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Kelly Monaco vs Kendra Wilkinson

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Kelly Monaco vs Kendra Wilkinson
« on: January 17, 2023, 05:31:06 PM »

Kendra Wilkinson never got to fight Kelly Monaco when she was supposed to.  She watched Sara Underwood beat Kelly unconscious.  She had challenged Sara but was told to fight Kelly first and when she beat Kelly then the two would find out who was better at beating Kelly.

Kelly wanted to fight Sara Jean Underwood again.  She never wanted to tear someone apart like Sara.  So now to hear that Kendra was going to beat her worse than Sara did.  She wasn’t going to stop hurting Kendra Wilkinson until the blonde called for Sara.  She knew she would take some hits on this as Kendra was always a playmate with an edge like hers.

They were in Hugh’s fighting area that was rarely used as the women would start fighting before they could ever make it there.  Kendra wanted to start fighting Kelly in the hallway but was so happy just to fight her and before she walked in she saw that Sara was there “This is my turn so…”

“Don’t worry I already kicked those bitches…”

Kelly was there now, and she was staring at Sara.  Kendra turned and slapped Kelly to get her attention “This is about us.  Now get in there.”

Kelly wanted to hit Kendra then and there but knew fighting outside could give Sara a chance to jump her.  She wanted to go inside and fight Kendra and find out which was the better woman then call out Sara for a rematch.

Kendra nodded and looked over at Sara “It don’t mean as much since you beat her but when I beat her expect to be called out.”

“I sure hope you’re serious about that.”

Kendra smiled and looked in knowing this was getting on Kelly’s nerves which would mean an advantage to her “You’re not Underwood and if you want this then come get it.”  Kelly screamed at her.

“Oh, I’m going to enjoy beating this bitch.”

Kendra walked in and the door slid shut and then sealed.  Suddenly the walls became clear and there were playmates all on the outside.  Both felt the glass and it was plexiglass, the floor was padded, the ceiling was all lights

“I’m not taking you lightly, I know you can fight.  I know you are here to beat me up, but you will have my full undivided attention and that should scare you.”  Kendra took off her short robe and let it drop and allowed Kelly to soak in her amazing body.

“Do I want to be here fighting you, no… I want that bitch (she pointed at sara).  I owe you this fight and this fight will be a beating on you.  I pay my debts and that should scare her.  You are a woman I respect but respect from me won’t stop me from winning the fight just ask Rycroft!”  Kelly let her robe drop.  Body amazing at her age or any age.

No intimidation was being had.

Kelly took a step but Kendra took a bunch and was on top of her grabbing at her hair and swinging her to the ground.  “This is going to be my signature fight.  I’m going to retire you and then I’m going all out to beat Sara and retire myself.”

Kelly rolled backwards and Kendra had dived at her just to miss.  Monaco was getting up and Kendra was on a knee “Kendra, if you think it’ll take more to beat that slut than it will to retire me you are as stupid as she looks.”

Kendra did a backward handstand and was back on her feet.  “Kelly, I know you’re tough and other than the loss to Little all those years back you are as good as it gets but Sara proved she is that much better than you…  Deal with the fact it takes more to beat her than you.”

“Little would be a harder rematch for me than Underwood... 100 % and the thing is neither will ever give me a rematch because that’s the day I prove how lucky they got beating me… Beating you blondes down and proving who is best is what I do.”

“You were always envious of us blondes… I’m going to enjoy retiring you.”  Kendra smiled “I’m the greatest playboy blonde of all time.”

Kelly came in faked a punch and dove and slammed Kendra to the ground and lifted her top over the tits and gave her a nipple twist then stood up “We’re going to destroy the others body and I” Kelly took off her top and threw it away “Want this to be classic playmate.  Let’s beat each other’s faces, destroy tits and win by tit smother or face sit.”

“I’m one of the few who naturally matches up to you for that, so I do agree.  Fight ends in a smother.  Let’s pause the battle and shake on it.”

