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Uneven girlfriends - oil wrestling turns to more

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Uneven girlfriends - oil wrestling turns to more
« on: May 05, 2023, 04:52:03 PM »
Anne Busenhammer had always been a confident woman, but her weight had been a constant source of insecurity for her. She was 35 years old, blonde, and with a buxom figure that many women would envy. However, she weighed 230lbs and was considered overweight.

One day, while chatting with her girlfriend, Susanne, Anne mentioned that she had always wanted to try oil wrestling. Susanne was taken aback at first but then became intrigued by the idea.

Together, they began researching oil wrestling and how to get started. They found a local gym that offered oil wrestling classes and decided to give it a try.

The first few classes were challenging for Anne, as she struggled with her weight and body confidence. The mostly female attendants were wearing bathing suits that not always stayed in place. But Susanne was always there to cheer her on and encourage her.
As time went on, Anne's confidence began to grow. She realized that she was much stronger than she had ever thought and that her weight was not a hindrance but rather an asset in oil wrestling.

She began to enjoy the physicality of the sport and the feeling of power that came with it. She also loved the feeling of being covered in oil and the sensation of slipping and sliding around with her opponent.
Anne and Susanne had been practicing their oil wrestling skills for weeks, and they had become quite skilled at the sport. They decided that it was time to take their skills to the next level and have a private match in a big pool. They both put on their bikinis and headed to Susanne's backyard, where they had set up the pool for their match.

As they entered the pool, Anne could feel the excitement building inside her. She was thrilled to be taking on her girlfriend in a private match and was determined to come out on top.
Susanne was slim and toned, but equally busty, and Anne knew that she was in for a tough match.
Before the match began, Anne and Susanne decided to oil each other up to make it easier to slip and slide around in the pool. They moved to the side of the pool where they had set up a table with bottles of oil and towels.

Anne poured a generous amount of oil onto her hands and began rubbing it into Susanne's skin. She started at Susanne's shoulders and worked her way down her back, massaging the oil into every inch of skin. Susanne closed her eyes and moaned softly as Anne's strong hands kneaded her muscles.

Next, it was Susanne's turn to oil up Anne. She poured the oil onto her hands and began rubbing it into Anne's skin, starting at her shoulders and working her way down her back. As she massaged Anne's body, she couldn't help but admire the way Anne's curves glistened in the sunlight.
As they oiled each other up, their hands began to stray, caressing each other's breasts and hips. They both knew that they were supposed to be opponents in the match, but they couldn't help but feel the sexual tension building between them.
As Susanne finished oiling up Anne, she couldn't help but notice that Anne's chest was bigger than usual. She saw that the veins were more visible than before and wondered if something was wrong.
"Anne, are you okay?" Susanne asked, concerned.
Anne looked down at her chest and blushed. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just a little engorged," she said, embarrassed.
Susanne looked at her with a puzzled expression. "Engorged? What do you mean?"
Anne hesitated for a moment before explaining. "Well, I didn't pump before we started the match, and my breasts are getting a little fuller than usual," she said, feeling even more embarrassed.
Susanne understood what Anne was saying and felt a surge of desire course through her. She had always found Anne's breasts to be one of her most attractive features, and the thought of them being even fuller than usual was almost too much to handle.
She couldn't resist reaching out and giving Anne's breasts a gentle squeeze. Anne moaned softly and looked at Susanne with desire in her eyes.
Suddenly, the match didn't seem as important as it had before. They both knew that they were supposed to be opponents, but the sexual tension between them was too strong to ignore. They moved closer together, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.
The oil from their bodies mixed together, making them even slipperier than before. They moved together, their bodies sliding against each other as they explored each other's mouths with their tongues.
In that moment, nothing else mattered. They were lost in each other, their desires too strong to resist.
Anne and Susanne eventually separated from their passionate embrace and got ready for the match. They knew that they couldn't let their desires get in the way of their sport.
As they got ready, Anne couldn't help but admire Susanne's toned and curvy figure. She wore a black bikini that highlighted her curves perfectly, and Anne knew that she was going to have her hands full with her opponent.
Anne, on the other hand, was wearing a pink bikini that accentuated her buxom figure. Her curves were on full display, and she felt confident that she could take on Susanne, despite her opponent's toned physique.
As the match began, Anne moved in quickly, catching Susanne off guard with a series of hip tosses. With each toss, Susanne's curves jiggled and bounced under her stretched bikini, barely holding on to her ample assets.

Anne's strength was on full display as she lifted Susanne off the ground, grunting with exertion, and slammed her onto the pool's bottom. Susanne let out a grunt of pain as she impacted the surface of the pool.
As the fight continued, Anne pulled Susanne up to her feet by her hair, working her midsection with her knee. Susanne's grunts grew louder with each hit, but she refused to give up.
However, in the heat of the moment, Anne accidentally delivered a powerful knee blow that hit Susanne's left breast, causing her D-Cup to escape from her already stretched bikini. Anne gasped as Susanne's breast was suddenly exposed, bouncing and jiggling as she struggled to cover it up.
As Anne continued her attack, Susanne had different plans. She managed to slip behind her and wrap her arms around Anne's chubby midsection. With a sudden burst of strength, she lifted Anne up and over her shoulder for an over-the-shoulder throw. Anne's buxom body flew through the air before slamming down onto the mat with a loud thud. The impact caused Anne's chest to escape her bikini top, bouncing and jiggling with the momentum.
As Anne hit the mat with a thud, she let out a groan of pain, clearly stunned by the impact. Susanne quickly realized what had happened and her eyes widened as she saw Anne's breasts exposed. She bit her lip, fighting the urge to stare, and instead hurried over to Anne to check if she was okay.

