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1986 - a mud wrestling novel 2

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1986 - a mud wrestling novel 2
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As Tom and Debbie arrive home, Tom is feeling sexually charged after watching the wrestling tryouts and witnessing the erotic scene between Devon and Jake. Debbie can sense his arousal and decides to help him release some of that pent-up tension. She leads him to the bedroom and starts to undress him slowly, taking her time to appreciate every inch of his muscular body. Tom can feel his cock growing harder with every touch and kiss from Debbie's lips. As she takes off his clothes, Debbie gets on her knees and starts to suck on Tom's cock. She takes him deep into her mouth, using her tongue to swirl around the head and tease him with every stroke. Tom moans in pleasure and runs his fingers through her hair, urging her to take him even deeper.
Debbie continues to suck and lick his cock, taking him all the way down her throat. Tom can feel himself getting closer to the edge and he warns her that he's about to cum. Debbie pulls back just in time, letting him shoot his load all over her face and breasts. Tom watches as his cum drips down Debbie's body, making her even more irresistible to him. He pulls her up onto the bed and starts to kiss her passionately, exploring every inch of her body with his hands and tongue.
Tom can feel his cock growing hard again and he decides to take things to the next level. He positions himself behind Debbie and enters her from behind, thrusting deep into her wet pussy. Debbie moans in pleasure and pushes back against him, urging him to go harder and deeper. They continue to fuck like animals, with Tom taking control and dominating Debbie's body. He grabs onto her big tits and uses them to pull her back onto his cock even harder. Debbie screams in pleasure, feeling her body tighten around him as she gets closer to orgasm.
Finally, they both reach their peak, cumming together in a powerful explosion of pleasure. Tom collapses onto Debbie's back, breathing heavily as they both bask in the afterglow of their intense sexual encounter. As they lay there, Debbie tells Tom that she's open to exploring more of his sexual fantasies, including the world of wrestling and domination. Tom grins in excitement, already imagining the possibilities of what they could do together.

Tom, Jake, and Lisa couldn't contain their excitement as they walked through the venue where the first mud wrestling event would take place. The sound of their footsteps echoed throughout the empty space, and they eagerly surveyed the area, already picturing the wrestling pit in their minds.
"So, how many fighters are we thinking?" Lisa asked, her eyes glinting with excitement.
"I think six would be a good number," Tom replied, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.
"I agree," Jake chimed in. "But let's make sure we get some real tough women in there. We want the matches to be intense."
"Absolutely," Lisa agreed, nodding her head.
As they walked around, they discussed which fighters they would like to invite to participate in the event. They considered their physical attributes, their wrestling skills, and their willingness to get down and dirty in the mud.

After much debate, they finally came up with a list of six fighters, each one with their unique strengths and weaknesses. They sent out the invitations, and within a few days, they had their line-up.
On the day of the event, the wrestling ring was filled with a thick layer of mud, and the atmosphere was electric. The audience was a mix of men and women, all eager to see the fighters battle it out in the mud.
Tom Magnum climbed into the mud-filled ring as the excited crowd cheered. He was wearing a black and white striped referee shirt and a pair of tight black shorts. He grabbed the microphone and announced the first fighters.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our first match of the night! In this corner, weighing in at 130 pounds, standing at 5'4", and boasting an incredible 34D chest, we have the gorgeous and talented Sexy Sam!"
The crowd went wild as Sam made her way to the ring, clad in an ultra high-cut bathing suit that left little to the imagination. Her ample chest was practically spilling out of the top, and her perfectly toned backside was on full display.
As she stepped into the mud, the audience cheered even louder, and Tom couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy as he watched the men's eyes follow her every move.
As the crowd eagerly awaits the next competitor, the arena erupts with cheers as Barbara makes her grand entrance. She struts confidently towards the ring, her body glistening under the bright lights. The spotlight captures every curve and accentuates her toned physique.
Tom's voice booms through the loudspeakers, introducing Barbara to the roaring audience. Her age, height, weight, and measurements are announced, further fueling the anticipation. The crowd's excitement reaches a crescendo as they catch a glimpse of her revealing bathing suit, which leaves little to the imagination.
