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Story: Marilyn Beats Her Down

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Story: Marilyn Beats Her Down
« on: February 26, 2011, 05:42:24 AM »
Disclaimer:all Fighters in this story are Over the Age of 18! at a Warehouse somewhere in L.A., a Crowd is Waiting to see 2 of Hollywood's Hottest Babes,Jane Mansfield & Marilyn Monroe Fight! The reason:Both Women are up for a Role in a Movie, The Director,Unsure Who to Pick asked Both Women to Fight, the Winner Gets the Role, the Loser has to act as a Maid for the Director & His Girlfriend. in Another part of the Warehouse, wearing a Black and Very Filmy Gown, Marilyn is getting her Hair Brushed, on the Other side of some Boxes,Jane is getting the Same Treatment,she is wearing a Filmy White Gown, both Women are wearing a Bra & Panties. a Young Woman Calls Out,"Two Minutes to Fight Time,Ladies!"  Both Women head for the Area where they're going to Fight!  they Both Arrive,Staring @ each Other,Read to Fight! they Stand underneath a Light hanging overhead. the Director Yells,"Fight!" the 2 Women Charge at eAch other. However,Marilyn steps to the side and Nails Jane with a Punch to the Stomach that Stuns her Rival!  the 2 Women Circle,then Jane Lunges and the Two Women start to Tear Clothes from Each Other, Now down to a Bra & Panties Each, the 2 Women Stare until Marilyn gets Behind and Chokes Jane until she Passes out! a Nurse Confirms that Jane is Alive but Helpless as two Women load the Helpless Blonde onto a Gurney and load her into an Ambulance, for transport to a Private clinic.  Marilyn walks away Amid Cheers and Clapping, the Winner!