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Katie Cassidy vs Serinda Swan

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Katie Cassidy vs Serinda Swan
« on: April 07, 2023, 03:19:52 PM »

Fight took place after season 1 of Inhumans

Serinda Swan was challenged by Katie Cassidy to a fight.  If Serinda were to accept it would take place in a Darkened fighting area, no clue as to who was there.  Serinda was disgusted that she had to waste her time fighting Katie Cassidy.  It came down to two factors she got her start on a DC TV show and people in DC were pressuring her through her agents and now she had most recently been at Marvel it was they wanted her to beat the woman at DC.  A large circle and the light were only on it, Serinda walked in and then out of the darkness came Katie

“So, who is here to watch me prove you should shut up about fighting me.”

“All you need to know is you showed up and I’m here to show you why you refused to fight me for so long… because I’d kick your ass a lot easier than I kicked McPhees.”

“I beat McPhee too, but I didn’t need others there, didn’t need her distracted… It was me, it was Katharine it was an all out fight and I fucking won what makes you think you have a chance against me.”

“Because you are a loud-mouthed bitch who take people lightly and you need to get smacked down…”  She stepped up and went chest to chest with Serinda “By me and smacked often… That the big secret, you don’t want to fight me not because you think I’m a waste of time but because the ass kicking, you’ll take by me will scar you mentally and you know it.”

“The big secret is there is no big secret… I’m here because you kept challenging me and former bosses and current bosses want me here to beat you down.”  Serinda was impressed with the chest to chest interaction.  Cassidy had some firm tits and she seemed strong overall

“I can feel it in your tits you know how wrong you’ve been about me and guess what when I leave you crying “

“Leave me crying, I’ll leave crying. Tears of laughter at your broken reputation.  Just like I broke Angelicas reputation.”

Katie shoved Serinda “Then do it, break my reputation.”

Serinda shoved her back “I’m giving you a chance to smarten up and know you don’t belong in here...”

Katie shoved Serinda “Not only do I belong but Ill prove it by you throwing the first punch.  Its you who doesn’t belong in my space.”

Serinda shoved Katie “You wanted to fight me so throw the punch because then and only then will you be worth the bruised knuckles”

“You hit 30 and no American wanted to cast you no more.  You are the only failure in Marvel, and this is all you have left except you got lucky against McPhee and jumped Celaya.  Throw the first punch because you just can’t stop failing and its your only chance of beating me.”

Serinda shoved Katie “Yeah my caree…”  It was hitting Serinda how flat lined her career became but she couldn’t throw the first punch.  She would be admitting defeat before the fight began and admitting Katie got to her

“Finish the sentence or don’t because your career unlike that sentence is finished.”

Serinda got mad and threw a tepe kick it was a way of saving face as it wasn’t a punch.  It backed Katie up “Found a loophole did you…” Katie put her hands behind her back “To bad you couldn’t find a loophole after McPhee tore your hair out and it hasn’t grown back right since.”

“FUCKK YOU”  Serinda threw two haymakers right and left.  Katie moved her body back crouched down then was under the second and took Serinda down with a hard takedown

She immediately jumped to Serinda’s side and Serinda got on her hip pulled out and was up to her feet and tried to hit a knee to a rising Katie Cassidy.  IT was blocked then Serinda had that leg pulled was taken down she watched when katies head came up she kicked her in the face

Serinda jumped on Katies back grabbed her by the back of the hair and slammed her face down twice “I beat McPhee as well and now I really send a message” She went for the third, but Katie lifted her ass and blocked her.

“Arms absorbed you dumbass.”

Katie transitioned to her hip pulled her body out and was on Serinda’s side where she hit two knees to Serinda’s tit.  “I earned my win over that woman.  You are a bitch I need to put down and I will put you down.”

Katie stood up went for a kick to the tit, but Serinda blocked it then kicked Katies legs out from under her and jumped on her only to get thrown away by leverage.  They got up and Serinda connected with a big right from her hip to katies temple putting the blonde down.

“Come on Canary.  You wanted me you knew how mad I am and I FUCKING BEAT that singer.  My body was better than Katharine McPhee.”

Katie began to do a push up and it pulled her head out of the shirt she then tucked her chin onto the shirt and brought her head toward her knees sending Serinda off her back.  Katie got herself completely out of the shirt and ate a big slap then got her hair grabbed and thrown across.

