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Kim Matula vs Kristin Kreuk

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Kim Matula vs Kristin Kreuk
« on: July 18, 2023, 04:03:40 PM »

Story took place in 2017

Shiri Appleby was looking at the cast list for UnReal “This a joke.”

Shiri stormed off; they were doing a bachelorette type season for her show.  She went past all the men and made sure they were officially off the set and the producers tried to stop her.  “What the hell are you doing here.”

Kristin Kreuk was there “Why are you like this… Our issues are settled.”

Shiri remembered the room “We both know there’s a big part of you that needs the fighting… especially after choking against Stevens.”

Kristin looked away “I need a job, and this is a job.”

“This is my show, I have a producer’s credit and I say no and she isn’t even allowed on set.”

“Just because we had a war, and it was me who was the victor… Listen.”

“Stop Kristin, we had a moment of peace but go away now or that moment ends.”

The two women stood there, reliving their three fights.  Two out and out catfights which they split victories, but Shiri put more hurt on Kristin in both.  The third fight was how much they had grown, they fought hard, ripped each other apart before Kristin knocked Shiri out. 

“You obviously don’t want me around… I’ll “

“You’ll not come anywhere near this set and you will leave here.”

Kristin crossed her arms “Take the sharpness out of your words and ask me to leave nicely and I will.  I agree this is your show and its obvious a part of you thinks we would fight again and if its on that set I then.”

“Shut up… Just Shut up.”  Shiri walked officially off the set and whispered so Kristin could hear “She isn’t leaving until she gets what she wants and what I want is this away from the set.  So this is what is happening.”

Kreuk smiled as Appleby was giving  her what she needed.

“You are not on this show.  I will have a trailer brought off set and right now have someone drive  you there.  Kristin I never liked you and you know that but you have a feud with Bell that’s where you should be.  Coming here like I’m alona because you both are jealous I gave Gellar a better fight than you and got closer to beating her.”

“I have a truce with Alona Tal… We have a truce so everyone else has to pay and Bell wants to pick when we battle.  You…”

“I am fucking done.  Now they will lead to where youre going to fight and bitch remember you came here.”

Kristin went to step forward and dozens got in front of her “Hold on let her past I have something to say to her.”  They stepped away “Kristin whats up.  This isn’t you, you aren’t about picking fights or stepping up like that.  We never liked each other but…This is about Alona.”

“She and I HAVE A DAMN TRUCE.  I will see you wherever we do this.”

Kristin left and Shiri turned and texted Alona Tal “What the hell is with you and Kreuk.”

“We have a truce… A Fucking truce so no third fight.  Our agents made us sign it.  Why is she actually looking for fights.  I just beat someone up a few weeks ago.”

Shiri just nodded.  Her phone was blowing up with messages from Alona and she realized what was happening.

A hour later Kristin was brought to a open field and there was a trailer there.  Kristin got out of the UTV and walked over “You in there is this where you want to…”  Another UTV pulled up and Shiri got out “Is this where you want to fight.”

“I wont be fighting you Kristin.  You won that war and I’m just about done with acting.  I’m not here for you and Alona to practice on because you aren’t allowed to fight each other.  Its not really a truce is it.”

“We hurt each other to much and it isn’t us but I … This isn’t about Alona its about you.”

“Then you fight me.”

A blonde woman walked out of the trailer.  Kristin recognized her from the second season of UnReal but could not get a name.  “I’m here for you, we fought and theres…”

Kristin went to step up to Shiri and the blonde got in front of her “You won the war Kristin.  Yes I was a better match for Sarah Michelle Gellar but that’s only because you and Alona fought her at her own game and she was better.  I have no reason to believe a fourth fight with you, a second with Sarah and a first with I wont say her name would turn out different for me so I decline.”

“Alona and I have a truce but we…”

Kristin went to go after Shiri again and got shoved to the ground by Kim “There is no more we when it comes to you and Shiri so back away and leave her or fight me.”

“I’m here for her.”  Kristin got up pointed at Shiri

“Why not Bell, don’t you two have some kind of feud that needs ending.  Why add more I’m fucking done.”

“I want…”  Kristin said and Kim got in front of her “Either you want to fight me or you want to go away.  Go fight Kristen Bell or just end it.  You will not fight Shiri today, tomorrow or any day because she said she is done with this and she has 24 women ready to fight you if you want to fight her.”

“Bell is to close to Alona.  They were on that show together.”

“They aren’t friends.” Shiri snapped

“And you aren’t fighting Shiri so put the fists up or walk away.” Kim insisted

“You really don’t want to fight me.” Kristin finally truly acknowledged Kim Matula

“Natalie Portman, Kristen Bell… Are they now to famous to degrade themselves into fighting you.”  Shiri said and again Kreuk ignored Matula this time she got hit with a right into cheek.


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Re: Kim Matula vs Kristin Kreuk
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2023, 04:05:31 PM »

“Yeah I want to fight you.”

