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"Blondes Win!" (Story)

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"Blondes Win!" (Story)
« on: December 19, 2008, 11:00:25 PM »
   "See, blondes always win!"
    Long silky dark hair waved "goodnight" in the cool seabreeze as the gorgeous busty blonde delivered another well placed punch-this to her rival's chin.
    "Uhhhhhh," Glenda gasped as the bright sunlight faded into darkness, her pretty head snapping back.
    "Oh my-did that hurt? So sorry," Terry snickered as she watched Glenda's lovely body drop to the sand.
    "Heee-heeee. Whatever shall I do now?"  the perky blonde asked looking up at her boyfriend. She smiled at his "obvious enjoyment" of the beach catfight.
     "Mind if I borrow that?" Terry chirped as she reached for the cold bottle of beer that was in her guy's hand. She giggled as he reached out and cupped her half exposed right breast. Her large thick pink nipples were fully erect-she'd enjoyed every second of the fight-well almost every second.
     "Not yet-I get to have some fun first," Terry said as she walked back over to Glenda who was shaking her head, still in a daze but slowly trying to snap back from her unexpected "nap."
     Splassssh. The cold beer drenched the gorgeous brunette's hair, face and chest. Terry tossed the empty bottle aside, dropped her tush down hard on Glenda's tummy, delivered a hard slap to that lovely face, then reached down and yanked firmly at the rather modest bikini top.
      "Uhhhhh. Ummmmmm." Boyfriend couldn't help but express his appreciation.
      Whaaacccck. Another slap.
      "Hey my guy thinks your boobs are hot. Well I don't. Your nips-well, let's see," the blonde giggled as she pulled the bikini top even further exposing the brunette's long dark nipples.
      "How 'bout a pinch or two?" the blonde laughed as she captured the stiff love nubs in her fingers, slowly twisted and pulled them. Even more appreciation from her guy.
      "Hey, you're not supposed to get soooo excited about these," Terry snapped as she began to slap and swat Glenda's breasts. Glenda screamed, cussed and pleaded but the blonde continued her erotic torment, all the while relishing her guys reaction and her rival's whimpers and pleas.
      "Hey, ya both wanna see some real boobs" Terry chortled as she suddenly removed her own skimpy top. She cupped her juggs gingerly, sensuously, tweaked her nipples, moaned, then slowly lowered them over Glenda's face. Glenda's lovely legs kicked, her body tried to buck the blonde off, but Terry had soon had her still and gasping.
      "Time for some relief-I'm gonna let my guy have some fun now," the blonde said as she slowly started to get up.
       "Try and escape and I'll strip you naked and twist 'em clean off," the blonde warned. She gave Glenda's firm perfectly rounded peach sized breasts a good hard slow squeeze before jumping to her feet.
       "Ahhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh."
       "You wanna do it? Go ahead," Terry whispered in her boyfriends ear as she slid her hand down his trunks for some "hands on" appreciation; her tongue slid into his mouth.
        Deserted beach-all except the three "players." Two lucky, one, well maybe, maybe not.
        "Okay, yeah---cheers, cheers and more cheers from the giddy blonde as she watched her guy shed his trunks, lower down on her defeated topless rival and place his "flagpole?" between her two beautiful breasts. Terry played copy cat and lowered down slowly on Glenda's face; just far enough to enjoy pleasant vibrations from that talented loud mouth. The blonde cupped the brunettes breasts and crushed them together over her special "object of interest."
        "Yeah, yeah, yeah."
         "Wasn't that fun?"
         "Oh Glenda, thanks for the good time-you look a mess. This'll teach ya ta mess with my guy. And just FYI, Blondes' Win!"


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Re: "Blondes Win!" (Story)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2008, 03:01:59 AM »
Great story!

Love to hear you tell what started the fight and publish it in the letters section of Cavalier!