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Differing womens emotions after producer catfight

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Differing womens emotions after producer catfight
« on: May 23, 2023, 04:40:32 PM »
I’m curious To hear from some women on here how they felt after doing a catfight for a producer or men who have spoken to female friends or their wives/girlfriends after doing a paid catfight. Personally I have spoken to several women who have done recent catfights and here is what I have gathered.

-many of the women said the experience was exhilarating for them. They said the rush of adrenaline they get fighting another woman on tape is addicting.

-some of the women who won spoke of a sense Of pride they got from winning. A few said it was even a turn on dominating another woman physically knowing that their superior physicality turned on a bunch of guys

-the ladies I spoke to who lost were way less commutative about their experience fighting. Most of them seemed much less inclined to fight again compared to the more enthusiastic tone I heard from the ladies who won.

Curious what other feelings or emotions you have felt  as a female fighter or heard from a female fighter