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Mother vs Mother IN Law Catfight

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Mother vs Mother IN Law Catfight
« on: May 14, 2011, 12:31:46 AM »
I'm have been happily married to my wife for twenty years. The problem is my mother and Jenny's mother do not get along. The two women never would say a good word about the other, they were always catty and downright bitchy to each other. It was so bad that we could not have a gathering with both families at the same time.

We would two Thanksgivings a year, two Christmases and two parties for my children birthdays and well as mine and my wife's. Don't get me wrong. My mother loves my wife and I love my mother in law. Everyone in both families got along except for the mothers.

I just turned 30 and my wife had a party for me. She wanted it on my birthday and so invited both families at the same time. She took care of everything, and the party went great. So, too soon it was over. My wife and I started to clean up and my mom and Jen's mom stayed to help. The two older women never said a word to each other, and seemed to have a good time. My Mother in law and my Mom both took some dishes to the kitchen at the same time. A few minutes later there was a crash in the kitchen. My wife and I both ran to the kitchen.
The sight we found was by 5'6", 160 pound gray haired sixty five year old mother, had both hands in the hair of my wife's 5"61/2",150 pound equally gray haired sixty three years mother in law, Beth. Beth had two handfuls of Mom's hair and their bodies were mashed to together squashing both women large bosoms.

"Mom!' I yelled and Jen grabbed her mother and I grabbed mine and pulled them apart.
"Jen, Tom! Don't" Beth said," we want to fight! This old whore has had it coming to her for a long time now."

Mom said, "Son, we have to do this. Beth, back yard if your afraid!"

"Not of you." The two women went out the backdoor. My wife and I looked at each other. It was Jen who said, "They're old they can't do much damage, we'll make sure it doesn't get out of hand." I shrugged and went outside to our large secluded backyard. The older women was watching other hands on hips." Do not interfere." My Mom said.

Slowly the two started circling each other, hands outstretched fist closed. Mother; whose named is Helen said to her opponent "I have been waiting for this since I first met you." They just stood looking at each other for maybe two minutes when Beth suddenly slapped Mom. Mom then slapped Beth and the two women began a slapping fight. They slapped each other until their faces were red from the open hands and then Mom closed the hand and punched Beth in her stomach. "Ooff." Beth said as she backed away holding her stomach, "OK Bitch." and then Beth but up her hands and closed them. Mom did likewise. Suddenly they were raining blows on each other's faces and bodies. There was no defense at all just trying to hurt the other older woman. They began to tire and I am sure the punches were hurting for Mom stepped into Beth and grabbed her by the hair and went for a headlock. This gave the women time to rest even though Beth were throwing some short punches to Mom's back trying to break the hold. When this didn't work Beth kicked at Mom's legs until the both fell over. They began rolling around on the ground pulling hair . The two fighters separated but when Mom began to get up Beth grabbed her dress and the top came down. My mother wasn't wearing a bra and her naked tit were there for my to see for the first time since I was a teenager and would peeked at her undressing. They were bigger than I remembered and now sag quite a bit. But her nipples were huge and erect! "You whore!" she screamed at Beth and started swinging away. Beth was sitting on her rump and kicking out at Mom. A kick caught Mom in her stomach and Mom went to her knees. Beth got to her knees and just looked at Mom, I thought the catfight was winding down, but Mom had other ideas. Her hands snaked out and grabbed Beth's dress and Mom pulled revealing Beth's wonderful large boobs. My wife leaned over and said to me "Shit don't older women wear bras?" I just looked at four very erotic looking tits and my dick which was hard from the fight was getting even harder. The two fighting females just looked at each other and then grabbed each other by the tits and began squeezing. Gasps of pain came from the women mouths, as they dug deeper into other titflesh. Somehow they got to their feet still holding on to the other's breast and then began swinging with one hand and kicking with their feet. One fist was kept firmly on the opponents tit. Mom then suddenly got in to great short right hand to Beth's jaw. Beth was stunned and sunk to her knees. Mom then grabbed Beth hair and threw short punches to her face. "OK I quit" Beth said meekly. Mom threw two more short rights and kick Beth in her pussy. Beth screamed and grabbed her pussy and curled up into a ball.

"Hey!" my wife yelled and ran and grabbed my mother and pulled her off her mother. I was right behind her and got between them. "She quit already!" My wife and mother glared at each other.

"It's over. Honey help your mother." My wife took her mother into the house and I took my mother home. When I got back to my house my wife was furiously. I helped her take her mother home and all my wife could say was that Mom won by cheating, and she was going to let that happen. Finally I said, What do you want to do fight my mother?" My wife looked at me and said, "Yes"

"Honey it wouldn't be fair. You're younger by twenty years hell, more than that." Nothing more was said. Two weeks went by and I came home from work. Mom's car and my sister car was in my driveway. I went in the house.

There was my mother, my sister and my wife and Beth all wearing blouses and jeans. "what's going on?" I asked. My wife kissed me and said, "I'm going to fight your mother. My mother is going to fight your sister. See it's fair. What to watch?" I went to back yard behind the four women.


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Re: Mother vs Mother IN Law Catfight
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2011, 05:44:16 AM »
Oh my god I can't wait to here the rest of the story