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The Club Title (oil wrestling)

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The Club Title (oil wrestling)
« on: January 12, 2023, 10:13:27 AM »
The Club Title:
Down at the docks is a bar that isn't afraid to be a little raunchy shall we say at the weekends. The Dock Inn was a place where sailors could go to have fun. Especially with the stunning waitresses that were on show. One of the events that drew big crowds on a Saturday night was the oil wrestling. A large inflatable pool was set up. Several of the waitresses would get paid extra to oil up, grapple and settle who was the stronger for all the crowd to see. All in good fun of course as most took it as playing around, some sexually, but some took it as a place they could rule against their fellow waitresses. While also some nights taking on those with the guts to step into their arena from the crowd to take them on.

So why is it Friday night with a slightly larger black inflatable pool on show you might ask? Well the club decided that it was time to settle a debate between two of its undefeated staff. Who had formed a bit of a grudge over the pool and the reaction they got. The owner of the place decided to put on a special show after the girls had got into a shoving match begins the bar. Somewhere they couldn't have them fighting. Even if the clients weren't pleased to see the fight broken up.

The pool was set up at the center with the area fenced off so nobody could decide to be a fool and jump into the fray themselves for fun. There was also a little extra security as this was seen as a big deal. So much so that this had drawn the biggest crowd of any fights. Some wondering if the fighters could contain themselves to the pool or would they brawl instead around the bar. Such was all the talk about it.

Bets were taken by waitresses on the word of the boss Al. Who wore a black suit for the occasion. The black haired man wasn't the fittest in the world, with grey showing in the sides of his trimmed hair. He was once a navy man in his younger days. Using funds from his retirement to open the bar for as much his pleasure as those sailors and navy men who would come here.

There was a hush as the first competitor arrived from the changing rooms he fitted a few years ago. Cheryl was a stunning blonde. Some wondered how she never became a model as she walked to the pool wearing a blue satin robe with "Cheryl the country girl" in white letter as she was proud to be a farm girl from Texas. The thirty three year old raised her arms in the air and told the crowd "fucking get the bitch out here so I can humiliate her!" To loud cheers and whistles.

Without much waiting out come her rival. The Thai woman Malee walked out with her blue eyes locked firmly on the brown of her rival. Raven hair down her shoulders compares to the shorter hair of Cheryl. Malee wore a red satin robe that says "Malee the Thai Titan" in silver letters. She tells Cheryl "fucking come on then" as Al has to hold apart the two fighters. Malee a proud immigrate from Thailand. The twenty year old wanted to find a better life. She probably didn't think about fighting to make a living.

Walking back over to their designated sides of the pool. Two other waitresses walk to the area. Separating and going to each fighter. Cheryl has an Irish redhead Clara in her corner for this bout. Both having had competitive battles that Cheryl came out on top of. While they are not friends, there is plenty of respect. Malee meanwhile has the young New Yorker Sarah in her corner. The proud black woman was a friend of Malee's, while both wanted to fight themselves. They made a pact that they would look out for each other till that day comes. Today Sarah looked proud of her friend as she patted her back with her right hand and a nod. Both seconds wearing blue denim shorts that show some booty and white vests with "The Dock Inn" on in black letters. Al wanting his bars name in any photos that people might sneakily snap for their social media.

The seconds helped to remove the fighters robes. Both girls doing so slowly as whistles got louder. Al couldn't help lick his lips as these were two of the most impressive women he employed. Cheryl had the bigger boobs at 34D as she shook her chest at her rival. Knowing Malee hated her tits. With the younger woman still proudly coming in at 32C. While Malee was 5'5 and 134lbs. Cheryl was 5'5 and 137lbs. Both worked out hard and especially so over the month build up to this fight.

What got the crowd even more excited was the attires. Both proud bared their tits to each other. Not every bout was topless here. Tonight both had clearly agreed on this as Cheryl wore a navy blue thong. Malee wore a scarlet red thong. Both showing their firm booties on show as soon their bodies were glistening. Nipples becoming hard like daggers from all the attention they got. Heightening the tension both women felt.

