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Nora Reunites With An Old Friend

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Nora Reunites With An Old Friend
« on: February 19, 2024, 09:23:26 PM »
Nora Reunites With An Old Friend
   by Abby Silvercloud

   Nora is my favorite friend at the club, and certainly the best jobber you have ever seen.  A true professional, and such a sweetheart.  She works here, at The Dollhouse, on a part time basis.  Denny, my ex-husband, will usually call Nora whenever he is going to schedule a special event, like he has scheduled for tonight.  Word got around that he had a really good wrestler coming in, but was keeping it a mystery.  So, he needed a veteran, and he called Nora.

   Nora has wrestled in various circuits and federations for many years, and gladly answers the call for a night like this.  What makes Nora's willingness to sacrifice herself so special is that she knows that the girl playing the jobber stands a good chance of excellent tips, in addition to the pay.  I suspect that she doesn't really enjoy all of that punishment, but does it for the good money it brings in.  There's also no secret that she does it for her husband, Jerry.  Jerry is reserved and quiet, but never misses one of her matches.  Nora has admitted that it drives him absolutely insane to watch her slowly lose a squash match.  “He's been like that for years,” she has told me in private.

   Nora is the kind of person who always has a pleasant smile for everyone.  Her personality allows her to take a lot of things in stride.  She uses her vast experience in wrestling, to teach many of the wrestling holds and throws to us, for when Denny calls on us to occasionally enter the ring.  What I have learned the most from Nora is how to sell a hold.  She often works with me on how to add more emotion when someone is bending my arm, or twisting my leg.  She has a true gift of making her pain seem so real and intense.  It's not surprising that her husband, Jerry loves to watch her matches.

   Nora doesn't wrestle nearly as much now as she once did when she was younger.  She laughingly admits to having put on more weight as a consequence.  Although most might call her pear shaped, she's still so adorable in her paisley leotard and taupe colored tights, as she is dressed for tonight.  Despite her aging body, Nora still takes matches here and there.  In the summertime, Nora can be found working the county fairs.  Nora is the consummate professional, and nearly always lets those who step into the ring with her, win.  She has told me sometimes a few women drunkenly take advantage of that, though.  But, she still does it for Jerry, who is always there to watch her suffer through the trouble she finds.

   Nora met Jerry years ago when she wrestled promotions with a tag team partner, Rhonda.  Jerry confided in her that he loved watching her lose.  She didn't know what to make of it at first, and she knew her partner, Rhonda, was very competitive.  So, as time went on, and their relationship became more serious, Nora took lots of jobs for him, wrestling by herself.  Nora ran herself ragged between working with Rhonda and taking those small jobs, which often were late at night in small intimate clubs, this this one.  Eventually, it led to her downfall, and almost ended Rhonda's career.

   As Nora tells the story, she was supposed to be in the ring with Rhonda one evening, but she had accidentally double booked herself, that night.  Nora's opponent put her through the wringer.  An hour or so after the match she was finally able to leave the club under her own strength.  Well, when she didn't show up at the match she was to do with Rhonda, that place made Rhonda wrestle by herself, and the other team put her in the hospital.  Rhonda never forgave Nora for that, and it led to them breaking up.  Nora didn't even know if Rhonda was still wrestling.

   Anyway, I think it's wonderful how Nora and Jerry have stayed together through the years.  They're kind of cute, in a way.  She still loves exciting him on fight night.  Nora knows that every so often, Jerry has tipped her opponents so that Nora is worked in his favorite holds.  Those affecting her back and legs, the most.  Jerry's biggest fetish is having her wrestle barefoot in her tights.

   Nora is such a saint for enduring what she does, pleasing everyone who loves to see her pound the mat and grimace through excruciating holds.  Some of our best patrons, come to see Nora take another exciting, humiliating beating.  Many people who come to Denny's Dollhouse for the special fetish nights know their favorite hidden desires will be teased, and they tip very well for it.

