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Katherine Heigl vs Laura Prepon

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Katherine Heigl vs Laura Prepon
« on: May 09, 2023, 03:32:17 AM »

Laura Prepon was exceedingly popular on the set of Orange is the New Black.  She and Katharine Heigl fought again and like the first fight they had in their twenties it was a evenly matched fight but this time she won.

“I think our first fight was more violent, I was the first person to fight her who wasn’t outgunned by her… It bothered her deep down but hey she won the fight. Last time it was a more measured approach but she didn’t age as well as me, so she got her ass kicked.”

“So how did you feel after you won.”

“Justified, I knew she got lucky the first fight and almost ten years later we saw each other and knew it was time to do it again… I always said Katherine peaked fighting me, everything Katherine had was thrown against me and after that she became less famous, less firm, less liked, less everything and now in our 30s I proved how much better I aged and I  made her cry.”

“You got lucky you stupid bitch…”  Katherine Heigl had snuck her way on set

“look who it is, my bitch… Hows your tits” 

“Still better than yours.”

“We both know that isn’t true.” 

“Give me some of the prison wardrobe… I’ll go face to face with this bitch and watch her back away because she can’t deal with my tits on hers then I’ll beat the shit out of her  but not cancel this because I like the show.”

Laura looked around “Get her ready, didn’t want another ten years before I kicked your ass again.”

Katharine disappeared with a few people and came back.  Both had the prison clothes on.  They were in the prison bunk set.  Laura took off her glasses and gave them to Taylor “Sure you want to do this.”

“No rules bitch, I’m making you quit but I like this show, so I’ll just insist you get paid less…. Get paid what your worth.  Absolutely nothing”

“This time I make sure you stay finished.”  They rushed at each other and voluptuous bodies slammed then bounced off then traded slaps

Katharine ducked low and pushed into Laura into one of the cells and before she could go further Laura hit a clubbing blow to Katharine’s back then walked over her and shut the door “Ok bitch you want to do this again lets do it right.”

Heigl got up “Is that locked?”

“Lock this fucking door!” Laura smiled “it will be.”

Laura stayed by the door and Katharine was on the other side o the cell.  CLINK and on that sound the two amazons traded slaps then traded punches.  Heigl ducked a punch took Prepon down and went for the tits only to get kicked away

“I’m cancelling this damn show and making you unemployed”

“You dumb bitch this is the final season.”  Heigl got froze with that comment she was here to make Laura unemployed, and this was the shows final season so that was out the window.  Laura saw the irritation in Katherine and Laura slapped her then hit a punch to the belly “That used to be firmer.”

Taking the moment to make that comment was enough time for Katherine to recover from the gut punch and hit her own “Think I got a bit of tit there those used to be higher and stomach firmer.”

Laura hit a jab to Katherine’s tit then backed away “Yeah your tit used to be there but I didn’t feel much C cup.”

“Step up bitch and I’ll show you where I still am and why your name was never as big as mine.” Katherine put her arms out and took a step

“My name might not have hit your peak but it also never hit your valleys and for what your challenging I always made those a valley when my peaks met them.”  Laura put her hands out and took her step “Want to do this then we need one more step each.”

Lock hands slam chests or go for the cheap shot.  They stared in the others eyes knowing those were the two options.  They could read the others mind thinking about the cheap shot.  Throw a forehead into the face.  Turn shoulder and slash a elbow.  Kick the stomach, knee the pussy all sorts of scenarios and each shared a crooked smile because they could tell that yes those scenarios were going through the others head

Their fingers were tickling the others and they smiled they had to make a decision as to what t hey wanted to do.  Both knew what they wanted and Katherine smiled before she locked fingers.  “ wish you had the guts to do this when we were in our twenties then we wouldn’t be here.”

“You were the one who avoided this I nearly had you smothered out but now better late than never.  Now you …’

“Whose tits won last time.”

“We end our fights the same.. You destroyed my pussy I destroyed yours lets do what we should have done in the beginning years back.  You ready?”

“Are you?”

They both answered taking a deep breath and slamming chests.  They gasped backed up but kept hands locked then gave a look and both knew it because it was the look they were giving.  The look was asking the other if they had enough.  It was also a look of that was harder than I thought it would be so please say you had enough.

