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Jenna Dewan vs Megan Fox

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Jenna Dewan vs Megan Fox
« on: January 25, 2023, 01:05:14 AM »
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Fight took place when Jenna was still married to Channing Tatum and Megan to Brian Austin Green

Jenna Dewan was in Limbo and didn’t like it… Not as good as Jessica Lowndes and the thought of challenging Kristin Kreuk was met with “She’s as fast as me and stronger.  My skill at striking she has so why take a fight where I know my ass could get kicked.” through Mutual friend Emmanuelle Chriqui

Jenna’s limbo was not knowing how good she truly was.  She had this challenge from Megan Fox which motivated like never before but wished she had that primer fight against someone with terrific striking similar to Megan’s but the opportunity to fight Megan was one she longed for so take the fight now.

Megan for a few years was one of the most feared Cat fighters in Hollywood.  She was only five foot four but her precision striking, and mean streak was unrivalled until Ashley Greene picked her apart.  Then the women at Ashley’s size who were stronger than her and learning how to strike hurt her more and more.  Her roles dried up, she began losing more fights and soon her fame was truly waning.  Megan knew she had more to give, and she damn well knew she was still an elite cat fighter. A name came back up a name she dismissed a long time ago, Jenna Dewan.  That was the woman she would fight now because after she turned it down initially it was then her downfall started and more words of how she feared Jenna got out. Time to show why she was right, and Jenna was a waste of energy

The fight was to be in a ring which Megan felt gave her an advantage.  She showed up in the boxing facility thought about going and changing but she hated waiting and walked into the dressing room of Jenna Dewan who was taking out some work out gear she was going to fight in.  “Seriously bitch what are you waiting for, you don’t have a chance so let’s get this done.”

Jenna looked up and Megan was in jeans and a tank top.  “You are taking to fucking long.”

“You aren’t even ready you dumb bitch.  So, don’t come in here thinking you can make me fear you…I don’t fear you.”

Jenna stood up and the two had a stare down.  “Not yet you don’t” Megan chest bumped Jenna.

“Not ever Megan.”  Jenna responded with her own chest bump

“I don’t need special clothes to beat your ass. “They slammed their chests into the others again.  two short amazing, conditioned women had seemed to go into a level that went from let’s find out who is better to that this was two women who legitimately never liked each other. 

Jenna was in her bra and pushed Megan back “You came straight in here; I was here early because I want this more and I’m going to beat you up. Two choices for you bitch, either go in your dressing room and get the fighting clothes on or take that shirt off press up against me again and we start here and now”

Megan smiled devilishly ad then took off her shirt she stepped forward then stepped back.  “You have to see I’m still better than you and in that ring, I’m going to prove what I said a decade ago still stands true… You are a waste of my time.”

Jenna slapped Megan “I told you just then you take that shirt off we start here and now”

Megan went for a backhanded slap while also calling Jenna a bitch, but the strike was caught Jenna then whipped Megan down to the floor.  “It wasn’t true a decade ago and it isn’t true now you untalented bitch”

Jenna went to get atop Megan but was pushed away and both got up to their feet.  “Want it proven then fine.”

“I hope you accept the beating I’m about to give you”

“I accepted this fight because for ten years”

Jenna leapt at Megan who moved her body and parried Jenna away.  “Ten years ago, you called me out and now I intend to show you why I said NO!”

Jenna was trying to readjust and face Megan but was hit with a hook then Megan kicked the back of Jenna’s legs.  So quick and vicious was Megan she knew this combination and likely ended fights with it as she dropped down on Jenna’s stomach and ripped the bra off

Jenna was more flexible than Megan assumed and got her legs up and brought Megan off her.  Up to their feet Megan was about to speak when she was pushed into the wall and Jenna hit some knees to the tits and hit her forearm against Megan’s back

Jenna grabbed Megan by he back of the bra and swung her toward the shower area.  Megan couldn’t keep her balance and slid then turned to look at Jenna.  The clasp on her bra broken Megan put her arms out and let the bra drop.

“I’m going to enjoy taming you and don’t take that bra off… I plan on taking it off and whipping you with it.”

“Its about time someone broke you and Ill be the oneeeeeeeeeeeeee.”  Jenna ran at Megan again

This time Megan spun and left her back leg out tripping Jenna.  Jenna slid in the shower and got up but was quickly slammed into the shower wall.  Megan had her pinned there and one thing going in her head was her bra was gone so Jenna had to lose her bra.  So Megan pulled back on the back of the bra until it snapped.

Megan controlled the pull, so she didn’t fall back.  Megan kept control of Jenna and she was feeling like the most feared woman in Hollywood again.  A woman who took on and beat just about everyone not named Kaley Cuoco

Megan went for the back of Jenna’s hair which Jenna knew she would and with her quick legs she got her right hip outside Megan’s right hip and slammed Megan into the shower.  Jenna then took off her bra and threw it over the top of Megan’s head hopping to choke her

Megan got her hand up to stop it from going to the eyes and then began to win the battle to control the bra and was able to lift the bra up and both their arms up then Megan crossed arms and dropped to a knee flipping Jenna.

