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Emma Stone vs Carrie Underwood

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Emma Stone vs Carrie Underwood
« on: June 02, 2023, 07:49:07 PM »
It’s the yearly celebrity charity boxing event.  It brings out a variety of celebrities from A-listers to D-listers.  They are randomly selected to face each other and normally have the females only fight each other; same goes for the males.  This year, several dozen celebrities signed up for the boxing matches.  One of the big matches is going to be the country start Carrie Underwood versus actress Emma Stone.  Both celebrities change in separate locker rooms and changed into their outfits.  Carrie is the first to enter the ring wearing a two-piece green bikini and red boxing gloves.  Her bare feet slapping on the ground as she walks down the aisle to the ring and enters it.  She smiles and waves to the crowd as she slides under the top rope.  She bounces around the ring doing some shadow boxing.  Emma Stone is the next to be announced for the match.  She walks down wearing a pair of blue leggings, a sports bra and black boxing gloves.  She smiles as well as she makes it to the ring.  She bends over and slowly goes under the top rope making sure everyone gets a look at her ass as she enters the ring.  She does some shadow boxing as well while bouncing around and smiling.  The referee soon calls the two fighters to the middle of the ring and explains the rules to them.  He sends them to their corners before calling for the bell.


Both girls come out cautiously with their gloves up and test each other with a few jabs and hooks, most of which were blocked by the other. They test each other with a few more punches before Emma decides to be the first one to go on the offensive. She feints a left hook to Carrie’s head before going for a right to her abs.  Carrie goes to block the hook only to get hit by the punch to her gut.  Emma doesn’t give Carrie a chance to respond as she keeps up her attack with a rapid fire jabs and hooks to her body making Carrie stagger back from the onslaught.  She is able to block a few of the punches but most of them get through.  Emma forces Carrie back to the corner and keeps up the pressure with her punches and even throwing in a few knees to Carrie’s ribs.  Carrie covers up hoping to ride out the round as Emma pummels her with punches and knees.  Emma smirks seeing Carrie do this and keeps up the pressure until she hears the bell ring to end the round.  Emma steps back, smiles and flexes as she heads to her corner: “You’re going down, Carrie.”  Carrie takes a few breaths as she heads back to her corner with a slightly worried look on her face.


Emma comes out aggressive this round sending hooks and jabs to Carrie’s head and chest.  Carrie blocks them as best she can as she moves back and around to try and get her own shots at Emma.  She sends out a few hooks to Emma’s ribs to get her to back off.  Emma groans as the punches hit her and she steps back. “You got some fight in you, Carrie.  Too bad it won’t last.” Smirks Emma as she sends a pair of kicks to Carrie’s ribs.  Carrie is able to block one of them but not the other as it connects and she staggers back.  She holds her side in a bit of pain.  Emma takes advantage and moves in connecting with one punch after another to her abs, breasts and head. She gets Carrie back to the corner. Emma quickly grabs Carrie’s arms and drapes them over the top ropes.  She starts with a pair of jabs to Carrie’s, then a pair of hooks before going to her torso and using it as a punching bag with jabs and hooks to her breasts and abs.  She throws in a few uppercuts to her breasts and knees to her ribs and abs.  Carrie is in no position to fight back with her arms behind the ropes.  Emma keeps pummeling Carrie until the bell rings ending the round. Emma smirks and winks at Carrie before heading back to her corner.  Meanwhile, Carrie slowly makes her way back to the corner feeling battered.  Her abs reddened and slightly bruised from Emma’s hits.  She sits in her corner and takes a few breaths as she wipes down.  Emma, on the other hand is all smiles in her corner as she stays standing and even does a little dance, shaking her ass.


Carrie comes out cautiously from her corner with her guard by her chin.  She sends a few jabs and a hook towards Emma chin which Emma effortlessly deflects.  Carrie sends a right kick to Emma’s ribs which connects but Emma grabs as it was against her ribs.  Carrie is surprised by this move.  Emma smirks and sends a few jabs and hooks to Carrie’s face and breasts making her breasts jiggle.  Emma follows up her punches with kicks to her stomach and abs making Carrie groan and double over.  Emma than brings her knee up to Carrie’s head snapping her back upright.  Emma pulls on Carrie’s leg making Carrie stagger towards her.  Emma sends a deep gut punch to Carrie. “You’re going down, blondie.” Whispers Emma in Carrie’s ear as she pulls her fist out.  Emma quickly goes on the offensive with a series of jabs, hooks and crosses to her head and chest forcing Carrie back to the ropes where she continued the assault.  Emma added a few knees and kicks to Carrie’s ribs and stomach until the bell range to end the round.  Emma smirks as she heads back to her corner swaying her ass along the way.  She does a little dance while in the corner showing off her ass, legs and breasts.  Meanwhile, Carrie struggles to get back to her corner.


