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Ladder Match: Spears v Simpson v Guerrero v Hough v Murray v Michele v Lowndes v

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Jillian Murray could feel the tension between Lowndes and Hudgens before Lea Michelle walked in.  Hudgens seemed to shy away and Lowndes laughed, Lea took over the room.  Jillian stayed back and watched those three and then Jessica noticed her, but it wasn’t noticing her. 

Jillian felt something behind her and it was Diane Guerrero.  “You once embarrassed a mentor of mine.”

“Eva... I love Eva but she thought I was a weak, pointless, a push over.”  Jillian gave Diane a size up “Bet you wouldn’t think that, because I’m sure not thinking about it of you.”

Diane stepped up “I spoke to Eva about you and guess what.”  The two were face to face and no one noticed because Lowndes, Michelle and Hudgens were all ready to fight. 

Jillian turned her head slightly and arched her chest out “What?”

“She said the same thing you just said.  Someday we could fight, and I bet it would be great… What’s going on over there.”

“Those three, hilarious.”  Another of Eva Longoria’s people came over and looked to her left at the three ready to fight.  Alexa Vega who was part of a rumour mill that she was broken mentally when she fought and beat Sarah Shahi as hard as she did.  Alexa wanted that rumour kiboshed she broke Sarah not the other way.

She looked over at Diane and Jillian and then Julianne Hough walked in.  “Holy crap how many fights we going to see and … Hey everyone knows a couple of legends are about to fight outside.”

Outside Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were chest to chest “I beat you more so go the fuck out of if it.”  Jessica’s chest pushed Britney back

Everyone went outside and Lea knew now was the chance and turned Jessica Lowndes to cheapshot her.  Before she could land the punch, Vanessa Hudgens threw Lowndes down and cheap shotted Lea.

There were multiple fights breaking out and a long-time wrestling fan Hollywood legend ordered this to be stopped and it was.  Simpson and Spears started the fighting.  Then Hudgens jumped Lowndes when she was on the ground who then went after Vanessa and Jessica got up so the three were fighting each other.

Alexa Vega knew her reputation needed solidification so she shoved Diane to the ground and got in Jillians face only to get thrown to the ground by Diane who challenged Jillian.

Julianne Hough screamed “I bet neither of you would fight me.”  Which Jillian pointed at her

“It her I really want.”

“Come get some”  Julianne said

Diane turned around to want to say something but ended up nose to nose with Alexa Vega and neither was backing down

A security person for each woman showed up and separated them.  They were brought to a vehicle each and a tablet was there.  It was clear they all wanted a fight so all should fight.  It would be something special as so many gathered and initiated it so something was offered A ladder match for all and whoever won would control who each would fight next.  Those fights would take place in a shark cage inside a warehouse and when two fought others would watch.  Winner got to keep watching and loser went home knowing she was defeated.

All they had to do was put their thumbprint on the screen which they all did.  So each of those women were now in a ladder match

Jillian Murray got their first and changed into fighting gear.  Jillian had arguably the greatest resume with wins over Eva Longoria, Sara Jean Underwood and two against Lacey Chabert was out first and looked ten feet up at the briefcase.  She surveyed the area, approximately six ladders around.  Four entrance ways, a crowd of around 200 which was all the women’s friends and cohorts.  A small WWE show type feel like NXT.  Barriers, a announce table, ring steps and soon other women. 

A ring announcer had come into the ring she was out early “This is Jillian Murray, out next is” he stumbled with the cards “Is one o the most all around  around ready to win this Diane guererro.”

Diane came out stayed on the apron nodding at Jillian.  She got in and they stayed on separate sides

“The Dancing Queen, one of the physically strongest women and a force of nature.  Julianne Hough.”  Julianne came out playing to the crowd and got in the ring.  Julianne like Diane had little known fighting experience but as Jillian and Diane showed some level of respect that didn’t exist between Julianne and Jillian who were in each others face jawjacking and had to be seperated

“A catfight legend.”  The three women turned at the entrance Jillian had come out “Britney Spears.”

