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Christina vs Siena: Daughter vs Mother "I Quit Match" (Dec. 2006)

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This is a repost of a match I did four years ago where Siena fought her estranged daughter, Christina for control of the company. To make a long story short, Siena had Christina when she was very young and on drugs. She gave Christina up and went on to become one of the greatest fighters of all time and the owner of her own promotion. Christina grew up going from foster home to foster home to juvenile detention center, but would begin fighting and reached being ranked third in the world... all without knowing who her real mother was. When Christina found out, she would go on a rampage, attacking and beating up Marie, beating up Siena's other daughter and Rachel's best friend Brandy, and beating up and crucifying Rachel's younger sister, before fighting and beating Rachel Apache by submission in an apartment fight. A few more things happened, and Siena was forced to face her long estranged daughter in an "I Quit" match at No Mercy in December 2006.

“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana plays, and after a few seconds, Christina Munoz emerges. Christina hasn’t been seen on camera all night, but the 5’7” 140 lb Munoz has her curly black hair in a ponytail and her grappling gloves on. She is dressed in a black tank top, black shorts with red trim and black wrestling leg padded boots. She has a cold look on her face as she enters the ring to mostly boos, but some cheers.  Christina is from Los Angeles and gained a great reputation over the years as an outstanding fighter; this was before anyone, including Christina herself, knew that she was the daughter of Siena Blaze. Christina seems to be ignoring the crowd and bounces around.

“Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor plays and out comes Siena Blaze to perhaps the biggest ovation of her career from the hometown crowd. Siena walks to the ring and stops and the bottom of the ramp with her hands on her hips, not making eye contact with Christina through her red shades. She takes the sunglasses off and gives them to a little blonde haired boy at ringside, then rolls into the ring. The flashbulbs are popping as both women test the ropes. This is really about to happen.  Both women are in opposing corners and Siena points at Christina, and does her usual throat slash, much to the crowds delight. But Siena isn’t smiling when she does it, she’s clearly faking it. Christina is standing in her corner with her arms raised and Siena is in the opposing corner with her arms on either top rope. The two women make eye contact; Siena is looking at Christina with an expression of curiosity, and Christina is looking at her mother with a look that is all business. Siena manages to smile at her daughter and Christina sneers back. The bell rings and the two women come out circling each other. Christina has her arms raised and is fighting out of a crouch while Siena’s arms are a bit lower, but she’s pretty low to the ground herself. Siena fires a hook at Christina’s ribs and the daughter avoids it by backing up. Siena follows Christina and throws a right left, one at the head and one at the ribs. The head shot misses, but the shot to the ribs connects and Christina winces and grabs Siena, but misses on the knee to the body when her mother turns. Siena is trying to position her feet to take Christina down to the mat, but Christina lands an elbow to the mouth and Siena turns only to be met with an uppercut to the chin and a hard left to the solar plexus. Siena retreats, but Christina doesn’t pursue. Siena gets back down in her low crouch stance and bobs and weaves as Christina jabs at her head and misses with a right hand. Siena comes in low after the miss, grabs Christina around the waist and tries to take her down, but the daughter lowers her weight on Siena and applies a front face lock. Siena is down on her stomach and Christina is laying on top of her with Siena’s head hooked by her arms now in a front guillotine choke. The crowd begins to stomp and clap for Siena as Christina lands two knees to Siena’s shoulder.

Christina is on her knees and Siena is on her knees as well now; Siena feels Christina’s left side with her right hand and then hits her with two hard rights to the ribs. Christina winces and her face shows the pain as she lets go, but lands a hard knee on the top of Siena’s head! That blow hurt Siena and she keels backwards, but as Christina jumps on to mount her, Siena drives the palm of her hand well below Christina’s ribs and turns her over on her back. Siena mounts Christina and the crowd goes wild, but only momentarily, as the daughter Christina grabs Siena’s right arm and wraps her legs around Siena’s body. Siena manages to get her left arm between her body and Christina’s legs, but Christina uses both hands to try and twist Siena’s arm at the forearm down and away from her for a kimora submission. Siena twist her body to where her back is to Christina to try to break the kimora, but Christina sits up and traps Siena’s arm behind her and brings her other arm around Siena’s neck to attempt a chickenwing choke, but Siena frees her waist and backwards somersaults, forcing Christina to break her hold. Both women reach their feet and the crowd applauds.