Barbara confidently flaunts her assets, swaying her hips seductively as she dances her way into the ring. Her every move captivates the audience, drawing their eyes to her shapely figure. The crowd's energy is palpable as they revel in the spectacle unfolding before them.
With her ring name announced as "Barbara Bush," a playful chuckle ripples through the crowd. Some are amused by the cheeky innuendo, while others appreciate the clever twist. Barbara embraces the attention, revealing her pussy and hairy bush for a few seconds. Sam and Tom chuckle about that.
As she steps closer to the ring, the spotlight illuminates her 36C breasts, accentuating their natural beauty. Gasps and murmurs of appreciation ripple through the crowd as they admire her well-proportioned curves. The sight of her alluring physique sends a wave of excitement through the audience, leaving them eager for the upcoming match.
The atmosphere is charged with anticipation as Barbara takes her place in the ring, ready to face off against Sexy Sam. The crowd's enthusiasm is infectious, creating an electric energy that sets the stage for an intense and captivating showdown.
As the bell rings, signaling the start of the match, Sam and Barbara waste no time engaging in a fierce exchange. With adrenaline pumping through their veins, they charge towards each other, aiming for a simultaneous clothesline.
The impact is thunderous, their bodies colliding in mid-air. The force of the collision sends shockwaves through their curvaceous frames, causing their chests to bounce and jiggle with the impact. The audience gasps and cheers, captivated by the spectacle unfolding before them.
Sam and Barbara crash to the mat, their backs taking the brunt of the fall. The crowd erupts in a mix of awe and excitement as they witness the intensity of the collision. The sight of their bountiful bosoms bouncing and swaying mesmerizes the audience, drawing their attention to the sensual yet powerful nature of the match.

Both competitors groan, feeling the effects of the high-impact move. Yet, their determination remains unwavering. As they slowly rise to their feet, the crowd's anticipation grows, eager to see what these formidable women have in store next.
The atmosphere crackles with energy as Sam and Barbara lock eyes, their bodies glistening with perspiration. They exchange a brief, knowing glance before launching into the next phase of their battle. The crowd's excitement reaches a fever pitch as they brace themselves for the exhilarating display of strength and athleticism about to unfold.
As Sam and Barbara continue their intense clash, their strikes become more targeted and forceful. Kicks and forearm slams rain down upon each other's bodies, aiming for bellies and chests. The impact resonates through the air, accompanied by a chorus of grunts and groans.
With each strike, their bodies quiver and their bathing suits strain to contain their ample bosoms. The fabric struggles to keep up with the vigorous movements, unable to hold their breasts firmly in place. As a result, the curves of their chests become more pronounced, bouncing and jiggling with each blow.
The mud-filled ring adds another layer of excitement to the spectacle. As their movements intensify, splatters of mud fly through the air, coating their bodies and clinging to their slick, glistening skin. The sound of bodies colliding and mud splattering echoes throughout the arena, amplifying the raw energy and ferocity of the battle.
The crowd is on the edge of their seats, fully engrossed in the display of strength and sensuality. They cheer and gasp with each strike, their excitement building with every mud-soaked moment. The sight of Sam and Barbara, their bodies covered in mud and their chests heaving, elicits a mixture of admiration and arousal from the onlookers.
As the battle between Sam and Barbara rages on, the intensity reaches new heights. The crowd roars with anticipation as the two competitors lock up, their bodies covered in a mix of mud and sweat. With a display of sheer strength, Barbara executes a powerful suplex, hoisting Sam into the air and then slamming her down onto the canvas. The impact reverberates through the ring, sending shockwaves of mud flying in all directions. Sam's lithe body contorts in mid-air, her high-cut bathing suit unable to withstand the force of the suplex. The fabric strains and dislocates, revealing more of her luscious curves and accentuating her shapely breasts.