   The scene was set, tonight.  Tonight's match would promise the crowd that a jobber was going to get abused, and Denny unabashedly propped a stretcher against a ring post for theatrical effect.  There was basically one rule in a squash match like this.  The jobber stays until the time limit is up, and then after that, it's a pinfall only match.  Tips are often twice what the wrestler could normally expect.  Premium pay for both wrestlers.

   Denny, the consummate show man, listened to his patrons for new, exciting ideas for the wrestling matches he promoted.  Lately, he has been entertaining the idea of a generous guest sponsoring a particular opponent for one of his jobbers.  That opportunity wasn't lost on Jerry.

   Nora finished preparing for the match in our dressing room.  She encouraged me to “go and keep Jerry company.”  I told I would, and that she needed to take care of herself.  Neither of us knew who this opponent was.  Denny managed to keep it a secret this time.  Nora wasn't worried.  I waved and blew a kiss to my bestie, and went to find Jerry.

   Jerry had picked himself a perfect ringside seat near a corner post, but not behind it.  As he offered me the seat next to him, Nora walked to the ring wearing a pretty pastel pink one piece with hot pink lilies across the front of it.  The suit's modest cut hugged her hips and highlighted her thick thighs glistening beneath her taupe tights.  Jerry quickly pointed out that he had recently bought the outfit for her.  Jerry was very proud of Nora and seemed overly excited for this match.  Nora paraded around the club waving, touching shoulders, and blowing kisses to everyone.  She looked adorable and played up her mannerisms, perfect portrayals of a knowledgeable jobber, knowing what she is here for.

   The crowd cheered enthusiastically for their favorite jobber, looking pretty in pink, welcoming her warmly.  Nora climbed into the ring, still unaware, and seemingly unconcerned about her opponent.  She continued her parading around the ring in an animated, welcoming fashion.

   Denny entered the ring, and sat on the lower rope, holding them apart for Maddie, his current wife, to enter.  She'd be tonight's referee.  Denny spoke into the microphone, and the audience quieted.  “LADIES and GENTLEMEN!  The Dollhouse has a very special match for you, tonight.”  The cheers went up as a roar.  “Thanks to the efforts and special request of one of our greatest fans,”  Denny nodded in the direction of Jerry, “I bring you a special guest wrestler who will certainly entertain you.”  Nora looked at me with an bemused smile.  Returning her surprised grin, I too, was intrigued with the prospects of what Denny managed.

   Continuing, Denny introduced Nora to another round of cheers and applause, “Standing five feet, four inches tall, and weighing a beautifully proportioned, one hundred and eighty seven gorgeous pounds,”  Denny winked at Nora, “I give you, the darling of every wrestling circuit, and one of our most requested ladies of wrestling, please welcome Passion Flower Nora to our ring!”  Nora stepped to the center of the ring, and waved, spun, and kissed to the cheering crowd.

   Nora stepped back, and resumed her place in the corner, tugging on the ropes, trying to stretched out, as Denny revealed the big mystery of the night.  “Nora's guest opponent, OPPOSING OUR RAPTUOUS WRESTLER, is no stranger to a wrestling ring, or Nora.  You may recognize her from many television promotions.  We are very fortunate to have found, the intense, incensed, and incomparable, ROUGHNECK RHONDA!!”  Nora instantly stopped pulling on the ropes, and glanced over at Denny.  The confident look Nora has been displaying, melted away.

   Roughneck Rhonda looked every bit the part of a menacing heel, and took her time walking to the ring.  Looking at the smile on her face, she knew what this was doing to poor Nora.  Rhonda came to the ring wearing a leather ring jacket, so all that anyone could see, were her well muscled legs adorned with chocolate colored fishnet tights and black boots reaching just below her beefy calves.  Smiling like the Cheshire cat, Rhonda looked at Nora head to toe, as she slowly ascended the steps.