Britney came out to a loud ovation.  She got on the ring ropes “Bring Simpson out NOW!”

“Huh uhmn up next is Jessica Lowndes”  Jessica walked out and stopped halfway “Mrs Lowndes please come into the ring.”

Jessica was escorted to the ring.  Another extensive and impressive resume belonged to Jessica and she stayed calm in the ring none of the women he wanted to hurt were out yet

 “The woman who beat Sarah Shahi, Ladies and gentlemen Alexa Vega.”

“Bring Simpson out NOW!”  Britney still on the ropes looking out

“An out of this world talent with many wins and lots of weapons.  Lea Michelle”

Lea Michelle recently defeated but still had issues with Vanessa Hudgens and wanted to fight Jessica as well.  Those two never got a chance to go face to face

“A former teen star, a former reality star and the woman who has told me the one thing she will finally finish is Britney Spears… Jessica Simpson.”

Jessica was staring down Britney who rolled out of the ring and the two wanted to start fighting then and there but were stopped.  What made that so much fun was every other woman ignored the want to fight the other and walked to where the two legends were trying to fight.  They needed to see that.

While that was going Vanessa Hudgens ran past both slid under the bottom rope and took down a surprised Jessica Lowndes.  That needed to be broken apart and quick as they were already topless an rolling around

Now all the women were in the ring

Britney and Jessica had not taken their eyes off each other.  Lowndes and Vanessa were shouting at someone to start the damn match.  Those were the four that likely had little other time for other people.  The bell rang and Vanessa ran at Lowndes who was running at her but both were drop kicked by Lea Michelle

Alexa Vega walked to the middle and looked at Jillian Murray who walked to the middle and joined her. Jillian looked over at Julianne Hough who walked to the middle.  The three looked at Britney and Jessica going around the ring slamming tit punches and ripping hair.   Diane Guerrero scurried to join them “When did they lose the shirt” Julianne asked

Diane looked at Alexa and gave her a special look.  Jillian saw it and remembered what both were.  They were the Eva Longoria fan club, and she was in trouble so she jumped across and tackled Julianne down hoping that would be enough to not deal with her own past where she beat up Eva Longoria.

Julianne wanted this so she was glad Jillian jumped her and the two were in a epic rolling it was trading top and calling the other a bitch.  It stayed in the two spots and Diane wanted first shot at Jillian so she stomped her foot and went to stop this when Alexa grabbed Diane by the arm turned her around

Diane Guerrero chested up to Alexa “Got something to say”

Alexa chested back “I’m saying it.”


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“Well heres my response.”  Alexa for the first time felt her tits go inward and the power of Diane Guerrero in her legs and firm tits was a marvel

Jessica Simpson was on the outside hitting stomach punches to Britney Simpson “I had you beat… I had you beat years ago.”

Britney stomped her foot turned her around and was hitting her own stomach punches “I won bitch I won.  You got nothing on me.”

Jessica got her hand on that bicep of Britney pushed it back and tried for a slap over the top but Britney caught that and they went around in circles then ended up down.  Hands went from arms to hair and the two legends began to roll around

On the other side of the ring on the outside Lea Michelle was on her feet and had the hair of Jessica Lowndes who was on all fours in one hand.  In the other hand was the hair of Vanessa Hudgens who was also on all fours “I told you nobodies not to say my name I’m out of your leagues.”

Vanessa and Jessica looked at each other and hit a punch to Jessica’s stomach then went upwards each grabbing one of Leas tits they slammed Lea against the apron then stared at each other as they squeezed and twisted her tits

Their eyes were fire staring and ignored Leas screams bringing their second hand to the tit they were torturing.  They were in a test of strength, and it was who had a better tit squeeze on Lea Michelle who couldn’t take much more.

Then all three were sent to the ground as Julianne Hough and Jillian Murray rolled outside the ring and kicked both Lea and Vanesse in the head and got lea with their elbows.

