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Michelle's oil wrestling/catfight PART 1

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Michelle's oil wrestling/catfight PART 1
« on: January 03, 2023, 07:49:50 AM »
This is my first attempt at writing a story. The first part is wrestling while the second part will be in the catfight section.  Please feel free to leave feedback of what you think.

Michelle was the redhead extremely skinny barely 100 lb, she had a cup almost b cup sized breast but had a surprisingly tight firm noticable butt for how small her waist and legs were. She wasn't one who ever got into fights or even arguments just mainly kept to herself. One night her and I were going to a club to meet a friend of mine and his girlfriend. I knew nothing of this town or any of the clubs so we were relying on my friend. When we got there we noticed they were having a special attraction that night, oil wrestling. Michelle was not extremely impressed with this but as for me I was excited about it, I have seen some oil wrestling that used to take place on St Patty's Day at a bar in my local town but it has been years since I have watched oil wrestling live. My buddy's girlfriend enjoys wrestling every chance she gets so she thought it would make for a fun night.  After we had a few drinks she was asking if Michelle wanted to wrestle tonight as well, she said they had string bikinis in back for people who didn't bring their own, different sizes that can be tied tight enough to fit. I could tell she didn't really want to wrestle but she didn't want to be the person that just flat out said no either so she looked around the room and said there would be no one her size to wrestle and with her lack of experience wrestling someone bigger wouldn't make it very exciting for the people watching. So she said she would sign up with the stipulation that it has to be about her size being pretty sure that no one her size would show up because most girls are bigger than her by the time they are 16. She thought that would be a good way to get out of it. So some of the matches started and were what you would expect from oil wrestling, some girls stopping to readjust their tops, some not caring if they lost their tops and some that started getting a little heated with some hairpulling and humiliation. It seemed this club that if things get heated into turning into more of a catfight they will separate the girls and ask them what rules they will agree upon before allowing them to go in the final round... the final round was stopped by one girl verbally submitting to the other or if there was blood. It was set up as fun competition not a blood sport and very few went to a nhb final round according to my friends. About that time the one running it came to or table and said they had a thin blonde sign up for tonight that was the same size as Michelle so she would be able to wrestle tonight and they would be up in 2 matches so she should go pick out a bikini. My friends girlfriend was so excited and offered to show her where the changing room was, i was excited as well to watch her wrestle another female.  Michelle came back to the table in a robe she was asking my friend's girlfriend what to expect or what to try to do and her wrestling match. My friend told her to just try pin in the other girl down to stay on top of her and don't be distracted if parts of your bikini don't keep stuff covered. Opponents will try to use that to distract you so they can get the advantage and get the pin.  She looked at me and I told her whatever they tried doing to you do it back to them only do it twice as hard that way they know you mean business.

Then came the time for Michelle's match.. and they got into the pool it's the first time we got a chance to see her opponent. Her opponent was shorter than her not nearly the long legs that Michelle had but was just as skinny as Michelle though her breast were noticeably bigger. They both climbed into the air inflated ring and the announcer called out Michelle's name first and she sheepishly wave to the crowd. Then he announced her opponent another first time wrestler to the club named Natasha, and she blew kisses to the crowd, gave a little butt wiggle and rubbed her breast saying at least she has a little something to offer them. I could see that didn't sit well with Michelle but at this point both girls were getting in position to start.

