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Chronicles of Lakewood. Chapter 1: I'VE HAD ENOUGH! Ariel Winter vs Dove Cameron

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(This is my attempt at writing a story I had in mind a long time ago. Basically is an alternate reality where all these celebs are not famous and go to the same highschool. Hope you enjoy!)

Welcome to Lakewood Highschool

Lakewood Highschool, the biggest highschool in the state and one of the most important institutions in the entire country. Through the years, this building has seen some of the most important people in the world study in this classes. Politicians, scientists, actors, athletes, musicians... Most of them has spent part of their years as a student studying here, where only the absolute best of teachers work to prepare the next generation the best way possible. And all of this under the leadership of the principal Miss Vancamp, responsible for the status this institution has earned and make sure it stays this way.

But... not everything it's what it seems. True, a lot of important people has come out from this highschool and went on to be a success in life. But the life in this highschool is harder than what it looks on the outside. There's a lot of rivalry amongst the people here, which has lead to a lot of fights in this place. Not only between students, which might be the obvious one, but also between teachers, and there has even been cases of teacher and students fighting each other. And here is where the work of Principal Vancamp enters. Her model was based on efficiency and good image, and when it comes to the fights, she had a very strict policy. If anyone was caught fighting in this building, they would make sure to be punished severely, even get expelled, but this news would never leave this place. If they did, surely they would meet in court.

This created some apparent calm, but truth is all those fights were still happening, only thing is they would never leave this place. This, are the Chronicles of Lakewood, the fights and rivalries that happened behind the doors. Welcome... To Lakewood Highschool.

Chapter 1: I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

It's a cold day of January in Lakewood Highschool. The sun shines through some clouds which makes the snow on the outside stay for a bit more. Christmas holidays are over and is time to get back to study for the students of this highschool.

It's 9:00 am and Miss Atwell's English class is about to start. All the boys and girls are in the class doing different stuff, and if you could look at this class from above, you can see the social hierarchy of it. On one the left side of the room, near a window, there's a group of boys talking about what they have done during this weeks. Some of then have spent time with their families, while others have been traveling to different places. Right behind them, there's a group of girls sat on the desks, with one standing over all of them. A blonde girl, wearing a short skirt with a whit shirt on under a matching jacket and white leggings. She was talking about how she has spent this holidays with her family in Aspen, skiing and having some big party for New Years Eve. Her name is Dove Cameron and is known for being a daddy's little girl. She is not the perfect student, in fact she gets in a lot of trouble, but nobody says anything cause his father is a big business men who funds this institution. And Dove knew this, and takes advantage of it, with both teachers and students.


On the complete opposite of the class, near the door there's another group of guys. This one's look a bit more nerdy, wearing hoodies with drawings of Vegetta or Luffy on them. They talk about stuff like the last chapter of Boruto and the next Marvel movie. And right beside then there's this brunette girl, sat alone on her desk reading a book. Her name is Ariel Winter. She wears a similar outfit to the other girls, only difference being the size of her shirt being bigger than the rest due to how large her breasts are. Some of the guys right next to her mention it, and Ariel hears it, but acts like she doesn't. She also wears black glasses while she reads George's Orwell 1984. Of course, Ariel is a bookworm, always reading and studying. She is one of the best students of this generation and might be one of the absolute best in this highschool's history. Always being the first to arrive and the last to leave, helping the teacher every time, which is why some people call her the Teacher's Pet. But Ariel doesn't care much about it. The only thing she dislikes, is people mocking at her for her body. And especially when Dove does it.


Suddenly the door opens and in appears the English teacher, Hayley Atwell, or as she is known, Miss Atwell. The tall English women stares at his class as she wears a black jersey with turtle neck and gray pants. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail She also has a pair of glasses to help her read. Miss Atwell has a fame of being in love with this signature. Doing grammar is something that for some people might be boring, but she finds it quite entertaining, and tries to make her students fall in love with it too. She is also nice when dealing with students, but if they anger her, she won't be so nice.

As soon as she enters the whole class turn around. "Good morning everyone, hope you had a good vacation. Take your sit and we will start" says Miss Atwell and everyone quickly goes to take their sit. Due to issues that happened in the past, Miss Atwell asked for Dove Cameron to be sit as close as possible to the teacher, and there was no other place available than behind Ariel.

