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The gathering - part 2, mothers and daughters

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The gathering - part 2, mothers and daughters
« on: April 23, 2023, 10:27:46 AM »
Welcome to part 2 of “The Gathering” – if you haven’t read part 1 yet (  I suggest you do so now. This instalment deals with the second half the of Saturday afternoon NBFC meet at Sian’s barn and the party which followed it.

“Who shall we have next? Evie’s already in the ring so come on Helen, show your mum what you can do. Who wants to referee this one? Come on Terri, make yourself useful.”

In the world of catfight fiction, family fights are always the most exciting and vicious. Sibling rivalries are great but nothing beats a spat between a mother and a daughter. In reality I didn’t expect it to be like that, particularly not between two women who, less than two hours before, had been amiably chatting and catching up. But I noticed that the moment they were drawn against each other their demeanours changed, they moved apart on the bales and began throwing side glances at each other. The body language was unmistakable, they were psyching themselves up for a fight.

Whether there was any real bad blood between Evie and Helen I couldn’t say. Mothers and daughters rarely coexist without some degree of friction.  As Shannon had said a year ago when she challenged Terri to fight her in this very ring: “We’re fighters, it’s what we do.”

Evie had taught both her daughters to wrestle and I have no doubt that they’d both fought her in anger on more than one occasion, just as Sian and Shannon had fought and several other mothers and daughter I knew. The only exception to that rule seemed to be Jan and Paige who, as far as I knew, had never entered the ring against each other – possibly because their styles were so different.

Helen is the larger and more dominant of the Walker sisters and, unlike her sibling, has moved out of the family home but Evie has always led me to believe that was for the convenience of her job and not because of any dispute between them.

Whatever the situation, by the time they entered the ring they were well and truly wound up. Evie made her way to the red corner while Helen came around to the blue corner and climbed into the ring in front of me, giving me a good opportunity to admire her shapely posterior as she did so. Helen was solidly built, a couple of inches shorter than her mother but plumper and with a mass of blonde curls framing her face. I figured they were a similar in weight and would be well matched.

Terri followed Helen into the ring and I caught her also eyeing up the sexy backside in front of her. Terri looked over at me, I raised an eyebrow and she winked at me. Once in the ring, Terri called the mother and daughter together for a briefing but it was a fairly perfunctory affair:

“Keep it as clean as you can and try not to kill each other.”

With that they returned to their corners and, when Shannon rang the bell, charged out and attacked each other like terriers. It wasn’t cat fighting. There was no hair pulling or scratching. But it was out and out high energy wrestling in the NBFC style. Punches were exchanged, nipples twisted, pussies mauled, painful holds applied and power moves executed in abundance as mother and daughter struggled for supremacy.

Evie went ahead after about seven minutes with a well-executed bow and arrow submission on her daughter. Helen equalised about four minutes later when she trapped her mother in a painful Boston crab and Evie quickly tapped out.

As the fight wore on it seemed that youth was winning over experience, not that Helen was exactly inexperienced. Since joining the NBFC nine years ago Helen has racked up an impressive 21 wins, 8 defeats and one draw (a double knockout).

With Evie starting to tire, Helen switched to power moves and began to wear her mother down. A series of postings and body slams left Evie struggling. Helen whipped her into the ropes and she walked into a punch from her daughter on the rebound.

Helen’s right hook caught Evie in the mouth and she sat down hard looking somewhat shaken before collapsing back onto her elbows.

As Evie wiped the back of her hand over her mouth, Terri went to steer the younger woman to a neutral corner so she could begin counting. But Helen shook her off and stood menacingly over her mother, shaking a fist at her and calling:

“Come on mum, get up and fight, or have you had enough?”

Evie’s response was emphatic as she drove her right fist into her daughter’s cxnt. Helen collapsed to her knees clutching herself. Evie looked at her hand and said:

“You dirty little girl, you’re all wet! Let me help you with that.”

With that she launched herself at her daughter and pushed the unsuspecting Helen over onto her back. Evie climbed on top of her daughter and, despite Helen’s protests, inserted her fingers into her daughter’s pussy and went to work.

Helen tried to buck Evie off, shouting: “Fuck you mum! Fight fair!  Get your fucking fingers out of my cxnt!”

Evie slapped her hard on the cheek and shouted: “That’s no way to speak to your mother. Now take what’s coming to you like a woman.”

With that Evie swung her body round, straddled Helen and began vigorously rubbing her daughter’s pussy. Helen cried out in protest but was told to shut up. Seeing her mother’s sex just inches from her face Helen raised her head and stuck her tongue out. As her tongue slipped between Evie’s labia her mother shouted:

“Oh no you don’t you little bitch!” And tugged fiercely on her daughter’s clitoris.