Mud splatters in all directions as Sam crashes into the mat, her body absorbing the shock. The crowd erupts with a mixture of awe and excitement, witnessing the sheer power of Barbara's suplex. They cheer and whistle, their voices blending with the sounds of bodies colliding and mud squelching beneath their feet. Barbara stands tall, her triumphant expression matched by the admiration of the crowd. The sight of her opponent's slightly exposed form adds an element of titillation to the already intense atmosphere. The crowd's reaction becomes a symphony of appreciation for the sensuality and athleticism on display. Sam, undeterred by the impact, musters her strength and determination to continue the fight. Mud clings to her body, accentuating her glistening skin and highlighting her alluring curves. Despite the slight wardrobe malfunction, she remains resilient, her eyes locked on Barbara as she prepares to retaliate.
The crowd roared as the two women struggled on the ground, their hands tangled in each other's hair. Sam managed to grab Barbara's legs and pulled them out from under her, causing the curvaceous woman to fall onto her back with a thud. Mud flew up in all directions, splattering both women's bodies as they grappled on the ground. With a fierce growl, Barbara reached up and grabbed a handful of Sam's hair, yanking her down into the mud. Sam retaliated by digging her nails into Barbara's skin, causing the blonde woman to cry out in pain. The two women rolled around in the mud, their bodies twisting and writhing as they fought for dominance. Suddenly, Sam managed to get on top of Barbara, straddling her opponent's waist and pinning her arms down with her knees. With a wicked grin, she reached down and grabbed the sides of Barbara's thong backside of the bathing suit, pulling it up sharply and exposing the blonde's ample backside.
Barbara shrieked in humiliation as the crowd cheered, and Sam took advantage of the distraction to rip the thong completely off, leaving Barbara completely exposed in the mud. With a fierce growl, Barbara fought back, grabbing Sam's own thong rear bathing suit and yanking it up, giving the audience a good view of the blondes toned rear end. The two women continued to battle it out in the mud, their ripped bathing suits doing little to cover their bouncing breasts and curvy bodies. Mud was everywhere, covering their skin and getting into their hair. The crowd was on their feet, screaming and cheering as the two fighters went at each other with everything they had.
As the intense mud wrestling match continued, Tom Magnum stepped closer to the action, ready to intervene if any dirty moves were detected. He raised his hand and motioned for both Sam and Barbara to separate, signaling them to continue with more traditional wrestling moves rather than engaging in a catfight. The crowd watched in anticipation as the two women complied, their bodies glistening with mud and sweat. With renewed vigor, Sam and Barbara locked up once again, their muscles straining against each other. The sound of squelching mud filled the air as they pushed and grappled, their bodies coated in the sticky substance.
With a burst of strength, Sam suddenly sent Barbara flying over her head, her body soaring through the air. Barbara crashed into the ropes, the impact causing a spray of mud to splatter in all directions. The crowd gasped and cheered, impressed by Sam's display of power and technique. Barbara, dazed but determined, quickly regained her footing and charged back at Sam. The two women clashed once again, their bodies colliding with force. Mud flew in every direction as they exchanged strikes and maneuvers, their movements quick and agile despite the slippery terrain.
As the mud wrestling match continued, Barbara managed to gain the upper hand over Sam. With her quick thinking, she scooped up a handful of mud and flung it at Sam's face, temporarily blinding her. The crowd gasped in surprise and anticipation, wondering what Barbara had in store for her vulnerable opponent.
Seizing the opportunity, Barbara sprang into action, launching herself towards Sam with a thunderous drop kick aimed directly at her exposed breasts. The impact resonated throughout the arena as Sam was sent hurtling backward, crashing into the corner of the ring. Mud splattered in all directions, creating a messy spectacle that thrilled the crowd.
Barbara wasted no time, capitalizing on her advantage. She closed in on Sam, who was momentarily stunned and struggling to regain her composure. With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Barbara subjected Sam to a series of dirty moves, knowing full well that the crowd loved the excitement and unpredictability of such maneuvers.
She mercilessly raked her nails across Sam's mud-covered chest, leaving trails of dirt behind. The crowd let out a mixture of gasps and cheers as they witnessed the intense struggle between the two wrestlers. The sound of bodies slapping against each other mixed with the squelching of mud under their feet, creating a unique symphony of sounds.