Jillian and Julianne landed on their feet adjusted to stand over the three and one hand in the hair the right hand began hitting.  They hit each other twice when both got doubled over.  Vanessa hit a punch straight up between Jillian Murrays legs and Jessica hit one between Juliannes.

Vanessa got up and lifted Jillian Murray up and ran her into the barrier then watched the barrier fall.  “How you…”  It was in stereo, and she looked over and Jessica Lowndes did the same thing to Julianne Hough.  They looked at each other then back down then back at each other “I did…”  They both said trying to take credit for whose power put down the guardrail

Lea Michelle caressed her own tits then watched Jessica and Vanessa continue to try and out do the other on someone else.  She smiled glad it wasn’t her and looked in the ring Alexa Vega had Diane in a corner and ripped her shirt off then got reverse and Diane ripped Alexas shirt off.

“You think you’re Evas only one.  I am the next great Latina.”  Diane hit a over hand slap to Alexas tit

Diane got turned around and was hit with the same kind of slap “I already am what you wish you could be just ask Sarah fucking…”  She never got to finish as Lea Michelle splashed alexas back pancaking the chests of Alexa Vega and Diane Guerrero

Lea knew her strengths and she had in her opinion the strongest legs.  She got a full nelson on Alexa and hit a snap dragon suplex then kip up and got a high crotch position on Diane and hit a T bone suplex on Diane Guerrero.

Lea rested on the top rope a smile on her face.  She turned and Alexa was getting up so Lea hit her with a right leg soccer kick to the chest.  Looked to her left and Diane was beginning to lift her head so Lea brought her left knee up to her right hip then kicked it down her arch hitting Diane in the face

“I’m the real queen here.”  Lea jumped up and hit a senton on Alexa.  Back connecting with stomach.  She got up stepped over alexa and hit Diane with the same move.

Lea turned on her stomach and slid out of the ring like a snake and went to the floor she turned a corner and Britney was slapping Jessica in the face with her tits.  “You remember me now… Huh you remember?”

Lea squatted down and watched as Jessica Lowndes and Vanessa Hudgens finished their mirror beatings on Julianne Hough and Jillian Murray.  Wait for the two of them to start talking because that means they are only thinking about each other.  They were only thinking about ripping at the others skin and that was when she would get them back.

“You see what I just did to her that is nothing compared…”  Jessica was shouting.

“Oh, its nothing… Nothing compared to what I did to Jillian.  She beat Lacey Chabert have you ever.”

“I respected her but you I just want too…”  That was the moment and Lea ran at Jessica Lowndes drop kicked her in the back sending her at Vanessa who almost fell from having Jessica’s body falling at her.

Vanessa was in shock “What the hell”  then realized it was Lea who was up stepped to Jessicas outside and hit a back hook to Vanessa’s face.  Vanessa went to the apron and Lea put her head between the back fo Vanessas legs and lifted her up then pulled out sending Vanessa face first to the apron edge. 

“That’s what you both get for what you did to me, and I’ll be back.”  Lea said slapping Vanessas ass and kicking Jessica between the legs.  She then ran as Jillian was getting up and hit a Meteroa.  Up again after hitting the back of Jillian’s head into the floor

Up on her feet Lea threw a kick at Julianne Hough.  Hough caught the leg pinned the knee to the tit then grabbed Lea’s head and hit a suplex.    Lea hit hard on the floor and slid “Now you.”  She took three steps at Jillian who got worried. 

“No one to interfffffffff.”  Julianne Hough never got to take her pound of flesh from Jillian Murray as Alexa Vega grabbed her blonde hair turned her around.  Alexa hit a sick knee between the legs.

“Bring her into the ring.”  Diane was standing up on the ropes “No not her.”  Alexa had gut lifted Julianne but then simply dropped her.

Alexa grabbed Jillian by the shirt and lifted her up and slammed her into the ring apron.  Alexa looked up at Diane and it was like a mental conversation as to what they were going to do.  Diane got down on her knees underhooked Jillian lifted her in the ring.  Alexa held Jillian Murrays legs and removed her yoga pants while Diane removed the top.