   This did not look good for barefoot Nora, and the look on her surprised face said she knew it.  Nora nervously kept glancing in our direction.  Jerry was smiling back at her.  I turned to Jerry, and asked what he could possibly be thinking, “Just look at Rhonda, about to wrestle your wife.”  He sat there, arms folded, and returning his sacrificial wife's inquisitive glances.

   His eyes, fixated on his wife, Jerry whispered, “Nora will thank me later for this, uh … arrangement.”  The tone of Jerry's voice sent a shiver down my back.  I looked back up at Nora, and shrugged innocently.  She might have been shaking in her new wrestling attire.  Denny stepped to the center of the ring with the referee.

   Roughneck Rhonda shrugged her ring jacket from her shoulders and caught it behind herself.  The royal blue suit she wore highlighted her large, sculptured frame, still with an hourglass figure.  The arms on Rhonda looked as though she lived in the weight room.  The years had treated Rhonda much better than they had, Nora.  The audience gave a collective gasp when the muscled woman lifted her arms to display a bicep pose meant to intimidate her opponent.  Rhonda's entrance spoke to a complete control of the situation.  The sheer physical differences between Nora and Rhonda were so pronounced that not a single person in the club could have thought that Nora had the slightest of chances.

   When the two wrestlers were called to the center of the ring, there couldn't have been a more pronounced differentiation.  Her statuesque opponent, unblinkingly stared down at her.  Nora looked smaller than she portrayed upon her entrance.  Nervously pawing the canvas with her chubby nylon covered foot, Nora didn't look up into Rhonda's eyes.  I felt so sorry for her, that I turned to Jerry, and asked, “You have to know this is not going to go well for Nora, right?  Can't you do something?  Just pay Rhonda to go home.”

   Jerry sat there silently, smiling to himself as the referee instructed the two women in the center of the ring.  “It sure took a lot to get Rhonda here.” he whispered under his breath.  I about fell out of my seat.  I asked Jerry, how, of all people, could he have arranged this massacre.

   “Alright, alright,” he finally said, as I looked at him disbelieving of what I was hearing.  “I found Rhonda, and paid her handsomely to get her here.  She didn't want to even see Nora.  But, she's here, and no one is gonna die.  It's all about the theatrical performance.”

   My mouth hung open as I turned back to the ring, and watched Maddie pat each wrestler down.  Maddie often referees special matches.  In this match, there wouldn't be much asked of her.  She will basically ignore every dirty, cheating thing that Rhonda decides to put Nora through.  Nora will have to stay 30 minutes to get paid.  After that, the match ends by what amount of mercy Rhonda will show Nora and pin her.  The tips were going to be substantial, so Nora knew she would have to stay in there.

   Maddie finished her instructions and wished them both luck.  Both women returned to their respective corners.  Rhonda tugged again, on the ropes, and I saw the whole ring move.  Nora reassuringly winked at me, then turned to face Rhonda once more.
   DING – DING !!!
   Nora bounced out of her corner with a lightness of foot, she rarely exhibited.  Stalking straight across the ring, Nora cocked her arm back and slammed her forearm into Rhonda's chest.  Rhonda blinked with surprise and stumbled back a couple of steps, into her corner.  Everyone could see that the forearm hadn't phased her.  Nora followed and grabbed her right wrist, turned it sharply to one side, and pulled the big woman out of the corner.  Rhonda merely sold this early advantage for Nora.

   Jerry touched my leg, and whispered, “Nora knows there's no way she's going to win.  But, nothing will stop her from getting one good shot in.”  Giggled to himself.   I looked troubled.  He continued, “My beautiful girl is making certain that Rhonda gives her no quarter.  Good girl.” I sighed and  turned back to the action in the ring, and pouting for my friend.

   Nora quickly spun and flung Rhonda into the opposite ropes and followed her halfway so she could catch the massive wrestler with a heavy kick.  But, as Rhonda bounced from the ropes and Nora lifted her right foot.  Rhonda turned sideways, slid beside Nora, reached down, and grabbed Nora's thigh.  After Rhonda lifted Nora's thigh high enough, my pretty friend hit the mat with a thud.