Helen wailed and dropped her head back to the mat. Then she started to moan: “No mum, please no. Please don’t make me cum.”

“Too late.” Was the reply and, as so often in these matters, mother was right as Helen came violently.

Satisfied that her daughter wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry, Evie got to her feet, walked to a neutral corner and stood, hands on hips, watching as Terri completed the formality of counting the younger woman out.

When the bell sounded Evie walked back to Helen, knelt down and lifted her tearful daughter into a sitting position. She hugged her tightly for a moment as Helen sobbed and then took hold of her shoulders, looked her straight in the eye and said sternly: “Don’t you EVER ask your mother if she’s had enough again, young lady.”

Helen nodded meekly, blinking back her tears as Evie stood up, offered her hand and pulled her daughter to her feet before guiding her to the red corner where they both climbed out of the ring and were hugged by Carole. And just like that, it was all smiles and light again. Once again, I was reminded of how the founders of the NBFC came from true fighting families.

Sian climbed into the ring and thanked Terri for refereeing before saying to the assembled group: “Shall we have our tag match now? Ellen, if you’d be so kind…”

Jan, Paige and Shannon all got to their feet, Jan and Paige walking to the red corner and climbing into the ring as Sian made her way over to the blue corner and offered her hand to Shannon as she stepped onto the ring apron.

I followed Shannon, once again admiring the young woman’s firm backside as she slipped between the ropes. My bum’s not exactly flabby for a woman of my age but I do like a nice taught arse and there were quite a few of those on display this afternoon.

This had been my suggestion but as I stepped into the ring to take over refereeing duties, I realised that this could be a terrible mismatch and I wondered if the same thought had occurred to Sian.  At 56 and 33 respectively, Sian and Shannon were both younger than their counterparts on the mother and daughter team from the south but they were also both sexually charged lesbians.

By contrast Paige, at 35, was one of the most heterosexual female fighters I’d ever met and her sixty-year-old mother wasn’t known in some circles as “the finger fuck queen” for nothing. There was no doubt in my mind that if this fight turned sexual (and I had no doubt Jan would try to do that) our hosts would be at a severe disadvantage. Once we were all in the ring, I reminded everyone of the rules:

“Ladies, this is a tag match. Only one fighter from each team is allowed in the ring any time apart from the ten seconds following the successful tag. A tag can be made by the fighter outside the ring touching any part of the fighter inside the rings body with her hand. The fighter outside the ring is not allowed to move more than the tape’s length away from the corner post. The rules are standard NBFC rules and it’s the best of five submissions or a double knockout. Now ladies, please return to your corners and decide which team member is going to start.”

The four women retreated to their corners. In the blue corner, after a brief discussion, Sian stepped through the ropes leaving Shannon in the ring. Paige and Jan spent a few seconds longer chatting before, much to my surprise, it was Paige stepped through the ropes, leaving her mother to start the match against Shannon. The oldest and youngest women would be facing off.

I thought that was incredibly brave of Jan. She is a powerful and wily fighter, but at 60, she was almost twice Shannon’s age. I was sure that fitness was going to count in this match as much as experience. With everybody ready I nodded to Evie, who rang the bell for the start of the first fall.

Shannon and Jan circled each other cautiously for a few seconds before coming together and locking up. Much to my surprise, it was Jan who took the younger woman to the mat, quickly locking a headlock on. Shannon struggled to break free, trying desperately to kick out.

Jan had her left arm around Shannon’s neck but her right hand was free. Shannon tried to bridge and I watched Jan’s right hand slide its way quickly into the younger woman’s pussy. It was clear that Jan, the finger fuck queen, was going to fight this fight sexually as well as physically.

Shannon was struggling and flailing to get free. Jan kept the headlock on while her right hand was  working constantly on Shannon’s sex. I could see Shannon’s eyes were wide and wondered if we might see an early submission as she fought against her urges. But after a minute or two of struggling, she managed to position herself in a way that she was just able touch finger tips with her mother.

I called out: “Tag!”

Jan released the hold and rolled clear of Shannon, coming to her knees as Sian stepped through the ropes. Jan got to feet, raise her arms and offered her hands, palms first, to the redheaded farmer. The pair of them locked up in a trial of strength, slowly coming together, until the bodies were pressed up against each other nipple to nipple, pussy to pussy.

Slowly Sian began to force Jan backwards but, before she managed to get the old woman on to her back, Jan hooked her right foot behind Sian’s left ankle and they crashed to the mat. Jan quickly scrambled up and crossed to the red corner to tag Paige in. I called “tag” again, probably unnecessarily this time, as Paige climbed through the ropes and grabbed hold of Sian as she got her feet.