Carrie cautiously comes out carefully and looking disheveled.  Emma quickly closes in and starts her attack.  Emma quickly breaks through Carrie’s defenses, her punches finding Carrie’s body. Emma continues punching and kicking Carrie’s body, one kick connects with her stomach, bending her over.  Emma follows it up with a knee making Carrie stand up and stagger around.  Then a spinning roundhouse kick to Carrie’s chin sends her down to the mat.  Emma smiles watching Carrie groan and struggle to get back up. She shakes her ass a bit as she runs her hands up and down her body.  As Emma ran her hands through her hair, Carrie was able to get to her feet.  “Back for more punishment, Carrie?” teased Emma as she brought her fists up.  She didn’t wait for a response from Carrie as she stepped in sending punch after punch to Carrie’s body, pushing her to the ropes.  She then reach out and grabbed Carrie’s arms wrapping them around the ropes.  Carrie groans as she tries to free herself but to no use.  Emma steps in and starts to use Carrie’s body as a punching bag hitting her from just above her bikini bottom all the way up to her head.  She adds a few knees to her stomach and ribs.  Emma takes a step back and brings her right foot up to Carrie’s head.   She flicks her foot back and forth slapping her head back and forth.  Carrie’s head snapped back and forth and groaned with each hit to her head. Emma soon brought her foot down only to bring it back up with a roundhouse kick to Carrie’s head.  She started spinning around sending one roundhouse kick after another to Carrie’s chin.  Carrie was spared by the bell ending the round.  “Let’s see if you make it to the next round.” Giggles Emma as she struts back to her corner and sits down.  Carrie struggles to untie herself from the ropes and struggles to get to her corner.  Emma smirks across the ring to Carrie as she opens her legs.  She starts bringing her right hand up and down as she started to get a mock orgasmic look on her face.  Carrie grimaced a bit as she looked across, yet felt excited as well.


The bell rang for the start of the fifth round.  Emma was quick to her feet and brought her fists up.  Meanwhile Carrie got up slowly and was barely able to list her arms up above her waist.  “It’s going to be fun destroying what’s left of you, Carrie and make you my bitch.” Smirked Emma as she stepped in and continued her punishment of Carrie’s body with jabs, hooks, crosses, knees and kicks.  Carrie was unable to defend against Emma’s assault as she groaned with each hit to her body.  Emma sends a front kick to Carrie’s stomach making her double over in pain.  Emma steps forward and holds Carrie’s head down as she starts to knee her head rapidly.  Emma keeps kneeing her head a dozen times before letting go of her head and knees her head one more time as she brings her knee high.  Carrie staggered around on her feet barely able to stand up, her arms dangling at her side.  “Time to finish you off, blondie.” Smirks Emma as she deep gut punches Carrie winding her and making her double over.  Emma takes her punch out from Carrie’s gut letting her double over again.  Emma bends over as well and rears her right fist back.  She sends a dragon style uppercut to Carrie’s chin.  Carrie’s head snaps back as she falls to the ground, spread eagle.  It was obvious that Carrie was unconscious and the referee’s count out was more for show.  After she was declared the winner, Emma strutted around and played to the crowd.

A moment later, Emma walked over to Carrie and placed her foot between her breasts and posed over her.  She then put her foot on Carrie’s face.  Carrie soon started stirring on the mat.  Emma smirks and taunts Carrie as she looks down at her: “Look who’s waking up.   Ready to become my bitch?”  Emma takes a few steps back and points to her feet: “Show everyone who’s bitch you are by kissing my feet.”  Carrie groans as she looks at Emma and slowly gets to her knees.  She sighs as she looks at Emma and her bare feet.  She crawls over to Emma and bows her head down as she starts kissing her feet.  “That’s it Carrie, kiss my feet.  The same feet that kicked your ass a few minutes ago.” Taunted Emma as she enjoyed Carrie’s lips on her feet.  Carrie started to lick Emma’s feet as well.  She eventually started sucking on her toes making Emma giggle.  After a couple minutes of having Carrie worship her feet, Emma pulled her feet away and turned around.  She pulled down her leggings to reveal her bare ass and gave her cheeks a pat: “Time to kiss my ass.”  Carrie looked up and saw her ass.  She promptly sat up on her knees and moved over to Emma and started kissing her ass cheeks.  Emma smiles as she feels Carrie’s lips on her ass cheeks: “That’s it Carrie, show everyone how much of a submissive slut you are.” Emma wiggled her ass a bit while Carrie continued kissing it. After a few more kisses, Emma reached back and grabbed Carrie’s hair and thrust it in between her ass cheeks.  Carrie didn’t resist at all as she started licking and kissing Emma’s asshole making Emma moan and then laugh.  “You’re a broken bitch, Carrie…or maybe you’re in love with me or both.”  Emma enjoyed the worship for a couple minutes before pulling Carrie’s head out and turning around.  She pulled her leggings up and looked down at Carrie.  Emma puts her hand under Carrie’s chin lifting up her head before flipping her off with her other hand.  Emma smirked like a bitch and muttered: “You’re such a loser.”  Emma lets go Carrie’s chin and heads off to her locker room to clean up.