Part 3

The two women circle each other again. Siena touches the top of her light blonde hair and feels the slight cut that has been opened by Christina’s knee as Christina grins at Siena and bounces back, allowing her mother to feel the handiwork. Siena nods at Christina and the two women move closer and lock up. Christina throws Siena’s arm off her shoulder and knees her in the stomach, “OUGH!” grunts Siena as Christina turns and gives her a side Russian leg sweep. Christina holds onto the leg lock and brings her other leg over and onto Siena’s temple, causing her mother’s neck to bend to the right. Christina is very patient as she pulls on her mother’s arm and continues to put pressure on her neck with the leg. Once again, the crowd begins to stomp and clap to encourage Siena; this forces a grin from Siena as she uses her free arm to knock Christina’s leg off of her neck and as Christina tries for a sleeper, Siena ducks her head and pulls her daughter down on her stomach with a hammerlock. Siena has Christina down and Siena lifts her knees and drives them down on Christina’s kidneys, forcing a hiss from her estranged daughter. Siena leans over her daughter and starts whispering in her ear.

Siena- I am so proud of you, Christina. Your career… you have no idea how great you make me feel to be your mother.

Siena lands another set of knees to her daughter’s kidneys and then places both knees on her back, maintains the hammerlock with her left hand and pulls up on Christina’s chin with her right hand. Siena makes sure that her nails dig a little into the skin around the soft flesh under her daughter’s chinny chin chin.

Siena- Is this what you wanted? You know, when you were born, I spent so much of my time holding you and just rocking you back and forth. You were such a beautiful baby.

Christina throws her right elbow back and it makes contact with Siena’s arm; Siena cries out and releases her hold on Christina’s chin, but when she tries to lie across Christina and put on a full sleeper, Christina nails her in the ribs with the elbow and Siena rolls off. Christina turns over on her back and kicks Siena on the inside of the thigh. Siena grabs her leg and holds it, then Christina launches herself forward and nails her mother in the nose with a forearm. Blood squirts from Siena’s nose as Christina mounts her and begins punching her in the face. Siena gets her arms up, but Christina’s punches are getting through; Siena groans loudly as Christina slams both fists into either side of Siena’s head. Siena slides her body down and mashes her face in Christina’s chest and tries to pull her arms up, but Christina frees her right arm and begins to rain down forearms on Siena’s face while maintaining her position on top of her mother. Siena is taking a beating now, but manages to nail Christina in the neck with a forearm of her own. The blow really hurts Christina and she looks at her mother with widened eyes and Siena snakes her legs up and around Christina’s shoulders and twists her right arm in a kimora. Christina’s neck is being compressed by Siena’s leg and by her own arm, which is being twisted away from her and being held in place by Siena’s legs.

Christina uses her free hand and grabs her mother by the shear fishnet covering her stomach. Christina gets her hand down the front of Siena’s shorts and pulls her off the mat. Siena still has the hold on, and Christina is having difficulty holding Siena up with only one arm, so Christina drives Siena down on the back of her neck. The blow hurts Siena and the cut on the top of her head opens up a bit more, but she still maintains the submission hold. Christina begins to slowly weaken and her legs start buckling, but she does a forward flip and pins Siena to where the weight of Siena’s entire body is on her neck. Siena releases the hold and Christina immediately turns around and cracks Siena with a hard right hand. Siena’s lip is cut and she slides out of the ring to get away from Christina. Christina puts her hands on the top rope and launches herself feet first through the ropes right into Siena’s face! The blow knocks Siena back into the steel barricade, but Siena shoots back and slams her body into Christina’s! The crowd chants Siena’s name as she suplexes her daughter to the concrete floor, the backwards somersaults on top of her, grabs her head with both hands and pulls it forward in a can opener!

