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My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch

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My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« on: December 09, 2022, 09:05:57 PM »
This is the 3rd story in a series I've been writing about my wife's journey being roped into matches as a jobber to be brutalized and broken. I have really been liking this one so I figured I would post it next. PM me if you're interested in the middle story.

(This is a fictional story and I do not condone violence of any kind in real life)

Wifey vs The Chode

I still can’t believe how lucky I am that my gorgeous wife agreed to go on this wrestling destruction journey for my benefit. So far in her 2 “matches” she got absolutely wrecked and tortured to tears by the mammoth woman Sugar & her cronies, and then ambushed in our remote cabin by the man named CJ who humiliated and used her like a fuck doll in impossibly cruel ways, while nearly breaking her spirit entirely.

Luckily for me, she still has 4 matches on her contract. I don’t know how she still has it in her, but she definitely has taken a hit to her confidence after CJ’s horrific abuse. They mercifully gave her a month off to recover from that beating, so I could barely contain my excitement when a letter arrived with the date & time of her next match….along with her required outfit.

After Sugar tortured wifey’s feet in her first match as a punishment for stepping into the ring barefoot & in slutty attire, my wife bought herself a pair of wrestling boots and some modest tights for her next in ring match.

She had been looking forward to dressing like a fighter for once, so when she pulled the tiny g-string micro thong & silk camisole out of the box that arrived, she was NOT happy. “What the fuck babe? They’re making me fight in this?!” she angrily asks me. I shrug. The letter clearly states she is contractually obliged to wear this outfit, and nothing else. “Maybe your opponent has to wear something like this too, and it’s a sexy fight” I say to her. She glares at me, knowing full well that this probably isn’t the case. “You’re lucky I love you. They better not be setting me up to get humiliated and tortured again”. I shrug, hiding my excitement. What is there to say to her? Of course they are.

I stand in the tunnel as my wife steps out of the changing room; the sight of her gives me an instant boner, especially knowing what awaits her.

The light blue silk camisole barely reaches her stomach, with spaghetti straps that are barely there, criss-crossing her back, leaving so much skin exposed. The tiny black g-string is basically floss; a tiny patch of satin covering her pussy, and then just a string around her hips and up her butt crack. Her feet are bare, with white toenail polish to match her fingernails, and her long brown hair is in a high tight ponytail. Pink lipstick. Dark mascara. She looks fucking incredible, and I tell her as much. She huffs, but gives me a small smile. “I look like a fucking stripper! You better enjoy this babe, because this is ridiculous. I can’t believe they made me wear this." I give her a playful smack on her fully exposed ass. “Of course hun. Go get em.”

My wife puts on her game face and swaggers out to the ring, the crowd of over 100 erupts in jeers & catcalls at her over her outfit.

I’m already loving this little humiliation, as she sexily steps through the ring ropes on her tiptoes and stands in the corner, arms on the ropes, waiting for her opponent.

I watch wifey’s eyes go wide with confusion and terror as the crowd erupts and her opponent swaggers into the ring. A monster of a man, 6’1, at least 260 pounds of muscle, wearing shorts, huge knee-high black combat boots, a leather vest, and fingerless gloves. The scariest part about him though is his eyes. They’re like a shark’s; dead, emotionless, staring straight through my sexy and overmatched wife like she’s not even there. They tell me his name is simply “The Chode”. He’s allegedly one of the most brutal heels in the organization. Wifey is only 5’7’’, 140 pounds after all, and not muscular. Mostly curvy. I almost feel bad for her. Almost.

Wifey is shouting at the ref, and at me. I can’t fully hear her over the roar of the crowd, but she’s yelling something about being forced to fight in this outfit against a man, and wanting to not be barefoot. We both shrug at her. She glares but turns toward her opponent as the bell rings, ready to fight.

Wifey charges at The Chode, her bare feet slapping the mat. Chode is casually walking towards her, with a frightening lack of urgency.

Wifey attacks him with a barrage of punches, but he barely seems to feel them. He just stares at her for a moment while she punches his chest, stomach…. Suddenly he grabs her by the ponytail, and wifey SQUEALS as he yanks her head back, arching her neck. Wifey’s hands scramble to break his grip, but he lifts a booted foot and SLAMS his heel down on my wife’s pedicured toes.

“FUUUUUUCCCKCKKKKK AHHHHHHHH!!” my wife screams as she falls to the mat, but gets stuck on her knees with the Chode still gripping her ponytail. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Ahhhhhhhhhhghhhhh!!!””

The Chode hangs onto the ponytail and starts viciously slapping my wife’s beautiful face. His slaps are HARD! His handprint is already on her cheek, and tears are already in her eyes. These slaps are insane, echoing even with the loud spectators. He still has an expressionless face.

Suddenly, he scoops up my wife, and lifts her over his head! She is struggling and smacking ineffectually at his head, when he SLAMS her down across his knee in a horrific OTK backbreaker! A wail of agony rips from my poor wife’s throat as he bends her into a U shape over his knee, her toes pointed at the floor, her arms flailing desperately. “NOOOOO AAIIIIIOOWWWWWW UGHGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” He keeps bending her harder and harder, veins standing out in his arms as he seemingly tries to snap the poor woman’s spine. My wife’s screams sound like a mix of pain and frustration, unable to pry her way out.

