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« on: November 03, 2023, 01:59:32 AM »
     They both rise from their chairs and Natalie removes her blouse not wanting it to be used  against her. They face off now topless. Both have a look of determination and Natalie's confidence is way up now that she has gotten Leni into a submission They both know they are very even and this fight could go either way. They cautiously approach and with new energy Natalie jumps Leni and puts her legs around her waist as they go to the floor. Natalie squeezes for all she is worth. She does not have the leg strength of the gymnast, but close. Leni  UUGGHHH  Natalie is pulling her hair and Leni is doing the same to Natalie. They are on their sides now slapping faces, body and breasts. Natalie's skirt is at her waist, Leni's  is about half way to her waist. They attack each others tits and are squeezing hard. Both are gritting their teeth. They look into each others eyes trying to intimidate the other. Leni smiles at Natalie, she has always been good at getting into her opponents heads. Natalie is learning this and does not let it affect her. She continues to squeeze Leni's mid section and tits. Leni is ravaging Natalie's tits as well. Leni grabs Natalie's leg and gets free from the scissors. She gets away from Natalie and they both stand adjusting their skirts and watching the other.                                                 
     They attack each other and are chest to chest arms around each other. They keep stepping behind the other trying to trip them. This lasts a few seconds and then Leni gets Natalie on the floor. Now they are in a cat ball rolling around the room. Their skirts are riding up as they are leg fighting for an advantage. They now have hands in hair pulling heads back. Leni knees Natalie's pussy twice. Natalie is finally able to block a third attempt. Leni is protecting herself from retaliation. Natalie is wounded and Leni knows it. They attack each others breasts and are going for the chance to inflict as much pain to the other as they can to win. Leni rolls Natalie on her back and slaps her face and grabs her hair shaking her head side to side. Natalie reaches behind Leni at her waist and unfastens her skirt. She has nefarious intentions. Leni does not pay any attention to this as she is so intent on ravaging Natalie's breasts. She is attacking her nipples and is pulling and twisting. Natalie instantly goes after Leni's hands to relieve the pain of this attack. Leni has a combination smirk and smile on her face. Natalie is grimacing in pain. She decides to attack Leni's nipples and is twisting them. Leni grabs Natalie's hands and now they are struggling hand fighting.                                                       
     The crowd is going wild this has been an incredible fight. They are getting their money's worth, it is all most as if they hope it will never end. The problem is all the fights after this will seem tame. Natalie is able to grab Leni's long blonde hair from the back and pulls her off to Leni's left side. Natalie is on her in an instant and pulls Leni's skirt down across her knees. She now has Leni's legs bound limiting their use. She jumps onto Leni with her now on her back and Natalie sitting on her stomach. Leni is kicking her legs trying to get the skirt to move. Leni " You bitch "   she knows Natalie pulled a fast one on her and is pissed at Natalie and herself. Natalie slaps Leni's breasts and face, she then slaps her breasts a few more times. Leni is trying to block the attack with her hands and arms. Natalie is like a windmill and Leni finds it difficult to prevent the assault on her face and chest. Leni grabs Natalie's tits and is squeezing hard. Natalie grabs Leni's tits and is working her over too. Leni reaches under Natalie's skirt and uses her thumb to rub Natalie's pussy. She is still a little tender from being kneed. Natalie grabs Leni's hand to get it off. Leni is still working her legs trying to move the skirt to no avail.  Natalie slaps Leni's face twice, as a warning not to attempt that again. They both go back to the breast attacks. It is now Natalie who is smiling. Leni is pissed and frustrated, She has never been through anything like this' Natalie goes back to slapping Leni's face and tits then grabs Leni's hair and shakes her head side to side. Leni tries to pull Natalie's hair to pull her off. Natalie resists and gets Leni's hands out of her hair. Leni slaps Natalie's face. Natalie bounces on Leni's stomach and pulls her hair some more.                                                             
     Leni " Fuck you bitch "   Natalie just smiles at Leni, she knows she has her in a bind. Now it is Natalie who is getting into Leni's head. Leni knows it as well. As a smart combatant she feels it is better to give now rather than continue  enduring all this pain. Leni pounds the carpet 3 times to let Natalie know she surrenders. Natalie slaps her face one more time and gets up. Leni lays there on her back for a few moments . She then removes her skirt and stands up. She picks up her skirt and throws it at Natalie. Natalie catches it and says " I should add this to my trophy case."   Leni just glares at Natalie who is smiling back at her. It seems Natalie is now playing mind games on Leni. They take their chairs toweling off catching their breath and getting a cool drink.                                                                                                     
                                                                                    To   be   continued   
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