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Tag-team revenge By the Masked Writer

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Tag-team revenge By the Masked Writer
« on: December 26, 2022, 09:24:12 PM »
This is the sequel to my first story.

Tag-team revenge
By the Masked Writer

 Kathy Ireland and Cindy Crawford vs Raquel Welch and mystery partner !!! 2 out of 3 falls.

One can smell the excitement in the arena as the full capacity crowd is waiting for the entrance of the gladiatresses of tonight's main event. It's the most talked about match in years. Raquel Welch, after suffering a frightful and humiliating defeat at the hands of Kathy Ireland, (see Raquel Welch vs Kathy Ireland) said she was ready to meet the supermodel again, in a tag-team match. "I might team with my daughter Tahnee", said the superbabe of the 1960's B movies. Ireland accepted the challenge, saying : "The old hag can bring her wimpish daughter or anyone she wants, I'll find a partner and kick both their asses!". A contract was signed and the news came, through the media, that Kathy Ireland was going to team up with her colleague supermodel and fitness goddess, Cindy Crawford. No further information has come as to who is going to be Welch's partner but everyone expect to see Tahnee Welch. Kathy and Cindy comes to the ring. Kathy, standing at 5'11 and 120 pounds, is topless, wearing only the bottom of a bikini. Cindy, a slender 5'10 and 111 pounds, wears an incredible black french-cut swimsuit costume. Both top models looks terrific, their lean muscles flexing at every move while they walk the alley and climb through the ropes in the squared circle. They, then flexes their biceps as the crowd cheers. Then comes Raquel Welch, wearing a pink leotard with black panty hose. Her body is still firm and toned, in spite of her age but, at 5'6 tall, she doesn't look like a match for any of her impressive opponents. The crowd encourages her anyway with a round of applause. Kathy and Cindy have a smile of confidence on their pretty faces, but Raquel smiles too, as if she knew something they don't. Then, for a second, the crowd becomes silent. And the smile disappear from the two models' faces as everybody sees Raquel's partner coming. It is definitely not Tahnee. It takes a few seconds before people recognizes the red head and the athletic body.
"It's Kathy Long!"
 Indeed, it is the former world kickboxing champion who is coming in the ring, dressed in black exercise shorts and halter tops that hides nothing of her hard, powerful, mucular, yet sexy body. She is not the tallest in the ring but, at 126 pounds, her bulging muscle makes every other girl looks like an underfed weakling.

Kathy Ireland rushes to the ring announcer and grabs the microphone from the man's hand. "No way!" she shouts "That old bitch was supposed to team with her daughter ! This is illegal! Call off the match!" A still-smiling Raquel Welch comes to her, take the mike and says : "Read your contract! It says we both can choose the partner we want, in the showbusiness industry, wether a model, a singer, an actress or a TV host. Well Kathy has featured in many movies. She is an actress, she fits the bill! Eat your heart out!" The decision belongs to the judges. Everybody waits in a nervous expectation. The four girls stands in the ring, Raquel Welch with a triumphant smile, the supermodel teams looking worried and Kathy Long with a twisted smile of disdain as she evaluates her opponents.

After a few minutes of deliberation, one of the judges comes to the ring and says to the crowd : "Mrs Welch is right about the contract so, as far as we are concerned, the match must proceed."

Both teams go to their respective corners. Kathy Long and Raquel are obviously extatics. Kathy Ireland and Cindy Crawford are talking nervously to each other, trying to plan a strategy for a match that promises to be tougher than they had tought.

At last, the bell rings. As the first round begins Kathy Long calmly walks to the center of the ring while Raquel Welch steps out. Cindy Crawford goes forward. She will start the match for the other team and face the dangerous red-head. Both girls look at each other. Longs flexes her biceps, smiling. They lock up. Carwford's long limbs proves no match for the muscular Kathy and the topmodel is quiclky outpowered and shoved half way across the ring. Cindy comes back and surprises the former kickboxing champ with an arm drag, bringing her to the mat where she holds her in an armbar. Long quickly reacts, rolling over to escape. Crawford changes her tactic and goes for a full nelson. She succeeds and keep Long's face against the mat. Oviously, she is trying as hard as she can to stay close to her opponent in order to prevent her from using her deadly fists and feet. Long tries to get out and both girls roll over, closer to the supermodels team corner. Kathy Ireland tags with Crawford, who's getting tired, comes in the ring and goes for the same full nelson. But Long uses the fraction of second during which the switch take place and manage to get on her feet. Holding the full nelson, Kath Ireland squeezes her legs around Kathy Long's muscled waist, litteraly riding her. The kickboxer then starts running backward to a neutral corner, crushing the supermodel slim body on the turnbuckles. Kathy Ireland let go her hold with a deep sigh. Long grabs Kathy's long hair and drags her to her team's corner, where she tags with an impatient Raquel Welch. The mature, experienced, catfighter comes into the ring and takes a full nelson on Kathy Irleand. The strong top model muscles out of it and takes the same hold on the ageing actress. She then drags her to her own corner and tags with Cindy Crawfdord. The tall fitness queen steps in the ring. Kathy holds Raquel in the full nelson while Crawford starts punching the older woman to stomach many times. When Kathy is finally expelled from the ring by the referee, Raquel Welch falls on her knees, holding her belly with boths hands. Cindy then whips the 60's sex symbol into the ropes and greet her with an astounding flying dropkick. The top model's feet both hit Raquel's voluptuous breast and the actress goes down. Then Crawford gets up and, in an astonishing display of strength, lift her opponent up, and throws her to the mat in a devastating bodyslam. As Welch is trying to get back up, Cindy catches her, lift her again and drops her on her knee in an excruciating backbreaker. She then grabs Raquel surprisingly toned legs (for a lady of 63) and apply a bostoncrab. Welch, in tears, has no choise but to give up.