Megan stood up “Told you this would happen.”  She lifted her arm up to whip Jenna with her own bra but Jenna sent her feet up got Megan in he tits then brought them between Megan’s legs slid out and Megan crashed chest first into the shower wall

Jenna rolled and was up to her knees when she grabbed the back of Megan’s pants pulled her then drove an elbow to Megan’s back.  She then reached for the back of Megan’s hair and when her hand got in Megan threw her back elbow and hit Jenna enough to knock her off.  They rolled in opposite directions an got up

No time to take a look at what you were fighting and how you matched up topless wise.  Leaping they bearhugged each other and Jenna after thirty seconds of struggle slammed Megan into the shower wall.  Megan groaned and sighed the groan was from the impact and Jennas tits pancaking hers. The sigh was because Jenna dewan did that to her and Jenna was never her match

Megan was feeling weak as she was trying to just push at Jennas shoulders.  In her early years as she built her reputation this was attempted by so many weak celebrities.  Meekly pushing at shoulders because you couldn’t get out and the move was over powering..

This was where she excelled and now it was reversed and her confidence was being deflated.  Worst of all by Jenna Dewan.  Jenna Dewans tits were beating and destroying her own and she was weakly trying to push Jenna fucking Dewan away “No”

Hands went from shoulders to face and when Jenna felt that she brought her ass back slid down from the hands and drilled a left hook to Megans tit then came up hit a right on the cheek.  Grabbed Megan by the hair pulled her away and hit a straight kick out of the shower.

Megan tried to keep standing but ended up falling then she slid around on her knees tried to get back up only to go to one knee.  When she finally had her balance Jenna ran and slid at her.  Jenna got behind Megan with a waist lock then threw her toward the door and out toward the ring.  “I always knew I’d be the one who truly exposed you.”

Megan decided to fall and roll.  She could hear the footsteps Jenna was running at her.  Megan got up to her feet and sidestepped straight kick.  Waited and when Jenna turned to face, she turned into a punch getting Jenna in the nose causing it to bleed immediately

Jenna’s hands went instinctively to her face when Megan saw the hands go up she spun and hit a back heel kick to the stomach.  That dropped Jenna to a knee and Megan then grabbed her by the hair and slammed Jenna to her back “This is how a fight with us goes it just took me longer to get there.”

Jenna’s feet were up and Megan pushed the heels over Jenna’s head causing her to roll.  Jenna got up and was hit with three incredibly fast punches.  The hands of Megan Fox were still sharp and precise

“Thanks for the reminder of who I am and what I fucking do.”  Megan moved lateral away from some Jenna punches and then burst back in jab to the stomach, right hook to the ribs, jab to the face then bounce out of range.

“I am Megan fucking Fox and I am out of your fucking league in this and every world.”

Another combination and this time Jenna went down, and Megan began stripping Jenna naked “You always thought what because this is what I always thought when they said I should fight you even at my peak they asked, and I knew what would fucking happen.”

Megan grabbed Jenna by the back of the hair and pulled upward.  Then she kicked Jenna’s ass cheek then the other ass cheek “Come on you wanted this.  Time for your humiliation.”

Jenna got her arm between Megan’s legs began to lift Megan up only to the back of a Megan Fox elbow to the ear and then Megan was down clawed Jenna’s back then threw Jenna stomach first into the ring apron.  Before Jenna could do anything, Megan pushed the back of her head onto the bottom rope.  “Never think you are in my league bitch.  NEVER”

Right arm on the back of Jenna Dewans head and the left went between her legs and Megan clawed at Jenna’s pussy mound.  “Scream Jenna.  Scream for your last chance to prove you are elite.  You got a decent body, but you don’t belong in a sentence with me.”

Jenna didn’t want to scream for so long she wanted this fight and now to be getting torn apart.  For as long as she said shed be extra motivated against Megan, she was told it would make Megan extra vicious and that’s to high of a step for one with her win loss record to take on.

“Scream already.”  Megan was frustrated she wasn’t getting a scream from Jenna and Jenna heard it in Megans voice.  There was doubt and now she swallowed the need to scream because the need to win was greater.


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Re: Jenna Dewan vs Megan Fox
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2023, 01:07:12 AM »

“Fine you want more.” Megan turned Jenna around “Say you quit or those nice tits of yours and real good stomach start taking damage.”  Megan pulled at the back of Jennas hair leaned forward so she was looking down on her and gently squeezed a tit

“Bring it whore.”  Jenna was smiling and Megan fumed why did this bitch get more confident.  She was being dominated.

So how could Megan get rid of that smile on a woman she was clearly dominating. So, Megan punched downward into Jenna’s stomach.  Just between the ribs it was a risky punch if Megan punched to high, she would send Jenna to the hospital for emergency surgery and she didn’t need that in her life.  Not for Jenna Dewan anyway

Slap to each tit “Have you figured it out.  You aren’t in my league.”  Two punches to the stomach “Say you quit?”

“That the best you got?”

Megan got the back of Jenna’s hair over the bottom rope and used it for extra leverage as she got her hands under the rope.  Pulling with all her might she could see Jenna trying to not scream “Just let it go bitch let the scream go.”