"Are you alright?" Susanne asked, helping Anne to sit up. Anne nods and both exchange a small peck on the lips, smiling.
Susanne helps Anne up and they both resume the fight. Anne manages to land some solid punches on Susanne's midsection, causing her to grunt in pain. However, Susanne retaliates with some hard belly attacks of her own, causing Anne's belly to jiggle with each blow.

As they continue to fight, Anne's bikini top continues to slip off, exposing her ample bosom. Susanne notices this but tries to stay focused on the fight. However, she can't help but feel distracted by Anne's bouncing curves.
Eventually, Susanne manages to pin Anne down and the two of them catch their breath, panting heavily. Susanne's weight bears down on Anne's stomach, causing her to gasp for breath. As Susanne sits there, she can't help but notice Anne's engorged breasts. They are heaving up and down with each breath, and the nipples are hard and pointy. Susanne's curiosity gets the best of her, and she reaches out to touch Anne's breasts.
Anne moans softly as Susanne's hands explore her sensitive mounds. Susanne can feel the firmness of Anne's breasts and the hardness of her nipples. She begins to rub and pinch them gently, causing Anne to arch her back and moan louder.
The engorgement of Anne's breasts makes them even more sensitive to Susanne's touch. As Susanne continues to play with Anne's breasts, they start to leak a little milk. Susanne is fascinated by this and begins to lick the drops of milk from Anne's nipples.

Both are smiling at each other as Annes keeps moaning with lust.

Anne is both embarrassed and turned on by Susanne's actions. She can feel herself getting wet as Susanne's tongue flicks over her sensitive nipples. But she knows they need to continue the fight, so she pushes Susanne off her and gets back on her feet.
Susanne stands up as well, and they both face each other again. They are both breathing heavily, and their bikinis are disheveled from the fight. But they are both ready to continue. This time, Anne takes the offensive, launching a series of punches and kicks at Susanne's belly.
Susanne tries to block the attacks, but Anne is relentless. Her punches and kicks land with a loud thud on Susanne's midsection, causing her to grunt with each impact. Susanne tries to counterattack, but Anne is too fast and too strong.
As the fight continues, both women are covered in sweat and their bikinis are barely holding on. The fabric is mostly slipped on Anne`s side and showing areola on Susanne`s tits. They are both determined to win, but at the same time, they are both enjoying the physical contact and the exploration of each other's bodies.
As the fight continues, Anne shifts her focus to Susanne's abs. With each punch, Susanne's visible abs ripple and flex, but eventually weaken under the assault. As Susanne bends over, Anne sees an opportunity and delivers a vicious thigh smash across Susanne's dangling chest. The impact sends Susanne staggering backwards, her bikini top struggling to contain her heaving breasts. Gasping for air, Susanne tries to regain her composure, but Anne presses her advantage, raining down a series of punishing blows to Susanne's midsection. With each hit, Susanne's body jolts and contorts, her breasts bouncing wildly under the strain of her struggling bikini top.
s Susanne struggles to catch her breath after being hit by the clothesline, her bikini top finally gives way, freeing her ample chest. Anne takes advantage of Susanne's weakened state and puts her in a camel clutch, pulling back on her chin and stretching her spine.

Susanne grunts in pain as she tries to resist, her toned abs flexing against the pressure. Anne leans in closer, whispering taunts and insults into her ear as she continues to work her over. Despite the pain, Susanne refuses to give up, determined to break free from Anne's hold.
Susanne is still in the Camle Clutch, while Anne reaches around her with one hand, firmly grasping Susanne's left breast, eliciting a groan of pain and pleasure from her opponent. Susanne tries to wiggle free, but Anne tightens her grip, enjoying the feel of Susanne's soft curves in her hand.
As Susanne's struggles become weaker, Anne releases her hold on her breast and transitions into a chokehold. Susanne gasps for air, trying to break free, but Anne's strength is too much for her. Just when it seems like Susanne is about to pass out, Anne releases the hold and stands up, grabbing Susanne's hair and pulling her up with her.

As Susanne stands up, her bikini top falls down completely, exposing her large breasts.
As Susanne is brought back to her feet by Anne, she staggers and tries to catch her breath, still feeling the effects of the chokehold. Sensing an opportunity, she quickly throws a punch at Anne's chest, catching her engorged breasts full force. Anne cries out in pain as her breasts bounce and sway from the impact. She stumbles backwards, holding onto her chest and trying to recover from the blow. Susanne, seeing an opening, charges forward and delivers a powerful kick to Anne's stomach, sending her crashing to the mat. As Anne writhes in pain, Susanne stands over her, ready to deliver more punishment.
Anne lets out a loud grunt as Susanne's double fist smash connects with her dangling chest. Her breasts bounce and jiggle with the impact, sending waves of pain shooting through her body. Anne's hands immediately go to her chest to protect herself, but Susanne is not done yet.