   Nora doesn't bounce back up right away, when she goes down.  She needs to roll and build up the momentum to get herself upright.  Rhonda quickly went to work on her fallen prey.  Rhonda dropped the thigh and circled Nora as she tried to get up.  Rhonda delivered a nasty STOMP to Nora's hip with her black boot.  It sent my friend bouncing and rocking back to her other side, as Rhonda stalked around to the other side of her.

   Rhonda spoke down at Nora, “What are you thinking, Nora?”  Another overly aggressive STOMP to the fallen woman sent poor Nora rolling onto her back.  “There's no easy way out, tonight,”  Three more swift stomps softened up Nora's tummy.

   Gasping for air, Nora was already in trouble as she tried to again roll to her knees.  Rhonda was having none of it.  Stalking back around my heaving friend, Rhonda delivered a spine splitting elbow drop.  The blow to her back, smashed Nora flat onto the canvas.  Rhonda dug that elbow into Nora's back.  Nora kicked the mat with her knees and toes, and covered her face with her hands as Rhonda pressed most of her weight into Nora's spine.

   Rhonda was clearly taking her time, weakening her familiar opponent.  Speaking again to Nora, “Your sweet, delightful husband paid me $500 to come here.  Well, after what you just did, I might give him back his money, because I am going to enjoy every sob and shriek that you will make, partner.”  Nora's eyes widened with despair as she looked over at Jerry and me.  Rhonda leaned in, and whatever she whispered next, turned Nora's helpless expression into a look of frightful sickness.  It was as if Rhonda had reminded her former partner of all of her old weaknesses.

   Nora's eyes met mine, and for the first time, and she actually looked scared.  Sadly, though, the clock said there were 25 minutes remaining before Nora could even hope to be mercy pinned.  Rhonda knew she had Nora where she wanted her, mentally and physically.  She looked at Jerry and smiled like the devil.  She helped Nora up to her knees by tugging a handful of her hair.  Nora clutched at the hand in her chestnut colored locks, as her face contorted into a grimace.  Struggling mightily, Nora tried to free herself, but Rhonda had taken complete control.

   Just to hurt the poor knees of my friend, Rhonda, paraded the kneeling Nora to the farthest set of ropes.  The crowd roared when Rhonda placed Nora's neck across the middle rope, and stomped on Nora's back.  The ring rope choked Nora as her arms flung over the ropes, hanging outside of the ring.  Not satisfied, Rhonda threw her left leg over Nora's shoulder and bounced on the strangling jobber. 

   After Rhonda bounced and rode Nora's back, Rhonda grabbed the same rope and pulled up, launching Nora backwards into the ring.  Nora had to know by now that Rhonda wasn't about to give her a chance to get up.  The poor girl laid there, trying to massage the rope burn across her neck.  Our eyes met again, and I could tell that Nora knew she was in for quite a long night, now.

   Walking around her struggling opponent, Rhonda lifted Nora into a sitting position, and placed a knee into her back.  Nora struggled against the hold, but Rhonda placed her hands around her old partner's face, and pressed her fingers onto both of Nora's closed eyelids.  Nora wailed and kicked her legs until Rhonda gave up the hold.  Next came a headlock, lifting Nora off the mat.  Rhonda was relentless and stepped forward into a monkey flip of Nora.  Again and again, Rhonda grabbed Nora's head, and Nora was sent flipping and sprawling around the ring, three more times.  Softening Nora up.

   When Nora finally came to rest, she was rubbing her eyes and lying near the ropes with her left ankle across the bottom rope.  Strategically, Rhonda had intentionally flung Nora near Jerry and me, and took hold of my friend's ankle, wrapping it around the ring rope.  Pulling on the trapped leg, Rhonda pressed her boot against the side of Nora's knee.  This made Nora wail and pound the canvas with her fist.  Roughneck Rhonda smiled directly at Jerry and blew him a kiss while she earned the extra money he had given her to torture her old partner.