Ariel is already on her seat, right in front of the blackboard. The textbook opened and ready to start the lesson. She quickly hides the book she was reading and adjusts her glasses a bit, signing she is ready to start this.

Dove on the other side is completely different to Ariel. She is in fact the last one to sit on her chair, and when she does it, her face shows frustration. Of course, there's no book or anything on the table, just her phone and her expensive purse, a present from their fathers.

"Ugh... What the hell? What is this smell? Is that yours Fagly Winter? Somebody give her some perfume please" Dove says out loud as she puts a disgusted face and pinches her nose. The whole class bursts out laughing as this is another classic joke from Dove messing with Ariel. This is something that has been happening for the last few years. Since the very moment the two girls coincided in the same class, this was the dynamic between them. Dove was the bully, always mocking at Ariel, laughing at her looks, her style or the fact that she hasn't been seen with any guy, while the blonde was the crush from half the people of their age. All those jokes didn't do much at first, but slowly started to bother and depress Ariel more and more, who now tries to hide her red face between her arms.

"Shut up please" says Ariel in a low voice, which just makes Dove grin as she keeps torturing Ariel while being under the spotlight one more time.

Ms Atwell sees this, and is an attitude she doesn't really like. "Dove! Shut up or I will kick you out of here okay? And don't dare to do any mean jokes like those!" Warns Miss Atwell, hopping that this would calm down the situation. "And now Dove, please handle me the assignment I gave you for the vacation"

Dove face changes completely. The smile disappears and is substituted by a red face. The blonde lays her back against the chair and answers in a low voice. "I didn't do it..."

"What? Sorry speak louder" answers Miss Atwell, taking notes on her agenda

"I said I didn't do it" repeats Dove. Hearing this, Ariel lifts her face of the book with a little smile. "Of course you didn't... You were too busy learning the alphabet Dumb Cameron"

The whole class snaps as they hear  Ariel's response. It's the first time that the brunette ever replied to the insults and jokes of Dove, who now stares at her with her mouth open wide.

"Ariel!" Miss Atwell raises her voice again as she hears the brunette answer. She can see the tension between this two girls and is not willing to let this explode in her class. "Now, your assignment! And don't do those jokes again or you will receive the same punishment!"

Ariel turns around with a proud smile on her face. She looks in her back pack and takes out a lot of paper. She then gets off her place and approaches Miss Atwell to handle the assignment. During all this moment, Ariel has the proudest of smiles on her face as she achieved to shut Dove up with just a few words. Meanwhile, the blonde stares at her with an angry look on her face. This bitch dared to mock at her and make the crowd laugh at her. What Ariel doesn't know is how vengative Dove can be.

"Thank you Ariel... Seem you did a pretty nice work" says Miss Atwell looking at the assignment Ariel has just given her. "Now, the rest please"

Ariel turns around and slowly walks back towards her chair with a big smile on her face. She now dares to look at Dove and can see the angry look on her face. She might be the most proud girl in the whole high school right now. She then lifts her skirt a bit and sits on her chair. Or that's what she thinks, as suddenly the chair is being pulled back by Dove's foot, making Ariel land hard with her ass on the cold floor

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Now everyone turns at the two girls and point at Ariel who is sat on her ass while she is on the verge of crying. Dove looks down at her, arms crossed under her chest as she is now the one smiling proudly. She had the last laugh again.

But this time, things feel different inside Ariel. She has dealt with this treatment for a while, and always tried to be nice and not do anything stupid that can make her regret it in the future. But not this time. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ariel has had enough, and finally she snaps.

"YOU BITCH!" Ariel shouts out loud as she pushes Dove's desk back, smashing it against her stomach and trapping her against the chair. "I'M TIRED OF YOU!" Ariel now tries to grab at Dove's hair and surprisingly she does it, and starts to pull. Dove doesn't hold back and does the same.

But before things can get serious, Miss Atwell steps in and pull both girls apart. "STOP! YOU TWO, OUT OF MY CLASS! YOU ARE GOING TO THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE WHERE YOU WILL GET SERIOUSLY PUNISHED!" shouts the teacher.

The reaction from both girls are completely different though. "FINE!" Dove gets up, grabs her purse and her phone and leaves the class. Meanwhile, Ariel has a look of incredulity in her face. She just did something that could get her spelled out the school, which means she might not enter college.