“NOOOO” That wasn’t a scream it was a shout of protest and somehow Jenna snuck her hand under Megan’s chin and scratched which made Megan let go of her.

Jenna grabbed the top rope and waited.  When Megan went to go back on the attack, she pulled herself up and got her legs around Megan’s head gave the head a squeeze.  That squeeze made Megan think about a head scissors which was a light out when you had legs like Jenna’s.  Megan got a counter ready, but Jenna had other plans

Hands dropped to the edge of the apron and pushed off.  Jenna swung her body to Megan’s outside hip and hit a hunacunrana head scissor take down.  Megan shoulder went into the ring steps, and it pushed the steps away but not completely off.  Jenna did a forward flip to get back to her feet. 

Megan turned took a strong step and threw a clothesline which Jenna ducked.  Megan turned around and Jenna was throwing a back round kick which Megan ducked went forward and ended up putting Jenna on her ass on the apron then got pushed away with the other foot on Megan’s tit.

Jenna slid into the ring and Megan was angry and slid in chest first then screeched at the burn on the tits from the apron.  Jenna heard that and immediately jumped at Megan and hit a double ax handle between the shoulder blades then reached and scratched at Megan’s ass

Jenna had an idea on how she could finish this fight and kept scratching at Megan’s ass until Megan screamed into the mat and tried to push forward.  Jenna wanted that and fell backward and went to get her superior legs around Megan’s head for a head scissors

When Megan accepted this fight, she knew the one thing she had to avoid for sure was any kind of scissor hold.  Jenna Dewan legs were too strong likely why that lowndes girl tried to rip them apart.  This fight was tough, but Megan still had experience and was able to get on her toes and rotate around until she felt she got her head out enough to pop it out

Megan went to drop for a headlock tit smother but got out and they both got up went for strikes but ended up tangled up and wrestled around the ropes.  Hitting knees and punches around the left side of the other Jenna felt something.  Megan was losing steam on her punches.  She heard a grunt on each punch.

Megan tried to push Jenna away and Jenna just let her “Come on bitch.  I think you had more than enough of my time.”  Megan said

“I’m going to knock you the fuck out and then take photos of you knocked out.  Everyone knows were here Megan and you are going to fucking lose.”

“Lose to the likes of you.”  Megan shook her right shoulder and Jenna was quick with some jabs then got out as Megan threw her punch then threw a body kick with her right foot.

Jenna was getting an idea of exactly how to finish this fight.  In any of her fights before this is where she struggled the women she took on could see those moves ahead and worked on getting there and if she could land one more thing on Megan she knew how to knock her out cold.

Jenna faked two knees jumped up for one and when Megan brought her hands to block.  Jenna bicycled that knee down and leaned and perfectly connected with a downward elbow right onto the top of Megan’s right shoulder.  It dropped Megan to a knee and Jenna then hit a quick short knee to Megan’s face.

Jenna knew Megan wasn’t knocked out and backed up “Get up I decided I want to knock you out.  Think I already proved to both of us which of us has the better body and you nearly had me knocked out its time for me to take that from you too.”

Megan moved her right a little but knew the shoulder was hurt and didn’t want to show it to Jenna.  She wiped her mouth with her left instead and just kept bouncing off the ropes looking over at Jenna “Better body than me… Going to knock me out.  You got your shots in but Jenna I am Megan fucking…”

Megan got hit with a jab knew a straight was coming and slipped to the outside.  The feint made Megan bite and it was a terrific slip away from the punch.  Unfortunately for Megan it wasn’t a
punch being thrown and she went nose first into a terrific kick by Jenna Dewan.  No way to protect it because she couldn’t use the right arm to block it.

Jennas shin connected perfectly into the temple and it starched Megan.  It was exactly what Jenna wanted when she saw the shoulder go bad.  Now Megan went to her knees and fell back.  Jenna looked at Megan then left the ring came back and Megan was still out but was now laid out. 

Jenna took a selfie that showed the damage on her face but most importantly showed Megan fox knocked out behind her.  She then texted her then husband Channing Tatum “Told you I could do it.”

“Awesome maybe its time.”  Jenna read that and looked back at Megan “Now we know bitch… Now we fucking know.”

Megan woke up alone in the ring.  She slithered to the corner and began to cry which she did whenever she lost but this one was worst.  All her confidence she knew Jenna was a hard bodied woman with strong legs but she was convinced she could beat her.  Now she was still seeing stars and at least no one saw it.  Then some clothes were slid into her and it was her husband Brian Austin Green

He said nothing just showed her his phone.  Channing Tatum had a text sent out “My wife just knocked out Megan Fox and I got a challenge for you.”

“I will find out what he wants and if Jenna thinks this is over between us …Its just begun she is now my enemy.”

Jennas phone was blowing up and she realized Channing sent a challenge out it was something they were talking about so she called him “So for us to save our marriage I need to fight them in the basement we got set up… You couldn’t wait a couple days to do this.  All I can think about is what else I want to do to Megan because I told you Id beat her… Get whoever I will beat them too and if that’s what keeps us interested then …) She sighed and cried “That’s it”

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