Kristin was on her back foot and Matula went to capitalize on the beginning of the fight.  Threw some punches and Kreuk fell back and got a foot on the stomach flipping kim over “Remember what I told you.  You got the ability to be something now you need to prove it this is a big first fight.  Shes one of the best.”

Kreuk and Matula were up and Kim faked a run in on Kristin who was pivoting and readying a kick.  Kim pointed at the leg and that got a smile from Kreuk “So did she train you for me.”

“trained for the life and told me when I said I’d defend her you were to much but here I am.”

“Welcome to the big leagues.”  Kristin threw a jab to get blocked and hit Kim with a straight kick that sent her back.

“Any tips for her.”  Kristin asked mockingly

“You were just showed two things.  What did you learn?”  Shiri said to kim

Kim threw a jab it was parried and then threw a leg kick which Kreuk rolled back from switching stances.  A left knee came at the stomach but that came up short and was meant for something else.  Kim got her hands int the hair left her feet and took Kreuk down.

The blonde hit the brunettes head into the ground “If she is better at striking then make her uncomfortable.”

That statement allowed Kristin to waist lock and turn Kim.  Kreuk got up shook here head and ate a jab then defended the same combination but it never came then Kristin backed away “So you taught her well.”

Kim stepped jumped for a knee which Kristine blocked but Matula also brought down a elbow that got Kristin in the back of the neck.  That sent the brunettes chest forward arching her back.  The blonde landed grabbed her opponent’s hair and pulled her then threw her face first into the ground.

“That worked” Kim looked over at Shiri. 

“She’s tough do not let up or she will knock you out.”
“What.”  Kristin used her training and flexibility and was able to twist into a back fist that got the balance off her back.   Kristin pulled herself out and got up to her feet.

“She needs more training.”

“That’s what real fights are for.”

Kristin was up threw three jabs from three different angles and spun for a back hook kick.  It was meant to miss and see how Kim would react.  Kristin saw the big bounce back and saw shiris head go down.  Shiri knew now Kim could get more in but in the end this win was coming to Canada
Kirsten used circling and pivoting to avoid kims attempts at getting inside.  This blonde had strength and reflexes so best to avoid letting her have access to hair and if shed bend over and try to get inside that way her hair would get grabbed by the blonde.

“Shes adjusted and shes experienced.  Now you get your experience you know what you need to do but now she adjusts so what do you.”

Kim thought it and ate a leg kick then Kristin poked her head in to bait a punch.

Big shoulder drop from Kim and Kristin smiled threw a shovel jab into the shoulder and a over hand right then stepped out.  Stepped in for a switch kick to left knee and into the right forearm.  Kreuk got out again of range of a cat style take down

Kristin raised her knee and Kim tried to jump in before a straight kick or side kick could come.  Kristin threw a oblique kick above the knee and that sent Kim down face first. Kristin dropped down on Kims head quickly shifted to her side and hit a knee to Kims side then tried to get on the blondes back.

Kim didn’t know what to do and sometimes that works out and she stood up and had Kristin on her back.  “Better figure it out she will adjust.”  Kreuk couldn’t help but smile the respect Appleby was showing her.  Win or lose this she was shaking that girl’s hand and moving on.   

Kim walked with Kristin on her back and Kristin went for the neck and get a choke.  Bring the blonde down.  Instead, Kim did what she wanted and threw her body back slammed Kristin into the trailer.  “There you go.”  Shiri exclaimed and then Kim hit a elbow to Kristen’s stomach.  Bring her hips to the other side and hit different elbow to Kristin’s stomach.

Kim stepped forward got to her side and threw a side kick going for the shin.  Kristin slipped down slightly so it missed, and the foot hit the trailer.  Kreuk stepped forward got the knee under her shoulder and began walking Kim back “You could have maybe had me there.”  Glance at Shiri who was nodding yes “She knows what you should have done.

Kristin lifted her knee up under the lifted leg of Kim Matula.  Kim brought her arms up to block it and Kristin swung the leg turning Kim for a full three sixty.  Kristin timed it and threw a spinning wheel kick her heel colliding with Kim’s temple knocking her out cold.

Kristin stood over Kim and spoke to Shiri “She might have had me a couple times.  You trained her well and I’m thinking of your cast mates from this and I really don’t want to fight any more.  When she wakes up tell her the kick was wrong a turn and stomach punch and left hook would have been a better option.”

“Or a pussy grab after the elbows then turn into a spinning elbow.  Turn it cat again mix it up make you confused.  Use enough skill to further confusion while ripping at body.  That’s how you beat women like you, like I wont name her out of respect; like Gellar.”

Kristin walked up to Shiri who took her phone out “There is a …”  The hand went out for a handshake.  Shiri dropped the phone took the hand shook it and they stepped in and hugged “I’m sorry to have come here Shiri.  You were right I was trying to reignite something that is dead.  You were a great opponent and you are a better person.  I’m sorry to have come here and make this uncomfortable with you.  Bell is about a few months away from not being the big movie star she is who I need to focus on or someone new.  I do respect you and w hat we did to each other.”

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