Siena- You’ve got a lot of skill, Christina. That’s what I love about you more than anything else; you’re a natural. Your ability to fight is so honed and so innate… I wonder where you get it from? Just kidding. I love you, girl.

Christina begins to hammer Siena with shots to her right side and left side. Siena is weakened and Christina easily pulls her hands off of her, locks her arms and head butts her. “Unnhh!” groans Siena as Christina lands five more vicious head butts, each one drawing more and more blood from Siena’s nose and mouth as Christina smiles.

Christina- This is what I’ve been waiting for.

Siena- Wait a little… longer!

Siena brings her legs together on both Christina’s sides; the daughter’s mouth opens in pain and she releases her grip on Siena’s arms. Instead of punching her daughter, Siena stands and backs away, holding her face as the blood is oozing. Siena gets up on the ring apron and seems to want to go back in the ring, but Christina grabs her from behind and arm drags her off the ring apron and onto the steel barricade!! Siena screams “AHHHHHH!!” as her back crashes into the barricade and she falls into the crowd on her stomach. Christina enters the crowd as Siena is down holding her back with one hand and trying to support herself with the other hand. Christina steps hard on the back on Siena’s head, driving it down into the concrete with a crunching noise. Siena realizes that her nose is broken and she spits out several tooth chips as Christina yanks her up and throws her headfirst into the steel barricade! This is where the narrative is going to switch. The rest of this story will be told from Siena’s point of view…

Part 4

 Here I am, bleeding from my face… the blood is oozing out of my nose and lips and it’s slow and curding as it comes out. I can feel it as I stand here squatted and holding on to the steel barricade with both my hands. I hear my people, my fans, chanting my name and I know she’s behind me. I feel two hands chop me on either side of my neck; it hurts like hell, but I can still hold onto the barricade. She’s so strong; I feel pain in my mouth when my top and bottom teeth come together. She’s broken them and the nerve endings are probably hanging; I’ve been here before. She pulls me off the barricade in a full nelson and slams my stomach down on the steel top. Then she slams me across the chest; this one really hurts because I can feel some of my ribs crack on impact. She still has the full nelson on me and she tiger suplexes me right on the back of my neck. She’s talking to me; she’s telling me she hates me and that’s she’s going to make me suffer. Gee Christina, when does the suffering start? She’s standing over me and I can see a reflection of my face in the pool of blood I’m staring down at as I’m on my hands and knees. My nose is fucked; it’s split from between my eyes on down through the space between the point and my right nostril. She could tear it off if she wanted to.

“Thinking, huh Siena? What are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the way you left me for DEAD when I was a baby… an innocent little girl. Are you thinking about the way you…”

The kick breaks more of my ribs on impact. I scream; the dominant female is in control. I don’t make eye contact with her but I know she’s smiling. She stomps on my stomach and again and again and again. I clutch my weak stomach and lie still, but she won’t stop beating on me.

“What’s wrong, Siena? Where is the boss lady now? Where is the baddest bitch in the world now? WHERE IS SHE??? I CAME TO FIGHT YOU!! I CAME TO HURT YOU AND YOU ARE A FUCKIN COWARD!! HIT ME!!”

She stomps hard on the place of her origin and I scream. I can’t blame her; she’s got every right to hurt me there. I start coughing and as soon as she hears a sound that isn’t crying, she kicks me in the mouth.

“You won’t fight? Oh I know why… because I’m beating the shit out of you. Well, let me help you.”