"Miss Atwell please I..." Ariel tries to beg, but the look on Miss Atwell's face says it all "ARIEL! OUT!"

The look on Ariel's face is of disbelief and fear. Her glasses almost fall after the second slap, and tears start to fill her eyes, with some of them rolling down her cheek. She has never being slapped or hit in her life. Always a nice girl never had troubles with anyone, except with Dove.

"You pathetic bitch! Always being nice to the teacher to get better grades and everything!" Dove says looking serious "Always trying to be the teachers pet and feeling superior cause you have A+, but everyone knows your secret. You will never be anything in live, you are ugly and fat, and will never reach my level! You understand Fagly? Or I have to slap your silly face again?"

All those words echo all over Ariel's mind. Dove always mocked her looks but she seems to be jealous of Ariel's grades, saying she feels superior to the rest of the class. But truth is, Ariel never felt that way. She never felt superior or better than anyone. In fact, she felt the exact opposite, never being invited to parties or bekng socially excluded. And Dove was the reason she felt that way, always mocking at her from the very beginning. But this time, Ariel has had enough. She is tired of being mistreated, and is going to make Dove pay for everything!

"AAAHHHHHHH!!" with a scream, Ariel gets back up and grabs onto Dove's hair who now looks shocked by this. The two young girls have now a hold on each other's hair and they start to pull as hard as they can, dancing around the hallway. Surprisingly, nobody comes out of the class, not even after Ariel slams Dove against one of the lockers. At this point, Dove's purse and phone falls on the floor.

"I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU! YOU RUINED MY LIFE THESE PAST FEW YEARS BUT I'M DONE! NOW YOU ARE GONNA PAY!" The look on Ariel's face shows how serious she is right now. She is fuming, with her face all red and her nose trails wide open, making Ariel look like a bull in front of a scared Dove.


Ariel finally returns those slaps that Dove gave her just a few moments ago, which now has tears rolling down her face. More and more slaps keep coming and Ariel's hand starts to sting, when suddenly Dove falls onto her side.

"How... How dare you cow... I'm.... I'm gonna make you pay!" Cries Dove as she crawls away, holding her cheek in pain. Red marks appear on her face with the shape of Ariel's hand. The brunette just walks towards Dove "You can't escape now! I'm gonna ruin your life like you did with mine!"

Dove is really frightened. She never had been in a fight or something like this before. The slaps were just pure instinct and nothing else. But even that, she still knows some stuff from TV and movies, and seeing how Ariel approaches her, there's only one thing that comes to her mind. She waits until Ariel is close to her, and without hesitation, she slams a kick right in between Ariel's legs.

"Ouhhh... You... Fucker!" Ariel cries and suddenly falls down on her knees, grabbing her crotch in pain through her skirt, while Dove smiles as she has taken her down. "I... I told you... I was gonna... Make you pay!" Dove says trying to catch up some breath. She now gets back onto her feet and looks down at Ariel. "You tried to ruin me? Well, now I'm gonna make sure your life becomes a living hell!" She then grabs at Ariel's hair and pulls her head up, forcing her to look up. A smile appears again on Dove's face  as she then spits down onto Ariel's face. "This is what you are for me, piggy!"

The look on Ariel's face is a poem. She is now forced to look up at her bully, who grabs and pulls her hair. She only thinks of getting up and slapping that shitty smile she has, but the pain she is feeling on her crotch is too much for her to try get back up. And then, the most humiliating thing happens, as Dove spits down on Ariel's face, getting the brunette's face all covered in saliva. It lands right on one of Ariel's cheeks, but some of it has also landed on her glasses. It's a disgusting feeling, and both Ariel and Dove know it. The smell of it is really gross, which just makes Dove laugh out loud even more. Then, another slap lands right across Ariel's face, but she doesn't fall down, since Cameron has her by the hair.

"This is what you get piggy for trying to mess with me!" Another slap lands, and Dove just pulls Ariel's hair again. "Say you are sorry and I might forgive you for what you just did" orders the blonde. Ariel looks up again, her cheeks all red and with Dove's saliva on her face. Usually this could make anyone quit, it's been way too much for someone with such short experience. But not this Ariel. Winter is now fueled by rage and hate towards the blonde and is determined to get her revenge.