Unlike her mother, she was a wrestler. A series of snap mares saw Sian flying around the ring like a ragdoll before Paige pulled the dazed woman to feet and delivered three forearm smashes, pushing her back towards the red corner.

With Jan waiting on the outside the ring, Paige tagged her mother and, for a few seconds, they double-teamed the unfortunate Irish woman. First Paige hit her with a series of forearms before swapping places with Jan, who drove a knee repeatedly into Sian’s pussy while Paige held her up.

“Ten seconds!” I cried.

Paige released Sian and she dropped to her knees. Jan bent over her, goading her to get back up. I wasn’t about to start counting until Jan moved to a neutral corner and she showed no signs of wanting to do that so, for a moment, there was stalemate. Slowly Sian got her feet. Jan grabbed her by the arm and whipped her across the ring. She hit the neutral corner post back first and staggered forward. Jan was on her in a flash and monkey flipped back across the ring towards the other neutral corner.

Sian lay on her back for a moment and I began counting over her. This time. Jan stayed where she was. At seven, Sian rolled over and pushed herself to her feet. Shannon was frantically screaming at her mother to tag her.

Jan went to charge Sian as she got to her feet, but the redhead saw it coming sidestepped. As Jan clattered into the neutral corner post, Sian sprinted for the blue corner and tagged her daughter back in.

Stunned by the impact with the post, Jan had her back to the action. Shannon charged up behind her and bodychecked her, slamming her face first into the turnbuckles. Then she grabbed the back of Jan’s head and slammed her forehead against the top turnbuckle three times before pulling her backwards, throwing her down on her back and delivering a leg drop across the breasts.

Jan lay on the mat, clutching her tits as Shannon got her feet and went to the neutral corner. I began counting. At six Jan rolled over, pausing for a moment on her hands and knees sizing up her young opponent before launching herself at the woman in the corner, driving her back against the corner post, shoulder ramming into the younger woman’s  soft belly,

Shannon gasped. Jan repeated the manoeuvre, and then she wrapped her left arm around brunette’s neck, stuck her right hand into her pussy, hoisted her into the air, turned and body slammed into the mat. Shannon groaned as her back hit the mat and Jan, satisfied she had the younger woman in trouble, walked back to her corner and tagged Paige back in.

Meanwhile I begin to count over the young brunette. Slowly, Shannon rolled over and go to her feet as the count reach nine. Paige was waiting for her, quickly trapping her in a front headlock and bulldogging her back to the mat.

Paige stood up, grabbed hold of the unfortunate brunette’s hair and hoisted her to her feet. It was a move it would’ve been illegal on two counts in a CLAWS match, but was perfectly legal under NBFC rules. She wrapped her arms around the dazed farmer’s daughter’s waist, hoisted her up and delivered a suplex that had Shannon crashing to the mat on her back again, legs apart facing the red corner.

Satisfied with her work, Paige got her feet and high-fived her mother, tagging her back in, as Shannon sat up facing the corner post with a blank look at her face. Jan approached her, hauled the younger woman to her feet by her hair and slammed her head five times against the turnbuckles before spinning her around and propping her up in the corner. Shannon was in serious trouble now, and there would be no reprieve.

She was trapped in the red corner and couldn’t reach her mother to make the tag. While Sian screamed desperately at Shannon to “get over here and tag me”, Jan spaded her hand and stuck it between Shannon’s legs and, once again, began working on her sex.

Mother and daughter then took it in turns, tagging each other in an out. Jan working to get Shannon aroused, while Paige subjected her to vicious knee lifts to the pussy and forearms to the breasts. Finally, the inevitable happened as the finger fuck queen caused Shannon to cum and she wailed in sexual ecstasy.

As Shannon orgasmed, Jan tagged Paige back in. Shannon slumped against the turnbuckles, unable to defend herself, as Paige took her arm and whipped her into the ropes. I half expected Shannon to simply drop to the canvas but instead she sprang back off the ropes directly into Paige’s waiting hands. Paige executed a text book tilt-a-whirl slam on poor Shannon who simply lay on the mat, physically and sexually exhausted by the mother and daughter team, while I counted her out.

The bell rang and Sian was quickly at her daughter’s side but Shannon was so far out of it that it took both of us to gently ease her over to the ring apron where the Walker sisters were on hand to carry her to the hay bales and help her recover.

Poor Sian was now on her own, concerned about the state of her daughter and facing the combined forces of Jan and Paige.

With Shannon safely out of the ring, Sian took a swift gulp of water from her bottle and then turned to face the mother and daughter team in the opposite corner. Paige stood inside the ring waiting for the bell for the second fall while her mother stood against the ropes, just her left, outside the ring.

