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« on: February 28, 2024, 02:45:51 AM »
                            I just want to say this story is not about MISS KIM.  I have written stories about her and a few with her in them.  This story is about a good friend of
                             mine  who I wanted to do a story for.  I hope you enjoy                                                                                                                                                         
     Kim is here from out of town on a business and pleasure trip. She has a nice hotel suite. I had discussed with her the possibility of finding someone to wrestle while she is in town. I was fortunate to find someone. Kim likes to wrestle for the enjoyment and the challenge as well as the workout. I was able to find a girl who lives not to far away and is willing to come to Kim's room to wrestle. She will be with her husband Dave. Kim and Kelly have talked on Trillian and agreed on the rules and attire. Kelly and Dave plan to be at Kim's room about 6PM Friday evening. They knock on the door right on time. Kim greets them and they come in and Kim takes them to the couch and Kim and I sit in the chairs across from them. We discuss their trip to Indy and their plans for while they are in town. After a short time the girls go over the rules again. Hair pulling, body slapping. no punching, breast cupping or grabbing but no mauling or pussy attacks.                                                                 
     Kim is 5' 4"  34b  125lbs long brown hair.   Kelly is  5' 5"   36c   140lbs  long blonde hair.   They are both wearing tight white T-shirts no bras and jean shorts both are bare foot. They do their stretching and are now ready. They are standing about a foot apart, their hard nipples are pushing against the T-shirt material and their areolas are slightly visible. The anticipation of what is about to happen is driving me crazy. Dave is ready with the video camera. After about 15 seconds or so they grab each other around the necks attempting headlocks. They stagger around the room trying to trip the other and gain an advantage. Kelly is able to use her slight weight advantage to toss Kim to the floor. They roll over and over in a cat ball legs kicking. They stop with Kelly on top of Kim as she sits on her stomach and pulls her hair. Kim uses her legs to pull Kelly off, she falls to the side and Kim gets her in a scissors. Kelly  AAHHH as Kim squeezes her mid section and pulls Kelly's hair. Kelly grabs one of Kim's breasts but Kim is able to get Kelly's hand off. Kelly then grabs for Kim's hair, as she slaps Kim's legs and body. Kim slaps Kelly's body in return. Kelly is able to break free from Kim's scissors and rolls away. Kelly is trying to stay away from Kim long enough to catch her breath. As Kelly tries to stand Kim is all over her. She gets Kelly on her back and is sitting on her chest. She has Kelly's arms pinned above her head. Kelly is bucking and kicking her legs. Kim is leaning forward so Kelly can not use her legs to try to get Kim off. Kelly can not get free and submits. They both stand and go to their seats. I give Kim a cool drink of water and towel and Dave does the same for Kelly. We are discussing how things are going and after about 5 minutes the girls are ready for round 2.           
     They stand and remove their T-shirts and toss them to me and Dave. The rest of the match will be topless. They approach and slowly circle hands up. They come together one arm around the others neck and one hand in the hair. They stumble and fall to the floor. Kelly tries to mount Kim but she pushes her off and rolls over. Kim gets on Kelly's back, pulls her hair and her head back bringing Kelly's chest off the floor. Kim reaches around and cups one of Kelly's breasts, letting her know who is in control. Kelly is kicking her legs as best she can. She brings her legs up under herself to unseat Kim. As Kim falls forward Kelly grabs her from the back and they roll over onto Kelly's back. She has Kim with her back on top of her own chest. Kelly reaches around and cups both of Kim's breasts, letting her know who is in control now. Kim is slapping at Kelly's body and is trying to get to her hair. Kim   " You bitch "    Kelly   " Fuck you "    Kim uses her legs to roll to the side but Kelly still has her hands on both of Kim's breasts and now gets Kim in a scissors. Kim is upset with herself but feels she can get out of this. She is finally able to get one hand into Kelly's hair. Kelly slaps Kim's body a couple of times. Kelly now has Kim's legs wrapped up with hers. Kim is trying to wiggle and get out of this but is getting nowhere and submits. Kim comes over to her chair a bit upset with herself. I tell her she is doing fine, don't worry, she just got you in a bad spot. I don't think she wants to hear this. I can tell Kim is not happy but at least it is tied and she is not behind. Kelly on the other hand is very happy and feeling very confident. Time for round 3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
     I can see Kim has a determined look in her eyes, she does not like to lose, even a round. They come together immediately chest to chest, hands in hair. Kim has Kelly on the floor in an instant. They roll around legs thrashing and kicking, they are slapping and groaning. Kim gets Kelly on her back legs spread and Kim's  legs wrapped with Kelly's for control. She also has Kelly's arms pinned above her head. Kim asks Kelly if she gives. Kelly  "NO"   They stay this way for a bit then they both start leg fighting. Kelly is able to get a leg free and rolls them on their sides. They continue leg fighting and are working their arms for control. Kelly tries to get Kim in a scissors but Kim blocks the attempt. Kim lets go of one of Kelly's hands and gets her in a headlock. Kelly is squirming trying to get free. She is slapping at Kim's body and pulls her hair. Kim is squeezing hard and holding on with both arms. Kelly's slaps are stinging Kim but she refuses to let up. Kelly tries pulling on Kim's arms and with one last tug is able to get free. Kelly uses her legs to push Kim away. They barely make it to their knees when they are back at it again in a bear hug breast to breast. They have their arms around each other. Kelly uses her strong legs to drive Kim over backwards and is on her. She gets Kim in a breast smother and presses down hard. Kim is trying to move her head to be able to breath. She is not able to and taps out. As Kim comes over to her seat I can see she is really pissed at herself. I give her the glass of water and towel her off. I tell her I think Kelly is getting over confident. I can see a new determination in her eyes. She is not mad at Kelly but herself. I know Kim can still win this and i don't have to say anything to motivate her. I just look into those beautiful brown eyes and smile. She looks back at me and I can see a small grin. I have never seen her wrestle before but I am sure she can take care of Kelly.                                   