The backed up and held the clothes up and mouthed ‘For Eva’ then threw the clothes away.  Diane turned around and she had a ladder half in “Push the bitch in, she has to pay for Eva.”

Alexa did so then grabbed her own six foot ladder pushed it in the ring and rolled in “I’m the heir apparent.  Who have you ever beaten, and I destroyed Sarah Shahi.”

“I challenge people and they don’t want a fight.”  Diane said hitting the ladder down into the back

“You a challenge.  Sarah Shahi is ferocious wild cat I neutered.”  Alexa hit Jillian with the ladder.

They backed up “So I beat you that put me above you and Shahi.”  Diane smiled.

“Don’t say that name to me or I’ll treat you like her.”  Alexa was going feral “Joust?”

Jillian was starting to get up and Diane gave a head motion and Alexa smiled.  They waited for Jessica to get up and the more Jillian did get up the more they brought the ladders up.  Jillian was on dizzy legs not realizing Alexa Vega and Diane Guerrero had the ladders up on their shoulders.  They were about to smash Jillian Murray raised a foot then got pulled out of the ring.

Vanessa Hudgens had Alexa Vega pulled out and pressed her chest into the edge of the ring apron and was hitting clubbing blows to the back.  “This is about more than you and I have more experience bitch.”

On the other side Jessica Lowndes was throwing Diane Guerrero into the barrier than took her shirt off “If you bitches wont let me and Vanessa end our shit then you got yourself a challenge because it sure as shit not you and Alexa who end this going for that it’s the two best and that Vanessa and me.”


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So on one side Jessica Lowndes who had removed her shirt and was choking Diane with it.  Julianne Hough saw that thought about going over and hitting both.  Then saw Vanessa Hudgens had her shirt off and was whipping Alexa Vega with it.  Britney and Jessica she looked around and saw their clothes but never saw them then looked in the ring.  Jillian fucking Murray was getting up

Jillian was up she looked and Alexa had pushed back and was fighting back against Vanessa.  Jessica and Diane flipped over the guardrail.  The ring was shaking and she could hear something so that’s where Britney and Jessica Simpson were.  That left and Jessica slowly turned around to get speared by Julianne Hough.

The spear was so great Jillian bounced up and her feet ended up on the rope.  “You and I keep finding each other and each time I keep proving you are not as great as they say.  I’m the best.  Me Julianne Hough.”  Julianne got up ran at the ropes bounced off jumped in the air and hit a drop kick to a reversed Jillian Murrays  back sending her folded down off the ropes

“If there is one woman I always dreamed about fighting it was you and god damn it you bitch.”  Julianne mounted Jillian grabbed her hair and smashed her head three times into the mat then picked Jillian up and threw her by the hair into a corner.

Julianne went to get a ladder and saw Lea Michelle get up on the ring apron and ran and used a hip attack to knock her off the ring apron.  “This me and and overrated Murrays time.”  She took a quick look and Vanessa Hudgens had turned the tables on Alexa and had the advantage while Diane and Jessica were fighting all around the area behind the barrier.

Julianne placed the ladder in the corner and went over to Jillian Murray who threw a punch.  It got caught and Julianne pulled forward and lifted Jillian on her shoulders into a squat position and squatted her to really get her legs ready.  She looked back and dropped back not to hard but more to place Jillian on the ladder and hurt her back.

Julianne hopped up to the second rope looked down on Jillian then dove for a splash.  Jillian rolled toward the corner and Julianne’s ribs crashed against the ladder.  She bounced up to her feet holding her ribs gasping and crying.  Lea Michelle who had been forgotten for so long saw this and knew she had her chance.

Lea slid into the ring ran at Juliane Hough jumped in the air and destroyed her with a straight kick.  Those powerful legs of Lea Michelle sent Julianne into a full flip.  Lea then ran at the ropes then back at Jillian Murray who got about five second of relief since the students of Eva Longoria attacked her took another big hit.  Lea hit a V Trigger knee.