Susanne grabs Anne's hair and pulls her to her feet, then delivers a hard knee to Anne's stomach. Anne doubles over in pain, and Susanne takes the opportunity to grab her from behind and lift her up for a devastating belly-to-back suplex.

Anne lands on the mat with a loud thud, the impact sending shockwaves through her entire body.
As Susanne stands over Anne, flexing and admiring her handiwork, she notices the engorgement of Anne's chest. She can't resist the urge to give it a good kick, sending a jolt of pain through Anne's body. Anne groans and clutches her chest, trying to protect herself from further attacks.

Susanne takes advantage of Anne's vulnerable state and goes in for another attack. She grabs Anne's arms and pulls her up to her feet, wrapping her own arms around Anne's midsection in a bear hug. Anne's chest is pressed tightly against Susanne's own toned abs, and she can feel the warmth emanating from Susanne's body.

Susanne starts squeezing with all her might, putting pressure on Anne's midsection and chest. Anne tries to struggle free, but Susanne's grip is too strong. She grits her teeth and tries to endure the pain, knowing that she can't let Susanne win this fight.
As both wrestlers were locked in a bearhug, their chests were pressed tightly against each other. The impact caused their breasts to bulge, pressing against each other with a soft mashing sound. Their nipples hardened and rubbed against each other, sending shivers of pleasure down their spines. Both Anne and Susanne moaned, feeling their breasts engorged and sensitive.

Anne tried to break free, but Susanne held her tightly, squeezing her with all her strength. Anne's breasts were slightly larger than Susanne's, and as they were pressed together, Anne's seemed to dominate due to their engorged state even bit more. Susanne leaned in and whispered in Anne's ear, "You can't escape me, my dear. Surrender and enjoy the feeling of our bodies together."

Anne fought back, but the pleasure was too much. She gave in and allowed Susanne to dominate her in the bearhug. As Susanne held her tightly, Anne's milk began to leak out of her nipples, mixing with Susanne's sweat. The sensation was almost too much to bear, and Anne couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure. Susanne smiled as she felt Anne's resistance melting away, and she continued to hold her in the bearhug, relishing the feeling of their bodies entwined.
But Susanne quickly shows her power in cxnt buster. She lifts her buxom opponent and drops her to her outstretched knee. WHAMMMMMMMMMMM!
As Anne falls onto Susanne's outstretched knee, she lets out a grunt of pain. Susanne quickly follows up with a vicious knee drop to Anne's ample chest, causing it to jiggle and bounce with the impact. Milk jets out heavily, mixing with the oil.
Anne winces in pain, gasping for air as Susanne grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her back up to her feet. Susanne takes a moment to admire Anne's curvy figure, then delivers a sharp kick to her midsection.
Anne doubles over in pain, clutching her stomach as Susanne wraps her arms around her for a belly-to-belly suplex. Anne's body smacks into the mat with a loud thud, her breasts bouncing wildly with the impact.
"You're a tough one, Anne," Susanne says, smirking down at her opponent. "But I'm just getting started."
As Susanne traps Anne's chest in a tight leg scissor, Anne struggles to breathe as the pressure intensifies. Susanne's muscular thighs constrict around Anne's engorged breasts, causing them to bulge and become even more swollen. Anne gasps for air as Susanne tightens her grip, squeezing her chest between her powerful legs.
Despite the pain, Anne refuses to give up and tries to break free, but Susanne's grip is too strong. She flexes her thighs and applies even more pressure, causing Anne to whimper in agony. Susanne smirks down at her opponent, enjoying the sensation of her engorged chest pressed between her thighs.
As the pressure continues to mount, Anne feels her chest start to tingle and throb with pleasure. She tries to suppress a moan, but it escapes her lips as Susanne tightens her grip once again. Susanne grins, noticing Anne's reaction and decides to push her further, squeezing her chest with even more force.
Anne gasps and moans, overwhelmed by the mixture of pleasure and pain. She struggles to break free from Susanne's hold, but her efforts are futile. Finally, Susanne releases her hold and stands up, leaving Anne gasping for air and clutching her chest in pain and pleasure.
As Susanne traps Anne's chest in a tight leg scissor, Anne struggles to breathe as the pressure intensifies. Susanne's muscular thighs constrict around Anne's engorged breasts, causing them to bulge and become even more swollen. Anne gasps for air as Susanne tightens her grip, squeezing her chest between her powerful legs.
Despite the pain, Anne refuses to give up and tries to break free, but Susanne's grip is too strong. She flexes her thighs and applies even more pressure, causing Anne to whimper in agony. Susanne smirks down at her opponent, enjoying the sensation of her engorged chest pressed between her thighs.
As the pressure continues to mount, Anne feels her chest start to tingle and throb with pleasure. She tries to suppress a moan, but it escapes her lips as Susanne tightens her grip once again. Susanne grins, noticing Anne's reaction and decides to push her further, squeezing her chest with even more force. She presses tons of milk out, noticing how slippery the area between thigh and titmeat is getting.
Anne gasps and moans, overwhelmed by the mixture of pleasure and pain. She struggles to break free from Susanne's hold, but her efforts are futile. Finally, Susanne releases her hold and stands up, leaving Anne gasping for air and clutching her chest in pain and pleasure.
Susanne kneels down beside Anne, checking on her condition. She notices the milk that has leaked out of Anne's engorged breasts and realizes that she may have been too rough with her. "I'm so sorry, Anne. I didn't mean to hurt you like that," she says, gently massaging Anne's chest to ease the pain.
Anne winces in pain but manages to nod weakly. "It's okay, Susanne. I can take it," she gasps, her chest heaving with each breath.
Susanne continues to massage Anne's chest, causing more milk to leak out. She leans in closer and licks it off, causing Anne to moan in pleasure.
As Susanne continues to care for Anne, she can't help but feel a sense of arousal. She knows that Anne enjoys this kind of rough play, but she also knows that she needs to be careful not to push her too far.
After a few minutes, Anne begins to regain her strength. She sits up and gives Susanne a grateful smile. "Thanks for taking care of me, babe," she says, giving Susanne a kiss on the lips.
"No problem, my love," Susanne replies, smiling back. "Are you ready to continue the fight?"
Anne nods, a determined look in her eye. "Let's do this."
Susanne and Anne sit up, both breathing heavily as they take a moment to recover from their intense match. As they catch their breath, they both notice that their bikini bottoms are feeling uncomfortably tight. Susanne looks down and sees that her bottoms are digging into her hips, creating deep red marks on her skin. Anne notices a similar issue, her own bottoms cutting into her skin and leaving marks as well.
"Wow, these bottoms are really tight," Anne says, wincing as she tries to adjust them.
Susanne nods in agreement, "Yeah, I can barely breathe in this thing."
As they try to adjust their bottoms, they both realize that it's a losing battle. They're too tight and too uncomfortable to continue wearing. Anne looks over at Susanne and sees the discomfort etched on her face.
"Hey, let's just take them off," Anne suggests, a playful grin spreading across her face.
Susanne looks over at her, surprised by the suggestion. "Really? Here? Now?" she asks, a hint of excitement creeping into her voice.
Anne nods, "Why not? We're out here all alone. Plus, it'll be easier to move around without them."
Susanne hesitates for a moment, but then gives in to the idea. "Okay, let's do it," she says, a mischievous grin spreading across her face.
Without any further hesitation, the two of them remove their bottoms, tossing them aside. They both feel a sense of freedom as they move around without the restriction of the tight fabric. As they continue their match, they can't help but notice the other's curves in a new way, free from the constraint of clothing.
Both start to wrestle and lock up naked now.
Susanne gasps as Anne's hand comes into contact with her lower regions, but she tries to ignore the sensation and focus on the match. However, Anne's grip on her only tightens as she lifts her up, and Susanne can't help but let out a moan as she feels the pressure between her legs.

As Anne continues to hold her in the lift, Susanne can feel herself growing more and more aroused, her body responding to the touch of Anne's hand. She tries to shake off the feeling and focus on the match, but it's becoming increasingly difficult.
Finally, Anne sets Susanne back down on the mat, and they separate, both panting heavily. Susanne tries to compose herself, but her body is still tingling from the intimate contact.
"Are you okay?" Anne asks, concern in her voice.
Susanne nods, but she can't bring herself to meet Anne's gaze. She feels embarrassed and exposed, as if Anne can somehow see everything that's going on inside her.
They continue the match, but Susanne finds herself distracted and off-balance. She's not sure how much longer she can keep it up before her body betrays her completely.
As Susanne copied Anne's move to lift her, her hand ended up in a similar position between Anne's legs. However, unlike Anne, Susanne decided to take it a step further, running her fingers along Anne's inner thigh before slipping them over her swollen labia. Anne gasped in surprise and arousal, but didn't resist as Susanne's fingers explored further, teasing her clit and making her moan with pleasure.
Feeling emboldened by Anne's reaction, Susanne shifted her weight and maneuvered Anne onto her back, still keeping her hand between her legs. She leaned down and kissed Anne passionately, their tongues intertwining as Susanne continued to pleasure her with her fingers.
Eventually, they broke the kiss and Susanne withdrew her hand, leaving Anne panting and wanting more. They gazed into each other's eyes, both flushed with desire, and silently agreed to continue their intimate exploration after they were finished wrestling.
Both got up and after a short wrestle and kick to the belly, Anne got the upper hand.
As Anne lifted Susanne for the first suplex, she grabbed low between her legs to hoist her up. Susanne let out a surprised gasp as she felt Anne's hand press against her sensitive area. As Anne executed the suplex, Susanne's body arched high into the air before crashing down onto the mat with a loud thud. Her sizable D-Cup naturals rocked on her chest as she hit the bottom of the pool.
Susanne groaned in pain as she tried to catch her breath. But before she could recover, Anne lifted her up again, her hand once again pressing against Susanne's lower region. Susanne gritted her teeth as she was thrown again, her body twisting and contorting in mid-air before landing on her back with another thud.
As Anne went for a third suplex, Susanne tried to counter by grabbing onto her opponent's thighs. But Anne was too strong and lifted her up anyway, her hand once again pressing against Susanne's most sensitive spot. Susanne cried out in pain as she was thrown for the third time, her body slamming hard onto the mat.
Susanne lay there, panting and moaning in pain as Anne stood over her, triumphant. Despite the pain, a small smile tugged at the corner of Susanne's lips. She knew that the fight was far from over, and she was determined to make a comeback.
Anne hoisted Susanne up onto her shoulder, the oil and sweat making it difficult to get a good grip. But with a grunt of effort, she managed to lift her up and drape her across her shoulder in a backbreaker hold.