She pulls me to my feet and I nearly puke on her. This is an I Quit match and she hasn’t even asked me if I give up yet. She puts both her hands on my fat cheeks and looks at me. My blood is all over her hands, but she’s got those gloves on. She starts twisting my cheeks, her nails are digging in my dimples; she has dimples too. I scream as I realize that she’s given me two new piercings. She starts punching the top of my head and my vision goes red and I feel warm all over my face, like taking a shower.

“I want to see your brain, Siena. I want to see how it works because I don’t understand how the fuck you could be the way you are. You’ve got EVERYTHING and you haven’t given ANY of it back to the people who helped you! The people you STOLE it from!!”

I had a dream a few days ago… I was wrestling against Chestaine Levy, the French Canadian babe who died in that car accident a few years ago. And I was beating the shit out of her… she was my lover, and I was killing her. But I was watching myself do it, you know? I was dressed in all white and I was watching this woman who looked just like me when I was nineteen with the red stuff on and the pink hair killing Chesty. And I begged her to stop, but she just wouldn’t stop…

Something cold wakes me from my fantasy… I’m losing it. Now, we’re deep into the crowd and she’s hitting me with a chair. I could swear I see Paige Reynolds and Madame Slaughter sitting next to each other drinking tea and laughing at me. I could swear Hearst and Ebert are over there making out. UNNHHH!! Steel chair shot right in my skull. I’ve lost a lot of blood; I know this because I can barely feel the pain and I can’t feel my fingers, toes, and my left arm is going numb. AHHH! But my left side isn’t; she drove that fuckin chair right into me. I nearly choked on one of my teeth; I can hear the crowd in phases, coming in and coming out.

“Come on, Siena. It’s not over yet. This is your life, Siena. This is what you fought for. Come on, you can do it!!”

That isn’t a fan talking… it’s her. She pulls the grappling gloves off and throws them on the floor.

“Isn’t that what a mother tells her child, Siena? Isn’t that the sort of encouragement I deserved when I was growing up? I wouldn’t know, because you weren’t there! You were too busy being a drug addict and a whore and winning all those FUCKING TITLES!!”

I get to my feet and she begins to punch me in the stomach. Every blow hurts me, every blow gets a groan out of me, and she’s looking at me as she’s doing it… she’s not laughing, she’s crying. She pulls me up and drags me up the stairs and into a higher section of Staples Center; I can feel the spotlight on us and everything looks white… except her. She’s black, so black that light is a shadow for her darkness, so black that she embodies all colors, all things, all possibilities… the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, but the darkest and ugliest creature alive all in one. I feel the railing against my back, we’re about twenty feet above everyone else. I look up higher and I see faces and bodies dancing like flames as I try to stay awake for this. It’ll really look cool on television. Her face, cold as ice, she is still and everything that is her is moving so slowly, but the crowd is speeding us… ghosts, all of them. I feel like a knife just hit me in the gut, but it’s her hand and her nails. Then I feel her lift me and throw me over the railing. I can see faces and for a brief second, I swear I see my father… I saw him staring at me and shaking his head. You know, this is only the second time I’ve seen him. The first time was right before they killed him. Maybe that wasn’t my father… then it all goes black when my head hits that concrete. She killed me. I am dead….

Somehow, feel like I’m flying. I’m being carried; this must be the Grim Reaper taking me to Hell. Yes, this must be it… all these hands on me, rubbing my tits, my ass, my navel, my pussy… what is this? Is this what death is like; they’re taking my clothes, ripping the fishnet off my stomach and trying to pull of my boots. One of the little devils is even scraping blood off my face and putting it in a little glass tube. What the fuck is this? I feel fingers enter me and hear someone saying, “Oh Siena, oh Siena fuckin Blaze man!! Fuck me, yeah motherfucker!” I can’t resist it, so I cum. Somehow, having an orgasm always wakes me up. My fans, they’re fuckin me and taking my stuff… but they’ve gotten me away from her. They’re trying to stand me up; I can see her coming; she’s fighting her way through them, and security is losing the battle to keep my fans from hurting her. I don’t want them to hurt her; she’s hurt enough.