"Say you are soUGH!" Dove's threat is suddenly cut off as suddenly Ariel spits up, landing right on Dove's eyes. The spit was so precise frlm Ariel, that it seemed like she had calculated everything to land right there. But in the end, it doesn't matter how she did it, only thing that matters is that it worked, as Dove let go Ariel's hair to try clean her face, allowing the brunette to get back up.

"Don't you like when they give you something of your own medicine?" Says Ariel as she gets back up. Dove doesn't know where she is right now, she just tries to clean the spit off her face. And this gives the opening that Ariel was waiting for. The brunette, like a bull running down in Spain, rushes towards Dove and smashes her back against the lockers.

"OUCHHH!" A loud moan from pain is heard from Dove as her back just hit the metallic structure. Ariel though is not done there, and starts to slap Dove's face with both hands, going from left to right.

"You don't like this huh? You don't like when they slap the shit out of you?" Ariel is possessed and starts to shout out loud, maybe a bit too much. But is what happens when rage takes lver your body, it makes you do things you usually would never do. Slaps come and go, and Ariel changes every now and then from strategy, and grabs at Dove's head to bang her head against the lockers, trying to leave her dizzy.

And it works! Slowly, Dove starts to collapse against the lockers, going down on her ass. Ariel follows her and gets on her knees, to try keep the assault going. "You are not escaping from this so easily!" Says Ariel who now smiles. All those years of torture are now being returned to her bully. Dove meanwhile, seems to be in another world. Her vision is blurry, and she doesn't seem to know where she is. The only thing she can see now is a white shirt and massive paid hanging there. Slaps come and go, and the blonde starts to recognize the face of the person assaulting her. Desperate to get off this situation, she tries to think of a distraction and tries to reach for Ariel's shirt to unbotton it.

"Oh no, you are not doing that!" Ariel says as she notices Dove's intention, and despite she being able to unbotton the top one, enough to show a bit of Ariel's white 34D bra, she gets stopped in time. "I can play this game too!" She says before grabbing at Dove 's shirt with both hands and ripping it wild open, revealing the blonde's pink 32C bra. "Oh what do we have here..." Smiles Ariel

The buttons from Dove's shirts goes flying through the air and land on the cold floor, some of them even getting under one of the lockers. Now that the pink bra is exposed, Dove's face gets all red. She decided to wear some hot underwear, to get the attention of some guys, but she was definitely not going to show them in public, even less to Ariel, who she despises so much. Now, she has no where to go and she is at Ariel's mercy who has a devilish smile on her face, looking down at Dove's boobs.

"Oh look at you, trying to wear this cheap bra to try impress someone, pathetic! Let's see how much they can hold on though!" Ariel says that and immediately raises her nails and starts to claw and squeeze at Dove's tits, making her suffer an immense amount of pain on her sensitive tits. The blonde can only scream in pain as she is feeling how her tits, which are still in a growing phase, are hurting so much. She really doesn't know what to do, and just looks up trying to find a solution. That's when she realizes where they are, right against Dove's own locker!

"You laughed at my chest for being biggers than yours, you jealous bitch! Now you are going to get what you fucking deserve!" Shouts the brunette out loud, now neither of them caring about get caught or not. Ariel just wants to make Dove suffer, and by the look on her face she is achieving on doing that! But Ariel doesn't seem to notice a little issue with Dove and that her hand is on the wheel that unlocks the locker. She is too focused on trying to torture the blonde's tits that doesn't realize about what she is doing until is too late.

"You like this b***WHAM!***" The door locker suddenly opens and smashes right onto Ariel's face. The metallic sound of the door impacting against the skull of Winter is heard all over the hallway, and it sends the brunette stumbling backwards, shaking her head to remove the cobwebs. A lots of stuff falls off Dove's locker, but not books or notebooks, but lipsticks and other cosmetics.

"What was that?! What is going out there?" Says a voice from one of the rooms. Dove recognizes this voice, is from the Chemistry teacher, Miss Strahovski. Not willing to get caught in this situation, jumps up and tackles Ariel against the door of the bathroom. In the process, some lipsticks have rolled into the bathroom as the two girls now lay one on top of the other. Dove is the first one to get up this time, and checks on the outside, to see Miss Strahovski looking everywhere to see what happens, but she just closes Dove's locker and gets back to her lab.

The blonde now turns around, with her shirt opened and showing her bra, and stares at Winter who tries to get up. She locks the door of the bathroom, making sure nobody can get in. "Okay slut, now you really pissed me off!"