   Rhonda continued to twist Nora's ankle right in front of Jerry.  When Rhonda released the hold, she pulled Nora back into the ring by her hair.  Framing Nora's head between her boots, Rhonda stood on Nora's hair.  Reaching down, the cruel heel grabbed Nora's arms, and lifted her.  With knees bent, Nora's chubby feet began to thump rapidly against the canvas as her arms were stretched out.

   The clock said 15 minutes remained for poor Nora when Rhonda dropped her arms and stepped off of her hair.  With another handful of hair, Nora was roughly helped back to her feet, although she could barely stand now.  Nora swayed to the left, and then drifted back to the right as Rhonda brought the wobbly jobber to the corner near Jerry and me.

   Nora's head was held upright by a handful of hair.  Jerry and I could see the tortured look in his wife's face when Rhonda kissed her cheek, and rammed the poor girl's forehead straight into the turnbuckle.  Jerry and I watched Nora's eyes roll backwards when head bounced back off the padding.  Nora didn't have the strength to continue;  her knees wobbled, but before she could sink to her knees, Rhonda slid her arm under Nora's shoulder and lifted her back up for another nighty-night head slam into the same turnbuckle. 

   I watched Nora's eyes cross, and knew she was out of it before she sank to her knees.   The poor girl's head bouncing off each buckle on her way down.  Jerry and Rhonda looked at one another for a moment before Rhonda nodded, and walked behind the slumping woman hanging half out of the ring.

   Rhonda pulled at Nora's ankles, straightening her barely conscious opponent out, and dragging her body, face down, across the canvas.   Once she had Nora away from the ring ropes, she dropped her legs.  Casually, Rhonda walked to the ropes and took a cup of beer from the first person to offer his.  The beer splashed across Nora's face, up her nose, and into her hair.  Brought out of her stupor, Nora was coughing and sputtering.  Rhonda's purpose to wake the sleepy wrestler up was served.

   Rhonda stooped low so Nora could hear her.  Nora was lying on her back, her face turned toward Jerry and me.  Rhonda tapped Nora's cheek with the back of her fingers, and chided her, “Wake up, Partner.  Clock says we have time to catch up on more fun old times.”  When Nora saw Rhonda wink at Jerry, she spun her head back and gazed into my eyes.  Nora was a true performer, but I saw fear in my friend's eyes as Rhonda continued to whisper into her ear.  Whatever it was, it couldn't have been good.  Nora's lower lip began to quiver, and her eyes clench shut.  Jerry leaned into me and said that Rhonda was reminding his wife of an old weakness.  Looking at Nora, she looked sick.

   Rhonda smiled again at Jerry after she sufficiently scared his wife.  There was nothing Nora could do in her present condition.  With just under 10 minutes remaining, Maddie continued to do nothing as referee.  I saw her nod when Rhonda made a hand gesture, in her direction.  That was likely an instruction to ignore everything, now, which was redundant.

   Reaching down, Rhonda grabbed Nora's left leg, lifted it, and wrapped it around the back of her own neck.  Nora's short, thick leg was being stretched out at the joints.  Rhonda bounced several times, before steadily standing up.  Once Rhonda had Nora's leg high in the air, Nora's head was bounced up and down on the canvas.  So much taller than Nora, Rhonda was able to lift her pleasantly plump opponent off the mat so that only her hands were clawing at it. Battling through the pain, Nora struggled on, until her expression change to horror.  Nora began to clutch at her own hair. 

   Rhonda had begun to torment her foe by grinding her thumb into the sensitive arch of Nora's foot.  I shook my head in disbelief at the cruelty.  Nora's animated expression of the excruciating pain, turned the audience wild.  Jerry sat in a trance, watching his wife being dominated by her old partner.

