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Vicious Head Cheerleader Fights Barrel Racer - Part 2

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Vicious Head Cheerleader Fights Barrel Racer - Part 2
« on: January 03, 2024, 09:04:55 AM »
Ruthless High School Cheerleader Allison (18) Versus Barrel Racer/Biker Chick Brooke (31) - Chapter 2

Brooke was lounging on her apartment sofa Sunday afternoon when she got a call from Bear, Cindy's biker boyfriend.
“It’s Bear.”
“I know.  I can see your name on my cell.”
“Yeah, right.  Anyway, I need you to make a run.  Cheryl apparently skipped out with the dough.”
Brooke sat up on the sofa and placed her feet on the carpet.  “No, she didn’t.  She’s missing.  And if you gave two shits about her, you’d be out there looking for her.”
“Lose the attitude, Brooke.”
Brooke stood up and ran her hand through her hair.  She was mad as hell at Bear for treating Cheryl’s disappearance with levity.
“F*ck you, asshole!  You’re not my boss.”  She started pacing the floor.
“True, but I have my orders from above.  And that’s for you to make a run tonight.”
“Whatever.”  Her angered simmered, then she sat back down on the sofa.  “Where am I supposed to go?”
“I’ll tell you when you get here.  You know where I live.”
“Unfortunately,” she said under her breath.
“Never mind.  What time do you want me there?”
“Make it eight-thirty.  You don’t have to be at the location until ten.”
Brooke hung up.  She watched a couple movies on Netflix, ate some dinner and showered.  She then put on a pair of jeans and western shirt and headed over to Bear’s place.
Bear lived in a trailer park outside Munroe, which was a real shithole by even slums' standards.  When she arrived, she parked her 2017 black Camaro on the left side of his unit.  She then traipsed up to the door and knocked on it.  When he didn’t answer, she knocked again—this time a little louder.
“Just a goddamn minute,” she heard him shout.  He opened the door seconds later, which caused a dog to bark in the adjacent trailer.  The dog kept barking its balls off as Bear stuffed his shirt into his pants.
“I was in the bathroom taking a f*ckin’ shit.  I can’t even wipe my ass properly for all the clamor.”
“Spare me the details,” said Brooke.  “Where’s the package?”
“You better watch yourself, blondie.  You’re on shaky ground with the bikers as it is.”
“I doubt that because you lie like a son of a bitch; but I really don’t care.  I have my own business, you know.”
“Oh, the beauty supply business.”  He rolled his eyes.  “How’s that going?”
“It’s going great, not that it’s any of your business.”
“Is that why you’re shaking your little ass over at Rodeo Cowgirls five nights per week?”
“What I do with my time is my own damn business,” said Brooke.  “Now, if you just give me the package, I’ll get the damn thing delivered.”
“It’s right here.”  Bear picked a small packet off a table and handed it to her.  It was wrapped in brown bag-like paper.
Brooke shook her head as she studied the packet.  “Where am I taking this thing?”
“To the Taco Bell in Perryville.  Stick it in the back pocket of your jeans when you take it inside.  Once you get inside the women’s rest room, tape it behind the metal garbage can.  The money will be taped behind the can.”  Bear reached down and scratched his balls through his pants.  Brooke frowned.  “You have tape, don’t you?”
“Oh, I suppose I can buy some at Walmart or something.”
“Great, you do that.”  Bear shook his head.  He glowered and pointed at her.  “You might be beautiful and all, but you’ve got a shitty attitude.  You’re also a cocky little shit who deserves to get knocked down a peg or two.”
“That’s because my friend Cheryl’s been missing for several days and you haven’t done shit about it.  Have you even called the cops?”
“Yeah, I called them.”  He looked down at his shoes.
“And what are they doing about it?”
“Like I said, she probably left town with my money, which is what I told them.”
“She didn’t leave town, you moron.  Something happened to her when she delivered that package for you Thursday night.”  Brooke threw both arms up.  “You’re unbelievable, asshole.”
“Listen, you little cxnt.  Get that package delivered by ten or it’s your ass.  And I want every cent of that six hundred bucks . . . or they’ll find your little ass in the river somewhere.”
“Maybe you did something like that to Cheryl.”
Bear stepped outside the trailer.  His face reddened with ire.  Brooke backed up a couple steps.  “Keep running your mouth, bitch, and I’m going to beat you senseless right here.”
“F*ck yooooou,” shouted Brooke, as she flipped him the bird and walked away.
Her heart was pounding when she got back in her car.  She started the engine and checked the time.  It was already 9:45 p.m.
“Shit.”  Perryville was at least a fifteen-minute drive. 
Brooke thought about Cheryl on the way to Perryville.  She was so upset about her friend and Bear’s failure to properly follow up with the cops that she ended up taking a detour to Brandy’s place.  She called her on her cell as she pulled up to her building.
