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Rachel McAdams vs Ruby Rose

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Rachel McAdams vs Ruby Rose
« on: July 12, 2023, 03:54:28 PM »

(story took place while Rose was still on Batwoman)

Ruby Rose didn’t want time to scout or game plan her next Taylor challenge.  She advised Taylor to bring on who she felt would give her the greatest test.

Rachel McAdams showed up and Ruby came over right away and hugged her “Big fan.”

“Uhmn ok but I’m not here to join the clique, I’m here to fight you.”

Ruby backed up “Oh I know and I love that because you hate the catty crap and the stuff that has no business in a fight… Going after women’s tits and vagina is a loving thing not a violence thing.  Another reason I’m glad its you here.”

Rachels eyebrow rose “Good to know” Rachel stepped back and took off her outer wear and was in her bikini “Word is a fellow Canadian is not happy with you?”

“Nina, she and I are friends and trust me she knows if we ever actually threw down, I’d beat her.  I should probably stop showing up when she fights though”

“No Marie Avgeropolous she is not happy at all.”

“Her oh yeah forgot about her.  She thinks I’m a bluff and wants to call me but, in the end, she can’t beat me and I know it deep down she knows it but she wants the rub of fighting me… Next time the pit opens I’ll beat another one of her friends.”

“Thing is I have heard she’s plenty tough and even more talented at fighting.  Not sure her issue with you but enough chit chat, it is time for us to find our answer.”

“Never been happier to do so… All professional, one fight one winner.”

Ruby threw a punch and Rachel ducked it and lifted Ruby up and threw her down.  Ruby immediately kick pushed Rachel away.  They circled again, Ruby went for a kick it was blocked and this time it was trip, but Rachel was able to get atop Ruby after the takedown this time

It didn’t’ last long as Ruby got out of the position in a very technical way that Rachel had no answer to.  Ruby began to loosen up, but Rachel was getting more tense.  Rachel was beginning to worry as it seemed Ruby had more control of her body then she did after the take down

“Rachel you might have some skill, but this is going to end badly for you.  I know what I’m doing here, and I don’t think you have much of a chance.”

“I came here to find out if I do or I don’t.”

Ruby went to engage again but Rachel ducked and went for a single leg takedown. Ruby was expecting that and pulled her leg out didn’t back away and when Rachel was up to her feet Ruby cracked Rachel with an uppercut then slid away from Rachel’s retaliation attack

“I got your timing down for those takedowns.  Don’t go for another or I’ll have to end the fight.”

Something about Rubys words and demeanour made Rachel believe that.  She knew she had to hide any more take down attempts but to do that she had to trade hands with Ruby Rose.

Rachel tried to get inside and was hit with three jabs then Ruby moved to her left and hit two more jabs which hit closer to the ear.  Rachel threw a wild left and Ruby was well out of range and hit three hooks to Rachels ribs then hit a kick but not a hard kick to the chest

Rachel threw more punches and Ruby leaned back then slipped and rolled.  Avoiding each punch and when Rachel went for the take down Ruby moved laterally and pushed McAdams down.  “I know how to finish you.”

“Then why don’t you finish me already?”

“I like to let them wait knowing I can do this at any point I want.”

“What will you do when Marie proves you are no bett…”  Rachel never got to finish as Ruby hardened and stepped in for a strong stiff , a right cross then a right knee to the ribs.  Left uppercut, right hook into grabbing the plum hauling McAdams head down bashing her with a knee knocking Rachel McAdams out cold.

Ruby Rose walked away “I’m all about the challenge of Nina Dobrev.  Take the pics send em to Marie whoever I got to get back to that stupid CW show.  Any other Canadians want some that’s what happens especially to Marie who WILL not prove anything yet alone I sink into to the gutters when pushed.”

(Upcoming:  Ashley Greene vs Laura Vandervoort; Kim Matula vs Kristin Kreuk; Beau Garrett vs Jaimie Alexander)