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Housewife vs Belly Dancer - Part 2 - The Fight Gets Wild

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Housewife vs Belly Dancer - Part 2 - The Fight Gets Wild
« on: December 15, 2008, 04:06:49 PM »
Below is part 2 of the catfight based on the poll here:,1180.0.html

The vote is really close right now, so if you haven't voted already, please read the story section below and then go to the poll and cast your vote for the catfighter that you think will win.

As Rhonda is being smothered by Shirley's massive breasts, the belly dancer reaches up and begins to scratch and claw the housewife's back. Shirley groans and her hold loosens slightly. Rhonda then reaches up and grabs two handfuls of Shirley's short dark hair and jerks the housewife's head back hard. Shirley screams out and completely releases the belly dancer's head. Wasting no time, Rhonda reaches up and rips the white bra from Shirley's huge chest as the housewife continues to straddle her. The belly dancer then begins clawing and scratching Shirley's huge exposed boobs. Rhonda suddenly reaches up and grabs Shirley's left breast and pulls it to her mouth. The belly dancer bites into Shirley's nipple as hard as she can. The housewife lets out a bloodcurdling scream and in shock, she moves her body back, tearing her nipple out from between the belly dancer's clamped teeth. Shirley falls to the floor clutching her assaulted boob and trying to feel if her nipple is still attached.

Without hesitation, Rhonda sits down on Shirley's face, facing the housewife's belly. "I promised to teach you a lesson, fat girl," the belly dancer says. "So, here's my new dance move." With that, Rhonda begins swinging her hips and grinding her firm butt into Shirley's face. "Looks like I'm going to beat you and still have time for dessert," Rhonda taunts. As she says the word "dessert" Rhonda stares at Shirley's best friend Kate and licks her lips. Kate shudders at the thought of catfighting the belly dancer.  "Looks like you've had too much dessert already, you overweight blob," Rhonda says reaching down and patting Shirley's big belly.

The humiliation of having her bra ripped off, having her nipple nearly bitten off, and now having Rhonda grind her toned butt into her face and taunt her in front of all the women of the dance class and her best friend and her husband, begins to quickly transform in Shirley from mere humiliation into extreme anger.

Suddenly, Shirley lets out a primal rage scream and pushes Rhonda roughly off of her. Shirley pounces to her feet like a woman possessed and grabs the belly dancer by her long dark hair and jerks her sharply to her feet. She then slams Rhonda's head straight into the wall. There is a sickening thud as several of the women in the room gasp at the awful sight of the belly dancer's skull bouncing off the hard wall. But Shirley shows no compassion for her rival as she slams her back up against the wall and begins slamming her left fist hard into the dancer's toned belly. At first the punches seem to have no effect against the firm abs, but Shirley is blinded by her rage as she slams punch after bunch into the dancer's belly until the tight stomach muscles begin to give. Rhonda begins to moan as her knee jerks up instinctively with each blow. Shirley continues her assault. The dancer's knees buckle and the only thing keeping her on her feet is the firm grip of Shirley's right hand on her shoulder keeping her pinned up against the wall. Sweat and tears are streaming down both women's faces and bodies. Finally Shirley ends her barrage. She lets go of the dancer and watches her fall helpless to the floor with a thud and a moan.

Shirley straddles Rhonda's belly now a bright red because of the belly beating she has just received. The housewife reaches down and rips the belly dancer's top off, fully exposing her small perky breasts. Without a word, the housewife is seemingly too enraged to even speak, Shirley begins scratching deep red claw marks into Rhonda's small boobs. The dancer cries out in agony, weakly kicking her legs. Shirley then leans down and bites down as hard as she can onto Rhonda's left nipple. The dancer lets out an awful moan. The housewife finally speaks. She looks at the red teeth marks she has left around the dancer's nipple and then looks down at her own abused nipple and growls, "A nipple for a nipple, you little skank."

As Rhonda continues to squirm helplessly, Shirley begins to slide her body up toward the dancer's head. "Here's a little lesson for you. My new dance move." With that, Shirley pulls Rhonda's head up in between her thick thighs and begins rocking her hips back and forth in rhythm. She pulls Rhonda's face tighter and tighter into her white cotton panties and begins really grinding her crotch into the exhausted belly dancer's face.

Shirley's husband watches with eyes wide and his heart racing. He has never seen his wife fight so wildly, so savagely, and so eroticly.

To be continued...

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Re: Housewife vs Belly Dancer - Part 2 - The Fight Gets Wild
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2008, 08:42:28 PM »
Wonderful story. I enjoyed the fact that Shirley was whipping Rhonda's assGo big girl.


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Re: Housewife vs Belly Dancer - Part 2 - The Fight Gets Wild
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2008, 07:35:50 AM »
Love the story fivesix  ;D.  Looking forward to part 3.