   Rhonda threw Nora's leg down, and my poor friend's body bounced into a quivering heap that shook noticeably.  Rhonda carefully selected the other leg.  Pulling on Nora's ankle until that leg was stretched out straight.  Then, twisting Nora's ankle around sharply, Rhonda was able to roll her portly opponent back onto her stomach. 

   Rhonda lined Nora up so that Jerry got a clear, up close view of his wife's face.  Nora lifted her head weakly to look at both of us.  Her expression was a mix of compassion for Jerry, and sorrowful regret for what she sensed was coming from her vengeful former partner.  Rhonda kicked Nora's legs apart.

   Nora was earning Jerry's love and admiration, tonight.  Rhonda folded one leg behind the other, and Nora mouthed the words, “love you” to Jerry.  Then, lowered her face into the bend of her elbow, as Rhonda set about slowly folding Nora's thick legs into a double toe hold, crisscrossing them over one another.

   Nora kept her face hidden, and slowly beat a cadence on the canvas with her fist, as her old partner lowered herself into a sitting position upon Nora's bent knees.  It was probably a good thing that Nora's head was down, Rhonda looked to Jerry and gleefully pointed to Nora's feet.  After years of tagging with Nora, Rhonda knew exactly what Jerry brought her here for.  Rhonda bounced a few times, and chided Nora, “Loosen up, partner, the REAL fun's about to begin.  Isn't it, Jerry?”

   When Nora felt Rhonda bouncing on legs, Nora push herself up onto elbows.  Turning her head, Nora strained to look back at her tormentor.  There was nothing poor Nora could do, now.  Nora's sensitive, stocking feet now were sticking up between Roughneck Rhonda's powerful thighs.  Easy prey for both of the heel's available hands.

   Rhonda took a fistful of hair and cruelly shoved Nora back down.  Rhonda knew just how to torment an opponent's mind with the expectation of what was going to happen next.  She was taking her time, bouncing and making herself comfortable on Nora's twisted legs.  Nora moaned about the discomfort, and pleaded to Maddie to do something about this predicament.

   “You haven't felt the half of it, yet, sweetheart,” Rhonda said as she playfully slapped Nora's left foot, and winked to Jerry.  Selecting Nora's right foot, Rhonda cupped the toes with one hand and patted Nora's sole teasingly.  Nora helplessly shook her head, which she palmed with both of her hands as she pleadingly gazed at Jerry and me.  With her free hand, Rhonda lightly pinched the tip of Nora's middle toe, “Are you ready for this, Partnnnneeerrrr?  I can see that your husband is.”  The rowdy audience erupted in laughter and a chorus of merciless suggestions reigned into the ring for Rhonda.

   Rhonda cupped Nora's heel, controlling the foot with both hands, and slowly turned the captive foot like a steering wheel.  As the pain grew in her ankle, Nora lifted her head, and spoke to us, “She's gonna break it.  She'll break it,” and went back to pounding the canvas in helpless protest.

   Rhonda continued to teasingly chide Nora, “I can see that Jerry STILL enjoys this, doesn't he, dear?”  Rhonda was clearly enjoying herself while she worked on that chubby foot, glistening inside the new pair of pantyhose Jerry had purchased for this match.  Rhonda worked that ankle in every direction she could turn it, before moving onto the left foot.  Rhonda only had to shift her hands slightly, to begin folding Nora's foot in half.  The agony of this cruel hold had Nora pulling on her own hair and looking up at the clock;  7 minutes left.

   Time slowly dripped from that clock as Rhonda straightened out the tortured foot, only to begin jabbing her thumb into the arch.  Grinding both thumbs into the sensitive arch of that foot, Rhonda continued to tease her, “Well, if Jerry loves this,  wonder what he's gonna think when I do … THIS!”

   Nora began bucking on the canvas, pounding her fists and yelling for the referee, “BITE! BITE! Ref, BITE!”  Rhonda had her teeth sunk into the fleshy side of Nora's foot.  “She's biting!!!  OOHHHH! GAWD, Stop Her!!!”  Nora cried into her hands as Rhonda convincingly chewed that foot through the nylon.