Carrie soon gather’s herself up and went to her locker room and showered.  After her shower, Carrie puts on a robe and heads to Emma’s locker room.  She knocks on the door and waits.

Emma opens the door slightly and shows her head at the door. She rolls her eyes and looks disgusted at Carrie: “Back for more, Carrie?  You didn’t get humiliated enough in the ring?  Is that it?”

“I wanted to congratulate you on your win over me.  You’re the toughest and dominant opponent I’ve ever faced.” Replied Carrie as she looked nervously at Emma.

“It all takes training and discipline, Carrie.  Now, unless you’re here to unconditionally surrender to me and become my slave, I suggest you get lost.” Smirked Emma with a bitchy, smug look on her face.

“I actually am here to submit to you and do whatever you want.  You turn me on so much and I only realized it during our match.  I’ll be your slave and serve you in any way that you want.” Gulped Carrie as she looked at Emma.

“Well, if that’s the case, come into my room.” Smirks Emma as she opens the door and lets Carrie into her room.  Carrie walks in and looks around as Emma closes and locks the door.  “Take your robe off and kneel, bitch.” Orders Emma as she walks up to Carrie.

“Of Course Emma.” Replies Carrie as she takes her robe off and gets to her knees.  She watches as Emma stands before her and takes her own robe off revealing her naked body.

“It’s Miss or Mistress Emma from now on, understood?  Bow down and worship my feet.” growled Emma as she bitch slapped Carrie.  She sits in a chair behind her and then extends her right leg out to Carrie.

“Yes Miss Emma, I understand.” Groaned Carrie as her head snapped after the bitch slap.  She watches Emma extend her foot out.  She leans her head forward and starts to kiss and lick her feet.  She brings her hand up and starts to massage her sole making Emma moan. Carrie smiles slightly as she continues to worship and massage her foot before she starts to suck on each toe. “Your foot tastes and feels amazing, Miss Emma.” Continues Emma as she slowly goes from toe to toe.

“Well, they are superior to your feet and they helped to kick your sorry ass.” Smirked Emma as she watched Carrie worship her foot.  As Carrie started to kiss and lick her sole, she then pressed her sole against her face. “Make sure you clean it good, slave.”  Carrie moans as she continues to lick and kiss her sole cleaning it as best she can.  After a couple more minutes, Emma pulls her right foot away before offering her left foot to Carrie.  Carrie doesn’t hesitate as she promptly starts massaging, kissing and licking Emma’s left foot.  It takes a few minutes before she goes through the whole process again with Emma’s left foot.  Emma soon takes her foot back and smiles down at Carrie.  She turns her head, opens a drawer and pulls some papers out, a pen and a collar: “I always come prepared in case of instances like this where someone surrenders to me and becomes my slave.”  Emma hands Carrie the papers and the pen as she stands up.  “Sign in the highlighted areas.”

“As you wish, Mistress Emma.” Replies Carrie as she grabs the papers and pen.  She doesn’t bother reading the papers before signing them and handing them back to Emma.

“You must be eager to be my slave if you didn’t even read the paper.” Smirked Emma as she put the papers and pen. “You just signed everything over to me…your house, cars, awards, songs and such…and most importantly…your life.  Your husband and kids are mine too as my husband and kids.  Now here’s the sign of your public servitude to me.” Emma leans forward and puts the collar around Carrie’s neck with the writing saying: “Owned by Emma Stone.”  Emma stands up and smiles: “It looks nice around your neck.  Now that I remember, we do have a press conference soon and I’d love to introduce you as my new addition to my stable of slaves.  Any requests?”

“I’d love to worship your ass one more time before we head out to the conference.  I’d also have you fuck me anally either here or at the conference to show your dominance over me and alpha nature.” Smiles Carrie as she looks up at Emma.