I rip my fishnet off and just hand it to them; they can have it. I raise my fist as she makes it to me. I’m so numb right now, but who gives a fuck? A right a left a right a left, all to my face, and a knee to my stomach and I go down. Christina has a sledgehammer… I remember I was in a hotel in Tokyo on tour with Madonna. She was at her concert and I didn’t go with her because I was so fuckin drugged. I was fuckin these prostitutes like eating grapes and one of them tried to steal my belt. I smashed her fuckin hands with a hammer and took one of her eyes with a pen. Christina has a sledgehammer under the ring… I got this on a tip before the match. Judge, jury and executioner, right my baby girl? She comes in on me and I get a boot into her stomach. I hear her make an “OOF!” noise and I feel her softness and I feel her body break. I got her and she’s down. I stand up and I can’t hear anything because everyone is cheering my name. My left eye is closed, I didn’t realize that before now, but something in me is stirring. Christina is down and holding her soft stomach and I realize that she is me; she’s what I’ve been fighting against ever since I “grew up.” She is the woman I hate more than anything else and if I can destroy her, then I will be free… she is Siena Blaze. I hear myself let out a roar of anger; the hate is so strong in me that I can’t stop trembling. I grab her and I gouge her eyes until blood squirts out; I begin to punch her face and she starts crying, CRYING!!

“C’mon Siena!! C’mon you BITCH!! You wanna kill me, KILL ME!!”

Okay, little girl. I don’t have a problem with that. She kicks me hard between the legs and I smile at her and keep the pressure on her eyes. I hate every inch of her body, from her pink hair to her black fishnetting to her red thigh high boots. I hate everything that is this monster I have created… but this isn’t me… this is my baby… my Christina. What the fuck am I doing? I could kill her… why am I fighting her? Why am I hurting her? Oh Christina, I got carried away… I didn’t mean to make you cry, I didn’t mean to make you bleed… God Christina, if only you knew how much I love you…

“You should’ve finished me when you had the chance, Siena.”

Christina’s face is a mask of red and black. The blood accents her darkness, her hate, it seems to boil on her face like lava as it squirts out of her eyes. She whispers to me, but I can hear another voice… I haven’t heard it in a long time. Mom, is that you? You know, my mother is an Amazon; she’s a fuckin hero over there on the island. Men get their dicks chopped off and used for sperm and a war is fought that still rages to this day, but she’s a fuckin hero. Her hands tighten around my neck and I can’t breathe anymore. Her legs tighten around my body and I feel my bones bend in ways they weren’t meant to. She releases the body scissors and puts her feet on my stomach. She kicks me off and stands. She grabs me and launches me over the barricade and we are back at ringside. I look at my hands… white, I could see my blue veins clearly. I am transparent and everything around me is white… except her. My baby is still black as death. Black as the whole I dug when Madame Slaughter and I buried Selina Morris, a beautiful and talented black girl we had under us that broke her neck during a match with me. I wanted to take her to a hospital, but Slaughter said that Selina was no use to us, so she killed her. I see Selina sitting there on the front row, lifting her favorite glass of cognac to me and she still has the gaping hole in her neck and the aluminum foil around her gray body. You know, I have that glass on display in my trophy room…

Christina cradles me in her arms like a baby.

“Shhhh. Don’t make a sound and don’t you cry. I’m here to protect you; nothing bad will ever happen to you because I am here.”

She throws me headfirst into the ring steps.

“Did I do it right, Siena? Did I do a good job with that? Is that what I’m supposed to say when I’m holding a child?”

