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Sexy Fight Dreams | Terrific, sexy, breathtaking maledom match

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to the video:

Andrea being Andrea: a star
Fulvio is focused on his warmup, while Andrea, personified beauty, suggestively tries to get his attention, but why? In a few moments, Andrea has taken off her clothes, she is more comfortable, and a mixed match erupts!

Humiliate me!
As you are hearing it, these words come from Andrea's mouth. Fulvio quickly subdues her and she loves it: armbars, back breakers, bearhugs, rear naked chokes, scissors, sleeper holds, full nelsons… you name it! And as the icing on the cake, several wardrobe malfunctions (blurred) make Andrea's submission more humiliating and sexier.

She got what she wanted
Andrea is totally under Fulvio's control, and that lift followed by a backbreaker destroys what little dignity she had left. The humiliation she requested has been delivered and the final rear naked choke renders her unconscious and, sure enough, pleased and excited.

to the video: