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Why Emmy vs Mya is a Great Fight

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Why Emmy vs Mya is a Great Fight
« on: May 08, 2023, 03:06:04 PM »
(Seductive Studios)

<1> Both girls are girl next door 8's, with athletic bodies.  NCAA D-1 Track and Field physiques.

<2> The braided girl is clearly calling out her rival throughout the film, whether it's arriving at the house before her....

<3> ....suggesting they settle their dispute by fighting .....

<4> .....or kissing once they've deomstrated their agent bona fide's in a fight.

<5> The aggressor girl gets her rival's hair undone.

<6> The kissing is aggressive, but with very little tongue.

<7> Each girl gets time on top....

<8> .... and on the bottom.....

<9>  ....and strip each other.

<10> The braided girl enjoys being dominant, but only with worthy rivals.  She would get no pleasure in besting a jobber.