Barbara's assault continued as she delivered a series of well-placed knee strikes to Sam's midsection, driving the air out of her lungs. Each blow landed with a wet thud, causing mud to splatter and splatter across their bodies. The crowd, enthralled by the fierce contest, erupted into cheers and applause, fully immersed in the spectacle unfolding before them.
As the mud wrestling match neared its climax, Barbara sensed her opportunity to deliver a decisive blow. She took advantage of Sam's weakened state, her breath heavy and body covered in mud. Barbara swiftly moved behind her, gripping Sam's armpits firmly in her hands.
With a surge of strength, Barbara hoisted Sam off the ground, lifting her high into the air. The crowd held their breath in anticipation, their eyes fixed on the impending move. Barbara's muscles strained as she executed a devastating tit buster, forcefully slamming Sam's front first into the muddy canvas below.
The impact reverberated through the ring, sending a shockwave of mud splattering in all directions. The crowd erupted in a mixture of awe and excitement, their cheers echoing throughout the arena. Mud flew through the air as Sam's body was propelled upward, briefly suspended before gravity took hold and brought her crashing back down.
Sam's beaten and mud-soaked body lay sprawled on the canvas, her chest rising and falling with labored breaths. The referee, Tom Magnum, carefully assessed the situation, observing the defeated wrestler. After a brief pause, he raised his hand and declared Barbara the winner of the match.
The crowd erupted into a cacophony of cheers, applause, and whistles, showering Barbara with adulation for her victorious performance. The sight of mud-covered bodies, the sounds of the impact, and the electric atmosphere left the spectators exhilarated, fully immersed in the thrilling display of athleticism and raw competition.
Barbara stood triumphant in the center of the ring, her breath heavy, sweat mixing with the mud that adorned her body. She basked in the glow of victory, relishing the cheers and applause that cascaded upon her. The crowd's energy was contagious, fueling her adrenaline and sense of accomplishment.
Amidst the celebration, Sam slowly rose from the muddy canvas, displaying the resilience and fighting spirit that had brought her to the ring. Though defeated, her determination remained unyielding. The crowd acknowledged her valiant effort with a round of applause, recognizing her contributions to an unforgettable mud wrestling spectacle.
Tom stood in the center of the ring and raised his microphone to introduce the next fighter, "Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for our next fighter, DDD Debbie!" The crowd erupted in cheers as Debbie made her way to the ring. Her curvy figure was barely contained in her skintight leotard, which lacked any cups to cover her massive 36DDD breasts. As Debbie entered the ring, Tom couldn't help but ask, "Did you forget something there, Debbie?" Debbie just smirked and replied, "Nah, this suit wouldn't contain the masses anyway." The crowd laughed and cheered even louder, excited to see what Debbie had in store for them. Debbie bounced on her toes, her ample bosom jiggling with each movement. The mud squished under her feet, and the audience roared with anticipation.
The crowd roars as "Dangling Devon" enters the ring, her large, bare breasts bouncing with every step. Her thong leaves little to the imagination, showing off her toned body and voluptuous curves. Tom steps forward to introduce her, his eyes lingering on her chest as he reads off her stats. As Tom approaches Devon for the weapons check, she stands confidently, her chest pushed forward, daring him to look away. Tom's hands glide over her body, checking for any hidden weapons. The crowd cheers and whistles as he takes his time, groping her breasts and hips, clearly enjoying his job. Once both fighters are cleared, Tom steps back and signals for the bell to start the fight. The women immediately charge towards each other, their breasts jiggling with every step. The sound of their bodies colliding echoes through the arena as they lock up in the center of the ring.
Devon's large breasts press against her opponent's as they struggle for dominance. Mud splatters around them as they trade blows, each hit causing their bodies to bounce and jiggle.
As the fierce battle between Debbie and Devon escalates in the mud-filled ring, Debbie's realization of her inferiority to Devon's skills drives her to devise a cunning plan. With the knowledge that she cannot match Devon's power and agility, she decides to outwit her opponent.