Brandy answered after the first ring.
“Hi, it’s Brooke.”
“What’s up?”
“You want to take a drive with me?  I’ve got to drop something off in Perryville.”
“Sure.  I’ll be right down.”
Brandy marched down the steps of her apartment thirty seconds later.  Brooke unlocked her car door and Brandy took a seat in the Camaro.
“I don’t blame you for calling me.  After Cheryl came up missing the other night, you have reason to be concerned.”
“I’m not worried about myself,” said Brooke, as she made a right turn out of Brandy’s apartment lot.  “I don’t even know why I stopped by.  I just did.”
“And I’m glad to go with you.”  She tapped Brooke on the thigh.
The women arrived at the Taco Bell in Perryville at 10:15 p.m.  “I’m supposed to tape this packet to the back of the garbage can in the women’s restroom.”
“That’s weird,” said Brandy.  “Is the buyer a chick?”
“I don’t know, and I don’t give a rat's fat ass.  I’m just going to grab the f*ckin' money behind the garbage can and get the hell out of here.”
“You need me to go in with you?”
“You can wait in the hallway.  This Taco Bell is a real dump from what I remember, and the women’s rest room only has one toilet.”
“Okay, let’s go.”
The two women got out of the car and walked into the Mexican fast-food restaurant.  Only four or five people were seated in the dining area, with no one in line at the counter.  Brandy stopped about halfway down the hallway as Brooke made her way to the restroom.  Brooke reappeared a couple minutes later.
“I forgot to buy some tape, so I just used the pieces that were taped to the money.”
“You got it okay then?”
“Yeah,” said Brooke, as she tapped the wodge of dough in her back pocket.  “Let’s head out, unless you want something to eat.”
“I’m not hungry, but could use a Diet Coke.”
Brandy ordered her drink as Brooke waited outside the chrome railing.  When she got her drink, the women headed for the door.  The Taco Bell had two glass doors like every fast-food joint.  Brooke had just opened the inside door and stepped into the entryway when she saw the two girls who’d been at Kurt’s Bar & Grill last night.  Katie What's Her Face and Allison Parker. Both were in their cheerleading uniforms.
The tall brunette Allison eyed her as she entered from the outside door.
“Well, look who it is, Katie.  Blondie, the chicken shit barrel racer from last night.”
“You got a problem?” said Brooke, as she took a step toward the girl.
“Yeah, bitch, I’ve got a problem with you cowgirls selling drugs to teens like Katie and me.  That’s who these local assholes sell their drugs to in case you weren’t aware.  And I bet that’s what you’re doing here.  Am I right?”
“Go f*ck yourself, high school girl.”
“I guess that’s your way of saying yes.”
Brooke tried to shove Allison aside as she walked toward the outside door, but the girl brought her forearm up, placed it on the front of Brooke’s neck and shoved her against the wall.
Brooke's back and ass hit the wall, then her head. She reached out and tried to break the girl’s grip on her neck—but couldn’t.  Allison was much stronger than her.  “Open your mouth again and I’m going to take you out right here.”
Brooke gasped as she held her hands up in an act of surrender.  “Okay.  Relax.”
The girl had her fist raised as she snarled at the blonde.  She lowered it.  She then released her forearm from Brooke’s neck and pointed at her.  “Show up around here again and you’re going to get beaten, you little cxnt.”  Brooke’s throat churned.  Her face reddened.
The girl glared at Brandy as she reached for the inside door, then the two cheerleaders walked inside the restaurant.
Brooke massaged her throat as she walked outside.  She coughed a couple times.  The girl had stunned her with the sudden violence.
“I told you that girl’s a badass,” said Brandy.  “She really wants to hurt you.”
“Shut up, Brandy.  She caught me by surprise, that’s all.  I didn’t have a chance to use my karate on her.  Besides, I can’t just go hitting a high school girl.”
“High school girl or not, she attacked you.”
“Okay, just drop it.  I’ve already had a really bad night—first with Bear and then that high school bitch.  I just want to go home and go to bed.”
Brooke had just taken a couple steps toward her Camaro when the two girls walked outside.
"Hey, rodeo bitch," shouted Allison. My friend Katie here said you gave me the finger before you walked out. Is that true?"
Brooke turned and walked toward the girl. Her throat churned, but a deep-seated anger boiled inside her.
"I didn't give you the f*ckin' finger, high school bitch."
"I think you did."
Allison ambled toward Brooke. The two squared off. Allison waved both hands toward herself, daring Brooke to make the first move.
"Come on, Brooke," pleaded Brandy. "This isn't a good idea."
Allison turned toward Brandy. "You're one smart cowgirl. But don't worry, this fight won't last long."
Allison turned toward Brooke just as the woman slapped her face.
"Oh, you f*ckin' little cxnt."