“Oh, you’re a slave at heart, Carrie.  That’s wonderful and of course you may worship my ass.” Smirked Emma as she turned around and wiggled her ass.  Carrie doesn’t hesitate as she leans her head in as she starts to kiss and lick Emma’s ass cheeks.

“Your ass is so sexy and smooth.  I’ve always enjoyed looking at it in public, when we were together and in our match.” Moaned Carried as she continued worshipping Emma’s ass.  She soon pressed her face between the ass cheeks to worship Emma’s hole making her moan.

“That feels so nice, Carrie.  I think you were born to serve superior women like me.” Moans Emma as she reaches back and holds Carrie’s head in place.  Emma enjoys the feel of Carrie’s lips and tongue for a couple more minutes before pulling her head from her ass.  She turns around and looks down at her: “It’s time for you to get fucked like the slut you are; get on your hands and knees.  Get your ass up and spread your legs.”

“Yes Mistress.” Nods Carrie as she gets to her hands and knees.  She spread her legs and lifted her ass as she watched Emma walk to her drawer and grab a dildo.  She put it on as she stood behind Carrie.  She then knelt behind her and grabbed a hold of her hips.

“This is going to be fun.” Smirked Emma as she slid the dildo into Carrie’s ass until the dildo disappeared.  Carrie groans at first but then moans as that happens.  She continues to moan as Emma starts pumping her ass steadily.  Emma’s hips slam into Carrie’s ass cheeks making them jiggle.  Emma then reaches out and grabs Carrie’s hair, pulling it back.  Carrie moans louder and louder with each thrust of the dildo into her ass.  “I just love the sound of my hips hitting your ass and those moans of yours are music to my ears.” Said Emma as she starts to slap Carrie’s ass cheeks.  Before long, Carrie starts to leak and her body trembles in excitement.  Carrie’s eyes roll back in her head as her pussy suddenly gushes out with a massive orgasm.  As Carrie climaxed, Emma thrusts the dildo all the way in and held it there until Carrie calmed down from the orgasm.  She then pulled the dildo out from Carrie’s ass and stood up while still holding her hair.  She walked around and stood before Carrie holding the dildo before her face: “You know what to do Carrie and I don’t care about that whole ‘ass to mouth’ thing.  Just do it.”  Carrie nods and leans in taking the dildo into her mouth.  Emma puts her hand on Carrie’s head and starts to guide it back and forth on the dildo: “Good job, slut.”  Emma pushed the dildo so deep into Carrie’s throat that Carrie gagged at times.  Emma smiles from ear to ear as she slides the dildo in and out of Carrie’s mouth in a slow, rhythmic motion.  Carrie looks up at her submissively as her lips and tongue clean off the dildo.  After another couple minutes, Emma pulls the dildo out of Carrie’s face.  She keeps her hold on Carrie’s hair, thrusts her hips forward and smears the dildo onto Carrie’s cheeks.  She then lets go of Carries hair and sways her hips from side to side slapping Carrie’s cheeks with the dildo making Emma giggle a bit: “That’s it Carrie, just take my dildo bitch slaps.  When I’m done, I will get dressed and ready for the press conference.  You, however, will remain naked.  I will put a leash on that collar of yours and I will guide you out like I’m walking a dog and introduce you as my slave.  You will remain on all fours beside me the whole time..  Understood?”

“Yes, Miss Emma, I understand.” Moaned Carrie as her face turned red from all the slaps to her face from Emma’s dildo.  A few more slaps later and Emma stops and starts undoing the dildo. She walks to the drawers and puts it away. She then walks to a closet and pulls out some new clothes and puts on some lingerie and leather boots. She also grabs a leash before walking towards Carrie.

Emma attaches the leash to Carrie’s collar and tugs as she starts walking: “Come along now, slave.  We don’t want to disappoint the press.”  Carrie drops to all fours and starts crawling behind Emma as they make their way to the conference room.  She steps up to the podium and guides Carrie next to her before placing her right boot on her back.  “Hello everyone and thanks for coming to the match and now this press conference.  I hope you all enjoyed the beating I gave to Carrie, I know I certainly did.  I’d also like to introduce you all to my most recent opponent and new slave, Carrie Underwood.  She came to my locker room after our match and totally submitted to me.  She even signed everything away to me, including a lifetime servitude to me.”  Emma grabbed Carrie’s hair and pulled her up: “As you can see, I put a collar around her neck with the phrase ‘Emma’s slave’ showing my ownership over Carrie.”  She then pressed her foot down on Carrie’s back forcing her down flat onto her stomach.  “As you can see, she has submitted to me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take my new slave home.”  Emma grabs the leash and pulls on it forcing Carrie to groan and get on all fours and start following Emma again onto her new life as a slave.