They shook hands and then backed away ready to get the true all time playmate pecking order established

Kendra pulled her top down covering her tits and they both stopped with the circling.  Kendra looked down at her top then at Kelly’s who had her hands on the top.  They nodded and both removed the top then walked forward and pressed their amazing bosoms to the others and slid off the bottoms

A tit thrust after, and both were a few feet apart completely naked “You sure you’re ready for this Kelly? I’m truly the one whose body surpassed yours and its why you never wanted to do this.”

“Whatever it takes to get to that bitch who is truly beneath both of us…. Its time for us to find out once and for all.   Just you know I wont feel shame in losing to you and to retire me it takes a lot”

Arms went over their heads and hands interlocked.  They pressed their bodies tight together and Kelly was immediately pushed back to the wall “I fucking knew I always knew it now say it you old cow.  My tits are superior.”

Kelly got over her shock and was able to push herself off the wall and could feel Kendra’s denial then got underneath and came up that put Kendra down “You got great tits but guess what so do I and I fought the best at this.”

Kendra got up brushed herself off then shook Kelly’s hand.  “I got a little cocky.  Over 40 and still able to do what you do is impressive.”

“And that’s why I wanted so much to fight you.  I respect you and love your NATURAL body.  Plus, you accomplished so much more in life.”

“Talking to me while taunting that bimbo.”

“Can you blame me its not like you aren’t.”

“Well, I know I’m here with you and that bimbo is watching but I know the truth.  She’s never been beaten in a fight when she’s motivated… Never so its me and you right here we need to know and I intend on finding out and what a way to do it by smothering you.”

“If I go out being smothered out by you then I know you will vanquish her as well.  I do plan on smothering you out and I plan on making her pay.  I respect you but I will never respect her.”

“That we agree on… She isn’t worth respecting.  No matter her ability to fight when motivated she’s still a fucking bitch.”

“Are we here to talk about Sara or are we here to…”  Kendra put a handout “Find out who wins between us.”

“Here to find a winner.”  Kelly went to shake Kendra’s hand then when it came time to let go Kendra didn’t and pulled Kelly down to the ground and immediately got on the brunettes back.


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Re: Kelly Monaco vs Kendra Wilkinson
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2023, 05:36:08 PM »

Kelly immediately shot her knees forward and grabbed at Kendra’s legs and began to try and stand up.  Kendra eyes went wide but she calmed down realizing she had free shots at Kelly’s head.  So Kendra hit her right elbow joint to one ear and her left to the other and Kelly let go and went into a full turtle mode.

Kendra couldn’t hold in the smile she stood up put her arms out “When has the last time anyone seen the legendary Kelly Monaco go full turtle like this.  Not even Angela Little could do that so quick.”

Kelly pressed her elbows down.  Her knees down legs, shoulder and biceps never so tight and she exploded up.  Kendra was sent back stumbling to stay on her feet “That loss still bothers you hey.”

Kelly brought her forearms covered her face leaned down pushed forward trying to get Kendra into the plexiglass.  Kendra grabbed the arms at the last moment shifted her hips and sent Kelly into the glass in front of Sara.  “Come on Kelly Come on.”

Three punches to the stomach of Kelly Monaco “I watched so many of your fights, but Underwood is who breaks you.  It should have been me!”  Kendra went for a big haymaker and Kelly ducked low pivoted and hit a knee to Kendra’s stomach then a hook to her back.