Evie called out: “Ready ladies?” and then rang the bell.

Before Paige had a chance to react Sian flew across the ring, her animal instincts aroused by her injured child, and slammed into the younger blonde, driving in the between her legs. At the same time swinging a right hook that connected with Jan’s temple and knocked her off the ring apron.

Paige groaned. Sian head-butted her and drove another knee and her pussy before grabbing hold of her and whipping her into the ropes. Paige, sprang back of the ropes and Sian neatly clotheslined her to mat before jumping on top of her with a full body splash. For the first time in the fight, Paige was in trouble as Sian straddled her chest and began slapping and punching her in the face.

Paige’s arms were free, and in desperation, she drove a straight right-handed punch into the older woman’s soft belly. Sian folded forward, clutching her injured stomach. Paige grabbed Sian by the buttocks, rolled her over her head, and onto her back.

Before Sian could recover, Paige scrambled to her knees and shuffled across to the red corner where Jan just made it back onto the ring apron. They tagged beneath the lower rope and Jan rolled into the ring as Paige rolled out. Sian was now on her feet, and seeing Jan on her knees charged across and delivered a knee to the older woman’s jaw.

Jan fell backwards, and Sian leapt on her, grabbing her by her short hair and smashing the back of her head against the mat. Jan wailed and made a grab for Sian’s tits, hanging in front of her face. Squeezing and twisting the Irish woman’s breasts she succeeded in pulling her off to one side and rolled across her.

Now it was Jan’s turn to bang Sian’s head on the mat. They were close to the red corner and Paige called out to her mother to tag her back, in reaching over the rope. Jan stretched out her hand and the tag was made.

Jan continued to straddle the Irish woman as Paige climbed into the ring, walked round behind her and deliver the sharp kick to her cxnt. Sian cried out in pain as Jan stood up, leaving the Irish woman clutching herself, and stepped back through the ropes.

Paige bent down, grabbed hold of Sian’s hair and pulled her to her feet before forearming her back into the red corner where Jan was now in position for some double teaming. Once again, the tag was made, and two more knees to Sian’s pussy had her slumping against the turnbuckles.

Jan climbed back into the ring and started a sexual offensive, sticking her right hand between the dazed woman’s legs and massaging her pussy. Sian moaned. Jan’s left hand went to Sian’s right nipple and began tweaking it. Sian’s eyes began to glaze over. Jan began to gently press her body against the Irish woman, rubbing their nipples together, and kissed her firmly on the lips, tongue exploring the redhead’s mouth.

As Sian’s eyes glazed over Jan took a step back and kicked her hard in the pussy. Sian screamed and dropped her knees as Jan move past her, and tagged Paige back in.

Paige, climbed into the ring, stepped over the kneeling Irish woman and trapped her in a reverse standing head scissors before grabbing her wrists, and holding on her arms. Sian was effectively crucified between Paige’s legs, and it took only a few seconds before. She screamed out “I give! I GIVE!”

I signalled for the bell. Paige released the crippling hold and Sian collapsed, face first, to the mat before rolling over onto her back. For a moment Sian lay on her back, one armed draped across her face, looking completely beaten. Then she rolled over again, got to her feet and staggered to her corner. She grabbed a swig of water from the bottle in the corner and then just stood there, bent over with her hands on her knees, staring out of the ring. I announced to the audience:

“Ladies, Sian has submitted, Jan and Paige lead by a submission and knockout to nil.”

Then I walked over to Sian and asked her if she was okay to continue. Breathing heavily, she replied:

“Yes, honey, I’m fine, I just need a moment.”

I followed the direction of her gaze and saw Shannon, still very much out of it, with her head resting in Helen Walker’s lap while Carole Walker stroked her hand. Sian straightened up, sniffed back a tear and cried:

“The bitches have broken my baby!”

Before turning to face Paige across the ring, ready for the third fall. Once again, Evie called out:

“Ready ladies?”

Although it was fairly obvious to anyone watching that Sian was far from ready for the third fall, the bell rang. Paige advanced on the unfortunate Irish woman, who seem to have had the fight, beaten out of her. What followed was a display of brutal power moves by the former CLAWS wrestling champion. Paige was clearly keen to show everyone that she was back to fighting form and would be ready to take on all comers when the new CLAWS season started in January.

Sian for her part seemed to put up a little resistance as she was hurled around the ring again, much is Paige done in the opening stages of the fight. It wasn’t a question of if Sian would lose, it was simply a question of when.

The end came after three or four minutes of brutal beat down in which I found myself counting over Sian at least 10 times and watching Paige haul her to her feet without account on numerous other occasions. With Sian virtually out of feet, Jan called to Paige:

“Tag me in and let me finish this, Paige.”