The door gets shut behind Dove and now is only the two girls in the bathroom. A row of 5 cubicles to the right of Dove, mirrors to the left, and a window showing the snowy playground. Lipsticks and other make up stuff are all over the floor, something that Dove really hated. But right now, the thing she hates the most is the slut standing right in front of her.

Ariel was still feeling dizzy after that blow to the head with the door of the locker. That thing really hurt and left her in such a bad situation right when she had Dove at her mercy. The two have been tangled in this fight all over the corridor and now in the bathroom. Surprisingly, Dove allows Ariel to get back up, and the two now stand in front of each other. The top button of Ariel's shirt is gone, but Dove's shirt is all open, showing off her pink bra.

"Now I will have absolutely no problem in kicking your ass. You are dead!" Says Dove as she steps forward. Her face looking dead serious as she now approaches Ariel. The brunette doesn't hold back and she just walks towards Dove.

"No slut, I will be the one beating the shit out of YOU!" shouts the brunette as they are now face to face. And just like an instinct, both girls go for each other's hair one more time. Both of their hands attach to the other girls hair and start to pull back as hard as they possibly can, forcing the other to look up to the ceiling and the lights of the room. Groans of pain are heard coming from both girls, but neither of them willing to let go off each other's hair. Slowly, they start to move around the place like if they were dancing, only with a lot of pain added to this.

As they keep moving, Ariel is able to push Dove against one of the doors of the cubicle, which brings a smile to her face. She now starts to bang Dove's head against the door, while she moves her body closer, making sure to use her weight to pin the blonde against it.

"Nghhh... Get off me you cow!" Groans out loud Cameron, but she has no strength in fighting this. Ariel's weight keeps her trapped in this position, not allowing her to move much. If she wants to get out, she's gotta do something. Ariel now breathes of relief as suddenly the pain on her scalp stops. Dove has just let go off her hair.

"You give up now slUMOHHHH!" The words from Ariel get cut off as suddenly a punch lands straight into Ariel's left tit, making her not only let go of Dove's hair but also step back, holding her chest in pain.

"I... I'm tired of you cow..." Dove says holding her head. She then grabs at Ariel's shirt and pulls hard at it until a loud ***RRRIIIIIIIIIPPP*** is heard and Ariel's white bra is completely exposed.

Both young girls have fought the first fight of their life and ended up reaching this point. The two of them locked together in a bathroom, hair being a mess, tops ripped off and they bras just showing off. Some mark appear on each other's face due to all the slaps they have been trading again and again. This has been a mess, and in any other school both girls would have been spelled, but here in Lakewood things are different, and if they don't get caught, they won't be in troubles.

Now the two walk around the room, looking at each other and breathing heavily. It's obvious that both of them are tired, since stamina is not the best thing they have. But this won't stop them, they will keep going on and on until one of them can't hold up any more. The hate and jealousy that have been building over for years can now be seen and is this what fuels them.

"Look at those udders... Cow! I bet they are saggier than Ms Atwell's!" Says Dove as the two walk around "shut the fuck up... You are the one wearing slutty undies to school, you are not allowed to talk" answers Ariel, both of them now trading verbal jabs.

"You are lucky nobody sees us, cause I would make you look for everyone!" Those last words from Dove are what ignites the spark in Ariel again. She has been bullied in public time and time again, and just the fact that this slut thinks she can do THAT in public just makes her go nuts. That's why she now rushes at full speed towards Dove, trying to take her down. But problem is that Cameron was really expecting this, and as Winter approaches her, she curls her fist and slams it onto the brunette's breasts, stopping her on her tracks and even making her right boob pop off her bra.

"AHHHH YOU MOTHERFUKCER!" Ariel groans out loud as she now starts to roll around on the floor holding her chest in massive pain. This is something she has never felt before, and surely is not interested in feeling ever again. But Dove is far from done with her, as she now places her lovely butt over Ariel's stomach, and without any warning she pulls down Winter's bra fully and slaps both hands away to start clawing hard on the brunette's boobs.

"Moo for me cow! Show me who you really are!" Says Dove with the evilest of smiles on her face. The look of pain that Ariel has right now tells everything, and for Dove is definitely a joy to watch. Her nails doing wonders, torturing Ariel non stop, making the brunette kick the floor like a little girl.