Susanne's body glistened with sweat and oil, her muscles tense as she arched her back in pain. Her breasts bounced and jiggled with each movement, her nipples erect from the stimulation. She groaned in pain as Anne applied pressure to her spine, her body shaking with the effort to resist the hold.
Anne smirked as she held Susanne aloft, relishing in the feel of her girlfriend's slick skin against her own. She could feel Susanne's breath hot against her neck, the warmth of her body radiating through her.
But as much as Anne enjoyed dominating Susanne, she couldn't deny the growing heat between her own thighs. The sight and feel of Susanne's naked body was too much to resist, and she found herself growing wet with desire.
Anne tightens her grip on Susanne's body as she carries her across her shoulder in the backbreaker hold, feeling the sweat and oil making it a little more difficult to maintain a good grip. Susanne moans in pain as her back is bent over Anne's shoulder, her breasts bouncing with each step that Anne takes. Anne focuses on her balance, trying to make sure she doesn't stumble and drop Susanne.
As they continue, Susanne's moans become louder and more desperate, the pain in her back intensifying. She writhes and squirms on Anne's shoulder, trying to find a way out of the hold, but Anne's grip is too tight. Finally, with a loud cry, Susanne taps out, unable to take any more of the excruciating pain in her back. Anne slowly lowers her to the mat, still breathing heavily and covered in sweat and oil.
Anne stands over Susanne, arms raised in triumph. She is victorious, having dominated her girlfriend in the wrestling match. After a few moments of basking in the glory, Anne extends a hand to help Susanne up.
As Susanne stands, they lock eyes and a smile spreads across Anne's face. They both know what's coming next. With a sudden burst of energy, Anne tackles Susanne, pushing her onto the mat.
Their bodies are slick with sweat and oil, and they roll around, entwined in a passionate embrace. Moans and gasps escape their lips as they explore each other's bodies.
As both Anne and Susanne explore each other, they kiss passionately, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths. Susanne runs her hands over Anne's curvy body, feeling the softness of her skin and the fullness of her breasts. Anne, in turn, runs her hands over Susanne's toned and muscular body, feeling the hardness of her abs and the strength of her legs.
They continue to explore each other's bodies, their hands roaming freely over each other's curves and muscles. They slide and grind against each other, the sweat and oil making their bodies glisten in the light.
Anne takes one of Susanne's nipples into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on it, while Susanne moans with pleasure. Susanne returns the favor, kissing and biting Anne's neck and chest, causing her to arch her back in ecstasy.
As they continue to pleasure each other, their bodies become slick with a mixture of sweat, oil, and milk, their moans and cries of pleasure filling the room. They move together, their bodies grinding and pulsing, until they both reach a shuddering.
As Anne and Susanne continued to explore each other's bodies, their breathing became heavier, and their movements became more frantic. Susanne's hands were squeezing Anne's breasts, kneading them roughly and pulling at her nipples, causing milk to dribble out. Anne's hands were cupping Susanne's firm buttocks, gripping them tightly as she ground her hips against her.
As they reached their climax, both of their hands moved to the other's genitals, fingers probing and rubbing at sensitive spots. They moaned in unison, their bodies shaking with pleasure as they brought each other to the edge and over the edge of ecstasy.
Their skin was slick with a mixture of sweat, oil, and milk, and their breaths were ragged as they collapsed into each other's arms, spent and satisfied.
As they lay in each other's arms, enjoying the afterglow of their intimate encounter, Susanne's eyes couldn't help but wander to Anne's ample chest. She traced the veins that crisscrossed the surface of her breasts, marveling at their fullness and the way they jiggled slightly as Anne shifted her position.
Susanne couldn't resist leaning in for a closer look, trailing her lips over the soft skin of Anne's chest. She felt a flutter in her own stomach as she tasted the salt of Anne's sweat and the lingering sweetness of their shared fluids.
As Susanne continued to lavish attention on Anne's breasts, she felt a wave of arousal wash over her again. She knew that they had both enjoyed what they had experienced, but the thought of exploring Anne's body further was too tempting to resist.
Anne moans softly as Susanne continues to lavish attention on her chest, running her fingers over the curves and caressing her nipples. The sensation is electric, and Anne can feel herself growing wet with desire. She arches her back, offering herself more fully to Susanne's touch.
Susanne smiles up at Anne, her eyes sparkling with pleasure. "You like that, don't you?" she murmurs, leaning in to kiss Anne's neck. "You like it when I touch you like this."
Anne nods eagerly, unable to speak as the pleasure washes over her in waves. She runs her hands through Susanne's hair, pulling her in closer and urging her on. The two of them are lost in the moment, consumed by their desire for each other.
As Susanne continues to play with Anne's chest, she feels a rush of warmth spreading through her body. She knows that she wants more, wants to taste Anne's sweetness and feel her body pressed up against her own. With a sly smile, she begins to move her hand lower, tracing the curve of Anne's stomach and dipping between her legs.
As Susanne continues to focus on Anne's chest, she notices Anne squeezing her own chest and opening her legs slightly, giving better access. Susanne takes the hint and moves her mouth down to Anne's nipples, taking turns between licking and lightly biting them. Anne moans in pleasure and tightens her grip on her own chest, feeling the sensations intensify.
Susanne can feel the heat radiating off of Anne's body, and the mix of sweat, oil, and milk between them adds to the intensity. As she continues to explore Anne's body, she can feel her own desire growing stronger. She looks up at Anne with a lustful gaze, wanting to take things further.
Anne looks back at Susanne, seeing the desire in her eyes, and leans in to kiss her passionately. The two women embrace each other tightly, their bodies pressing together, as they explore each other's mouths with their tongues.
As Anne took control of the situation, she started to explore Susanne's body more intimately, using her tongue to trace patterns over her skin. Susanne moaned softly in response, her body quivering with pleasure.