Suddenly, he stands, lifts her up, and CRACKS my wife down across his knee again! She SHRIEKS as her already bruised back connects with his knee again, and he resumes attempting to fold her in half.

“AAAHHHGHHHHHHGHHGHHHGHGHHGHHHHH NOOOO AAAIII!!!” He does this four more times, to my utter astonishment. Her screams are growing hoarse and tears are running down her face.

The crowd is baying for blood, loving this monster’s brutalization of my wife.

Shoving her off his knee and onto the floor, the Chode looms over wifey who is rolling around clutching at her back and sobbing.

Pinning her arms above her head, The Chode plops his ass down right on my wife’s face, in a spectacular stink face! The crowd laughs as my wife flails her hands and feet helplessly and screams muffled protests into his crotch. “MMMFDFFPPFFFMTHRFCKR!!”

The Chode slowly runs his hand down my wife’s silk tank top, down her bare belly, stopping at her barely covered crotch. He slowly turns his massive fingers into a vise grip, gripping her pussy with iron fingers, her tiny satin thong offering ZERO protection.

My wife’s struggles become FRANTIC, bucking her hips and stamping her feet,desperate to escape this merciless pussy claw. She SCREAMS her torment into his speedo, her tears wetting the fabric.

I’m rock hard watching this. She has no way to escape as this beast continues to rip at her vulnerable lips. I love how much the organization continues to ratchet up the pain, just as they told us they would. I still wonder if she believed them or not, but she certainly seems to regret it now. Her pathetic cries of protest mean nothing to this heel. His other hand finds a nipple through her silk top and PINCHES it. OUCH!

My wife’s thrashing reduces to quivering and convulsing as she sobs into his crotch while he continues his relentless stink face and torture of her nipples and pussy.

After what seems like an eternity, he gets up. My wife immediately curls into the fetal position, one hand between her legs and one on her chest, hysterically sobbing as the cruel crowd laughs at and taunts her, egging the Chode to more destruction.

The Chode leans down over wifey who is still in the fetal position, slowly licks his hand, and brings it down on my wife’s mostly bare back with a RESOUNDING SMACKKKKK! My jaw drops. He put his full weight into that!

The shriek that tears from my wife’s throat actually drowns out the crowd momentarily, and they are stunned into silence as my wife curls into a tighter ball, blubbering hysterically, her sobs briefly the only sound in the room. SMACCCCKKKKKK!! The Chode smacks her on the back again, a clear handprint appearing on her pale skin. More screams, but wifey still doesn’t move from the fetal position. The crowd is roaring again. They can’t get enough and neither can I.

The beastly heel grabs my wife’s legs and roughly flips her over onto her back. Spreading her legs wide apart, he stares at her for a moment. Her eyes widen as she realizes what he’s about to do. “NO NO WAIT PLEASE DON’T! PLEASE I SUBMIT I SUBMIT!!” Shaking her head and squeezing her eyes shut, wifey knows what’s coming next. “AHHHHHIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!””

My wife’s screams are loud and pitiful as The Chode stomps his combat boot right on her pussy, over, and over, and over. At least 10 times putting his full force into those stomps. My wife is shaking, convulsing on the mat, desperately trying to escape his grip on her ankles. On the 10th pussy stomp, he drops her legs, and wifey rolls on her side, shaking and resuming the fetal position, hugging her knees and whimpering “I submit, I submit”, over and over.

This heel still has his unsettling blank stare as he wrenches the crying woman to her feet by her ponytail. Grabbing my wife by the throat with both hands, the Chode lifts and TOSSES her across the ring, where she lands hard on her back, arching with another tearful scream of pain, writhing around and curling her toes in agony.

The Chode follows after her, and proceeds to put my poor wife through the absolute wringer.

A boston crab folds her agonizingly in half while her dainty toes touch the back of her head, tears flowing down her cheeks as her hands slap the mat in desperation.

He traps her in a full nelson, rag dolling her around the ring as she screams in protest.

A figure-4 leg lock follows, and I and this sadistic crowd are treated to an incredible THREE FULL MINUTES of wifey’s legs being trashed by this monster’s tree trunks. “AGHHHHHH STOP PLEASE!!! PLEEEEEEEEASSEE YOU’RE GOING TO POP MY KNEE OUUUUUUTTTTTT!!!! AGHHHHHHH!!!” Her screams are equal parts agony, despair, desperation, and frustration at her own helplessness. It’s absolute music to my ears. I don’t even feel bad for her anymore! In my own heel turn from her first match, where I encouraged my wife against Sugar, I find myself shouting encouragement to the Chode to ruin her.

“Don’t let up! Keep the pressure on! Show that chick whose ring this is! Give her a ceiling hold, that’ll really target her weak points!”

The Chode releases the figure-4 and kicks my sobbing wife away from him. He stares at me with the deadpan eyes for a moment, before manhandling my wife into position for a Romero Ceiling Hold. Standing on the back of her knees and grabbing her arms, he prepares to lift. “NO NO PLEASE DONTT!!” she pleads frantically. No dice.