Katie slid got up only to have Serinda jump at her and hit tits on tits.  The body of Serinda ate up the body of Katie Cassidy putting her down.  Immediately getting atop of Katie but unable to connect with strikes as Katie turned her head to the right and got her arms up blocking anything from coming in and every now and then catching a wrist and pushing Serinda away

That opened Serinda up and Katie grabbed the large tits of Serinda and gave them a pull down .  That surprised Serinda who was expecting a twist or a claw and as Serinda fell forward Katie sat up getting enough of a head butt that allowed her to shove Serinda off that advantageous position.

Katie then grabbed Serindas shirt with one hand and pulled down swung her elbow and got Serinda in the ear.  It dazed Serinda enough for Katie to get up still holding the shirt she just ripped it open then threw a knee up Serinda blocked most with the hands but it still sent Serinda back almost into the crowd who was watching

“Come on then show me what you got other than a bad hair cut.”

“Watch yourself I earned this destroying McPhee.”

“She looks like nothing happened and you got the McPhee hair cut so who really destroyed whom?”

“I … You WHORE”  Serinda ran at Katie who rolled and pivoted hit a big cross swithched her stance and buried two lefts into the stomach. 

Serinda threw a backhand to get Katie away but Katie was really at a good level of her training and stayed in the pocket moved her head back slight.  Serinda realized it when the punch missed and she was looking down and could see the leg power then got hit with three snap jabs.  Serinda tried to push forward for a takedown but Katie was prepared and kept her left on the back of the head backed and rotated away

She moved to much to hit a knee to Serindas face so did a lateral jump and did a push side kick to Serindas ass sending her face first to the ground while the ass stayed up in the air.  Katie then walked over and gently slapped Serindas ass.  “You also jumped Celaya.”

That angered Serinda so much.  She kicked the inside part of Katies ankle sending her down.  “I beat the hell out of Angelica.”  She jumped on top of Katie smashed her tits into Katies “She felt real tits against her pathetic tits.  You want to bring that whore up you are about to …”

Katie turned Serinda over and hit punches to Serindas side “You jumped her she never had a chance.  You can’t beat her one on one.”

Serinda turned Katie over hit some punches to the ear grinded her tits onto Katie “I destroyed her one on one.”

Around the area they went, and it was about wins.  It was about other fights and then themselves and Serinda was a master of this.  Her full body was weighing down on Katie who needs to be up on her feet to pick apart.

Serinda was smashing Katie harder “How does it feel.”  It took longer but Katie did indeed turn her over.

Katie snuck a elbow in across Serinda’s mouth “You tell me how does it feel?”

Serinda let the hair go but pressed her knuckles into Katies temples and got a shout then a scream.  Serinda then easily turned Katie and gave her tits a squeeze and hit a slap “You are like Angelica.  All talk but can’t compete with me at least you knew you never….”  Serinda gasped as she got hit with a knee between the legs.

Katie rolled Serinda back with great strength “Want to squeeze my tits.”  Katie got her hands on Serinda’s “Wow.”  Then Serinda hit a knife edge short back hand chop to Katies neck

“Now you know what Angelica found out.  You cant compete with my ti…wha…”  Serinda couldn’t turn “Someone is on my hair…”

Serinda never got to finish as Katie hit her with a left then sat in full mount and was hitting hard lefts and rights.  Serinda swan was knocked out on the second right but Katie kept going until she was pulled off.  Katie got in the middle and pointed down at Serinda “She has excuses but she fucking lost.”

Serinda started getting up muttering “Someone put their foot.”  Katie wouldn’t hear the end and hit a sick round house kick sending Serinda flying knocked out cold.

Katie walked over put her foot on Serindas chest and a uneasy feeling came over her like something started that would only end in carnage.  She then walked away victorious and no one asked her about Serindas claims.

It took a while but Serinda woke up her face was busted up, but she sat there depressed and a executive came over the room still dark he looked down at her “Someone stood on my hair.”

“Serinda your hair isn’t long no more I mean come on what’s the chances.”

No one believed her as they walked past and Serinda tried to get up but she was still dazed from the head kick.  The lights turned on and Serinda began to cry and then heard “You should have kept my name out of your mouth.”  Serinda recognized the accent and it all made sense.

“Angelica Celaya, you did this to me.  You are the reason…”  Angelica Celaya in her amazing figure got up walked over to Serinda cupped her chin bent down.

“I couldn’t decide if I wanted this war or not, I know how far I have to go but now bitch… Now I’m looking forward to how far I Have to go.  You should have kept my name out of your mouth.  This is the last time I look at you and don’t hurt you.”

“Ditto bitch… You have no idea what you caused here.”

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