blocked and trapped Erica arm.  Used her free hand to spin toward Erica grab her by the back of the head and hit three knees to the stomach.  Erica dropped to a knee which Alana allowed moving back to the side but she raised ericas arm giving a free view of the side of Erica’s tit and hit a uppercut to the side of it.

Alana twisted the long hair of Erica durance around her fingers and pulled back hard so Erica “We done here?”

As the question ended erica turned her hip and hit her palm between Alanas tits.

Alana grimaced loosened her arm lock on Erica who pulled it out and quickly spun and hit  a backfist.  Alana slowed it down but it still got her cheek and Alana stumbled which caused Erica to miss the over hand punch.  Erica was now feet planted and came up with a combination of a hook and uppercut that sent Alana down

Erica threw one last punch and realized it missed.  She then saw it and Alana was down and barely moving.  The damage she did to Alanas tits made them look even better and Erica got her hands on her knees and took some deep breaths.  The fight was different kind of hard than her wars with Jill Wagner where she never got tired until well after the fight was over. 

Erica was tired and the adrenaline was dropping a bit she looked to her right then her left.  Everyone was clapping so was this fight over she then straightened up and saw the strongest and toughest woman here in Missy Peregrym.  Missy was smiling and nodding she had fun watching two friends fighting.  Time to claim the most well-earned victory of her life against the one woman she always thought shed lose to but wanted the challenge

“Im going to put my foot…”  She walked over to Alana raised her foot to put between her tits and declare victory only to have Alana grab her foot.  Erica looked down and Alana still had more to give her.  Alana raised her leg never kicked her that wasn’t what their battle was about but pushed Ericas foot and lifted her own and flipped Erica over her.

Erica landed hard and was thankful this wasn’t worst.  Now she had to get up and did not as quick as Alana who hit over hand left then when Erica went to lean away from the right.  It was the wrong guess and Alana came up with a right knee to the stomach which dropped Erica to her knees.  Alana was tired but now got behind erica grabbed her by the back of the hair and took some deep breaths

“I’ll make this end painless.”

Left arm went around Erica’s throat and the right locked in the choke.  Erica refused to just get choked out and tried prying down the right to loosen the choke.  She realized she could hit a low blow but that’s not what this fight was, and Alana didn’t do it to her just a moment ago, so Erica brought the second hand up to Alana’s right wrist and pulled down

Erica got to her toes lifted her heels and pushed back and got Alana on her back.  She would tell others she hated what she was in position for but really, she loved it and as she flipped over Alana her tits got on Alana’s face.  So much of this fight was them going after the tits so ending this with a tit smother would be poetic

It had been a long time since she went for one of these in this position, but she knew how to do it.  The tits were over the face and she thought for a second on how she would never be able to do this with Jill.  Jill would bite her but Alana wouldn’t they weren’t about that in this fight.  She worked her shoulders out and her arms.  The inside of those arms pressed into her tits getting a tight seal on Alana.

It didn’t matter what anyone else was saying now.  The fight was entertaining enough for them now it was about who actually won.  Erica knew the seal was in so the next step was bring your shoulders and head upwards.  Alana to her knowledge didn’t have enough experience to get out of this especially at this point in the fight.

Alana felt the extra pressure and knew it meant Erica brought her face up so she brought a knee up connecting to Erica’s face.  It loosened a little and she knew where the face was so the right knee came up hitting Erica harder. Alana quickly rolled her hips and switched positions.

Alana got her chest over Erica’s face but didn’t have it in perfect and was using one large breast on the face pressing it up and down on Erica’s nose and mouth.  She could feel Erica was able to move more then she was and realized where she got this wrong and slid her tit across Erica’s face but before she could get a tight seal Erica got her legs up and got the top of the head in a head scissors but there was no pressure just enough for Erica to pull her head out from the tits.