Crawford and Ireland wins the first fall. They are radiant as they pose for the photographers in the arena. They smile, sure now that they can win this match, Kathy Long or not. While this is going on, Kathy Long helps her bruised and humiliated partner in the team's corner...

A few minutes later, the bell rings for the second fall. Raquel and Cindy starts the new fall, taking their time. They stare at each other for a few seconds, in defiance. When Cindy makes the first move to lock up, Raquel goes for a kick but the much quicker top model catches her leg and makes her fall heavily on the mat. Cindy then grabs Raquel's arm and whips her into the ropes. Raquel grabs the ropes and doesn't swing back in the middle of the ring. Good reflexes because Cindy was just trying a drop kick. The gorgeous model's feet hit nothing but air and she falls down, head first, on the mat. A bit, dizzy, she manages to get back on her feet while Raquel is going to her own corner and tagging with Kathy Long. The red-headed kickboxer and actress steps into the ring and walks toward Cindy. Then Cindy, still a bit dizzy from her fall, makes a mistake. She closes her fists and goes for a right towards Kathy's face. Kathy Long easily dodges the blow and then reply with three short jabs to Crawford's chin. Cindy's long legs shakes and her eyes become haggards. Then Kathy throws a powerful left hook to her opponent's belly. Cindy folds up, breathless, only to meet an incredible uppercut form the former kickboxing champ. As her head is projected in the upper direction, Kathy Long executes a perfect spinning kick which connect with Cindy Crawford's jaw. Head jerking, voluptuous brown hairs flying around, Cindy's legs give and she falls like a puppet which strings have been cut off. Kathy Long then goes for the pin. The referee counts one, two and thrrrree. Raquel steps into the ring to hug Kathy Long. While both ladies celebrates, Kathy Ireland is trying to revive her still unconscious partner.Welch and Long wins the second fall.

When the bell rings for the third time, Cindy is still aching from the frightful beating she took a few minutes sooner. Nevertheless, she must starts the fight again against Long. There is a look of fear in her eyes as she walks to the middle of the ring to face the confident looking Kathy. They lock up. Cindy is hopelessly overpowered by the hard-bodied athlete and shoved to the mat. With a mocking smile, Kathy Long gives her the time to get back on her feet. As they move to lock up again, Cindy wisely take advantage of her superior height and range to catch Kathy's red hair and take her in a headlock. Without losing anytime, she drags the boxer/actress to her corner and tags with Kathy Ireland. Ireland steps into the ring and, while Long is muscling her way out of Cindy's headlock, she hit her with a merciless punch to groin, from behind. Kathy Long, for the first time in the match, falls down, folding up and holding her private parts, paralyzed with pain. Then Kathy Ireland, in a surprizing show of sheer power, lift the muscled champion up and bodyslams her. Then she catches her in a body scissor. But then Long, using the superior strenght of her athletic body, manages to spread Kathy Ireland's lean, long legs, enough to get out of the hold. Ireland is quickly back on her feet and grabs one of Long's powerful arms. She whip the former world kickboxing champ into the ropes. Kathy Ireland then puts all her power into a clothesline. Unluckily for her, the red-headed Kathy dodges the blow and, using her impetus, punches the supermodel to the midsection. With a deep sigh, Kathy Ireland falls on her knees, with a painful grin on her beautiful face. Kathy Long then catches Kathy Irleand's chin with a knee. Ireland's head is thrown backward and all her body becomes limp as she falls on the mat. Raquel Welch shouts : "Tag me!" Kathy Long oblidgingly acquiesce and tag the veteran who steps in the ring. Now she's got her arch-ennemy right where she wanted. Welch begins slapping the KOed beauty in the face. When she sees the beautiful green eyes open, the older lady simply jumps with both feet on Kathy Irleand's flat belly. The model folds up in pain. Then Raquel applies a perfect imitation of Ric flair's figure four leglock. Kathy screams and wriggles but there is no way out. She eventually cryes out : "I give". "Say it louder!" shouts Raquel.

I GIVE UP!" screamed the young beauty. "LOUDER! SAY I'M THE BETTER WOMAN AND YOU'RE A WHIMP!" shouts Raquel. "YOU ARE THE BETTER WOMAN AND I AM A WHIMP!" screams Kathy. Then, with a triumphant smile, Raque lets her go, gets up and raises her arms. Kathy Long does the same. Cindy Crawford rushes to her partner who is still writhing on the canvas, unabled to get up, her knees obviously hurt. She tries to help her. Suddenly, Raquel jumps toward her and immobilizes Cindy's arms behing her back. Before the young fitness queen can muscle her way out of the older lady's grip, Kathy Long comes to her and, in a precise, deliberate way, punches her with a frightful right hook on the jaw. We can hear Cindy's jawbone crack as she falls on the mat, totally unconscous. Then the victors proceed to strip their victims, which proves easy as Cindy is definitely out and Kathy can offer only a pitiful resistance. Welch and Long brings their opponent's bikinis with them as trophies, as they walks out of the ring, leaving two perfect, trim bodies, completely naked under the merciless lights of the arena's spots.

Later they declared : Welch : "Revenge is sweet! It was such a pleasure to give that Ireland girl what she deserves!" Long : "The money was good! And it was so easy to whip those weakling, it was sinful! And it would have been even easier had my partner not been a 63-year-old whimp herself." Crawford:"Well, we got our asses kicked, that's for sure! I never met a girl remotely as strong as Kathy Long!"
 Ireland : "That wasn't fair, without that kickboxing bitch, we would have demolished the old woman and her daughter. But I never want to face Kathy Long again. She is much too powerful and skilled for me."