Paige dutifully obliged, spinning the older woman into a neutral corner before walking over to her mother and high-fiving her. Sian slumped against the turnbuckles as Jan slipped between the ropes and advanced on her. She walked up to the helpless Ulster woman, spaded her hand and stuck it between Sian’s legs.

Sian groaned, seemingly unable to react as Jan’s fingers began vigorously massaging her sex. They remained locked in the corner for a minute or so, until Sian started gasping, and whimpering. Jan gently took hold of Sian by the neck, guided her off the ropes towards the centre of the ring, and then, with one last vigorous massage of the redhead’s clitoris, bought her to orgasm.

Sian screamed in ecstasy and her knees buckled. Grabbing the back of her head, Jan slammed her face first to the canvas before walking, casually back to a neutral corner. I moved in and began counting over the fallen redhead. It was a formality. Sian was in the peak of orgasm, dazed and exhausted. There was no way she was going to beat the count, as I slowly intoned


And that was that, mother and daughter both counted out in a state of ecstasy. Both beaten up by Paige and bought to uncontrollable orgasm by her mother’s ever probing fingers.

Sian needed a couple of minutes to recover before she finally got to her feet, walked over to the red corner and shook Jan and Paige by the hand.

“Well done Jan and Paige, you certainly got the better of us.”

Then she called to her daughter:

“Shannon, get in here and congratulate your opponents.”

Shannon had recovered enough to stand up and dutifully, if somewhat reluctantly, climbed into the ring and gave Paige and Jan a hug each before crossing back to the blue corner as her mother announced:

“Now it’s time for our final fight of the afternoon. Angie? Terri? Are you ready? Evie, would you mind doing the honours?”

I watched as the three women climbed into the ring. Shannon remained where she was, clearly committed to being Terri’s second, while Carole joined Angie in the red corner.

After all that sex it was something of a relief to see two women step into the ring wearing boxing gloves which would, hopefully, limit their ability to stimulate each other. Naked but for their gloves (Terri’s white and Angie’s black) they eyed each other across the ring.

Jan, Sian and I took our seats on the hay bales next to Lynne and Nat while Paige crossed to the video table, reached through the ropes and picked up a hand-held camera.

Helen walked around to the video table where she picked up the bell and the time clock. Unlike the other fights today, this one would be timed. Evie stood in the centre of the ring and announced:

“Ladies, our final fight of the afternoon is a boxing match between, in the red corner, Angie and, in the blue corner, Terri. This match will be over an unlimited number of 3-minute rounds until one fighter fails to beat my 10 count. Ladies – are you ready?”

Angie and Terri nodded and Evie glanced at Helen and said: “Then let battle commence.”

As the bell sounded the pair came out of their corners and squared off for the first round. After an initial period of feeling each other out with long-range jabs they came together and started mixing it up. It quickly became clear Terri was the superior boxer. It wasn’t that Angie wasn’t good, she was very good. But Terri was better. Terri was landing three or four blows to everyone of Angie’s.

With no low blow rules and very little intervention from the ref it was more of a brawl than the boxing we were used to at CLAWS, but nonetheless Evie kept a tight rein on the action and broke them apart whenever she thought things were getting a little bit too heated.

Angie may not have been as good a boxer as Terri but she was certainly tough and despite all Terri’s best efforts during the first two rounds she only managed to score one standing count off the blonde.

The fairly furious pace continued into the third round with Terri getting a second standing count, but still failing to put the blonde down. Things suddenly went awry for our girl about a minute before the end of round three. Angie ducked under a right hook from Terri and delivered an uppercut straight into the brunettes love box. Terri’s gloved hands went to her pussy as her knees started to buckle and a left hook from Angie connected with her jaw and sent her face down on the mat.

Poor Terri, I thought, no low blow rules, no Tee’s law. Face down on the mat it looked like the fight could be over, but she pushed herself to her hands and knees and made it to her feet nine. The remainder of the round was all one-way traffic. Terri on the defensive, and Angie on the attack. Angie pushed the larger brunette back into her own corner and delivered repeated blows to her breasts and pussy. Mercifully the bell saved Terri before she could be knocked down again, and she sank gratefully onto her stool. This was a fight to the finish and, at that moment, it looked like Angie had the winning hand.

Sian was sitting next to me, watching the action with interest. During the break she leaned across and whispered confidingly in my ear:

“Angie and Terri have boxed many times, but Angie has never beaten Terri. I think we could be about to witness a first here.”

“Poor Terri,” I replied, “She must be in agony.”

“She’s taking a bit of a pounding, but she’s a tough girl, she’ll be fine. It’s her ego that’s going to take the bruising if she loses.”