The bell rang and the match was started. Both girls slowly moved toward each other and then lunged at the same time trying to get their arms around the head and neck if the other one to twist them to the ground.. the girls were locked up in the standing position for 30 seconds trying to push each other back and forth until Michelle twist to the side causing Natasha to slip and fall to the floor with Michelle falling on top while still locked up with her. Since the pit is air filled when they landed they bounced allowing Natasha to keep twisting and roll over on top of Michelle. Before Natasha can get her legs spread out to to balance herself on top of Michelle, she rolls back over the other way. Sexy doesn't describe how they both looked skin against skin, intertwined bodies struggling for control of the other one rolling back and forth across the pit with their bodies glistening from the smooth shiny oil. Even their hair now had a straight wet look from it being filled up with oil. The rolling has slowed down now and michelle is on top trying to balance herself on Natasha's stomach but Natasha pushes on Michelle's backand slides down out from underneath her as Michelle falls forward. Natasha quickly spins around and lunges onto Michelle's back grabbing the arm Michelle was holding herself up with causing her to fall down face first on the mat. As Natasha straddles herself up on Michelle's back, she uses the slick oil to her advantage and quickly rolls over on to her back with Natasha sitting on her waist. Apparently Michelle is a very fast learner because as Natasha reaches down to catch her arm or pin her shoulders Michelle bucks her hips and grabs Natasha's balance arm causing her to roll off the top of Michelle and roll away in general. As the two quickly get to their knees they glare at each other taking big deep breaths. Michelle moves first by lunging forward to try pushing her down but Natasha ducks down putting her shoulder into Michelle's stomach and grabs her legs causing her to fall backwards. Natasha slides up Michelle's oily body and tries to get ahold of her arms to get a pin and after some struggling, squirming and flailing around she catches her arms and slides up her body almost sitting on her breasts pinning down my girls arms. I was thinking this was probably the end of the match. But all of a sudden a foot comes across Natasha's nose and mouth. Then another leg catches her about her neck and michelle pulls with her long slender legs for all she is worth and sends Natasha sliding across the pit to the barrier edge.. as they start getting up Michelle says I'm not going down that easy..

Natasha just  Laughs and says I'm gonna humiliate you so bad you're gonna wish you would have already taken the pinfall.. The 2 girls slowly circle around each other waiting for the other one to make the 1st move. Then they finally come together, their bodies slap as they hit into each other trying to get control of the other ones arms. They struggle back and forth in a test of strength trying to overpower the other one. Michelle starts gaining control and twist Natasha around getting on her back with her arms wrapped around her stomach Natasha tries to pull away and pry her arms loose but Michelle gets her foot in front of her to trip her with both girls falling on the mat. Michelle on top of Natasha Michelle scoots up and wraps her legs around the waist of Natasha and pushes her face down into the mat. Natasha start squirming trying to get Michelle's long legs off of her while Michelle tries grabbing the arms of Natasha either just to control them or some sort of full nelson, but the oil is too slippery Natasha keeps getting her arms free. Natasha squirms around enough that she gets turned sideways in Michelle's leg scissors which lets Michelle be able to clamp down harder pressing the air out of Natasha's body. Although it also frees up one arm for Natasha to be able to pry at Michelle's bare feet to try to get them unlocked from around her. As Natasha's face starts to Grimace in pain from Michelle's leg scissors Natasha gets her left hand free pushes on Michelle's body trying to slide out of the leg scissors, but instead her hand slides across Michelle's bikini top exposing her left breast. With the shock of her breasts being exposed Michelle panics to try covering it back up and forgets about the leg scissors and loosens her grip allowing Natasha to pull her feet apart and roll away. Michelle gets her bikini top back in place and looks at the ref like he should be stopping the match or penalizing Natasha or something for causing her breast to come out. Natasha trying to catch her breath says to Michelle if you actually had any boobs your bikini top might stay in place. Michelle glare's an angered look towards Natasha. Natasha just giggles and runs her hands over her noticeably bigger boobs with a smile. Suddenly Michelle lunges at Natasha. Natasha tries to dodge out of the way of it but Michelle catches one of her legs causing Natasha to trip and fall to the mat. Michelle tries getting on top of Natasha but she keeps having to fight through Natasha's kicking legs to get up there. Both girls squirm and slide trying to get an advantage and soon both bodies are pressed together again with legs intertwined rolling around trying to get on top of the other one. Those girls are squeezing as tight as they can using their legs to roll back and fourth their noses almost touching breathing the same air because of how close they are. They roll to the side of the mat Michelle on top of Natasha and she gets her knee out to keep herself from being rolled back over to the center. As Natasha tries to kick her off Michelle slides up and sits on Natasha stomach she quickly moves her hands up and puts them on both shoulders of Natasha and slides up higher right underneath her breast Natasha squirms but with Michelle's knee and the edge of the mat she has nowhere to roll to the ref starts to count one ....two.... Natasha throws her hand up by Michelle's head suddenly Michelle squeals as both girls roll to the right. Michelle hollers that she pulled her hair! Natasha quickly says she didn't she used her neck. Michelle is on her knees trying to get up while still complaining to the ref a out her hair being pulled. Natasha gets beind her brings her arms under Michelle's shoulders, covers her mouth with her hands and pulls body back on top of her while wrapping her legs around Michelle's legs as they fall backerwards. As Michelle falls back first on top of Natasha she screams out you cheating bitch and tries to find a way to turn and twist out of the position she's in. Natasha smiles and says I don't believe you're in any position to start calling people names, I already told you I was going to humiliate you for not giving up earlier you start calling me names I think I'll start the humiliation. Michelle shouts you fucking.... and at that point Natasha slides her hands up Michelle's body grabbing the bikini top one in each hand exposing both of Michelle's breasts. The crowd watching erupts with excitement Michelle screams and covers both her breasts Natasha laughs and says let the people enjoy your tiny tits. As she tries pulling Michelle's hands away from covering her breast Natasha says are you ready to give up now and lay on the mat under my foot like a good girl. A few seconds go by of struggling to keep herself covered apparently enough time for the anger to start raging inside the redhead and she reaches up and grabs two handfuls of hair and pulls with all her might.. Natasha screams and Michelle shouts, you want to play like a dirty bitch I'll fight that way too! The ref comes over telling Michelle to let go of her hair and separates the two girls