Al then got on a microphone to speak to the crowd. Telling them "ok guys and dolls can I please have a little quiet for the moment.. Thank you for coming to see the first ever oil wrestling world championship. We are proud to have two gorgeous rivals who want to settle a long running score. Now these two will grapple for two five minute rounds. They can score points by pinning their opponent down for the count of three or make them submit to them. If the scores are tied by the end of the two rounds then both have agreed to fight to a finish. Winner takes all here." Getting a loud cheer at that last part.

On comes Daphne; a tattoo covered white nineteen year old brunette recently hired wearing a gold bikini. She carries a sign with round one written on as she walks around the outside of the pool with a smile. Giving both battlers a nod as she had learned to like both and hoped to see a good fight as she moved off to her seat near the bar.

Finally it is time for both women to kneel at their side of the pool. Eyes locked in a cold stare as they instinctively place their hands on their hips. Both getting encouragement from the crowd but all that matters right now to them is winning this personal battle. Chests rising a little faster as their hearts race.

Al rings a bell and round one is a go! Quickly shuffling on their knees to engage. Cheryl hissing "no running bitch" as Malee replies "come on bimbo!" With both locking hands. They bump tits in the early going. Annoying Malee as oil splashes upwards. More towards her chin as Cheryl grins at her. Till she feels an angry Malee force her arms back behind her.

Sliding a little around the oil filled pool. They feel each others power, having seen the other dominate several other women in this pool. They are both getting an idea of why the other is undefeated. Cheryl feels herself soon pushed back onto her haunches. Malee now the one grinning at Cheryl. Whose cheeks flush red a little embarrassed.

Soon enough Cheryl drives off her heels. Getting Malee back onto her heels with a smug look. Back and forth they go till they let go of hands and go for the others hair. While it is frown upon in most fights. Both are clearly getting a little leeway by Al as he doesn't say anything. Falling to their sides. They roll around the pool trading the top spot. The crowd whistling and seeing both firm bodies tensed up. Sliding their nipples across each other as hisses can be heard from the fighters.

When Cheryl gets on top this time, she looks to grapevine the legs of her rival. Malee battling to keep her legs free as she tries to keep both shoulders off the floor. Cheryl snarling "you're mine cxnt" into the face of the younger woman. Driving her boobs into Malee's to make her groan as the extra weight from gravity helping out the blonde proud American.

Half way through the round. Their thongs are trying to wedgie them through all the sliding around. Snarling like two feral cats. Cheryl again gets Malee on her back and this time gets her legs. Pushing on the shoulders of the Thai lass. Al counts "1...2....3! That's the first fall" Cheryl smiling as she pushes off Malee. Flexing her arms as she returns to her corner of the pool. Getting a towel from Clara to wipe her face. Oil dripping off her nipples to the pool as she gives a wink to some stunning sailors nearest her side of the pool.

In the opposite corner Malee is frustrated at going down a fall as the time is stopped with 1.51 left on the clock. Sarah wipes down Malee's face and tells her to relax. Malee nods to her and when time is called, she turns back ready to resume fighting her bitter rival. Who waves her to bring it before the bell rings again.

Malee is more aggressive from the off. Pushing at her rivals tits to get her to her back. Cheryl keeps pushing and kicking off Malee. With girls fighting all around the pool. Malee says "come on bitch... Fight me instead of running" as she tries to get a good grip on Cheryl. Who is annoyed at being on defence.

The bell rings with both scowling at each other. Returning to their corners looking a little tired from all the rolling around. Taking a breather as they stay kneeling in the pool. Getting a drink of water each as their seconds give them advice, Cheryl not looking bothered what Clara says to her. While Malee and Sarah talk tactics before round two.