Allison charged Brooke, then the two grabbed hands. Brooke slapped Allison's inner thigh with a roundhouse kick, then Allison jerked her head toward her. Seconds later, Allison slammed her knee into her gut and sent her to her knees.
"Ohhhhh, God," cried Brooke, as she held her stomach.  :P
"Get up, barrel racer!" shouted Allison.
Brooke struggled to get to her feet, but finally got up.
"I could've knocked your ass out just now, but I really want to fight you and show you who's boss, bitch."
Brooke charged Allison and shoved her. She then punched her in the right cheek. Allison caught Brooke with a roundhouse, knocking the blonde to her right.
Brooke staggered in her boots. Allison looked at her friend Katie, pointed at Brooke and laughed.
"Bitch can barely stand on her own two feet," said Allison.
"Just finish her off," said Katie. "I'm hungry."
"Come on, Brooke," said Brandy. "Let's go home."
"Shut the hell up, bitch," said Katie, "or I'm going to fight you."
Brandy held her hands up, backing down from a potential challenge.
Allison hit Brooke in the cheek as the barrel racer stumbled forward, then Brooke struck Allison's jaw. The cheerleader lost her balance for a second, but caught Brooke with a haymaker, just as the woman raised her boot to kick her.
The blow knocked Brooke to the pavement.
This time, Allison stomped down on Brooke's ass, then grabbed her by the back of her long blonde hair. Brooke screamed.
Brooke assumed her fighting stance just as the asshole manager walked outside and shouted, "You two better stop fighting or I'll call the police.
"Okay," said Allison, throwing her arms up. The manager walked back inside the restaurant.
Allison turned toward Brooke, who had just caught her breath.
"I guess you get out of another fight, barrel racer," said Allison. "You must have nine lives or something -- just like a pussy cat."
"She is a pussy," said Katie.
"F*ck you, little bitch," said Brooke, as she snarled at Katie. She then eyed Allison.
"Let's go, Katie," said Allison.
The head cheerleader made a quarter turn toward the restaurant as Brooke stood there with her arms at her sides. Allison then turned back toward Brooke and slugged her in the mouth.
Brooke reeled backwards and fell on her ass. Blood poured from her mouth as she looked up at Allison, who had an evil smirk painted across her puss.
"You f*ckin' bitch," shouted Brooke, before she brought her hand up and covered her mouth.
Allison walked toward her. "What are you going to do about it, barrel racer?"
"That's enough," said Brandy, as she walked over and helped Brooke get to her feet.
"This isn't over," said Brooke.
"Oh, yeah. Well, you just name the time and the place, because the next time we fight, I'm going to knock you out. You can count on it."
"Stupid high school bitch," said Brooke, as she dabbed her lips. The front of her western shirt was stained with blood.
Brooke started walking to her car with Brandy when she felt the girl grab the rear neck of her shirt. In a flash, Allison ripped her shirt off, exposing her perky little tits.
"Oh, you f*cking high school cheerleader bitch. I'm going to kick your ass."
Brooke picked her tattered shirt off the pavement and wrapped the front of her chest with it.
"F*ck you, barrel racer. You heard the manager. The fight is over, which is a good thing for you."
"Suck my snatch."
Allison laughed. "You wish, bitch. But we're going to fight tomorrow night behind the high school at the old park. And if you don't show up, I'll come looking for you. I know where you work."
Brookes' throat churned, and she knew the girl saw it. Her face then suffused red as a severe attack of anxiety overcame her. She was suddenly worried about tomorrow's fight.
"And bring your little tits with you, barrel racer, 'cause I'm going to knock them off you."
Brooke ignored her, but felt humiliated.

Brandy helped Brooke to her car.
"You want me to drive?"
"No. I can drive."
"Forget that bitch, Brooke. And forget fighting her tomorrow night."
"But I have to."
"No you don't," said Brandy, as Brooke plopped down on driver's seat and cranked the Camaro's engine on."
Brooke placed her hand on her lip. "She bloodied my f*ckin' lip, so I have to fight her."
"She's going to kill you, Brooke. She's a much better fighter, and she's strong as hell. Those high school cheerleaders are athletic, and you barely even work out anymore."
"F*ck you, Brandy."

A final fight will ensue soon -- Chapter 3 or a "Fight to the Finish." Can Brooke rebound and defeat the cocky head cheerleader of Madison High, or will the girl hammer the final nail in her coffin? The third and final fight won't have any interference from some nerdy manager, or be restricted to the rules of some indoor venue. It will take place in an isolated area at night, so I hope Brooke brings it this time . . . or else. If you missed the first Chapter, and have any interest, you can find it in the "Catfighting" section or in the "About Me" section. It's the last one listed, or penultimate one  if I get this story posted first.


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