Legs squatted a little more and they pushed up slammed tits again and this time the gasp was louder than the smashing of tits.  Again they bounced back, Laura took her top off then her bra “Come on one more time.”

Katherine took off her top threw it on the bed then removed her bra.  “One more time all you can take.  Then you should just say it.”

“Nice one I walked into it and now you walk into getting put down.”

“Lets get rules in place then.  We’re bare titted and still huge in tits, so we lock hands and go in”

“Three forward slams. One goes down the other always had the better tits.”  Laura said they had their hands locked but both were very vested in this.

“Four.  Let’s make it an even number.  After four we press tight for four seconds with just the pressure of our tits.”

“Eight seconds release then back in.  Then some tit swinging if needed but it won’t be because…”

“You’ll be done before we get there.”

“Then do it.  Make me done and find out what happens.”



They both went for the advantage and Smashed hard into each others tits.  The gasp was as loud as the impact.  They pressed hard and released at four seconds then made some deep breaths .  Hands were still locked so they needed to do this again.

They jumped into it and overhead where a camera was set up for the show they could see those large tits coming upward and it was about below the nipple when the slap hit and neither could really take that and both almost fell.  Hands still locked there was no pressure after and talking was pointless and would make it harder to not cry.  Boy did they want to cry

Katherine glanced at her right hand and laura never released her grip.  Laura was staring at her right and Katherine  hadn’t released.  The grip wasn’t strong but it was still there and they were only breathing through their nose and began to straighten up.  “That’s”  Laura said


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Re: Katherine Heigl vs Laura Prepon
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2023, 03:37:54 AM »

“Two”  Katherine finished.

They wriggled their fingers and took some deep breaths.  That one really hurt and made each hope they could put the other away before they swang tits at the other.  Fingers tightened again so they knew it was time for another slam.

They never jumped into this one just drove forward, and the chests hit hard then they pressed forward.  A grr from each as they were determined to end this debate right now and they went beyond four seconds and finally had to release.  The two released completely and walked to opposite sides of the cell turned their backs and massaged their tits.

“Why did you come here?”  Laura asked and she couldn’t hide the pain in her voice.

“I don’t…”  Katherine ate her words and took some breaths she didn’t know “Because the score is one to one.”

Laura heard the second part but she knew the first part was what was honest.  Katherine no longer knew why she was here.  Maybe it was the fact their score was tied but they waited years for the rematch and Heigl still has that a list mentality.  No longer A list and now this would only get worst if they waited.

“I don’t believe you, but it is what it is.”  Laura stood tall.

Katherine “It is …”  Katherine stood tall they met “What it is.  Lets get this done because we both know my tits are better I just have to put the exclamation mark on it.”

“Only thing we both know is that neither of us actually wants to be here but if you need my tits to finally prove superior then so fucking be it.”

“What did we agree to on this again.  I want to know because this is where I vanquish you and then …”

“Shut up Kat this is mostly delay and I allow it because I need the delay to.  What we agreed on was.  It was.”

“We both want the delay so it was…Eight seconds no hands just tits on tits trying to push the other back”

“Or send her down.” 

Laura realized they were talking a lot more than any other fight and put her hands behind her back “I’m ready unless you want to stop now.”

“Stop.”  Katherine put her arms behind her back “We haven’t even really begun.  You ready?”

“Are you?”  Laura quickly replied

Laura also stepped forward to show her readiness.  Katherine knew talk was over she matched the step then they pressed.  The goal for both was to get the top and press down.  They moved shoulders and counted to eight seconds.

Eight seconds they pressed hard for two more than released and took some deep breaths.  Head down staring at the others tits that were reddened from the pressure and starting to return to normal

“You.”  They said and realized the break was over and pressed tight again.  Squat down push up try to pin the others large tits to the collar bone and after five seconds they were groaning.  Then again, the eight seconds hit this time they released right away.  “Damn it” Katherine said knowing she never got any further ahead

“Fuck sakes” Laura said frustrated Katherine was even here.

They took some deep breaths then brought their tits in for the third time and were just screaming at each other.  Neither would budge and the slap when they hit was huge but they never cared and went well over eight seconds then realized it and backed away.