Jillian Murray was laid out between the ropes and Lea hit a gentle kick to the ass sending Jillian to the outside headfirst and no protection.  She then smiled seeing Diane Guerrero and Jessica Lowndes in dueling bearhugs.  “You two are next.”  She could hear ‘NO JESSICA NO’  so Jessica was winning that.

Lea rolled to the outside looked and Jessica lowndes and Diane Guerrero had their eyes closed.  Really concentrating on breaking the others tits with their own.  Lea grabbed a steel chair from under the ring and put it near the guard rail backed up did a one and half step then foot on chair next foot on guardrail she jumped and hit a drop kick.  One foot to each woman catching them in the ear.

Diane and Jessica dropped then began to get up got on their knees and Jessica ate a round house kick to the tits first.  Then lea went over and with her other leg hit a round house kick to Dianes.  “Want to know whose tits were firmer against my shin.”  Lea was not messing around she knocked out Julianne Hough, knocked out Jillian Murray.  She didn’t like Jessica Lowndes so Diane Guerrero would pay for that.

Lea was drilling round house kicks into their tits and laughing “First to fall has weaker tits.”  They rocked back and forth then spun and hit a reverse sidekick to Jessica Lowndes knocking her out and then one to Diane Guerrero knocking her out “Four down two to go.”

She walked away but stopped at Jessica “you and vanessa need to keep my name out of your mouth.  I’ll got tell her now.”  She stomped Jessicas stomach then decided she wanted to sneak attack the other two and squatted down and walked shoulder pressed against the guardrail and was going to take these two out and win the ladder match.

“I had enough.”  It sounded like Alexa so it was time to hurt both.  Lea grabbed the guard rail and pulled then lept up on it only to see Alexa Vega sickeningly spike Vanessa Hudgens on the displaced stairs.  Lea froze and Alexa saw her and sidekick the shin putting Lea stomach down on the guardrail

“You vultourous bitch.”  Alexa got a front head lock and pulled Lea off slightly and hit a draping DDT on Lea Michelle.  “You and Vanessa got to high of a ego.  You want my nasty you got it.”

Alexa walked away turned waited then ran and hit a left foot stomp on the back of Leas head slamming the face into the wooden floor.  Then jumped up and used her root foot to stomp Vanessas head.  “No one not one woman … These bitches need to know who the fuck I am.”

She walked over both Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michelle slapping her own chest “I’m the toughest, I’m the meanest and I’m.”  She turned the corner and saw something by the steps then heard something and realized Jessica Simpson was on top of Britney Spears in the aisleway

Alexa had a kendo stick pulled out from under the ring.  She wanted to watch this like everyone would have.  She was filled with rage but when it came to a feud like Spears vs Simpson you have to seat back and watch.  Jessica blonde hair was showing signs of red, so they made each other bleed and Jessica was just slamming her chest over and over again onto Britney’s.

Britney’s arms dropped to the floor and Jessica scooted up and dropped her tits over Britney’s face.  Alexa walked over and knew the size of those tits and if stories of Simpson were accurate than Britney was out.  CRACK, Kendo Stick across the back

Jessica jerked up arched her back and Alexa got the kendo stick across the mouth and hit a Russian leg sweep.  “I let you finish off Britney.  I’m the woman who beat Sarah Shahi into retirement and do you know how.”  Alexa began to beat Jessica’s tits with the kendo stick.

“Please stop… Please” Jessica Simpson pleaded, and Alexa actually did.

“You are done… Ok you are done and when I win, I will let you fight her again.  We have faith but right now those other two need to face the Old Testament from the woman who knows what viciousness is all about.”

“I will do whatever you say just stop please God.  Please God leave me alone I only came here for her.”

Alexa looked back at Britney “Then if she moves put her back out, I got four others to deal with.”

