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Titfight competition round 1 (match 1) Michelle Trachtenberg vs Kristin Kreuk (S

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Hi guys. This is my first story so I would welcome any feedback (good or bad). Hope you enjoy it.

Both Michelle and Kristin had made it through to the cast of Eurotrip, however, they were unsure about the role they would be getting in the film. Talking with the director he told them that one of them get would a role with loads of screen time, "I am looking for a girl who is confident and proud of her body. There will be no nude scenes in the film, however, there will be some revealing scenes. I can't decide which of you gets the better role, since you have both got very similar acting abilities and experience. I can't choose (and would feel rude) selecting one over the other as you both have equally beautiful bodies in different ways. I think the film will be a success regardless of who gets the lead role. I will leave both of you girls to fight it out to decide who gets which role, but I need a decision by tomorrow morning, since we will be starting filming soon and will need to do the admin to finalize the roles." Both girls looked at each other a little surprised at what they had just heard. "Come over to my room tonight and we will have a few drinks and we can find a fair way to decide who gets which role", Kristin invitied.

Later that evening Michelle went round to Kristin's room in the hotel. Kristin answered the door. Michelle was surprised to see Kristin wearing a very low top exaggerating her cleavage. The room was a decent size and had a small table with two bottles of red wine and king size bed. Kristin offered Michelle a glass and both girls sat drinking for a while and they sat on the bed bed discussing recent projects they had worked on, before finally turning their attention to the issue on both of their minds. Kristin had seen Michelle in her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days and believed she didn't have much to boast in the chest department. "You have never had any revealing scenes before and your a-cups will look pathetic in a bikini in this movie. I am more suited to this role." Kristin confidently asserted. "a-cups!?" Michelle questioned, "My boobs are bigger and better than yours and I will prove it, I will titfight you to prove it if I have to". Kristin had heard of titfights before, altough she had never been involved in one and the idea quite excited her. "Lets settle this in a titfight then Kristin challenged - the girl with the superior tits gets the superior role - that is fair". They quickly removed their clothes until they were just left in their lingerie.

Michelle and Krisin stood in the hotel room both clad in their bra and panties. Michelle unclasped her bra and lets it drop to the floor revealing her large b (not far off a c cup) pale and creamy breasts and porcelain skin. Kristin was slightly surprised at the size of Michelle's chest (expecting her boobs to be a lot smaller). Not wanting to show any sign of hesitation and thus weakness Kristin quickly moved to unclasp her own bra. "Let me", Michelle offered before Kristin could reach the bra strap, and reached around Kristin's small frame and effortlessly unclasped her bra and playfully threw it away. Kristin's beautiful, small tanned, exotic breasts are now on full dispay. Her 32b breasts are undoubtedly smaller than Michelle's, but they are very firm and look perfect on her small frame. Both girls stare for a split second at each others breasts, sizing up the opposition."You have cetainly got a nice pair, I will give you that, but mine are bigger and better" Michelle delcared. "Yeah, well mine are firmer and tougher" Kristin replied, inviting Michelle to squeeze her perky peaks. Michelle grabbed Kristin's boobs and gave them a hard squeeze.

Climbing onto the bed both girls pushed their chests forward until their nipples touched. Both girls started to gently rub their nipples together, slowly building up the pace. Suddenly Michelle grabbed Kristin in a bear hug forcing her tits into her opponents. Taken slightly by surprise Kristin responded by wrapping her slender arms around Michelle's body, squeezing as hard as she could. Michelle was clearly in some discomfort as her breasts mushroomed around Kristin's firmer pair. Kristin's nipples were like little daggers digging into Michelle's boobs but Michelle was determined not to give up and fought the pain. After a couple more minutes of Kristin dominating Michelle's rack both girls took a break looking down assessing the damage they had inflicted on their opponents breasts (and on their own). Michelle's pale boobs were red and appeared to have taken a worse beating. Krisin's exotic tits still looked perfect. "Ha, my firmer jugs are annihilating your flabby weak tits", Kristin declared. Michelle tried to defend the sorry state of her breasts by arguing that her tits were more likely to show the toll of the titfight becuase of her pale complection. "My boobs will take yours anyday", Michelle declared, giving her tits a seductive squeeze. "Lets go again then bitch!", Krissy challenged.

Both girls were kneeling on the bed staring at each other with such determination and focus. Michelle edged forward towards Krissy with their nipples a couple of inches from meeting. Suddenly Michelle pounced forward using her strength to overpower Kristin, bulldozing her down onto her back on the bed. With Michelle in the dominant position on top she grabbed Krissy's hands and pinned them to the bed above her head. Michelle went crazy desperately mashing her jugs all over Kristin's, ignoring any soreness. The weight of her body and her bigger jugs mashed into Kristin's helpless titties. Michelle's nipples rained down on Krissy'defencess titties, "Oh gawdd nooo", Kristin wailed as Trachtenberg's proud jugs flattened poor Krissy's. Kristin tried to get her breasts to fight back but Trachtenberg's momementum was too great. All of a sudden Michelle ceased her mashing and lifted her body above Kristin's still pinning her arms down. Kristin was relieved that the mashing had stopped, but the relief was short lived as Michelle dropped her weight flat onto Kristin's exposed boobies, using here nipples as spears. Kristin was unable to defend her titties as Michelle repeated this attack several times.

Michelle grabbed Kristin and hauled her into an upright position on the bed. She then proceeded to bear hug poor Krissy. Kristin was relieved to be facing Michelle in this position as she had success in the titfight earlier. Kristin felt a burst of confidence despite the pain her tits were in and tightened her arms around Michelle putting all her weight and power into the bear hug. Whereas earlier Michelle's jugs had mushroomed around Krissy's firmer tits, this was no longer the case and Michelle's breasts were engulfing Kristin's. "Give in, admit that my tits are better", Michelle demanded. "Never", Krissy shrieked. Michelle tightened the bear hug, crushing Kristin's smaller frame. Krisin's tits were in agony and she was having the life squeezed out of her in the bear hug, but Kristin refused to give in. Michelle, needing a break from the relentless squeezing released the bear hug certain. Krissy immediately grabbed her sore breasts soothing them, but she was not prepared to give up still. Both girls breasts were red and sore but they both remained focussed.

Not wanting to have to endure another bear hug, Krissy challenged Michelle to a tit swinging style of titfight as opposed to mashing. Michelle was game and both girls began swinging their tits from side to side, smashing and colliding their boobs. Michelle's bigger breasts had more weight and this gave her the advantage in this style of fight. The fight continued for 2 minutes of non-stop relentless bashing from both girls until Kristin lost momentum. Seeing this as a sign of weekness Michelle smashed her puppies across Kristin's even harder and unable to bear anymore, Kristin collapsed to the floor, clutching her destroyed tits. "No more, please" Krissy cried, you win!!!". Michelle demanded her to admit her breasts were the superior pair and that she deserved the bigger role in the film. In a final act of humiliation Michelle demanded Kristin kiss her breasts. Kristin who just wanting the ordeal to be over obliged and picked herself off the floor and proceeded to kiss Michelle's breasts, stimulating Michelle's nipples with her tongue causing them to harden. Satisfied with Kristin's efforts Michelle grabbed Kristin's head and shoved her face into her breasts rubbing her erect nipples all over Kristin's face. Michelle then threw Kristin to the floor and left the defeated girl sobbing on the floor, caressing her beaten and sore boobs. Michelle then walked out of the hotel room picking Kristin's bra (and her own) on the way out as a trophy (and ticket to the next round of the titfight tournament)!


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The idea of the tournament is very interesting and I liked the story a lot.
Looking forward for the next one.