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Kat McNamara vs Poppy Drayton

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Kat McNamara vs Poppy Drayton
« on: April 30, 2023, 02:24:04 AM »

The year was 2017 and MTV brought the casts o two teenage action shows together.   The Shannara Chronicles and Shadowhunters were there and Manu Bennett looked at this large cottage in the woods and realized what was going on

“Our studio wants to see some ladies fight.”

Poppy Drayton vs Katharine McNamara

That is the two who everyone said they’d like to see fight.  Kat had begun training, and everyone thought Poppy could handle herself.  So, they stepped forward both in the 5’6 zone.  Poppy smiled “This is my first real fight.”  She smiled “I like my chances especially since I had a few people beat me up so now its time to find out if I can legit fight.”

Katherine felt Poppy try to push her with her tits and matched it “I had Nina Dobrev two times beat me up when I turned 18.  I got this part, and it had action and I grew up more and loved the training.  So yeah, this is my first real fight too and I’m glad its in front of my friend but I’m also nervous.”

Katherine pushed Poppy away with the tit push and it got noticed.  Katherine smiled hearing people talk about her in a new way already.  Now she had to do more she had to win a fight.  Kat got her fists up and Poppy shot forward for the hair.

Kat caught the wrists, but the momentum was to much and both young women hit the ground.  Kat tried to hold onto the wrists, so Poppy was able to keep her legs free and to the outside of Kats left hip then Poppy just pressed her knee down on Kats stomach.

Poppy hit three slaps and Kat covered up then Poppy pressed down with her knee getting ‘oh god’ from Kat McNamara.  Poppy went for a two-hand choke and Kat knocked the hands away then turned onto her side and got out.  They both got up and the castmates were going wild

They wiped their hands in their asses and circled around.  Poppy saw Manu smiling he set her strategy for this she knew what the reward for victory would be and he gave her the path.  Take downs and eventually start catfighting.  Do not stand and trade.

Kat didn’t prepare much other than her combat training from the show.  She was glad to have survived the first bit of trouble.  When she turned eighteen celebrities older than her really went lets fight the ginger.  Especially Nina Dobrev who used her as a punching bag twice.  She had to reset and getting Mortal instruments helped and this was the next step.

Kat began to circle moving in to feint some punches and that would get Poppy to go for her hair again.  Kat ducked out and pivoted away and Kat was beginning to get comfortable again so she faked a jab and hit a push kick. 

Kat was there bouncing again her confidence returned after the takedown.  In and throw three punches then finish with a leg kick get outside avoid a takedown.  Avoid getting her hair grabbed or worst her tits.  Poppy was able to cover up but each leg kick was definitely scoring.

Kat faked a leg kick which got Poppy to try and check it.  Kat then came jab threw a right but got hit with a over hand slap .  McNamara threw a knee behind her right and the over hand slap was a scratch against her forehead.  Poppy pushed forward through the knee tied up Kat and got a hand under the knee so Kat couldn’t fight back as much

Hit the back of the plant foot and Poppy had Kat up and slammed her down.  This time she was on top of her and felt something weird.  Her tits pushed Kats down and there was a gasp from Kat.  Poppy let the leg go and hit three short punches to the ribs.

Kat was squirming around trying to get out and Poppy slid her elbows inward and had them on Kats tits.  Then quickly shot them up pushed up at Kats ears which got a screech and then the hands got into the hair and Poppy scooted her body up as well

Poppy went left and right with Kats head and it looked dominant but reality was it was just to get a better grip on that red hair.  Which she then lifted slammed to the ground, lifted higher slammed harder and a third time.  “Maybe no matter the training some women are just meant for a spot in this world.”

Poppy let her hands out of the hair sat up straighter and looked at Manu then slapped Kat.  She slapped Kat again looked at her castmates “This your girl.”  A slap with a look at Kats.  “She thought she knew something.”  Another slap “She knows how to lose that’s about it.”  A slap was blocked and Kat lifted her stomach which was enough to get Poppy off her.

Kat got up turned and there was Poppy Drayton hands behind her back smile looking at Manu “Just how we thought it would be.”  Kat heard the whispers that Poppy body was better and it wore Kat down to much, she was still to small to truly compete at this level and maybe in a decade she could win a fight.

Poppy was feeling very confident and stepped in threw four punches.  Kat was moving her arms and caught most with moving her arm up and down feeling them impact with the bicep.  The third nearly got through and did hit into Kats temple.  Kat blocked the fourth with her shoulder.

Popyy hit a slap to Kats side then got pushed away.  Poppy was smiling and parried a Kat McNamara jab “Whats the matter Kitty Kat the punches aren’t as sharp no more.”  Poppy blocked another then walked around.  “You hear them, and it broke you.”

Poppy threw a jab then stepped forward for another body lock and takedown.  That was what worked best this time she would end the fight and whatever hope Kat McNamara had of not being everyones victim for the next decade.  Kat tho stepped forward and met bodies with Poppy not worrying about the punch now they were in a body to body contest.

“Come on now show me what you think you haveeeee…” Poppy was confident in the body lock but immediately was feeling her tits being compressed. 

Katherine McNamara begin pushing Poppy back “I’m showing you what do you have left.”  Poppy tried to fight back but found herself losing her back foot and falling to a knee so she let go of the body lock and went up for the red hair.

Katherine let her lock on Poppy go shot her arms up blocked the hair pull attempt which turned Poppy around.  McNamara was too quick and hit a German suplex and didn’t release then rolled through lifted Poppy up and hit another.  Rolled through but didn’t go for another instead she spun Poppy around and had her in more of a gut wrench position.

“To many of you were saying something why not say it now.”  Kat then pulled the shirt off and it ended up backing Poppy up she stood up and Kat jumped for a spinning back kick to the tits of Poppy Drayton

Poppys frinds from the cast were still cheering her on but Manu wasn’t watching and Poppy put everything into a backhand punch.  It got caught and Kat hit four insanely quick knees just under the ribs of Poppy then undid her bra and threw poppy to the ground.

“Poppy stay down and say you had enough.”  Manu demanded

“Or don’t and I will knock you out.  I proved you don’t have body on me or any skill now its time since everyone has seen your tits to end the fight.”  Kat said “but honestly if you say enough then I’m good no need for me to hurt you anymore.”

Kat never let this go and didn’t want Poppy embarrassed.  She moved in hit a stiff jab faked a right uppercut that got Poppy to move her head then the loud gasp.  Kat threw a lightning like right high kick the shin got Poppy in the temple knocked her out. 

Kat dropped to her knees rolled Poppy onto her chest then got up “No one needs to see you like that.  I took the bra to send a message but I know what it feels like to be knocked out for everyone to see your bare body.  I wont do that… To you but Manu I hear there is a reward for who won this fight.”

“Arrow was wanting to cast Oliver Queens daughter from the future.  Poppy knew and I didn’t think you did.”

“I heard the rumors and just to be clear this win got us a extra season but they’re done.  I’ll be doing both shows and make sure its known about my win here.  Anyone who thinks I’m a easy notch will end up like Poppy here.”

(Upcoming:  Ashley Greene vs Laura Vandervoort; Katherine Heigl vs Laura Prepon 3; Ladder Match)