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Jacqueline Fernandez vs Kriti Sanon

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Jacqueline Fernandez vs Kriti Sanon
« on: December 14, 2022, 11:11:09 AM »
Jacqueline Fernandez:



Kriti Sanon:


Kriti and Jacqueline had a fallout during the sets of a movie. Jacqueline being the stronger one, in the heat of the moment, pushed Kriti and she fell in front of the whole crew. Kriti
felt utterly humliated and challenged Jacqueline for a fight. Jacqueline accepted the challenge gladly as she knew she wll handle Kriti with ease.

Jacqueline comes in first donning black tight shorts and a white sports bra with sneakers showing her toned a muscular body.
Then comes in Kriti wearing low waist skintight black leatehr capri just covering her knees making the white smooth long legs visible and a black leather bralette looking ravishing as ever with her bare back and navel.

Now both the ladies stood at the corner and the referee startd checking the outfits of both the divas if they are carrying any sharp objects. He started with Jacqueline checking her sports bra
and black shorts and he gently glanced his hands on her thighs too before checking her boots. Jacqueline knew what he was tryng to do but said nothing.
Then he check Kriti's bralette and felt her bare back and navel too but kriti then started flirting with the ref. He then stated checking Kriti's butts and then proceeded towards checking
Kriti's boots but he could see Kriti's oiled, long white legs in the capri and glanced his hands and felt the smoothness of Kriti's legs. Kriti was in a naughty mood and she then forwarded
her other leg for the ref to check her boots to make him feel her legs again while smiling naughtily. The ref did exactly the same but it angered Jacky.

Ref rang the bell and both charged towards each other and Jacky being physically stronger one easily pushed kriti towards the corner. Kriti has now realized that her power is of no match in front of
Jacky raised her palm in the air and gave a tight slap into the cleavage of Kriti right in the center chest. Kriti screamed hard because of the brute force of Jacky.

Kriti is bent holding her boobies because of the pain. Jacky then smashes an elbow on Kriti's bare back which made her hands twich and Kriti screamed even more loudly.
Jacky then pulls her hair and makes Kriti stand up. She then pushes Kriti towards the rope and when kriti bounces back Rhea lands a strong left hook on Kriti's pretty face which
makes her lay on the mat hard and partly drooling and dizzy.

Kriti is dizzy by the kick. She tries to crawl away towards the corner but Jacky drags Kriti towards the center holding her right leg. Kriti is now lying on her back.
Jacky runs over kriti bounces on the ropes and jumps in the air smashing her elbow into Kriti's belly which made her legs jerk up with an even louder scream.

Kriti wants to cry because of the pain but isn't able to as she is soo dizzy. Jacky being angry steps out of the ring and brings in the table. She then picks up Kriti and carries her over her shoulder.
Kriti being partly passed out unable to do anything was sitting on Jacky's shoulder. Jacky revolved 360 degrees and showed the crowd how dominant she has been and has been ripping Kriti apart.
She then smashed Kriti on the table with a powerbomb. Kriti is now laid out flat fully unconscious with hands above her head and legs spread.

Kriti's body is just twitching on the broken table with hands over her head. Jacky makes almost unconsious kriti stand by hair and takes her out of the ring. Jacky then grabs Kriti's chin
showing Kriti's unconscious face to her fans making her feel humliated. After showing Krit's face to the entore crowd, She turns Kriti's face towards herself and gives her a long steamy kiss on the lips.
The Crowd went berzerk. Jacky then again picks kriti's unconsious body on her shoulders gives her F5(Brock Lesnar's smack) on the commentator's table. Kriti is now laid out flat on her
stomach on the broken table completely passed out. Jacky then carries Kriti's unconscious body in her arms and takes her inside the ring.

Inside, She then picks up a long sweaty leg of Kriti and gets turned on. She then gently glides her hand feeling her long smooth calf region of her leg feeling all the sweat and smoothness......
Jacky then kissed Kriti's Navel and bareback and then started making out with Kriti again as Kriti laid still.
Crowd has gone crazy with Jacky's dominance and Kriti's humiliation.
Jacky then picks up Kriti, sticks her head between her thighs and lifts her up making unconsious Kriti sit on shoulders and delivered a POWER BOMB.
Kriti's body bounced on the mat and she lad on her back with her mouth open and her legs resting on Jacky's shoulders. And Jacky contantly gliding her hands on Kriti's sweaty smooth legs
taunting the ref and the crowd about Kriti's episode with the ref. Kriti has been ragdolled in this match, completely destroyed and humiliated by Jacky. Kriti is unconscious and sweaty mess.

Jacky now wanted to end Kriti's humiliation and she picks up Kriti again. Kriti has no strength left whatsover. Jacky picks up Kriti easily, flipped her upside down with Kriti' hands frailing
Jacky then jumped and delivered a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER. As soon as Kriti's head hit the mat, her body frailed. Kriti'e legs spreadeagled, hands above her head and Kriti in deep sleep
with her mouth open and drooling.
Jacky goes on the side, gently picks up Kriti's capri weared leg, held her leg by he calf and lifted it up and started smooching Kriti again.
Referee starts counting but everyone knew Kriti is not gonna wakeup for a few days now because of the beating.
Pinfall.. Kriti lays unconscious as it is.

it's over. Jacky has completely destroyed, humuliated, overpowered the beautiful and sexy Kriti Sanon. Kriti is sweaty and a hot mess. Kriti was soooo destroyed that she had to be
arm carried towards the stretcher of the ambulance.


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Re: Jacqueline Fernandez vs Kriti Sanon
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2022, 09:37:44 AM »
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