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Elyse Levesque vs Ruby Modine

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Elyse Levesque vs Ruby Modine
« on: April 21, 2023, 03:35:25 PM »

{Fight took place while Emmy was still on Shameless)

Since beating Jaimie Alexander life was better for Elyse Levesque.  She thought she’d get challenges from bigger named women but the biggest name challenging her was Jaimie Alexander.  Other women wanted to fight her as well, but Jaimie was really pissing her off with her refusal to accept defeat and it made Elyse finally say ‘When I get back I’ll fuck you up worst.’

She was in Chicago for a audition on one of the many Chicago shows.  The research said the only potential opponent was Miranda Mae Mayo… If she were to get a challenge it would be her.  It sucked that you always needed to be prepared.  Another text from Alexander who wasn’t pretending to be someone else this was Jaimie’s phone number

‘You got lucky’

‘You got beat bitch and you’ll get beaten into my bitch next time.’

Chicago Med; Hmm Yaya Dacosta would be interesting.  Torrey Devito, nah to short.  She was stressing out and needed a walk.

She ended up on near the set for another Chicago based show.  Shameless

Emmy Rossum who still hung around at times on the show walked over to Elyse “Listen I’m not fighting you ok.”  They were near the diner set.  “I’m not putting this show at risk so your inflated ego can be stroked.”

“My dad said women like that often have the biggest fall.”  Emmy put her head down knowing Ruby Modine had just challenged Elyse.

“She’s not a regular, you can’t cancel this when you beat her.”  All Elyse could do was smile. After beating Jaimie Alexander everyone knew who she was and that she was to be feared

“Ok Second gen, you want some.”

Ruby Modine “Oh my god a fight. No, I mean, I was just saying that you know some day.” Ruby casually fearfully walked toward Elyse who saw it in her… She knew that Ruby Modine was talking big and had no real interest in a fight and then she got slapped in the face and had her hair pulled and was dragged onto the set.

Ruby Modine threw Elyse into the diner set “What you think you impress me.  My father was bringing me to these since I said I wanted to be an actress you dumb Canadian moose fucker.”

Elyse got her footing and tried to throw a punch only to get straight kicked into the countertop.  Ruby grabbed Elyse by the shirt dropped down and monkey flipped Elyse into a table.  Ruby jumped on the counter and then dove off splashing Elyse.  “You thought because I’ve never fought you’d hurt me, I’ve seen it all from real legends you dumb bitch.”

Ruby stood up brought Elyse up “By the way you never had an audition.  My father called in favors because I knew you’d find your way here to get your ass kicked by me.”  Ruby hit two punches to the stomach then threw Elyse into the counter.

Ruby grabbed a tray and hit Elyse in the stomach with it then windmilled it slamming it into Elyse face.  That caused Elyse to whip around and go  chest first onto the counter. Then Ruby grabbed Elyse by the hair lifted her head up ad slammed it down

“This what you did to that other fossil.”  She slammed Elyse head again.  Then shifted to Elyses hip and drilled her with three knees to the stomach “You really believed I was going to back the FUCK DOWN FROM YOU”

Ruby then hit a leg kick behind Elyses knees that took Elyse down and had her legs up in the air.  Elyse could not get them down as Ruby grabbed her achilles “You know my father is in the union he has had every god damn legend teaching me to be ready for this since I said I wanted to fucking act.”

Ruby locked in a leg lock on the Achilles getting screams from Elyse then let go and hit a kick to the pussy mound.  “Every god damn legend loyal to the union taught me you bitch… Taught me to fight to win and hurt others.   You are my first after this I got a movie where I lose in a fight, but I’ll show even more.”

“Did you set this up?”  Emmy asked unimpressed by all this.

Ruby got up “Maybe.  You can feud all day with Camilla, but this show needs to watch a winner.”

“Your blood is boiled I will let that go.” 

“I love you Emmy, but this is what you need to do with your nemesis.”  Ruby turned and kicked Elyse in the ribs “I set all this up because I listen to my dad.  I’m ready for what needs to happen and you are the star and need to.”  Turn into another kick even harder this time.

Knee on the spine and Ruby grabbed the back of Elyse’s hair “I set her up because she was to confident and shed hope it was you settle on me and get destroyed because that’s how these things go and I wanted to be the one who beat her after her big win.”

Emmy grabbed a chair sat in front of elyse and ruby.  “Listen I don’t really know you I do know you apparently beat Jaimie Alexander.  I’m sorry for what happened here but you should just …”

Ruby slammed Elyse face into the ground twice “Oh I’m sorry did I interrupt the … I’m sorry Emmy just dreamed of this moment.”

Ruby turned Elyse around and slapped her four times.  Left forehand then a back hand and a extremely hard right forehand and a mocking like backhand.  “I’m going to need some pictures of this and then Emmy I will leave here forever.”

Elyse was to far out of it to object or fight back.  Emmy said it was ok and the pics were Ruby sitting on Elyse face different poses.  Stand up foot on stomach of Elyse then between the tits and flexing.  Finally Ruby had Elyse body up holding her by the hair and with that pic she let here drop kicked her one more time and began to walk away to be stopped by Emmy.

“It sounds like your father gave you a lot of advice what did he tell you exactly.”

“I told her about three women.  I told her you have become toxic on this set because you don’t know who is better you or Camilla Belle.  I told her when Elyse beat Jaimie she would be flying high ready to take on any challenge random as it seems I made sure Ruby was that challenge and elyse would not take it seriously and get her ass kicked.  Now people will be less likely to challenge my girl and as for Jaimie Alexander now that the mystique is off I expect her to have a tougher fight than shes ever had.”

“So I need to fight Camilla Belle.”

“Is that all you got out of this.”

“Its all I care about and be thankful I don’t care about proving him wrong about challenging you.”

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