All too soon, the bell sounded for the start of round four and the girls got to their feet, Angie looking confident, bouncing on her toes and tapping her gloves together ready to take the fight to her arch rival, Terri looking hesitant, almost reluctant to engage, moving slowly, and cautiously.

The round inevitably followed the pattern of the last minute of round three with Angie attacking relentlessly, targeting Terri’s most sensitive parts and Terri doing her best to cover up. The blonde sent the brunette to the canvas three times during the round and each time Terri struggled to beat the count. As the last seconds ticked away, she was once again pinned in her own corner, taking blows to the breasts and pussy. When the bell sounded for the end of the round, she collapsed to her knees, clutching herself, tears streaming down her face.

Shannon was quickly in the ring, placing a stool behind Terri and lifting her onto it before wiping away her friend’s tears and doing her best to reassure her. Then, grabbing a bucket from the ringside she held Terri as she squatted and relieved her sensitive bladder, which had obviously taken a pounding during the last three minutes. Drying her between her legs with a towel, Shannon offered words of encouragement.

As the break drew to a close Terri sniffed back her tears and a look of resolve formed on her face. Not quite the “Tee look” that I’d learned to love and fear in equal measure but certainly something that said ‘I’m not done yet’.

The bell sounded for round five. Both girls came out of their corners quickly and started mixing it up again. Angie was still dominating but Terri was fighting back now, covering up protecting herself and landing at least one blow to every two of Angie’s as the two girls pounded each other relentlessly.

In the end it took just one solid punch to end the fight. A hard right hook from Terri connected with Angie’s jaw and she collapsed flat on her back. Terri moved to a neutral corner as Evie began to count over the fallen blonde, but it was something of a formality. Angie hadn’t moved when the count reach 10, and the bell sounded. Terri was quickly out of the neutral corner and kneeling next to Angie’s head, a concerned look on her face. Angie’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at the brunette looking down at her.

“Oh Terri, that was so close. I almost had you there. I’m sorry I pounded your pussy so much. Please let me kiss it better.”

Terri looked down at the blonde and smiled before swinging one of her legs across Angie’s shoulders and proffering her pussy to the blonde’s mouth. True to her word, Angie raised her head and kissed Terri’s chestnut minge. Terri’s eyes glazed over, as for a few seconds, Angie’s tongue went to work on her clit but then the spell was broken by Evie clearing her throat and saying:

“Ladies, if you’ve quite finished, I’d like to announce the result.”

With that Angie lowered her head. Terri got to her feet, bent down and offered the blonde a hand up. The two of them, stood for a moment and embraced before Evie took Angie by the right arm and Terri by the left and lead them to the centre of the ring where she announced:

“Ladies, your winner by knockout in the fifth round, the CLAWS senior ladies champion boxer, Terri!”

We all applauded. Sian got up and climbed into the ring and said:

“Ladies that concludes our afternoon’s entertainment and I make it 3-2 to the southerners.”

There were cheers, boos and catcalls before she continued:

“If you’d all like to take a few minutes to shower and get changed. We’ll have a buffet laid out in the farmhouse kitchen for you. Please come and join us.”

Time is elastic, as we walked out of the barn none of us really knew how long we’d been in there for. I’d done my best to keep track of how long each bout had lasted but still found I was an hour out in my estimate as we all crossed to the farm house in total darkness. To be frank, it was also damned cold to be wandering around in just a towelling robe or, as Angie seemed to favour, a birthday suit with your bike leathers tucked under your arm.

Sian deftly assigned the day visitors to the overnight guests’ rooms and encouraged us all to grab a quick shower insisting that there was “plenty of hot water to go around”. Kathy joined Jan and Paige, Beth went with the twins and Shannon and Angie joined Lynne, Nat and myself in our room. We let her go first. I went last and was thus one of the last to the party.

In a superb display of organisational skill, Sian and Jan had produced a magnificent buffet from seemingly nowhere and everyone was enjoying themselves mingling in the kitchen, snug and parlour enjoying the excellent food and drink and chatting happily.

One of the nice things about these soirees of Sian’s is that you get to chat to the other women in a very informal setting. Yes, CLAWS does have its chill out zone but it’s not quite the same, some girls stay for a drink and chat but most just head for home after their fights. Here it’s more of a party thing and there is rarely any animosity, even between girls who have fought tooth and nail in the ring just a short while beforehand. Occasionally someone is really pissed off with the result of their fight but they usually leave in a huff, allowing the rest of us to enjoy the evening.

The first people I spoke to on this occasion were the Walker sisters. Carole was very complementary about Lynne and extremely impressed when I said that she had only been fighting for a couple of months. I asked the girls about sibling rivalry and fighting their mother. Helen ventured:

“Mum brought us up to be fighters, it’s her great passion and with twin daughters she was always going to have her hands full.”