Anne continued to tease and tantalize her, her hands roaming over Susanne's curves as she moved down her body. She paused to pay special attention to Susanne's nipples, licking and sucking on them until they were hard and sensitive.
Then, Anne moved lower, running her tongue along the inside of Susanne's thighs before parting them with her hands. She positioned herself between Susanne's legs and began to eat her out, expertly flicking her tongue over her clit and plunging it deep inside her.
Susanne moaned loudly, writhing beneath Anne's skilled touch. She felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge, the pleasure building inside her until she couldn't hold back any longer. With a cry of ecstasy, she came hard, her body shaking with the force of her orgasm.
Anne continued to pleasure Susanne, her own desire building with each passing moment. She wanted nothing more than to join Susanne in her pleasure, to feel that same release for herself.
As Susanne continued to explore Anne's body, she noticed the sweat glistening on her skin. She couldn't resist the temptation to taste it, so she leaned down and licked a bead of sweat off Anne's chest. Anne moaned in pleasure, her body arching towards Susanne.
Susanne continued to explore Anne's sweat-slicked body, her fingers tracing patterns over her skin. She could feel Anne's arousal building, and she knew exactly how to take her to the edge. Susanne slipped her hand between Anne's thighs, finding her sweat spot, and began to work her with expert precision.
Anne gasped and moaned as Susanne's fingers worked her, her body bucking and writhing on the mat. Susanne leaned in, whispering in Anne's ear, urging her on as she brought her to the brink of ecstasy. Finally, Anne couldn't hold back any longer, and she exploded in a wave of pleasure, her body shuddering with the force of her orgasm.
As the climax washed away, Susanne turned to Anne and their naked sweaty tits mashed slightly.
Susanne admit to Anne, how much she loved to be suplexed ealier in the match and that she had her first climax when being put in the over the shoulder backbreaker.
Anne looked at Susanne, surprised by her confession. She smiled and leaned in, brushing her lips against Susanne's ear. "You naughty girl," she whispered, sending shivers down Susanne's spine. "You should have told me sooner."

Susanne blushed, feeling embarrassed but also turned on by Anne's response. "I couldn't help it," she admitted, her voice barely above a whisper. "You were so strong and dominant. I loved being lifted and thrown around by you."
Anne chuckled softly, running her fingers through Susanne's hair. "I loved doing it," she said. "And I loved watching you squirm and moan. You were so responsive, so eager."
Susanne gasped, feeling a wave of arousal wash over her. She leaned in, pressing her lips to Anne's, and they kissed passionately. Anne's hands roamed over Susanne's body, exploring every curve and dip, as Susanne moaned softly into her mouth.

