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We would like this forum to progress and develop in a way which would benefit the catfight community as a whole. For most users of this forum, the rules listed below will be simple common sense. Please do take a moment to read the rules before you post. This forum is ONLY for the CATFIGHT fetish fantasy.


1.No posting or discussion in whatever form either implicit,interpretable or vaguely linked to anything 'under 18'.
2.No defamatory or derogatory posts or comments/subject matter or race
3.No posting or discussion in whatever form relating to harm or terror being inflicted (rape,death,torture etc).
4.No intimidation, threatening, bullying/baiting of other members.
5.No flaming,spamming etc.
6.Copyright Infringement - Sharing of members area access codes or other commercial content, without the approval of the producer / copyright owner, is a red line rule. if you do it, you will be permanently banned.

Because of this , NO VIDEO TRADING posts. These days we have to assume it is digital and can't police who is trading tapes or DVDS versus pirates.
7. No posting of private conversations anywhere on the forum or on profiles without the consent of both members involved.

If broken, these rules lead to an instant 7 day ban (with an explanation of why posted)

Courtesy Rules:

1.Please keep the posts 'On topic'
2.Please try and put your posts in the relevant forum.
3.Links to outside sites / forums are allowed provided there is a reciprocal link back to this forum on the  outside site. If not, the link will be removed. Obviously the site to which the link is made must not contravene the 'Red Line' rules above.
4.This is predominantly an ENGLISH speaking forum so please keep all topics, posts, threads, links and chat in ENGLISH
5. This forum is predominantly about FEMALE catfights and MIXED wrestling. If you want to discuss Male vs Male stories, content, links or polls, please post them in the relevant section of the forum.
6. No Political or Religious discussion in main chat. There are many other places to have this and it never ends well.
7. NO FRONTAL nudity on avatar pics. Frontal nudity is fine on profile pics and in appropriate threads. (Added May 2017 )

If broken - Moderator discretion will be applied.Depending on what the issue is maybe let it go, give a nudge in the right direction or take stronger action if it persists etc

Lastly, This website is NOT THE REAL WORLD.

There are no requirements that the persona or username/s people create on here must absolutely reflect who they are in their real lives. Forum members can be whoever they wish to be whilst on this forum, and act in whichever way they wish provided they stay within the rules.

If a female wants to pretend to be a male or a male wishes to make a female persona, that is up to them. This is an adult community and people should be aware, or at least have some common sense to be able to differentiate between what goes on in their real lives and what goes on in a conversation with a random screen name on an adult form.

We will not accept members "calling out" others as being false, fake or posers. This is a fantasy forum and there are no identity verification requirements.

This forum make no assertion or guarantee that the identities members create on this forum are an accurate reflection of them in reality. If you choose to meet a user of this forum in real life, it is up to you to ensure you do the due diligence to be certain you know who you are meeting. 

NOTE for OTHER PRODUCERS - If you wish to post on this forum, please ensure you have a reciprocal link in place back to this site BEFORE you advertise

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