As the crowd watches on, cheering and shouting in anticipation, the two fighters grapple and exchange blows, their bodies covered in a thick layer of mud. Debbie skillfully maneuvers herself toward the ropes, luring Devon into a precarious position.
With each clash of their bodies, Debbie subtly guides Devon closer to the corner of the ring, where her trap awaits. The audience's excitement mounts as they sense the brewing tension and anticipation of an unexpected turn of events.
As Devon charges at Debbie, fully engaged in the fight, Debbie seizes the perfect moment. With a quick and calculated motion, she pulls down the top rope just as Devon propels herself forward, unleashing an incredible force.
The crowd erupts into a mix of gasps, cheers, and startled exclamations as Devon hurtles through the air, propelled by her own momentum. Her body sails over the ropes and into the waiting audience, causing a chaotic flurry of mud, bodies, and surprised faces.
Mud splatters in all directions as Devon crashes into the audience, landing amidst a sea of astonished spectators. The impact is met with a combination of startled screams, exclamations of shock, and the distinct sound of bodies colliding with the mud-covered naked fighter.
As Devon rises to her feet with the assistance of the eager hands reaching out to her, a mix of gratitude and determination flickers in her eyes. Her voluptuous body, adorned with a shimmering coat of mud, glistens under the arena lights as she takes a few unsteady steps backward.
Meanwhile, Debbie, fueled by the thrill of the fight, seizes the opportunity to launch herself at Devon with unwavering speed and precision. The crowd's anticipation reaches its zenith as they witness the airborne spectacle about to unfold.
With a primal roar, Debbie propels herself through the air, her body sailing towards Devon like a missile of determination. The intense moment hangs in the air, frozen in time, as the two competitors hurtle towards each other.
In a dazzling display of athleticism and raw power, Debbie's airborne form collides with Devon's resilient frame. The impact sends shockwaves through the arena, causing the mud beneath them to erupt in a glorious explosion of splatters and ripples.
Mud flies in all directions, suspended momentarily in mid-air, before gravity pulls it back down to earth in a spectacular cascade. The resounding thud of their collision reverberates through the arena, harmonizing with the collective gasp of the captivated spectators.
SMAAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Debbie has impacted tits first into Devons chest with a high-flying crossbody, SLAMMING her backwards.
As Debbie asserts her dominance over Devon, she positions herself on top of her fallen opponent, their chests pressing tightly together in a tit-to-tit embrace. The intimate contact between their curvaceous bodies sends shivers of anticipation through the audience, their collective gaze fixated on the captivating sight before them.
Tom Magnum, the referee, swiftly drops to the muddy canvas, his hand poised inches above the surface. He initiates the count, his voice resonating throughout the arena, fueling the atmosphere with a mix of anticipation and suspense.
"One! Two!" Tom's voice booms, echoing off the walls as the crowd holds its breath, the air thick with tension and excitement.
But just as it seems that Debbie has secured victory, Devon summons her remaining strength and determination. With a defiant roar, she kicks out with all her might, breaking free from the pinning predicament and shattering the crowd's expectations.
The collective gasp of the audience reverberates through the arena, followed by an eruption of applause and cheers, their admiration for Devon's resilience and fighting spirit on full display. The atmosphere crackles with an electric energy, intensifying the already charged atmosphere.
The mud, acting as both a medium and a witness to the fierce contest, clings to the fighters' bodies, accentuating their every movement. With each breath, their chests rise and fall, mud-coated breasts glistening under the arena lights. The auditory backdrop is a symphony of heavy breathing, the occasional grunt of exertion, and the squelching of mud as their bodies collide.
Then Debbie gets up, balls her fists and picks up Devon by her hair. Both big sets of tits are swaying covered in mud.
Debbie's strong arms squeeze Devon's body tight as she lifts her up off the ground in a powerful bearhug. Devon's big, round breasts press tightly against Debbie's own impressive chest, causing the two sets of breasts to squish and mash against each other. The crowd roars in excitement as the two curvy women struggle against each other, their bodies covered in mud and sweat.