Daphne does her lap with the second round sign up before the bell rings and back at it they go. Cheryl looking to take the fight back to Malee. Both slap bodies together as they try to grip shoulders. Hands sliding off as they are both drenched in oil. Moving around the center of the pool glaring at each other as tempers are increasing by the moment as neither can take the other down in the opening minute.

Them Malee surprises Cheryl as she scoots back as Cheryl tries to grab her. The blonde slides forwards unbalanced as she bends forwards. Malee pushes her face down and moves to mount her back. Grinding Cheryl's face into the oil. Malee rides her back like a cowboy as Cheryl tries to buck her off with her knees.

While Cheryl manages to get Malee off her. She can't see anything as she tries to wipe off the oil around her face. Malee shoves her to her back and moves to sit on the Americans boobs. Grinding her bum into them to make Cheryl cry out as Al counts "1...2...3! That's the second fall to Malee! Scores all tied up at 1-1" to the delight of the Thai woman's fans.

They separate and return to their corners. Cheryl can be heard saying "cheating cxnt.." as her face is cleaned with a towel. Malee meanwhile raises her arms in the air for all to see. Especially her bitter enemy. Both women bare their teeth as the minute break nears its end. Wanting to get started again as the tension is increasing by the second.

There's still 3.23 left on the clock as the bell rings again. They charge each other again. Cheryl getting Malee into a headlock with her left arm. Malee sliding around with Cheryl till she is put on her back. Al counts "1...2.." before Malee bucks up and turns her right shoulder up. Soon pulling Cheryl's hair to get her headlock off.

Soon Malee grabs her own headlock and Cheryl pays her back. Hissing and snarling as they wrestle. Each woman desperately trying to get their legs around the others waist when they land on their sides. Grunts and barks of effort can be heard as their hair starts to stick to their cheeks. The intensity of what the crowd is seeing is unlike anything they have seen in the bar.

The bell rings to a few boos. The girls keep fighting with their seconds moving in to drag them apart. Kicking at each other as they want to keep fighting. Being reminded by Al that this isn't over. They calm down a little as their cheeks are rosy red. Eyes full of thunder aimed at their foe. Stepping out the pool for the time being as they are wiped down around their faces.

Al tells the crowd "ladies and gents we have a draw in regulation time. Now we will have one fall to a finish!" Getting a loud roar from those around the pool. Betting going wild as the girls get a moment to breath.

Till Cheryl yells "Malee you cheating cxnt! If you want the title then let's really see whose better. Let's fight nude!" That has some stunned at ringside. Al nearly has his mouth on the floor. Not believing his luck till he looks at Malee. Wondering if she will take the challenge as she looks over Cheryl. Then gives her answer by grabbing her thong and pulling it down her hips. Kicking it into the pool to a loud cheer.

Cheryl scowls as clearly she wanted to get into Malee's head. She peels off her own thong and kicks it into the pool. Al grabs both and says "I said it was winner takes all. So if both women want. The winner gets both these thongs along with the title." Nobody outside the fighting area looks bothered about that. Whistling as they see the fighters open their legs to each other. Showing no fear of their opponent as they get a little extra oil put on them.

Kneeling back into the pool. While both are full of adrenaline from the fight and the atmosphere. Both know they are tiring as their chests are rising quicker. Cheryl says "that title is mine you bitch. No way you come to my country and take what belongs to me!" Malee glares at her. Remembering all the digs about her coming into the bar to steal jobs.

When the bell rings both rush to lock up hands again. Bumping boobs as cheeks touch. Malee whispers "I will humiliate you American whore." As she thrusts up off her knees under the tits of Cheryl. Nearly sending them into the blondes chin as Cheryl lets out a cry of pain. a little surprised by what Malee did.

Soon Malee knocks Cheryl to her back. With Cheryl scissoring the waist of Malee. Fighting to keep her shoulders off the floor as Malee bears down with her hands. Trying to pin them down. Cheryl getting her right hand free. Pushing at the throat of her rival to help push her upwards.