After a few minutes, Anne pulled back, looking at Susanne with a mischievous glint in her eye. "You know, I think we need to do some more wrestling," she said, a wicked grin spreading across her face.
Susanne's eyes widened, but she nodded eagerly. "Yes, please," she said, feeling her body tremble with anticipation. "I want to feel your strength again."
Anne smiled, pulling Susanne to her feet. "Then let's get started," she said, before tackling Susanne to the mat once again.
As Anne's tackle connects, Susanne is taken down to the mat with a thud. Before Susanne can recover, Anne locks in a tight headscissor, her strong thighs wrapped tightly around Susanne's neck. Susanne struggles and gasps for air, feeling the powerful grip of Anne's legs on her neck. Anne's free hands begin to roam over Susanne's body, exploring her curves and sending shivers of pleasure through her.
Anne's hands glide over Susanne's toned stomach and up to her breasts, teasing her nipples and causing her to moan softly. Susanne's body responds to Anne's sensual touches, her hips grinding against Anne's thigh as she tries to free herself from the headscissor. But Anne's grip is too strong, and Susanne is trapped, at the mercy of her opponent's skilled technique.
As Anne continues to squeeze her head, Susanne's breathing becomes more labored, her moans growing louder as she nears the edge of pleasure. Anne senses her opponent's arousal and intensifies her attack, using her hands to massage Susanne's breasts and stimulate her sensitive areas. Susanne's body begins to shake with pleasure, her muscles contracting as she reaches a powerful climax.
“Damn! Susanne! Only two minutes for the next climax! You are such a lsut!” Both giggled as Anne released the scissor.
Anne gasps as Susanne suddenly attacks her chest, feeling the pressure from the engorged breasts. Susanne hungrily latches onto one of Anne's nipples with her mouth, swirling her tongue around it while using her hands to knead and squeeze the other breast. Anne moans and arches her back, her hands gripping Susanne's hair as she pushes her breast further into her mouth.

As Susanne continues to suck and nibble on her nipple, Anne feels a warmth spreading between her legs. She can't believe how much she's enjoying this, being taken control of.
As Susanne continues to suck on Anne's nipples, Anne suddenly pushes her back and positions herself over Susanne's face. Without warning, she smothers Susanne's face with her engorged breasts, pressing down firmly and blocking her airway.
Susanne gasps for air, her face turning red as Anne continues to smother her with her breasts. She tries to push Anne off, but Anne is too strong and keeps her in place with ease.
As the lack of air becomes too much to bear, Susanne starts to feel a strange sensation building inside her. Her struggles become weaker and her body begins to writhe under Anne's weight.
Finally, Anne relents and lifts herself off Susanne's face. Susanne gasps for air, her face covered in sweat and her body trembling with pleasure. Anne looks down at her, a wicked grin on her face.

"You like that, don't you?" she says, running a hand through her hair. "You like being smothered by my breasts?"
Susanne can only nod, still struggling to catch her breath. The sensation of being smothered had been intense, and the pleasure she had felt was beyond anything she had experienced before.
As Susanne lay on her back, still reeling from the pleasure of Anne's breast, she suddenly found herself being attacked by Anne's chest again. The larger woman had positioned herself over Susanne's face and was using her ample bosom to smother her opponent, after smacking her face with her fat milkers several times hard leaving a cover of mothermilk on her face.
Susanne struggled beneath Anne, her hands frantically pushing against the soft flesh that was smothering her. But Anne had her pinned down tight, her weight pressing down on Susanne's chest and making it hard for her to breathe.
Despite the discomfort, Susanne couldn't help but feel a thrill of excitement at being dominated by Anne in this way. She moaned softly as Anne ground her chest into her face, feeling her body respond to the pressure.
But as she started to feel light-headed from the lack of air, Susanne knew she had to fight back. With a burst of energy all her toned physique tensed, she bucked her hips up and rolled Anne off of her.
As Susanne regained control of the match, she quickly moved into position to attack Anne with multiple leg drops across her chest. The oily and sweaty skin of both wrestlers glistened in the light as Susanne's toned legs crashed down onto Anne's chubby curves. Anne moaned with pleasure and pain as Susanne's assault continued, her breasts jiggling with each impact.
Susanne smiled as she continued to dominate, her confidence growing with each successful attack. She moved to straddle Anne's waist, her own body hovering tantalizingly close to Anne's. With a wicked grin, Susanne reached down to grab Anne's breasts, squeezing them roughly as she leaned in to whisper in her ear.
"Feels good, doesn't it?" Susanne breathed, before delivering another punishing leg drop to Anne's chest.
As Susanne repeatedly lands leg drops on Anne's chest, the pressure causes her engorged breasts to release streams of warm milk, spilling out in torrents like geysers. Anne moans in pleasure and pain as the milk sprays over her body and onto the mat. Susanne's eyes widen in surprise at the unexpected reaction, but she quickly recovers and continues to use her weight to drive into Anne's chest, eliciting more milk and more moans.
Feeling emboldened, Susanne begins to mix up her attack, alternating between leg drops and body splashes, each one causing more milk to spray out. Anne's nipples are now fully erect and sensitive, adding to her arousal. Susanne can feel the heat radiating off of Anne's body, and she knows that her own body is glistening with sweat and oil.