He sends the girls to separate corners and tells them that that's the end of the round take a few minutes break and then they'll go to round two. Michelle puts her top back in place and after a few minutes the ref brings them in a little closer. He says at round two in this club we let the girls decide what and how far they want to go with this match. So he asked what rules do you want to keep and which ones do you want to throw out. Natasha said since she's already pulling my hair we might as well leave that in and let me return the favor. Michelle spouts out you started pulling hair first plus you keep trying to strip me. Natasha says that was never against the rules but now you give me the idea that's exactly what I'm going to do to you, strip you naked. As Michelle is set back by the thought that she might actually end up being naked in front of all these people Natasha says "I'm not scared of this tiny tittied toddler she can't beat me anyway. So ref just don't let her punch me I'm too pretty to have the bruises if she could even touch me." Michelle was suddenly snapped back to the moment at hand with the insult... "Michelle says I don't care if there are any rules you don't want me to punch you fine I won't punch you but I will rip every hair off your top of your head." The ref chimes in "all right it settled then no punching is the only rule everything else goes."

Michelle looked over at us while they were heading to their corners to get started with the final round and my friend who wrestles said you "have to go all out in this.. there are no rules so the ref won't stop it until one of you gives up. She will probably try stripping you since she knows that it has distracted you already. Try stripping her to see if the same thing works with her." Me being such a big fan of catfights and still in shock the this was actually happening lets my knowledge and or fantasy take over as I yell out "your going to have to give it back to her harder than she is doing it to you.  Play dirty,  go for her hair, boobs, pussy, claw and bite if you have to.  Find what hurts her the most and keep doing it till she quits." At that point the ref speaks up saying "an anonymous catfight lover has added a cash prize to the winner of $500 too help raise the stakes a little more. Now ladies if you both are ready let's begin the final round. "

To be continued.....

The second part will be in the catfight section... thanks


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Re: Michelle's oil wrestling/catfight PART 1
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2023, 04:15:20 PM »
I read this a few days ago, and have been waiting for the catfight! This is a fantastic story, and I'm excited for the continuation. I'm cheering for Michelle, but I am hoping she gets her top and maybe her bottoms pulled off in the oil pit! Just like you encouraged her, she should give better than she receives! Go, Michelle!
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Re: Michelle's oil wrestling/catfight PART 1
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2024, 04:09:38 PM »
You have great description to the fight but it needs to be broken down into paragraphs more than a few text walls
I love how you spent only as much time as you needed too on the atmosphere and build up and more time describing the action. When they both rolled for position that felt intimate and not rushed. over all a good story. Thank you
its a fantasy so have fun with it