Swinging over Malee to her side. Cheryl squeezes with her legs as she hisses "submit bitch." Malee is grimacing as she feels her energy slowly being sapped. She grabs at the throat of Cheryl as she looks to get the grip around her waist off. Moving her hips as she pushes the floor with her feet. Cheryl feeling something she didn't expect as her pussy rubs against her bitter enemies. Both feeling a little hot under the collar. Even if neither will dare to admit it.

Soon Cheryl loses her scissor as Malee pushes forwards out of it. Tits now in the face of Cheryl as she pulls her head into them. Making Cheryl slap at her back as she can be heard whimpering. Feeling her own energy being taken away. Cheryl decides to get dirty as she reaches around and sticks two fingers up the backside of Malee. Who cries out in shock before pushing Cheryl off her. Getting away from her fingers.

Both reset onto their knees as Malee looks to have a mixed expression between furious and curious. They are both panting as Sarah swears she can see more then just oil around their pussy. Malee saying "I knew you were a fucking bimbo." As Cheryl sternly replies "you cheated first bitch." Both slowly coming together on their knees.

Hands lock into hair as they grind tits. Nipples slashing as they try to push each other over. Panting their hot breath into their opponents face. Juices between their legs are flowing more freely. Till Malee pushes Cheryl's arms to her right side. Moving around the blonde and holding her in place with her left around her stomach. Her pussy is grinding on the bum of the blonde, while her fingers go into Cheryl's pussy. Causing the older woman to howl out.

Hissing into Cheryl's right ear "you wanted this deep down you whore... Fucking cum.." Cheryl trying to break free but feeling herself weakening by the second. Almost a pleading look crosses her face as she starts moaning. Malee biting her own bottom lip to not show how heated she is. Cheryl feels shudders down her spine. Bum tensing up till "oh Christ!" She roars. Cum spewing out her pussy to the pool. Tears running down her face as she is embarrassed to have done this in front of a crowd. Shaking her head with red cheeks.

Pushing the weakened Cheryl to her front. Malee soon wrestles her to her front and sits on her chest again. Pushing her hands above her head as Al counts "1...2...3! It's over! Malee wins in sudden death time!" With the winner raising her arms above her head. Moving forwards so her bum is over the mouth of Cheryl. Grinding it as she grins down at her humiliated enemy. Who can only lay and take it.

Once Malee is happy she has made her point. She accepts the hands of Sarah. Who pulls her up to her shaky legs. Exhausted as she looks at the clock and finds out the final round went for eight minutes. All the adrenaline dumped out her system as Sarah helps her out the pool. A stool brought out for her to sit on as Sarah cleans her up.

In the pool Cheryl simply lays panting. Clara can't hide her smile as Daphne looks on in awe of what she watched. Licking her lips without knowing it. Fingers near her pussy as she clearly wants to go off to the changing room to give herself some release.

Malee manages to stand back up to pose with her right foot on Cheryl's face. A photo taken with both thongs in her right hand for all to see. Left flexed to show her strength. Al yelling "you're first Dock Inn world champion! Malee!" As cheers ring out for her. Malee fights back tears of joy as she is helped to her changing room by Sarah.

Cheryl on the other hand crawls out the pool. Clara tossing the towel at her as she tells the beaten woman "my job is done for tonight. Clean yourself up bitch." Laughing as she goes to the bar to get cleaned up. Daphne sees her chance as she rushes over to help Cheryl. Grabbing the towel and helping the blonde up. Going to the changing room together. Daphne has a grin on her face as she rubs the tits of Cheryl with the towel.

All the while Al can't believe all the money he made behind the bar. The day later as the other waitresses get ready for their matches. Al gets a letter of notice from Cheryl as she can't be around Malee. Not helped when she looks behind the bar to see the framed photo of Malee posing over her. With the caption "our first world title fight 2023" making Cheryl's eyes go wide, forever will her shame be recorded of losing to her biggest rival.