Kelly then saw the punchable face of Sara Underwood and gave her the finger.  Kendra knew what was happening and hit a back elbow to Kelly’s ear.  It was a measured and direct blow which backed Kelly up.  Kendra then turned grabbed Kelly by the back of the head and hit three right uppercuts to Kelly’s left boob

Kendra then went for a left hook which Kelly rolled under got her left up and caught the arm.  Kelly was now drilling rights into Kendra’s tit and Kendra was grunting on each one then tried to throw her right elbow and Kelly caught it and tried to chicken wing

Kendra bent over and was fighting it and then got her leg behind Kelly’s and hit a takedown. Kendra dropped on Kelly’s back and transitioned so her ass was on the back of Kelly’s head, and she faced Kelly’s ass.  “Got go after your tits mostly because I don’t think you have enough of a ass to smother me out that way”

Kendra balled up Kelly’s yoga shorts in her hand pulled it forward and was getting ready to spank Kelly Monaco.    Kelly was so strong though and grabbed Kendra’s Achilles tendons pulled and pushed with her knees and shoulders sending Kendra onto her back.  Kelly stood up enough to get the legs of Kendra up

Kelly leaned on then so she had access to spank Kendra’s ass “I think you do have a better ass than me so now when you seat on me it will hurt.”  Ten spanks and Kendra was finally able to power Kelly away.

They got up both threw a jab moved their heads so it was off target.  Then threw a uppercut at the chest.  They moved back nodded they knew what the other was doing.  Go after ass and tits because if this was meant to end in a smother weakening those areas would give the other a greater chance.

They backed away and circled when Kelly leapt in hit a corkscrew jab and a right uppercut to the stomach.  Kelly rolled moved hit a left hook to Kendra’s side boob then went for a take down, but Kendra sprawled was about to press her body down on Kelly’s back when Kelly let go got her guard up to block punches as she exited.

Circling again and Kendra kept her left hand open and just kept bringing it down on Kelly’s left.  It was a technique to open a lane for a punch and Kelly was recognizing it.  She also could feel that Kendra was stronger than her.  There was a ten-pound weight difference between the two so that wasn’t surprising

Kendra was able to get Kelly’s left wrist down and fired the right, but the left went down easier because Kelly wanted it and she dropped her shoulder and smashed the underside of Kendra’s tit.  Kelly then shifted her entire foot to get into a power left hook stance almost lateral to Kendra’s right where she smashed the other tit

Kelly then went for a head kick but that got caught and Kelly was lifted up by Kendra.  Kendra dropped Kelly Monaco down on her shoulders and immediately went for a reverse face sit.  She tried to get a calf behind Kelly’s neck, but Kelly shoved her ass and pulled herself out and tried for a body scissors.

Kendra pressed her elbows down on the leg then transitioned and slid around Kelly’s body to get side control where she grinded her elbow into Kelly’s still firm stomach “You are a goddess to keep that this strong still.”

Kelly grunted and grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair and turned on her hip and pulled with her might and flipped Kendra enough she got her arm behind Kendra’s neck and hit three quick punches to the face.  Kelly realized where she was and pressed one of her tits sides over Kendra’s mouth and nose.

Kendra grabbed the hair and pulled as hard as she could prying the single tit away from her nose and mouth.  Kendra ended up getting both her tits over Kelly’s face.  Kelly got both hands-on Kendra’s chin and hauled which got Kendra to not be able to deal with her neck being stretched so she got up.

Kelly rolled onto her stomach got on her knees and got up as quick as she could, but Kendra was in t his to win and waist locked Kelly from behind and rushed her into the far wall.  Kelly slammed hard and Kendra then lifted her up off her feet.  Kendra walked around so everyone could see her treat Kelly like a small child who was misbehaving and needed to be hauled away

Finally, Kendra had Kelly in front of everyone and hit a German suplex.  Kelly landed with a hard thud and Kendra got up and stared at Sara who gave a impressive nod then pressed her tits against the window telling Kendra to finish this

Kendra walked to Kelly’s head and dropped down to her knees pointed at Sara was about to drop her tits on Kelly’s face when she took a kick to the face.  Kelly then sent another and then got both legs up calves around the ears she brought her legs down and rolled away

Kendra could still sense the finish and the beginning of Underwood and got to Kelly’s back again.  She was about to tighten her lock to lift and carry Kelly when she got hit with two elbows to the left elbow joint then Kelly moved slightly to her left and hit a back elbow to the right ear.  Kelly got an idea and with her back and Sara watching a terrific finish would be ideal.