Christina tosses me into the ring and pushes me up against the ropes. Christina has handcuffs. I don’t resist her; so, Siena Blaze WILL be in handcuffs tonight after all. I try to laugh out loud at that notion, but I choke on my tooth chips and spit them out. She points to the monitor and why not? I turn my head and look… Viper. Around her are the unconscious bodies of the women who I have trained and loved and honed into fighters. They never had a chance. Christina takes the sledgehammer and rams it into my stomach. She looks at me with tears in her eyes, but she has no words… I understand. She hits me again and again and again with the hammer, each blow to the stomach, each blow meant to hurt, but to keep me awake. Then she starts hitting me in the face with her fists.

So this is it, huh? This is what my life has brought me to. You know, nothing I ever earned, I earned with honor. My company, OPW… I stole it. I beat the shit out of other promoters, I used the mob, I hurt people and people died. And I made a deal with the Devil. My marriage and my other three kids… I lied to my husband and told him I was eighteen when I was really fourteen and he got me pregnant with Brandy. But he cheated on me, got another woman pregnant, and my 20 year old daughter Helena, she beats me. This is all a bunch of bullshit. And Christina? I buried her before all this, back when I was a thirteen year old druggy and a whore and all those names people have been calling me for years and years. Now, here I am, facing all of that in one woman… my daughter Christina. She is the embodiment of all the hate. She is Rachel Apache, Glory, Dina Majors, Madame Slaughter, Ebert, Alicia Christmas, Madame Slaughter, Hearst, Gabrielle Gomez, Paige, Star Manuel, Destiny Brown, Hadrian, Helena, and every woman and man who’s ever had a reason to hate Siena Blaze. But she is Siena Blaze too. Now, when I look at her, she isn’t dark… she’s my baby, a grown woman of power and grace. She’s me, dangerous, ruthless, and cold, but she’s got something that I don’t have… a little piece of honor. She planned all this out brilliantly, didn’t she? I have tears in my eyes as we look at each other. So this is it?

“I quit.”

The words came out pretty easily for me; I guess some would be surprised I didn’t let her kill me. But if I had to give my company to someone, I can’t think of anyone better. Maybe that’s because my brains are scrambled; maybe my mind will change somewhere between getting my nose put back on and them cutting me open to see if my lung is punctured. But she wanted something, and I gave her something that wasn’t even mine to give. Merry Christmas, Christina. Mommy loves you.
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Re: Christina vs Siena: Daughter vs Mother "I Quit Match" (Dec. 2006)
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2010, 10:18:39 PM »
WOW! and I thought my family was fucked up! lol, sitll, always good to learn a little more about the history of OPW! it still blows me away just how much you guys have created!

Thanks for sharing!

x G x
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Re: Christina vs Siena: Daughter vs Mother "I Quit Match" (Dec. 2006)
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2010, 11:49:16 PM »
reading this again certainly helps me understand why so many of my friends and follow authors love Siena. I'm glad you liked the story and yes Gemma, if being on this board has taught you anything, it should be that families tend to be "fucked up" in one way or another LOLOLOLOLOL!!! ;D ::)
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Re: Christina vs Siena: Daughter vs Mother "I Quit Match" (Dec. 2006)
« Reply #3 on: December 17, 2010, 12:30:07 AM »
Mother vs Daughter is always going to be an exciting encounter, especially when the Mother is trying to praise the Daughter even while trying to beat her.


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Re: Christina vs Siena: Daughter vs Mother "I Quit Match" (Dec. 2006)
« Reply #4 on: December 17, 2010, 12:39:41 AM »
Yes, I remember this from the first time around. One of the most powerful pieces of writing ever posted here!

If I remember rightly, wasn't this one of events that led to a rivalry between a Christina controlled OPW and Janet K Brown's Basement League?
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Re: Christina vs Siena: Daughter vs Mother "I Quit Match" (Dec. 2006)
« Reply #5 on: December 17, 2010, 12:47:40 AM »
yes, there was a brief rivalry before they both "died" and came back. Now, Christina is the CEO; Siena is still the owner, and they've kinda taken a back seat for other stars to rise.
"When people walk away from you... let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you... and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over."