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Jessica Lowndes vs Lacey Chabert

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Jessica Lowndes vs Lacey Chabert
« on: December 11, 2022, 05:31:39 PM »
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The realization that you aren’t as good as someone else was a harsh reality for Lacey Chabert.  She was top dog for so many years, so well rounded and able to win a fight no matter what.  Then Jillian Murray took it all away.  They took each other beyond what they felt was their limit in the fight.  Two days after the fight she got a text from Jillian “So what are we?”

She looked at her answer everyday “I don’t know” She didn’t.  To go that far against another woman and lose so closely then be humiliated.  It was hard on her; she didn’t hate Jillian she only hated one woman and that was Danielle Harris. 

Danielle actually showed up at her house days after her fight with Jillian and dragged her outside then beat her unconscious.  That needed to be avenged but she wanted a true challenge first.  She was speaking with friend Jenna Dewan who she was in a movie with and Jenna showed her something “Megan Fox wants to fight me… Seriously how long have I wanted to try her out?  So exciting.”

Lacey walked out and looked back at her friend who for years wanted to rematch Jessica Lowndes only to have her wish granted and lose again.  Maybe that’s what she should do before looking for Danielle Harris.  She got Jessica’s information and it didn’t take long to get a reply

“Fight Lacey Chabert, hells to the yeah”

Jessica and Lacey met at a studio and Jessica immediately took off her shirt.  Lacey took off hers and heard a gasp “Wow you got some serious artillery.”

“I know things are good with you and Jenna now.”

“Because I beat her again.”

Lacey forced a smile she didn’t like that comment at all.  “After she watched you and Vanessa, she knew her feud with you is over and really she never wanted one.  There’s only one-woman Jenna has longed to fight and was willing to put it all on the line.”

“Yeah who’s that.”

“Megan Fox.”

“I’d pay to watch that, but I bet more people would pay to watch me take your place on the who you don’t want to fight list.”  Lacey stepped forward “Then again Jillian already did that didn’t she.”

Lacey pressed her breasts against Jessica’s then felt Jessica press back.  “Impressive maybe at some point we’ll find ourselves in a situation where boob strength comes in and you will find out where you measure.”

“Top of the heap, Jillian knocked you off the mountain I’m putting you down to the ground.”

Lacey could feel it she was out gunned by this woman.  This woman Jessica Lowndes was in as good of shape as Jillian but with larger tits.  The thoughts of Jillian made her worry, the paranoia of Danielle Harris made her sweat so she tried to boob push Jessica away but couldn’t and now she looked at Jessica who was smiling.

Jessica used her boobs and thrusted sent Lacey to the ground.  “Honestly, that’s a question I’ve asked myself for so long.  How would my tits stand up to the legendary artillery of Lacey Chabert? Now I know” Jessica giggled

“You laughing at me.”

Lacey was up and mad.  Jessica could see that “Yeah what are you going to do about it.”

Lacey threw a punch which Jessica parried and slapped Lacey in the back of the head putting her back down.  “Come on Chabert or did Jillian break you so much your afraid to fight.”

Lacey took a look at the door then got up “I appreciate your mind games but its not Jillian on my mind.  Its.”

“The woman in front of you and…”  Jessica went for a punch which Lacey blocked then grabbed Jessica by the pants pulled her forward and hit tits on tits and put Jessica down

“And that was damn impressive.  I still cant believe my tits went against Lacey Chaberts this si surreal.”

“You need to stop with that we are here to fight.”

Jessica got up “I know but I just… your Lacey Chabert and I feel like I should be kicking Murrays ass for hurting your reputation.”

“Well you are here for me not her.”

“Alright I need to focus up.  My dream castmate and a body that I always wanted to challenge….Focus up”  Jessica went to slap Lacey but it was to telegraphed and she got hit with a slap

Jessica stumbled then got back her balance “You slap as hard as they say…Maybe I shouldn’t be challenging Jillian if she withstood that and put you down.”

“Issues between Jillian and I are over you cant use her to get into my head.”

Jessica pushed at Lacey then shoved her again “You don’t get it I’m not trying to get in your head I’m trying to get mine going.”

“How would you feel if I were Van…”  Lacey couldn’t stop Jessica whose inability to get ggoing was lost and she had a first step toward lacey then a hand on her throat she pushed Lacey back

“don’t ask don’t say .”  She hit three hard overhand slaps to Lacey just above the temple

Jessica pulled Lacey away and hit a punch to the stomach “Vanessa Hudgens, Lea Michelle and that egotistical crowd want to think theyre better than me.  You wan… You aren’t them you are…”

Lacey came over Jessicas arm and hit a punch “The woman you are fighting now.  Don’t take pity on me we both want to know.”

Lacey then grabbed Jessica by the hair pulled her and turned slamming the younger woman into the wall “I can respect you and fight you.”  Lacey paused looked behind her shoulder and Jessica grabbed Lacey by the hair and turned her slammed Lacey

Lacey went for Jessica’s hair and Jessica grabbed both arms and slammed them into the wall.  A moment thinking about what she was about to do and Jessica slammed her tits into Lacey’s and the air that released from Lacey made Jessica smile.  “Have you ever felt that before?”

Lacey got a arm free and hit her bicep into Jessica’s ear then got her other free and got that hand in the hair and began to climb up the wall until it was to much for Jessica who fell with Lacey on top.  Now it was Jessica’s tits who got compressed and she gasped “So many times” Lacey said backed up and shook her arm

Jessica slowly got up “So you’re into the fight now, right?”


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Re: Jessica Lowndes vs Lacey Chabert
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2022, 05:34:29 PM »

“Just had my tits squashed by Lacey Chabert after squishing hers.  This is utterly amazing to me.”