So sheepish Jessica just nodded yes.  Alexa anger climbed as she turned and Jessica could see the claw marks on her back but god did that back look strong.  Alexa turned the corner jogged a step jumped and hit a drop kick to Jillian Murray then slid off the apron and drilled the back of Jillian Murray until she was satisfied.  She watched Jillian slide down and collapse and stood over her pressed the kendo stick between the tits “Remember who did this to you… Alexa fucking Vega and be thankful I don’t retire you.”

Diane Guerrero and Jessica Lowndes worked their way up onto the railing.  Alexa turned her head and saw Diane first “Look and…”

“You are greater than eva ever was.”  Diane said then fell down onto her ass and started to crawl backwards on her ass and away “Please leave me be.  You are the best… You.”  She was nearly crying

“Leave and when I’m done here we will get eva and have a drink and I’ll let you decide who you face one on one.  This bitch I got something special planned for.”  Alexa dragged Jessica over the guard rail and ate a punch to the stomach as Jessica knew she was in trouble.

“I like dirty boxing.”  Alexa said hitting two short but brutal uppercuts to the face of Jessica Lowndes then pulled turned and pushed Jessica into a ring post.

Arms of Jessica Lowndes were on each side of the ring post and over the bottom rope.  Alexa pulled the wrists “You need a lesson I taught Shahi.”  Alexa Vega began swinging left and right her tits destroying Jessicas.  Alexa watched as the tears and screams could not be held back. 


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“MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Jessica filled the arena with her pain and Alexa vega stepped back then as Jessica fell forward her tits destroyed Alexa wasn’t finished

“You are last”  One of the most perfectly thrown and hardest left hooks was thrown by Alexa Vega to Jessica Lowndes ear.  Lowndes went down and was out cold, everyone was but three.  Jessica Simpson was frozen in fear, Diane Guerrero was nowhere in sight and Julianne Hough was in the corner beaten and trying to avoid eye contact.

So much confidence Alexa Vega walked around the entire ring over each body.  Then the one set of stairs she walked up then got into the ring and looked at the briefcase.  Grabbing a ladder she set it up then walked over to Julianne “You what are you going to do.  Lets finish this now.”

“Please no and I don’t want you one on one.”  Julianne put her body through the middle and bottom rope avoiding Alexa.

Alexa slicked her hair back. Her body glistening and the damage done to it made it look stronger as she destroyed just about everyone.  Alexa climbed the steps so she could watch Julianne the enterie time.  Each step her smile got larger as Julianne was indeed frozen with fear.  Third last step Alexa reached up but pushed the briefcase.  One more step and Juliannes eyes went wide

Then Alexa mouth opened in pain.  Something hard hit her between the legs.  It felt like a metal object and she was draped across the top of the ladder and struck again this time in the lower back.  Alexa opened her eyes and could see a fully clothed woman but not the face then whoever this was lifted her legs and began climbing the ladder.

Alexa was trying to brace herself for being thrown off and could see black hair and big tits.  So, it wasn’t Hudgens the tits were to big.  Alexa wasn’t being thrown off and whoever this was had her legs up and stepped over to the other side and jumped off the ladder with Alexa.  Alexa body got wrecked with a Bro Derek type move and knees went to Alexa’s tits crushing them.

The ring shook and ladder fell after that, and Julianne gasped as Sarah Shahi stood up and looked at her “Do not get up.”  Sarah said then jumped up in the air and double stomped Alexa Vegas stomach.

“You want to talk about me?  You want to say my fucking name?”  Sarah began to stomp Alexas entire body hitting especially hard stomps on the inside of the ankles “Did you… Wait.”  Sarah walked away

Sarah came back and pushed Alexa back onto her back then stood over Vega.  “Do you recognize this.  Its what you used against me to destroy my tits.  I was just going to use this to challenge you again but you couldn’t keep my name out of your mouth.”

Sarah had the fire place gate which Alexa used on her in their last fight.  Alexa was barely conscious and Sarah dropped down on Alexa’s stomach “Do you remember what you did to me.”  She began grinding the gate on Vegas tits “How do you like it bitch… HOW DO YOU FUCKING LIKE IT?”