"IIAAAAAHHHH FUUUUUUCKKK!!" Ariel screams out loud from the top of her lungs as she feels how Dove is determined to torture the nerd's breasts. Ref marks start to appear on Winter's white breasts, who can just kick her legs in pure desperation. Tears roll down her face more and more, and in the end she is feeling how her fighting strength is starting to leave her body. She has never suffered something like this before.

And Dove is just loving this! The look on her face just says everything. She is just smiling as she sees how the little nerd is getting more and more weaker. "Pathetic! Simply pathetic! All you know to do is math and whine when you don't get an A! It's time that life teaches you a fucking lesson!" The blonde looks really serious right now as she gets off Ariel.

The torture doesn't stop, until Dove just decides to get off the seat. Immediately, Ariel pushes herself off the seat and with a hold of Ariel's hair, she drags her away of the cubicle, and pushes her against a mirror. "You think you can be pretty just cause your big boobs huh? Then now, everyone will still see you as this ugly dork!" Dove's voice now has venom, as she just looks to intimidate Ariel more and more. Her hands lift up and grab at both of the brunette's tits, digging her nails on them while also keeping Ariel against the mirror

"Say you are sorry! Sorry for even trying to compare to me! And maybe I will have some mercy!" The blonde says, definitely tired of this, but wanting Ariel to admit that she is no way near her level. And the face of the nerd was a poem. Ariel was crying like a babygirl.

"P...please... Stop... I... I... I'm sorry... I didn't want to piss you off... NGGGGGGGGG!!!" Tears rolling down and landing on her red chest. "Stop... Stop please... Dove I beg you..." Ariel is totally broken right now. The little nerd girl who decided to step up to her bully is now left a complete broken mess.

But this doesn't end here, or at least is what Dove has planned. "Good slut... But not enough" she says before tossing Ariel to the floor. The nerd girl grabs at her boobs, trying to stop the pain, while Dove just goes after the massive bra that was owned by Ariel. She swings it around while whistling the song "The sign". Seeing this, Ariel has no other option but to crawl away, looking to escape from Dove. But her back hits the cold wall, and is obvious she is more than trapped.

"You know, I need to send a message after what happened today... I don't want people think that you can step up to me okay? So I will be nice with you and just leave you here... But like this!" Dove says before she grabs both of Ariel's hands and ties them up against a pipe, using the brunette's bra.

"WHAT??!!! DOVE YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!! NO!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!!!!" Ariel cries again, but is useless. She is already tied up and Dove turns around about to leave. But the blonde suddenly steps onto something...

"Hmmm interesting..." She looks at her feet and can see underneath her heels a red lipstick that has probably rolled in during the whole brawl. Her evil mind keeps working and she decides to pick it up. She opens it and rolls it, so the red tip comes out. Looking at the mirror she paints her lips before turning to Ariel.

"Come here, this will be the only time you will ever experience this!" She says before grabbing Ariel by the cheeks and planting a deep kiss on her lips, making sure to leave a big mark on them. She then goes down her neck, leaving a trail of kisses until she reaches her left boob, where she starts to suck on her nipples.

"Wh... What are you doing... Why?!" Ariel says totally stranged by this, but suddenly turned on by all of this. For some reason, Dove kissing her suddenly made her panties all wet. "Oh, I try to be nice and you just complain? How rude of you Ariel... I will let everyone know that!" Dove is really enjoying herself right now, to which Ariel just panics.

"Don't worry, you will tell them as well" the blonde adds before grabbing the lipstick again and start to write on Ariel's chest "_Baby Bitch_". A word on each boob, to sign the defeat of Ariel Winter.

The blonde would leave the restroom, and Ariel was left there, crying and sobbing like a little girl, handcuffed and unable to escape, marked by her bully. She can't believe this. This is way worse than her worse nightmare, but it gets suddenly worse when suddenly the bell rings, and she can hear everyone coming off class. Her face panics as is just a matter of time before people find out about this. Her life, her highschool life, has been totally ruined...


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Great job. Love to see this series continue.

Who else is in the cast.


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Great job. Love to see this series continue.

Who else is in the cast.
Well, I have several ideas about who will be next. So far you guys have seen Dove, Ariel, Atwell and being mentioned Van Camp, but many MANY more will show up


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That is a VERY intresting premise for a series of stories. I will be excitedly anticipating future chapters, especially in regards to fights between the teachers.