The Chode rocks onto his back, lifting my wife toward the ceiling with his legs pushing hers up, and his arms holding hers straight as her back is bent at an impossible angle. She WAILS in helpless misery as her shoulders, knees and back all threaten to break or pop, suspended in the air, unable to move an inch except to shake her sexy, curvy body in desperation. Her tears drip down onto the Chode’s face, and he licks them up!

This is unbelievable. The agony she must be experiencing in the hold, her sexy body on full display for this vicious crowd in her slutty outfit.. The cruelty is beyond anything I could have hoped for.

The Chode slowly starts to lower my wife down from the hold, and her screaming subsides to crying as the pressure is relieved from her limbs. Suddenly though, he ratchets her all the way back up into the hold, bending her even further, and an ear-splitting shriek tears from her throat as her ravaged body is nearly snapped in half! “AHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHHGGGHH!! LET ME DOWWNNNNNNN!!”

The Chode drops my blubbering wife onto her face, where she lays pathetically, her body heaving with involuntary sobs. The Chode squats in front of her, lifting her head up by the ponytail and staring silently into her crying face. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The Chode resumes slapping my helpless curvy wifey in the face, hitting her a dozen times until she actually passes out!

The crowd is roaring! It’s an accepted-submission-only match after all, and while she’s begged for mercy and submitted, no submission has been accepted. The ref hands a bucket of ice water to the Chode, which he dumps all over my limp and unconscious wife. My dick is literally drilling a hole in my pants at this point. All I want to do is jump in the ring and join in the action, but I know I can’t until the Submission.

She awakens with a fresh wail, and begins crawling backwards away from the monster heel in desperation.


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Re: My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2022, 03:18:11 AM »
Great story! Very well written


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Re: My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2022, 09:08:37 PM »
I see part of the Sugar story…where are the other parts?


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Re: My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2022, 06:03:21 AM »
Thanks for the replies! Glad you guys like it! PM Me your ideas for more!!!


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Re: My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« Reply #4 on: December 11, 2022, 09:22:32 AM »
Hi Bob, thank you very much for sharing this!

Is there an account of your wife getting ambushed by CJ? If so, could you share it, please?


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Re: My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2022, 10:23:16 AM »
Gotta share it privately, not sure if the content is allowed lol. PM me.


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Re: My Wife's Nightmare Mixed Wrestling Mismatch
« Reply #6 on: January 31, 2023, 12:06:14 AM »
Here is the continuance of the Chode's brutalization of my wife.

Her eyes are wide with fear as she scrambles backwards on her ass.

Wifey actually reaches the ropes, and struggles to her battered knees as she attempts to flee the ring. The crowd starts booing and jeering, I hear calls of “COWARD SLUT!!” and “WHAT’S WRONG TOUGH GIRL??!”

My wife doesn’t care, trying to climb through the ropes as desperate tears streak down her face. I start shouting at her to get back in the ring. This is embarrassing, and she’s breaking the contract which could have all kinds of consequences for both of us.

Luckily for everyone, except my wife, The Chode catches her just as she slides a leg through the ropes. She lets out a cry of despair as the hulking heel grabs her wet ponytail and savagely yanks her back into the ring, futilely clutching at his hand.

Staring at her with his dead eyes, the Chode pushes my wife to her knees, shoving her head and torso through the middle ropes, trapping her arms as he twists the ropes around. My wife kneels there, facing the crowd as they revel in her suffering, weeping in pain and hopelessness. Her ass looks beautiful like that, her little g-string covering nothing, her soles facing outward, vulnerable to whatever abuse the Chode decides on next.

“AHHHHHHHHGODDFUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!” screams wifey, as the Chode winds up, takes a running start and kicks her right in the pussy! His boot crunches right into her unprotected crotch, the g-string offering no protection as he winds up again and thunderously blasts her pussy with another brutal toe kick.

My wife’s screams are magical, mingling with the roars of approval from the crowd. My dick is so hard it is threatening to tear through my pants. I cheer the Chode on as he continues to kick my helpless wife in the pussy.

She’s sobbing her eyes out, twitching, hanging limply in the ropes as she repeats “I SUBMIT! I SUBMIT! I SUBMIT!!!” over and over and over. The Chode continues to simply not give a fuck.

Picking her up in his arms, the Chode marches my wife over to the turnbuckle, where he hangs her upside down, crossing her ankles to hold her in place. My wife’s barely-there silk tank top flutters over her face as she hangs upside down in the Tree of Woe, begging the Chode for mercy “Sir, PLEASE! I give up! Please let me give up! I’ll do whatever you want, just please accept my submission!!”

The Chode continues to stare blankly at my wife, slowly running his hand up and down her sexy leg as she hangs upside down, pleading. His hand slowly comes to rest on the tiny thong covering her pussy. Reaching inside her thong as she squirms and struggles, a shriek suddenly explodes from my wife’s throat, as the Chode RIPS his hand out of her thong, holding a clump of her pubic hair.

My mouth drops open in shock as the Chode continues to tear my wife’s sparse pussy hair out, and shove it into her screaming mouth.