“Get into this I need to know where I stand, I got a real BITCH coming for me.”  Lacey threw a slap which Jessica backed away from then Jessica stepped forward seeing the punch coming she hit her forearm into that shoulder quickly turned into a headlock and flipped Lacey over

Jessica was about to transition into a reverse face sit but stopped.  Lacey didn’t deserve that she adored this woman.  Lacey was here to fight and grabbed Jessica by the hair and rolled.  It sent Jessica onto her shoulders breaking the head lock.  Lacey then spun on her stomach and got up on her knees and was about to spank Jessica.

Jessica was strong and pushed Lacey away before she could take a strength position for the spanking.  Jessica and Lacey got up rushed at each other grabbed the others right wrists wrestled around trying to out power the other.  When arms went over head Jessica went for the tit thrust and Lacey fell back and watched Jessica fly over her.

Jessica stumbled spun and barely stayed upe only to get hit with a jumping switch knee strike to the tits.  That sent Jessica rolling and Lacey stalking her forward.  Jessica tried to get up and Lacey waist locked her hitting a roman Greco throw “You have to beat me”

Jessica grabbed Laceys wrists and broke the grip then spun from one hip to the other and finally worked on a escape that got both to their feet.  Jessica and Lacey locked eyes and Lacey was telling her to do it by her eyes.  Jessica instead just shoved her away and went for a slap which Lacey caught pulled Jessica forward and put her down with a chest bump

Lacey looked down “Come on Jessica you were…What is going on?”

She jumped down and Jessica rolled away and got up.  “I don’t know when it comes to hurting you bad, I can’t pull the trigger.”

Lacey hit two slaps “Don’t you feel pity for me.  I need this fight you are a warrior.”

Lacey went for two more, but it got blocked and Jessica reflexively hit a punch to the stomach and a left cross to the ear putting Lacey down “Its not pity I worship you.”

That took Lacey back “I follow you and when it was clear I was going to have this kind of body I looked up to you more.  I can fight Jenna hard because that’s how it went.  I can try and break Vanessa body because I can’t stand her.  This is different I’m…”  Lacey looked sorry and Jessica slapped her “I’m here for the fight and will do what I can to win.”

Lacey fell back and Jessica shouted “HERE TO FIGHT” She hit a left handed slap then a right and came up with a right back hand which put Lacey down.  “I will force myself to hurt you and win but you wanted this.”

Jessica got on Lacey’s hip and grabbed her by the back of the hair but again paused.  Wasn’t long this time as Lacey knew this position well after so many years and battles.  She got her arm between Jessica’s got the hair pulled down and then went on top of Jessica.  Jessica responded grabbing the hair and they rolled around

“Fuck”  Lacey said having trouble keeping up with the rolling

“Jesus”  Jessica was impressed with Lacey’s strength and body

Jessica hit Lacey’s head into the ground and felt Lacey’s grip on her hair loosen.  Letting go of Lacey’s hair she grabbed Lacey’s wrists and slammed her arms over her head and sat up on the stomach pushing Lacey’s tits upwards.  Some deep breaths “just say that’s enough.”

Lacey rolled her head back then looked at her left wrist then over at her right.  Went back flat and lifted her head “My tits look great right now.”  She smiled and that made Jessica smile

Lacey saw the smile from Jessica and lifted her hips twisting to and fro and got Jessica off her she jumped on Jessica and the two were in a north south position and waist locked then began rolling around again.

Their faces worked their way between the large tits of each woman and Jessica seemed to once again when the rolling battle but that was just so Lacey could get her hips in position and raise her knee up and hit two knees to the top of Jessicas head.

Lacey quickly turned Jessica onto her back and shot her knees forward and stood up.  Jessica was brought up and before she could do anything Lacy got her arms around the back of her head grabbed her own triceps and squeezed.  Amazing angle with Jessica Lowndes bent over backwards and her head disappeared between Laceys tits and her long black hair hanging down

Jessica tried to fight out but she knew this was it and tapped Laceys shoulder three times.  Lacey knew three times meant the fight was over and let go.  Jessica just let herself fall down on her back.  She let out a deep breath and smiled.  Lacey looked down between her tits and seen the smile..

“I just got smothered out by Lacey Chabert.”

Lacey got to Jessicas side and put her hand out helped her up.  “You had trouble here and that was something Jennifer once did to me… Never do it if you think she will bite but do it if you have the energy left after a war.”

The two talked like mentor and mentee for a while and then Lacey left first.  Jessica looked at this fighting area and how pristine it was left.  She and Vanessa tore into each other so much she could picture Vanessas black hair and blood everywhere.  It was soon time to find that bitch and she heard that Vanessa recently lost to Lea Michelle someone else she wanted to fight.  She also heard that Jillian Murray was getting some call outs and rumours were that was leading to something new.

Jessica 45 minutes after her loss walked out and saw a car drive by her and it slowed down.  Danielle Harris was driving and waved to Jessica.  Jessica knew what that meant and she ran looking for lacey Chabert.  She saw Laceys car that should have left 30 minutes ago.  “Oh god.”

Lacey Chabert was hanging from the seat belt which had a small part trapped outside the door.  She was naked and bloody.  Whatever Jessica had done to anyone was nothing compared to what was done to Lacey.  It took a while to help Lacey out but she heard what happened.  Danielle Harris was waiting for Lacey in the back seat and Danielle wanted her rematch

Danielle promised to make Laceys life hell until she got that rematch.

(Upcoming:  Jenna Dewan vs Megan Fox; Arielle Kebbel vs Michelle Langstone; Kelly Monaco vs Kendra Wilkinson; Kara Killmer vs nina dobrev)