“FUCK” “YOUR” “TITS”  There was no pause this time they immediately slammed into each other.  Tits were pinned down and Teeth clinched and eyes on fire staring at the other.  Neither really wanted to swing tits at the other.

They kept at it this time but feet were having trouble staying in place and this went for nearly two minutes and the sweat on the tits was to much.  They both knew how long it went but had to release and when they did it was like a spring being let go they bounced back to opposite sides.  Each woman turned away elbows on the wall they began taking deep breaths trying to fight back the tears not because of the tit pressure but the fear of knowing what comes next

“You should have dropped.  You know I’m to motivated for you bitch.  You know this belongs to me.”  Heigl said with so much fear in her voice.

“Your stupid idea wasn’t it.  We are here because of your jealousy and most of all your stupidity so lets just get it over with.”

“When I turn if your hands are on your hips then you want this.  If they aren’t I’ll just walk out because you had enough.  But if they are you idiot then we meet and we swing them and see who drops.  We go until one of us drops.”

“I’m going to turn around Heigl… I’m going to turn and we’re both going to hurt and you are going down but we’re both going to lose because we both know this don’t end well when C cups do it.”

“Then it wont end well but it will end so step up and lets get a tit between the tits.”

“Best way for it to start so…”  They stepped up and the right tit was between the other tits. They tightened their entire body and gritted their teeth it was going to be brutal and painful and likely quick, but it was going to happen.

It was to late to do anything but start so with great grind they dragged their tit to the left.  Dropping the shoulder for extra pressure.  A groan as the tits bounced afterwards that hurt so much then staying where they were they dropped the other shoulder and grinded again.  Hands actually dropped to asses and breathing already began to increase

Back and forth with pure power and friction they wanted to quit but kept going.  Each time it sped up a bit more.  Someone glanced in and it looked like Heigls left tit went around her ribs and hit her back when she was swinging.  The impacts were getting worst and the sound of slapping large tits would haunt whoever lost this.

Nails dug in and tears flowed, and they had such a pace and both turned as far as their body would go and then twisted back.  The tits hit and Heigl’s legs gave out and Laura was the only one who followed completely through, and Katherine Heigl fell down to the single bed.  Laura fought to keep standing stumbled around, but she saw Heigl down and knew she had to stay standing.

“Was it worth it?  Katherine was it worth it?”  Laura kicked Heigl and fell back crying and covering her chest.  “That’s the dumbest thing you did since Greys Anatomy so was it worth it?”  One more kick

“I won it and it wasn’t worth it.  Your weak tits, your career were all these failures worth it.  Your diva attitude should have been eliminated years ago feel your tits and tell me are you still a diva?”  Laura went for a third kick but this one was caught, and Laura sent down to her ass

Two big swinging double ax handle blows the balled-up fists going to Lauras soft stomach “How about I tell you when its me who leaves you here.”

Katherine tried to mount Laura only to get slapped away.  “I’m leaving here with you.  I’m”  She never got to finish as Laura turned to be hit with a slap.  Laura was now on her back and Katherine on her stomach right next to her.  Both breathing hard

“you are what Laura… going to lose in front of these friends."  Kat pushed up then looked over at Laura

Laura swiped a handout from Kat who fell back down “I’m winning this and will drag you out for them to see you beaten.”

Laura tried to roll on top of Katherines back only to get hit with a back elbow.  Now both tired voluptuous amazons were on their chests.  Had to get breathing back under control they just looked up with their eyes and could see the cast was taking turns to stare into the cell.  “I cant wait to show them what you are and who I am.”  Kat barely got out

“I think they know who we are.  I’m just going to bring you out there and show them …”  Laura couldn’t get out any more.

Both were tired but they were starting to get up to their feet.  It was a struggle, but they got up turned toward each other and both expected the other to hit a slap.  So, they both went for a stomach uppercut instead and the softer bellies could not absorb it and Heigl fell to the toilet and Prepon onto the bed.

A glance at the door.  They quickly got off their seated position, laura motivated to give her friends a show and Katherine motivated to beat Laura in front of this cast.

Back at each other and they were up trading slaps.  The swings were becoming forearm like a vader punch to the side of the head.  Then they ended up with the left arm behind the other and hauled back the right elbow as far up as it could go then threw it down burying a punch into the soft bellies.