   Maddie knelt down next to Nora, intentionally turning her back to Rhonda and ignoring the torture being inflicted on the jobber's stocking foot.  Maddie placed a hand on Nora's shoulder, “I suppose I have to ask this, but do you wanna give up, Nora?”  The audience laughed louder, knowing the jobber had to stay.  “You DO KNOW what that would mean, don't you, with, uhh, 6 minutes to go?”  Curtly pushing herself back up, Maddie didn't even wait for the reply that would not come.  Nodding to Rhonda, Maddie strode back to a corner and casually rested her arms on the top rope, “Wrestle on.”

   Rhonda used pressure on Nora's crossed legs to push herself up, relinquishing the hold.  Nora sighed a great relief, but couldn't move.  With 3 and 1/2 minutes left, Rhonda went right back to work, seizing the left foot, this time, she lifted it high and twisted Nora over onto her back.  Nora laid there looking up at her cruel opponent for a long moment, until it became apparent to her, what was next. 

   Nora began waiving her hands, crying out, “No! No! No! Please! Please! Please!  Not that!”  Again, tormenting the broken jobber by moving slowly and highlighting each move, Rhonda twisted poor Nora's beefy legs into a figure four, winking at Jerry.

   Nora was wincing and blinking through the pain.  Rhonda dropped to the mat, cinching the leg lock in tightly, while Nora couldn't decide whether sitting or lying back eased the pain more.  Rhonda pushed herself up with her hands, and dropped back down, sending a bolt of pain through Nora's legs.  Wiping tears from her eyes, Nora endured each time Rhonda jolted her body by dropping to the mat.

   With two and a half minutes left, Rhonda patted Nora's foot, wiggled the big toe, to get Nora's attention.  Reluctantly Nora lifted her head to look across the expanse of twisted nylon clad limbs.  Rhonda raised the trapped foot, and bit her toes.  The pain sent Nora back to the mat crying even harder.  We watched as Rhonda used the weaknesses she had remembered of her former partner.

   Nora reached behind her for the ropes, which were too distant, and pleaded again, with the ref, “OW!  OW, OW!  Please, Maddie, can't you.....OWWW!.....make her stop...OWWWW!!...she's biting my-y-y-y foot!”

   Rhonda wouldn't stop teasing her old partner, “Aww, poor, poor Nora.  You've suffered a lot, haven't you?”  Rhonda wasn't about to squander the last two minutes, “You think you know what real suffering feels like?”  Folding Nora's toes back with her left hand, Rhonda smiled as the nylon stretched taut over Nora's sole.  Speaking to Nora, as she cruelly scribbled her nails over the sensitive sole.  “You've had nothing to smile about;  have you, dear.”

   Jerry looked like he was thinking how well his money was being spent.  He watched Rhonda send his wife into a fit of hysterics.  Nora bucked on the mat, trying to wiggle free, but couldn't dislodge her legs from that hold.  Laughter, punctuated with squeals filled the room.

   Rhonda continued her incessant tickling, right through the end of the time limit;  mainly, because there was nothing Nora could do about it.  Despite Nora's repetitive submissions, Maddie just shrugged and reminded Nora that only a pin would end it, now.  Rhonda smiled.  She had completely controlled the softer woman throughout the hour.

     I covered my ears, as Rhonda finished making my friend squeal, cry and beg for the match to end.  Finally, Rhonda mercifully relinquished the hold, crawled to Nora and pinned the sobbing jobber's shoulders to the mat.  Maddie raised Roughneck Rhonda's hand victoriously.  Rhonda left the ring without so much as a word to Nora, who was lying there, writhing in pain on the canvas.  Attendants helped Nora to the dressing area, but Rhonda had already left the building.  Her work was done, and it would be on to the next venue for her.  There had finally been closure for Rhonda.

or, is it?