Devon's face contorts in pain as Debbie's strong grip crushes her ribs and forces the air out of her lungs. She tries to wiggle free, but Debbie's grip only tightens. The crowd can hear the sound of Devon's labored breathing as she tries to catch her breath.
Debbie's face is a mask of determination as she squeezes Devon tighter and tighter, determined to wear down her opponent. The two women continue to struggle against each other, their mud-covered bodies glistening in the bright lights of the arena.
As the bearhug continues, the crowd grows more and more excited, cheering on their favorite fighter. Some fans chant Debbie's name, while others shout out encouragement to Devon. The atmosphere in the arena is electric, as everyone waits to see who will come out on top in this intense battle between two beautiful and powerful women.
Debbie released Devon from her bearhug and held her up by the hair, dragging her towards the center of the ring. Devon's body hung limply as she struggled to regain her breath and composure. Debbie wrapped her arms around Devon's waist, locking in a tight waistlock, as the crowd cheered her on. With a sudden twist of her hips, Debbie lifted Devon off the ground and slammed her pussy first onto her outstretched knee. The sound of flesh smacking against bone echoed throughout the arena as Devon's body crumpled to the mat. Her eyes were wide with pain, and long moans escaped her lips as she writhed in agony.
Debbie stood over Devon, her chest heaving as she savored the moment of dominance. The crowd roared with excitement, cheering Debbie on as she towered over her beaten opponent. Tom approached, checking on Devon's condition, and declared Debbie the winner of the match. Debbie raised her arms triumphantly, basking in the adoration of the crowd. She had proven herself to be a fierce competitor, willing to do whatever it took to win. The cheers of the crowd filled the arena, and Debbie reveled in the glory of her victory.
Debbie grabs a handful of Devon's hair and forcefully parades her towards the ropes and corners of the ring. With each corner they reach, Debbie drives Devon's chest into the unforgiving turnbuckle, causing her large breasts to flatten against the padding. The crowd roars in excitement, captivated by the intense rivalry and the display of dominance. As Devon gasps for air, Debbie pulls her back by the hair, positioning her in the center of the ring. The spotlight shines down on them, intensifying the moment. The crowd's anticipation reaches its peak, eagerly awaiting Devon's admission. "Come on, Devon," Debbie sneers, tightening her grip on Devon's hair. "Tell everyone who has the better rack. Admit that my breasts are superior."
Devon's face flushes with humiliation, her breathing heavy and labored. She knows she's cornered, unable to escape the truth. Reluctantly, she musters the courage to speak. "Okay, okay," Devon mutters, her voice trembling. "Debbie... your breasts... they're... they're better than mine." The crowd erupts in a mix of cheers, applause, and raucous laughter, reveling in Devon's admission. They revel in the dominance of Debbie's voluptuous assets over her opponent's. Devon's heart sinks, but she knows she has no choice but to accept her defeat.
Debbie releases her grip on Devon's hair, letting her slump to the mat in a defeated state. The crowd's reaction fills the arena, as they revel in the spectacle before them. Debbie stands tall, basking in her victory and the validation of her superior chest.
Debbie and Devon, their bodies glistening with sweat and mud, made their way backstage. They were met by Sam and Barbara, who were still in their torn wrestling attire, their chests still bare and muddy.
Devon wrapped her arms around Debbie, their naked chests mashing together. The sensation of their warm, wet bodies pressed against each other sent shivers of pleasure through them both.
Devon looked into Debbie's eyes with a mischievous grin. "So, how was my performance out there? Did I look convincing enough?"
Debbie chuckled, her hands running down Devon's back. "Oh, you were amazing, babe. You played the submissive role perfectly. You really know how to give the crowd what they want."
Devon leaned in closer, her lips brushing against Debbie's ear. "Well, since you owe me for that stellar performance, I think it's time you pay up. I have something special in mind."
Debbie's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Oh, I can't wait to see what you have in store for me. You know I love when you take control."
As they stood there, their bodies still pressed together, the sounds of cheers and applause echoed through the backstage area. The crowd had thoroughly enjoyed their performance, oblivious to the fact that it was all part of the show.