“We’ve probably been fighting each other since we learned to walk.” Said Carole.

“It’s what sisters do, isn’t it?” Said Helen.

Carole continued: “Helen is a bigger and stringer than me but that doesn’t mean she always wins.”

“Just most of the time.” Said Helen.

I asked them about fighting at the NBFC and fighting their mother.

“Well, as Helen said, mum taught us to fight,” Said Carole, “and when we were 17 she started training us ready for the NBFC. We fought each other and we fought her. By the time we were 18 and old enough to join the NBFC we were quite skilled and tough young ladies.”

I asked about the random draws at NBFC meets and how often they’d faced each other or their mother.”

“We’ve fought each other at the NBFC many times. We were on opposing tag team sides the night you fought Mitzi but you missed that.” Said Carole.

I apologised for not watching the other fights that night. In many ways I wished I had done.

“As far as mum’s concerned,” Said Helen, “We’ve both drawn her at least once in an NBFC meeting, I think this was my third time in the ring with her. Neither of us have ever beaten her but I came close today.”

I wondered aloud how Evie would react when one of her daughters finally bested her.

“I’ll let you know when I do.” Said Helen.

“Not if I beat her first.” Said Carole.

“If you do, I’ll be seriously pissed off with both of you.” Replied Helen.

I left the sisters chatting with Paige and moved on to Kathy who, once again, apologised for beating me.

“That’s okay,” I reassured her, “Someone has to lose and you certainly had the better of me today.”

We chatted about our fighting past and how we got into the scene in the first place. It turned out she’d been fighting longer than I had. She started out as a pro-style wrestler fighting in the working men’s clubs of the north west, which is where she first met Evie. They were both 19 at the time and regularly fought each other. Evie introduced her to apartment wrestling and the underground scene and, ultimately, she became one of the founding members of the NBFC in 1988.

Like me she’d taken a break from fighting, to raise a couple of kids when she was in her thirties, but never completely gave up, attending the occasional NBFC meeting even when the children were small. She’d returned to regular fighting when she turned forty, fighting at the NBFC and a few other clubs as well as on the underground circuit, and she’d faced most of the women I now knew were part of that scene; Terri, Lesley, Pauline, Christine Bennett and many more. Given her history I was curious about one possible opponent she’d had:

“Did you ever fight a woman called Susan? Susan Barton?” I asked.

“I’ve fought several Susans and Sues over the years,” She replied, “but Barton doesn’t ring a bell.”

“How about Fiske?”

“Sue Fiske? Red head, big tits? Yes, I remember her. That’s going back some. Late 90s I think, probably not long before the kids were born. I would have been in my late twenties, she was about twenty, twenty-one. She was a good fighter. Do you know her? Is she still fighting?”

“Yes, and yes,” I replied, “she’s Lynne’s next-door neighbour and her best friend. She’s also fighting in the CLAWS senior wrestling tournament next year, along with Lynne.”

“Well, I never,” said Kathy, “It’s a small world, isn’t it?”

I called across to Lynne, who was chatting with Evie and Sian:

“Hey Lynne, Kathy here knows Sue – she fought her years ago.”

“I know,” replied Lynne as she made her way over to us, “Evie just told me, she fought Sue back then as well.”

Leaving Kathy and Lynne to talk about Sue I turned to find Beth standing behind me, looking slightly sheepish.

“Oh Ellen,” she said, “I’m so sorry about poor Nat. I really don’t know what came over me. I’m not normally like that. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my fighting and I fight to win. But, usually, I’m a bit more humane about it. A bit more considerate. When I saw her in the ring today something happened. I can’t explain it but I switched to automatic. I became a machine. It was like she wasn’t a person, just a workout bag. It was like I wasn’t fighting her; I was watching someone else beat her up. No, not someone else, something else. A robot Beth. A machine intent on destroying Nat. I hope I didn’t hurt her too much. I didn’t mean to. I hope I didn’t put her off. It was her first fight…”

As she spoke, she got increasingly agitated. I raise my hands, palms towards her, to calm her down.

“Easy Beth, it happens to us all once in a while. You just got too far in the zone that’s all. I thought there was something wrong. I could see it in your face. When you see the video just look at yourself at the end of the fight. You didn’t feel anything did you? No emotion, no adrenaline rush, no relief, no sense of victory. Beth was locked away in your subconscious and couldn’t get out.”

“Oh Ellen!” she cried again, bursting into tears and desperately hugging me, burying her face in my cleavage.