Sarah stopped and threw it away then stood up brought Alexa onto her knees “This could have been done in private after but you want to use my name as a reason this bitches should fear you.”  Sarah hit ten sick and quick upper cuts to Alexis face then stepped back and drilled her with a knee to the face

Some refs came in “What?”  Sarah scared them off “She called for me and now she got me.”

“Ok since its no dq do what you want until there’s a winner.”

“You are fucked.”  Sarah said and kicked Alexa in the back of the knee three times then lifted both legs up for a wheelbarrow and pulled them and pushed forward herself with a sickening knee between Alexa Vegas legs.

Sarah stepped back and threw Alexa over her with a Wheelbarrow suplex.  Sarah got up threw the ladder down to give her some extra seconds of beating on Alexa Vega.  She stomped Alexa’s pussy the dropped a knee down on the pussy stood up.  Sarah looked over and Julianne stopped crawling.

Sarah looked around more were starting to recover from Alexa bashing them.  She had to finish Alexa off, and she smiled thinking what to do.  “You went to far after my tits bitch.”

Sarah dragged Alexa by the hair and threw her head into the bottom turn buckle then rolled to the outside holding onto Alexa’s hair she pulled as hard as she could sending Alexa’s shoulder into the ring post.

First a sick left hook into Alexa’s temple that had nowhere to go as it was against the ring post.  If Alexa Vega was conscious, she no longer was.  Sarah then got Alexa’s tit to the metal turnbuckle attached to the eye bolt

“You went to far to beat me now I’m.”   

“NOOOOOO”  Diane Guerrero ran out and tackled Sarah Shahi to stop her from whatever she was planning to do to Alexa Vegas tit.

“I cant let you do any…”  Sarah reversed position as Diane said “More”  Sarah began driving knees into Diane Guerreros stomah and tits when the bell rang.  Sarah stood up and looked there was Julianne Hough on top of the ladder then over at Lea Michelle who was on her feet hanging off the apron.  Then back at Alexa Vega, Diane was holding onto her legs.

Sarah soccer kicked Diane in the face went after alexa but all the security came out and stopped her.  Sarah was lifted up and brought away “Give me her… Give me Alexa Vega.  Do you hear me Hough.  Give me Alexa Vega.”

“The winner of the ladder match is Julianne Hough.  Julianne look in the briefcase and see what privilege winning gives you.”

Julianne opened it up and looked “Ok Shahi lets see how  tough you are when you take Alexa Vega on one on one in a shark tank.  That’s right ladies I get to decide who we all fight next.  Vanessa and Jessica of course and god damn I cant wait to watch Britney and Jessica.”

She looked over at Jessica who turned and had a huge smile.  Jessica was looking in at Julianne with a huge smile.  Her vs Britney one more time after what she just did then crack Britney was pummeling the back of Jessica Simpsons back then smashing her face into the mat.  “One on one bitch… One on fucking one and remember you had me beat before.” 

Britney turned Jessica and put her tits over Jessicas face and smothered her unconscious.  They couldn’t pull her away and she knew Jessica was out she let got and punted her int the pussy “Just like the last time I walk away and you are knocked out.  See you soon bitch.”

Julianne watched that transpire “I need to say who…”  cRACK and with three choices left for Julianne she got knocked out cold with a kick to the back of the head.  It was heard that Jessica Simpson would fight Britney Spears.  Alexa Vega would get Sarah Shahi and Jessica Lowndes would fight Vanessa Hudgens again.

“Jillian can have Diane, you will want revenge for that.  But Julianne in whatever they make us fight in that will be the day I prove who has the better legs.”

Julianne Hough may have won the ladder match but it was Lea Michelle the last woman standing in the ring.

(Upcoming: Kim Matula vs Kristin Kreuk; Ashley Green vs Laura Vandervoort; Beau Garrett vs Jaimie Alexander)