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     Tracy had a couple of fights in high school. She had them because she refused to put up with any harassment from a couple of girls  in her class. She agreed to fight them both one at a time and a week apart. She beat both of them and after that she was never bothered again. Now a couple of years later she was thinking about those fights and how much she had enjoyed them and how much they turned her on. She had forgotten about how exciting it was and now that she is thinking about those fights she thought it might be nice to try it again. She wondered if she would feel as good about them if she had lost either or both, probably not. Tracy decided to try to find someone to fight or wrestle. She wanted to see if these urges are real or not. She talked to her friends who found this sort of interesting, but none wanted to try it right now. One of them, Becky, said she knew a girl at work who had oil wrestled at a party not long ago. Becky said she would talk to her and let Tracy know. About a week later Becky was with Tracy and said her friend, Sara, would be glad to talk to her about wrestling or even a catfight. Tracy " That's great, I will call her."   Becky gave Tracy Sara's contact info and Tracy called her that evening.  They had a long conversation and hit it off right away. They both talked about their experiences and Tracy found out Sara has been in a lot of arranged catfights and did some oil wrestling at a local club. They decided to get together to wrestle. They both felt a wrestling match would be the best way to break the ice and get Tracy back into shape. After that if all went well maybe a rules catfight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
     They get together on a Saturday afternoon at Tracy's parents house, as they are out of town. Tracy had cleared an area in the family room giving them a lot of room to wrestle. Tracy and Sara go to the family room and talk a little more getting comfortable with each other. They decide it is time they are wearing T-shirts no bras, shorts and bare foot. Tracy at 5' 3"  120lbs. 34c   long blonde hair,  Sara is 5' 4"  125lbs. 34c  long black hair. Both girls do their stretches and get ready. They stand about a foot apart looking into each others eyes, hard nipples pushing against the fabric of their T- shirts. About 15 seconds later they have arms around necks and waists, dancing around the room. They each try to trip the other, Sara finally trips up Tracy and they fall to  the floor in a heap. They roll around in a cat ball arms around each other legs thrashing. First it's Sara on top then Tracy. Sara is able to mount Tracy and has her in a school girl pin. Tracy is bucking and using her legs to try to get Sara off. Sara has Tracy's arms pinned above her head. Tracy tries in vein to get free with no luck and submits. Sara " That's one for me."   They take a short break get a drink and discuss the first round. Tracy knows Sara has had many fights and will put her to the test. Sara " You did OK but I can tell you haven't done this much"   Tracy " As I told you I had those two fights a couple of years ago and that is it."   Sara " After today you will be doing better."   They stand and are ready for round 2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
     They circle and grab each other again only this time Sara hip tosses a surprised Tracy to the floor and has her in a headlock. Tracy is on her side with Sara's left arm around her neck. Sara's back is on Tracy's chest. Tracy is pulling at Sara's arm, but she is using her other arm and has a tight grip with her hands. Tracy is slapping at Sara's body and pulling on her shirt. Tracy is getting pissed at herself for getting in such a bind and is trying to figure a way out of this. In her desperation she grabs Sara's hair and pulls. Sara " Are you sure you want to do that?"   Tracy still has Sara's hair but  decides to let go. Sara " Do you want to take this up a notch?"   Tracy " What do you mean?"   Sara " We can up this to hair pulling if you want or we can even make this a catfight."   Tracy " Let me up and we can talk about it."   Sara lets Tracy up and they discuss this round and how they want to continue.  Sara " I have no problem if you want to make this a catfight"   Tracy " What do you have in mind?"   Sara " Hair pulling, face and body slapping, breast mauling."    Tracy " I can do that."   Sara " Good, you may do better, as long as you get aggressive."   Tracy "What do you mean by that?"   Sara " I noticed you wanted to pull my hair before you did and I am sure you wanted to slap me."   Tracy " Yes you are right, it was hard to hold back."   Sara " I need to set up the recorder if we are going to take this to the next level."   Tracy " Why."   Sara  " I am a member of the catpin society and we record all catfights to submit and stay in good standing, letting others know we are still active."   Tracy " So that is the pin you have on your bag."   Sara " Yes "   Tracy " I was wondering what that was, how do I get one?"   Sara " you have to submit 3 catfight videos to get approved, we can use this as your first.  Sara also explains that if she is wearing her pin and comes upon  someone else wearing theirs that is a challenge to fight. They must record the fight and submit it. Tracy is fascinated by all this and tells Sara she wants a pin. Sara tells her they like to remain exclusive and you have to prove you can fight, that is one of the reasons for 3 videos.  Sara " Well lets take the first step towards your pin and record our fight."   Tracy " I am ready."                           
     They go back to the center of the room and lockup. They struggle for a short time and Sara trips up Tracy and they are rolling around on the floor hands in hair, legs thrashing, both girls struggling for control. Sara is able to mount Tracy. She is sitting on Tracy's stomach and slaps her face also pulling her hair. Tracy goes for Sara's tits and has a good hold on them through the fabric of het shirt. . Sara pulls Tracy's hands off her tits and slaps her again. Tracy is a little pissed at getting slapped  and slaps at Sara's face but is blocked. Sara is back at pulling Tracy's hair as she is trying to buck Sara off. This isn't working and Sara seems to be getting the best of Tracy again. Tracy is getting more aggressive and goes for Sara's tits again. This time with more gusto. Sara decides to return the favor and attacks  both of Tracy's tits and is ravaging them. Tracy   AAAHHHH  " You bitch"    Sara  " You like that bitch"   They are looking into the others eyes and gritting their teeth. Tracy is feeling the pain but also the excitement of the fight. She is happy she pursued this and found Sara. Right now she is experiencing the pain but is also dishing it out. Tracy is able to grab Sara's hair with one hand and pulls her head down. She starts bucking again and gets Sara to fall to the side. In the process Sara gets a headlock on Tracy and a scissors as well. Tracy is very pissed at herself again as she feels she has just gone from one problem to another. Sara is squeezing hard with her scissors and with her arms in the headlock. Tracy is slapping at Sara's body and legs as well as her face. She is trying to pry Sara's legs loose. Tracy pulls Sara's hair but Sara is able to endure the pain. Tracy decides she has had enough and taps out. Sara lets up and both just lay on the floor. Sara  " I know you probably don't think you did all that well, but you really did. I know you don't have a lot of experience but it you keep working at it you will be fine."   Tracy " You think I am doing OK?"   Sara " Yes I do"   Tracy " I thought I was terrible, I could not get out of anything."   Sara " It will take a little time and a lot of hard work. That is one reason why you have to submit 3 fights to see if you will be accepted for a catpin. They want to be sure you are worthy and not just going through the motions. You don't have to win but you must put up a good fight. To get a catpin is very exclusive and not for everyone."   Tracy "I want one, but If I can't do any better then I did today I am sure they will not want me."   Sara " As I said you don't have to win and you are putting up a good effort. I can tell you are determined. Next tine keep up the same effort and maybe a little more aggression. You just need more experience."   Tracy "Will you let me have a copy of the recording to use towards my pin."    Sara " Of course. Do you want to schedule another fight soon?"   Tracy   "Yes, I want to take about a month to train and get ready if that is OK?"   Sara " I think that is a good idea, get in better shape, build some endurance, and we will try it again."                                                                     
                                                                                                            TO     BE     CONTINUED
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