“There, there,” I said, stroking her chestnut ringlets as her sobbing gently subsided. I glanced across at Nat, who was deep in conversation with the Walker twins and oblivious to what was happening just a few feet away. I gently lifted Beth’s face, brushed her tears away and looked her in the eye.

“You’re a good fighter Beth,” I said, “don’t let anyone tell you you’re not. Just keep on doing what you’re doing. And don’t worry about Nat. She’s one of life’s natural survivors. She’ll bounce back, she’s probably forgotten about it already.”

She probably hadn’t but I fervently hoped Nat could put this early defeat behind her and focus on her boxing ahead of the new season at CLAWS.

Talking to Angie was fascinating and also provided some inspiration. Like Kathy she was a veteran of the early days of the NBFC. The eighteen year old biker chick had appeared on the cat fight scene just weeks before Evie and Sian decided to set up the NBFC in the summer of 1988 and willingly accepted Evie’s invitation to join. She had been fighting at the NBFC on and off ever since.

Angie was, she informed me, bi-sexual, unmarried and childless – all by choice. She told me that she did wrestle but had had a preference for boxing ever since Terri introduced her to the sport in 1990. She had fought Terri many times but today was the closest she’d ever come to beating her.

She was one of only three or four women at the NBFC who regularly boxed and had consequently travelled far and wide in search of opponents. I asked her if she’d ever considered joining the CLAWS league. She told me that she had spoken to Jay and Gabi in the late 90s, when they were expanding the number of fighters in the league but felt the commitment of making the 400-mile round trip every two months to compete was too much.

She had, however, fought several of the CLAWS boxers including Emma, Lorraine, Christine, Leah, Suzi and my old nemesis, Nancy. She also admitted that she would love to get in the ring with me. Sadly, I felt I had to inform her of my decision to retire from fighting in just a few months’ time. She was disappointed but also impressed at my resolve.

“You must love your sister very much to be willing to give up your passion to keep her happy. And I’m guessing that she loves you just as much?”

I nodded and then Angie made suggestion that left me baffled as to why I hadn’t thought of it myself.

“Ellen,” she counselled, “why don’t you invite your sister to watch you fight? Let her see what it means to you? She clearly loves you. If she cares that much, she’ll understand that it’s part of you.”

Well, I wasn’t exactly convinced but it was worth a try. I know Carrie loves me and I know she doesn’t like to see me get hurt but, although I’ve told her many times that fighting is part of what I am, I do wonder if she really understands that.

Just before the day guests started to leave I caught up with Evie, who also congratulated me on Lynne’s victory over Carole. She expressed disappointment in both her daughters.

“Lynne is very good but Carole has fought women like her before, she should have put on a better show. How did Lynne get so good so quickly?”

“Oh, she’s a natural, plus she’s got Sue Barton to spar with.”

“Oh yes, Sue Fiske as was, she’s good. Have you seen her in action?”

“Not yet, only in our training sessions.”

“I’ll send you a video of her in action against me in the 1999 UK topless wrestling tournament. She would have been 25 at the time, shortly before she stopped fighting and had Zoe.”

“Who won?” I asked out of curiosity.

“She did,” replied Evie, indicating the matter was closed, “watch the video.”

“Do you often fight your daughters?” I asked.

“From time to time, we’re a fighting family and I raised them to fight me. One day one of them will beat me. It’s one of those things I look forward to in a bitter-sweet way.”

“Helen came close today.”

“Yes, she did, but then she got carried away. If she’d have just kept up the pressure, she’d probably have won but she couldn’t help getting excited at the prospect. That was stupid of her. I’ve taught her better than that.”

“So instead, you embarrassed her by making her cum.”

“It’s not the first time she’s orgasmed in front of an NBFC crowd and I dare say it won’t be the last. All I hope is that, when she does eventually beat me, she doesn’t cum on my face.”

Around 8pm the day guests said their goodbyes and Paige took young Rose off to bed. The rest of us sat around chatting for another hour or so before heading to our respective beds.

Nat seemed to have struck up a very close friendship with Shannon during the course of the evening, and it was no surprise to me to find that, come bedtime, there was no sign of her. Lynne and I cuddled up in the double bed again, this time, alone. As I switched out the light, she thanked me for bringing her here and giving her the opportunity to fight. I replied:

“Lynne, you did brilliantly today. I was so impressed with you I was really worried about…well, you know what. But if you kept it all under control, at least until the very end. Well done you. A great victory over a much younger more experienced fighter. You should be proud of yourself.”

“Oh, you’re too kind,” she replied, “come here.”

Reaching over, she pulled me towards her and kissed me on the lips. We cuddled for a moment and I felt my nipples stiffen and my juices begin to flow and then her fingers in my pussy…
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