They tried to twist and slam the other into the door after the punch but only shifted closer fighting back.  Then another gasp worthy body blow and again a desire to hit the other woman into the door but never happened.  Katherine then instead of going for a body blow got hit by one and hit a forward slap just below Laura’s throat.

That gave Katherine the power advantage to slam Laura into the door “Not long now.”  She was looking at the co stars of Laura Prepon when she said that as they were fearing for their friend.

Katherine Heigl pressed her forearm into Laura’s collar bones.  One right into the stomach, then another “Before I let you drop in front of them I want to hear you cry, I want to feel your tears I want to.”  A third body blow but Heigl couldn’t say anymore.

Laura clapped Katherines ears with her palms then did it again and that got Heigl to drop her power on Prepon.  Laura hit some short knees to Heigl’s stomach than grabbed the blonde hair and switched position and hauled back and hit a tremendous right-handed slap that nearly put both down

“Not yet” Laura had her face buried in the back of Katherines hair “Not FUCKING YET” Left hand went under and on Katherines face and then slammed Heigl back into the door.

“I have actually dreamed of this.”  Laura hit the first punch to Heigls stomach “Having you pinned.” Another stomach punch this one harder “Your tits wrecked and me victorious.”  A third punch “One more and its one more than you are done.”

Katherine got her left arm up and drove her elbow into the back of Lauras neck.  Then hit a right knee and another left elbow to the back and a left knee to the tits and then pushed off the door only for both to crash to the ground.

They wrestled around switching top position and both wanted the same thing.  To end the fight and to do that it was best to get in a North south position and take advantage of just how tired the other was and smother them out.

There was energy being burned but Laura was able to win the top position and went a little to far for the breast smother and had her head past Katherine’s tits so she just took a little bite on Heigl’s stomach then slid back until her tits were over Katherines face.

Just before Laura could apply pressure and smother Katherine.  Katherine dug her nails into Laura’s back then turned Laura over while she was grimacing.  Katherine had her tits over Laura’s face and arms behind the neck and applied pressure.

In order to get the best pressure, you had to lift your shoulders and neck, but Katherine couldn’t.  Laura bearhugged the blondes head and now both were in the worst place possible.  Absolutely drained of energy, short of breath and between massive tits of the other woman.

Katherine turned Laura over and had her there for a few seconds smashed the back of the head of Laura Prepon.  Laura shortly after turned Katherine over and returned that smash then shook her shoulders hoping that would apply more pressure of tits taking breath away.

Those watching could see Katherines back changing color and then slowly Laura rolled Katherine over and Laura’s back was even redder than Katherines.  The oxygen deprivation was real, and it was clear as Laura struggled to keep her position and got turned over.  Laura’s back as red as her hair used to be.

Then another roll but it was stuck on their sides. And after a minute the arms fell and went limp fifteen seconds later each woman collapsed on their back.  Chests barely heaving as they were completely knocked out.  This fight took to much out of two women built like them.

It was about a minute and no movement.  Chests were barely rising but they were alive seemingly knocked out cold but still alive.  They had to open up knowing this looked like a draw which could mean another fight or maybe they would settle at 1-1-1

It took a few women but they were able to get both Laura and Katherine out.  They were bigger than some watching so it was a struggle.  The change of air was felt on their skin and they began to move.  Then reawaken and struggled to get up “Did I win?”  Laura sked then saw Katherine up as well.

“Who won?” Katherine asked then saw a Laura Prepon who was three different colors.

They began to realize there wasnlt a winner… yet.  Whatever energy was left they had to find a winner they pushed away stepped at the other were throwing a big over hand right but Laura slipped and Heigl missed then Laura came upwards with a upper cut that swung completely around and into Katherines badly beaten stomach dropping her.

Katherine Heigl was on her knees holding her stomach gasping for air and felt Laura get behind her.  Laura reached for the blonde hair barely able to stand but ready to end this “Enough.”

“You say something Heigl.”

“You won… You win… I’m done.”  Then Katherine just passed out all the fight left her body and Laura fell to her ass tired and beaten but victorious in what she hoped was the last time she would ever lock horns and tits with Katherine Heigl

(Upcoming: Ashley Greene vs Laura Vandervoort; Beau Garrett vs Jaimie Alexander; Ladder Match)