After several more punishing moves, Susanne straddles her, her toned body towering over Anne's curvy form. She reaches down and takes hold of Anne's breasts, kneading them roughly as more milk sprays out. Anne moans in pleasure and pain, her body writhing beneath Susanne's touch.
As Susanne continues to dominate, she feels her own body growing more and more aroused again. She can feel the heat between her legs, and she knows that she needs release. With a fierce grin, she leans forward and presses her breasts against Anne's face, smothering her with her sweat slick tit meat. Anne gasps for breath, her senses overwhelmed by the sensation of being suffocated by Susanne's breasts.
As Anne struggled to breathe in the smother, she desperately pushed against Susanne's body, trying to find a way to escape. She managed to get her legs under her opponent's midsection and pushed with all her strength, flipping Susanne over onto her back.
With Susanne now underneath her, Anne wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation. She straddled her opponent's midsection, her own chest heaving with each breath. Anne's full breasts hung down over Susanne's face, tempting her to retaliate with a breast smother of her own.
Anne leaned forward, pinning Susanne's arms to the mat with her knees, and teasingly brushed her nipples across Susanne's lips. But before Susanne could take the bait, Anne pulled back and delivered a hard punch to her opponent's stomach.
Susanne groaned in pain, and Anne followed up with several more punches to her midsection. Susanne tried to fight back, but Anne was too quick and too strong for her. Anne then climbed further up her opponent's body, placing her knees on Susanne's shoulders and her crotch over her face.
As Anne's wet and oily sex covered Susanne's face, she began to grind against her, enjoying the sensation of her opponent's struggles. Susanne tried to squirm free, but Anne held her down with one hand while the other rubbed her own engorged nipple.
The two women continued to struggle and moan, their bodies slick with oil and sweat. The air was thick with the scent of sex and the sounds of their mutual pleasure.
As Anne grinds on Susanne's face, her body shakes with pleasure, her chest heaving with each breath. She feels Susanne's tongue exploring every inch of her, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. Anne's hands grip onto Susanne's hair as she continues to grind on her face, moaning with delight.

Susanne continues to work her tongue expertly, finding all of Anne's sensitive spots and teasing them until Anne is writhing with pleasure. The two women are lost in the moment, completely absorbed in the pleasure they are giving and receiving.
As Anne reaches the peak of her pleasure, she can't help but let out a loud moan. Susanne continues to work her tongue, prolonging Anne's pleasure as long as possible. Finally, Anne collapses onto the floor of the pool, completely spent but with a huge grin on her face.
"Wow," she says, looking over at Susanne. "That was amazing."
Susanne smiles back at her, her face glistening with Anne's juices. "You were amazing," she says. "I could do that all day."
Susanne and Anne get up one last time. Anne is afraid to ask, but finally manages to request some very hard uppercuts to her engorged chest looking down with blushing cheeks.
Susanne hesitates at first, not wanting to hurt Anne too badly, but she sees the pleading look in her eyes and decides to go for it. She steps forward, raising her fist and aiming it directly at Anne's chest.
“How you wish sweetheart!”
As Susanne circles around Anne, the larger woman braces herself for what's coming. Susanne's fists shoot out, rocketing up into Anne's chest with fierce uppercuts. Each impact sends shockwaves of pain through Anne's body, but also a strange pleasure. The force of the blows causes her milk-laden breasts to bounce and jiggle, creating a hypnotic sight that drives Susanne wild.

Anne groans and grits her teeth, but she can't help feeling aroused by the sensation of her breasts bouncing and swelling with each punch. Susanne seems to sense this, and she becomes even more relentless, firing off a barrage of uppercuts that leave Anne reeling. Her tits are now red and swollen, but she can't get enough of the punishment.
As Susanne continued to deliver hard uppercuts to Anne's engorged chest, Anne let out a mixture of pain and pleasure. Each time Susanne's fist collided with her chest, Anne felt a jolt of electricity run through her body, causing her to shudder and moan.
The bruises on Anne's chest were starting to become more pronounced, and the area was becoming more sensitive with each blow. But despite the pain, Anne couldn't deny the overwhelming pleasure that came with the intense stimulation of her breasts.
Susanne could sense Anne's ecstasy and pushed harder, aiming her fists at the most sensitive spots. Anne's nipples were now fully erect and painfully sensitive, but she couldn't resist the pleasure of the intense pressure on her chest.
As Susanne continued to deliver blow after blow, Anne's chest was covered in bruises and marks. But Anne didn't care about the bruises. She was lost in the pleasure of the moment, her body trembling with every hit.
Finally, after what felt like an eternity, Susanne stopped. Anne was left panting and gasping for breath, her chest heaving with each breath. She looked down at her breasts, which were now swollen and marked with bruises.
Susanne stepped closer and all it needed was to insert her fingers into Annes dripping wet cut. She inserted three of them, working the inner wall and G-Spot only for seconds until Anne came so hard, her legs were shaking and she collapsed, screaming out.
The climax hit her like a freight train. Eyes rolling in their caves, she nearly passed out as the orgasm was endless. Her cxnt squirted her juices, mixing with all the oil, sweat and milk, leaving Susanne totally stunned upon the intensity of her girlfriends climax.
“Wow Anne. That was amazing.”
Anne was exhausted and cradled her tits, while like her juices from Susanne` s finger who offered them to her. Too spend to say anything she nodded, feeling like a cheap slut.
They had broken any barrier today and lived out their raw sexual desires, ranging from lesbian love, to fighting and even pure punishment. For sure this would be a day, they will never forget.


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Very well written story ! Very hot as well.