Kelly pulled the arm of Kendra and made Kendra think she was going to slip out from the side and get behind Kendra.  Instead, once Kelly was sure she could clear her tits she dropped down to her knees and got between the legs then went to her back slid and before Kendra could realize what was happening Kelly got her heels in the back of Kendra’s knees

Kelly’s transitions went magnificently.  From a reverse head scissors and holding onto Kendra’s ankles so they got pinned behind the blondes’ legs.  Then move to side scissors and do a side plank so her thighs covered the mouth and took more away.  Kelly then moved to a reverse face sit grinded her ass and kept Kendra’s legs under her and now had the arms pinned down rolled her knees across the biceps

Kelly reached back lifted Kendra’s head a little by the hair into her ass and spun for a school girl face sit then slid downward trapped Kendra’s arms to her body, Kendra’s legs were still doubled over and now Kelly had her all time great tits over Kendra’s face.  Arms forced their way under head and the tit smother was in tight. 

Kendra always heard the stories of just how good Kelly Monaco was and then how good Sara Jean Underwood was.  She always felt as the one between the two generations of playmates she was as talented but how Kelly got this in, she knew that wasn’t the case.  Watching Sara defeat Kelly, she knew she wasn’t in that league no more.  Kendra kept trying to get out but with how her legs were and Kelly’s legs pinning her arms she was done.  Unconsciousness was never good, but she knew what this aftermath was and the only person who wouldn’t get to see it was her.

Kelly Monaco was five foot two just barely over a hundred pounds and she knew how to do all these things.  Kendra knew though the moment she was unconscious Kelly was going face to face with the one woman who was also athletic, had a vicious streak a mile wide and a ungodly talent at this.  As she took her last breath Kendra said into Kelly’s tits “I don’t think you can beat Sara”

Kendra was out and Kelly kept the move on for an extra five seconds.  Experience said its better to hold this for a little longer or you really risk that act and she pop up and bite.  Kelly could feel it though she won, and she also felt something said and recognized one word said into her tits.  Kelly Monaco stood up looked down at a knocked-out Kendra Wilkinson “She said something about Sara…”


“Probably that if we fought again, it would be you between my tits.”  Sara Jean Underwood was in the room and took off her shirt “I think deep down you know you don’t compare to me.”

“I openly challenge you to a rematch Sara.”  Kelly walked three steps and was four away from Sara.  She put her hands behind her back to let Sara know it was a challenge for a future date.

Sara took a step looked down at Kendra “Rematch Kelly Monaco.”  Kelly thought for sure Sara was going to go and press her breasts.  She was topless and Kelly wanted this rematch and no matter how sara tried to hide what she was feeling Kelly knew Sara wanted to do it one more time.

Sara before Kelly knew what was happening was in t he air and crushed Kellys jaw with a leaping left hook.  Then before Kelly could fall or bend over a right knee got Kelly in the pussy “I am simply leagues above you bitch.”

Sara actually gorilla pressed Kelly then walked toward the glass and dropped Kelly on her shoulder slammed Kellys head into the glass.  Kelly was kept up on the shoulder and Sara got her own tit smother in.  Everyone watching could see Kellys back her hair hanging over Saras nipples and watched the air leave Kellys lungs

Kelly Monaco had an amazing finish and now was upside down on Sara Underwood shoulder being smothered out.  Worst it was in front of everyone but Kendra.  Kelly never lasted long  and she was out.  Sara threw up her shoulder then backed away and watched Kelly Monaco fall on her head.

Sara put her foot on Kellys throat “A rematch is declined… Notice I never said challenge because Kelly Monaco is no challenge to Sara JEAN Underwood!!!!”

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