Erica spun to get on her knees began to get up and Alana was slamming forearms into her back.  Alana transitioned to get behind Erica went for a choke, but Erica was sweaty and snuck out the back and hit her own forearms to Alana’s back then grabbed the sweaty hair fell back and tried getting Alana’s head between her thighs

Alana Bridged up realized she had space and turned to get on her knees then moved leftward and Erica could not keep up.  Alana had her head out and sat on Erica’s face she grinded her ass but that gave Erica time to get her legs up under Alana’s arms and switch positions so she sat on Alana’s face.  Stomach there but that ass grind had to be answered for and she grinded her ass on Alana’s face

Alana grabbed Ericas ass spread her cheeks and pushed forward.  Erica didn’t have the balance and fell forward.  Alana immediately got her legs around Ericas head turned on her hip but quickly grunted as Erica took the moment to also get in a head scissors.  They rolled around heads trapped in the others legs and slapping the other womans ass.

They ended up in a rose garden and that was when they got separated.  Erica and Alana walked back to where all the fighting had happened were haunched over a little exhausted.  This was a tiring fight where those watching where entertained as it was just a pure lets find out who is better and it was clear both had respect and liked the other.  No real dirty tactics no screaming how much they hated the other. 

Big deep breath and Erica hit a slap “HA”  She then had to put her hand back on her leg and take some breaths.  Then Alana hit Erica with a slap but couldn’t follow through .  She slicked her hair back and bent over breathing hard then remembered “HA”

A round house slap from Erica who was feeling it more now and didn’t go as much down on her knees.  She was still leaning over but not as much “Go DOWN”

A Roundhouse slap from Alana “Just quit already.”

“Give me a reason!” Erica went for another big slap but Alana caught it by the wrist.

“Hows this?” Alana went for a quick slap but she was having her wrist caught and now the two struggled.

They tried to pull their arms out then pushed to get the other off balance.  Getting the balance gone was easy but winning the fight not so much.  Arms were going in every direction and gasps of exhaustion escaped from them.  The arms went over head, and they stopped and made eye contact.  Laura Vandervoort saw this moment it was like they were asking if the other was ready


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Re: Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2022, 12:31:17 AM »
They got their bodies straight keeping arms tied up.  Both got their feet set “you sure you want to do this Alana.”

“I’m not letting your wrist go, am I?”  Alana pulled her right arm over head and with hat came Erica’s left arm.  Erica smiled so did Alana then Erica pulled her right arm over their heads bringing Alanas left with them

Missy saw it to she knew what was about to happen “I destroyed Strahovski tits at this.  Will you do it to greens.”  She looked at Laura who said “Damn right.  Come on Erica you got this.  Win this and pin her down and win the fight.”

Everything stopped “Yeah, I beat the shit out of Yvonne Strahovski.  It was a private affair, but no one will ever have to worry about fighting her ever again.  You need to do that to Ashley Greene if I heard correct from DC.”

A loud slap and the focus went back to where it belonged.  Alana and Erica thrusted their chests and it met with a mighty impact.  They both groaned hard as they tried to push their chest up “You should not be ….”  Erica said unable to finish.  She had so many other fights than Alana, but Alana seemed to be just as experienced as she.

They pressed forward for ten more seconds.  Grimacing the entire time and when their heads moved and cheeks touched, they pushed away then went forward again and again and again.  The tit slaps were amazing, and neither was backing down

They were tit boxing going left and right and it was getting tiring.  Erica knew she couldn’t hold Alana’s wrist much longer and let go drove her elbow down on the top of Alana’s shoulder.  Then she threw her chest upward like an uppercut swing of the tits hitting the underside of Alana’s and putting her down

Erica looked down at Alana who seemed out.  She scooted on her knees one knee between Alana’s legs and the other outside of Alana.  Erica had her hands on her hips and was taking deep breaths then saw Alana chest up and down “Alana just say I won.”
“She told me you’d have to beat her.  So, end it” Missy said

Erica thought about it and decided with a fight like this to just choke her.  No need for black eyes or even more beaten tits.  Erica leaned forward but ended up eating two slaps.  Alana then reached up and grabbed Erica’s hair and tried to turn her only for Erica to hit a punch to the side.  Erica grabbed Alana’s hair used gravity to force both down, but Alana was twisting to much and Alana twisted Erica over.