     They both stand and are back at it in an instant. Kim is all over Kelly. She has her in a headlock and Kelly has one hand on one of Kim's breasts. Kim does not seem to care. Kim gives Kelly a slight hip toss to the floor. Kelly has lost her grip on Kim's breast, but now has a handful of hair. Kim seems to be oblivious to this as well. Kim now maneuvers Kelly into a scissors and is squeezing the air out of her. Kelly is slapping Kim's body furiously. Kim pulls Kelly's head in tight against her body and squeezes more with her legs. I can tell Kim is putting all she has into squeezing Kelly. Kelly slaps at Kim's chest but only gets a glancing blow. Kim tightens up on Kelly's neck. She pulls Kelly in as tight as she can. Kelly's arm is swinging around in the air. She mumbles  " I give "   Kim says she can't hear her. Kelly " STOP  STOP "   Kim lets go and says " I could not hear you "   Kelly gasping for air " I could barely speak, you were crushing all the air out of me. "   They return to their seats. I give Kim her water and start toweling her off. She looks up at me and smiles. This puts a smile on my face. I know Kim has gotten into Kelly's head and am sure she will prevail. I know Kelly is tough and with her weight advantage could wear down Kim. This match is far from over. This last round will be good as I know both are determined to win. Both women really look sexy wrestling topless in their Daisy Dukes. It has been exciting and stimulating. I will be disappointed when it is over. I know the last round will be intense and I hope it does not get out of hand and turn into a real fight. We would have to stop it if that happens. I know both want to win and will be all out to do so. My heart is pounding with excitement as both girls rise and approach each other.                                   
     They circle hands raised and both have a very determined look on their faces. They slowly close the gap and then it is a slap fest, hands and arms flying. They are slapping at everything, body and breasts. Kelly then tackles Kim to the floor. Kim is able to use the momentum to roll Kelly to the side as they go down. They roll around in a heap, hands in hair and legs flying. After rolling around for a moment Kelly ends up on top of Kim and tries to pin her. Kim bucks hard and Kelly is off balance and falls to the side. Kim is on her in a flash. Hands in hair by both women and they are chest to chest. Kim is trying to get Kelly in a scissors but Kelly is fighting this off. They are in a leg fight trying to get a scissors on the each other and tying to prevent the other from doing so. Kim is able to roll Kelly on her back and mounts her at her chest. She leans forward to prevent Kelly from using her legs to pull her off. She has Kelly's arms pinned over her head. Kim looks up at me and smiles knowing i probably have an erection from watching her wrestling. She is right. Kelly is bucking and kicking her legs. She is trying to get Kim off any way she can. Kelly is able to get one arm free and grabs one of Kim's breasts. Kim is able to get her hand off. Kim decides to grab Kelly's hair and moves up to a face sit. With Kelly's hands free she grabs both of Kim's breasts, but Kim seems to care less. She shakes her butt rubbing her crotch into Kelly's face. Kelly has had enough and says  " STOP  I GIVE "   Kim stands up and has a big smile on her face. Kelly gets up and goes over to Dave. Kim comes over to me, I am now standing, she puts her arms around me and pulls me tight against her. I can feel her hard nipples press into my chest. She rubs her crotch against me, I think to make sure i enjoyed her victory. She is not disappointed. I look into her eyes and we are both smiling and she gives me a long kiss. I could not be happier, to have witnessed such a good match and for Kim's victory. It will be a nice night.                                                                                                                                               
     Kelly puts on her top and shoes and Dave puts away his camera. As they say their goodbyes Kelly says " If you come back to Indiana, Kim, let me know I would  like a rematch "    Kim " I would like that too " 
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