Some deep breaths from Alana and she pushed downward with her body.  Hoping she had Erica pinned and this would end but Erica wasn’t finished she got her hands up to Alana’s hair and lifted her hips in both directions and finally was able to power Alana over and pressed her body hard down on Alana’s

Erica was about to say something when Alana groaned hard and was able to turn and switch position.  Erica tightened her grip in Alana’s hair switched back and Alana got deeper in Erica’s and switched again.  They found their ways up to their knees and Erica put Alana down they rolled around and pressing hard tit on tit got up to their knees again this time Alana put Erica down and it repeated until they were up to their knees again.

They were grinding their tits left and right.  Loud groans this battle didn’t have the hate but it had the struggle.  Hands in the hair was harder to maintain as they were sweat soaked and tits had such sweat it was hard to stay tit on tit and their hips couldn’t stay up much longer.  It was impossible to see who put the other down but they both fell to their sides.

They fell back a little but this fight was almost over now it was who could put the other on their back and they went for it going back at the other slamming chests and really pushing.  Erica seemed to be winning and then they went for a second and somehow Alana met Erica first and put her down.  It was such a loud impact and it made everyone turn from it and now Alana De La Garza was on top and immediately before anything else grapevine Erica durance’s ankles

Alana slammed Ericas arms over her head and then grinded her tits hard onto Erica’s “Say it Erica.”  Another grind and a push from Erica to reverse this.  To the left she lifted Alana up slightly only to be put back down and Alana slapped her tits down on Erica’s again and again grinded “Say it.”

Erica tried to power to the right and almost got out but got slammed down harder and there was no grinding this time.  Alana kept lifting her torso and slapping down her tits on Ericas over and over again “Stop you win.”  Erica muttered out.  She was spent absolutely spent and had nothing left to fight with.  There was no hate there was no professional rivalry.  She had no reserves left she fought as hard as she could and she ended up losing in a fashion she hoped to win in.

Alana stopped.  She released Ericas wrists.  She got rid of the grapevine lock around the ankles and rested their.  Both felt the others breath and Alans head dropped to Ericas left she turned slightly “That was the craziest experience of my life.”  “Mine too”  Erica said “It’s the first time I wasn’t upset at losing.”

Alana rolled off Erica.  They were both breathing hard but smiling this was a fight a few had asked about and every now and then they both wondered if they should take this challenge on.  “Erica… If you want to come to New York for a rematch I will give you one.  Right now I just need Missy to help me up… Help me dress and help me go home.”

“I need everyone to help me.”  Both ladies were helped up and Laura Vandervoort was motioned to stand between everyone.  She looked at every single woman and it started with Alana who was queen of this day

“We’re all DC alum… Ashley Greene.”

They each said and finally Erica who was carried by Cassidy Freeman and Charlotte Sullivan “You know what you have to do.  Smallville was always toughter than Arrowverse.”

“I will find Ashley Greene.”  Laura said “She has skill I have more.  I will get that apology out of her out of fear of fighting me or after fighting me and losing but she will apologize to Danielle and to DC”

Missy smiled “That’s right you get that and if these two ever rematch I will tell you all about it.”

Alana and Erica were carried away in separate directions and shared one last look and nod with each other.  Erica wanted to retire when someone said that Jill Wagner fought Kelly overton to a draw and how well those two matched up.  Erica knew she had to retire Jill Wagner and maybe Kelly Overton then have her last fight against alana.

(Upcoming:  Kelly Monaco vs Kendra Wilkinson; Ashley greene vs Teresa Palmer 3; Arielle Kebbel vs Michelle Langstone; Jessica Lowndes vs Lacey Chabert.)
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Re: Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance
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Great awsome fight, enjoyed it, wished Erica won though but all good in my mind she did lol. Good job keep I hope you keep the stories coming!!


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Re: Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance
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Interac, is there a place with your full library posted? I'd like to add some of them to my site in the future.


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Re: Alana De La Garza vs Erica Durance
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Interac, is there a place with your full library posted? I'd like to add some of them to my site in the future.

Not sure if this will work but;area=showposts;sa=topics;u=29829

Thats work done here.

Tournament site from back in the day

Looks like you got the other stories on K&G