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Fight in Rio

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Fight in Rio
« on: May 25, 2011, 12:19:04 AM »
Here a beautiful report in the Yahoo Group . Visit it: there is a lot of good pics there. I hope you enjoy the story bellow, which was written by a very pretty girl, named Caroline Vitória, who authorized me to translate it from Portuguese into English (I would be grateful for corrections to be sent to

As a rich preppy girl studying in Rio, I had a great time. An entire apartment only for me and boyfriends in it when I wanted... I thought it was no problem I spend my life in happiness and do what I want to do. But in that huge building in Barra da Tijuca, I think that this way of life caused a little bit of inconvenience, especially when I heard loud techno music.
My left-hand neighbor had already complained a lot, but the others had not, and then I continued with my habits. Neighbors hardly talk among them, really! But I did not expect the avenging fury of Lucrezia, which should be Borgia, my above-referred neighbor. She was a beautiful thirty-five years old buff-bodied woman that lived alone. She used frequently to receive their boyfriends, as me, and did not seem boring at all, both for her youthful and lively behavior as well for her boyfriends. She always complained courteously...
On one Friday evening, I was hanging around, listening to loud techno, barefoot and wearing only shorts and a bikini top, thinking about my night out, which would start at 11 pm, when Lucrezia knocked violently the door and ordered me to down the volume. I did not like the tone of her voice.
- I will not down it. And fuck you! - I replied, opening the door.
I should have been more careful, because I am petite and she was very big and strong. I also did not expect that she ran over me. She grabbed my hair and hit me in the mouth, and then gave me lots of punches in the belly, all at the usher. She entered the room grabbing me by the hair, locked the door and continued to beat me. I could not defend myself, she was really very strong.
- I will do you a favor, I will teach you to be a human being! - she shouted.
She led me to the sofa, put me on your knees, controlling me by grabbing by the hair, took my shorts and panties off and spanked me soundly... Anybody knows how long? I know, because when I was placed on her knees, the wall clock was right in front of me: for half an hour (from 8 to 8:30pm)!
I screamed in pain and cursed her. And more I cursed, more she spanked me, increasing the power of the slaps, which she distributed alternatively on each buttock. My ass was burning as if in fire. She said nothing during the spanking. And during it I gradually changed my speech: after cursing a lot, I ordered her to release me (“okay, that's okay”, I said because I finally agree on behaving better); then I ask her for stopping (“please, stop, you are hurting me a lot”); then I apologized, a thousand of apologies, I said I was sorry and regret; I begged, I said I would do everything she wanted. And eventually, at a certain time, it was much to me: I started to cry rivers of tears because the pain was too intense and the the humiliation even more. Thirty minutes with the hair in her hand and the butt getting swollen and bigger as dough in the oven... More: after approximately ten minutes of hard handspanking, I think her hand started to hurt and she took one of her flip-flops off and used it to spank me until the end. It seemed that she was enjoying very much beating me like under a metronome rhythm (someone has already studied piano?).
Once satisfied, she said:
- It was for your own good, naughty little girl!
But she did not stop there: she ripped my bikini top - the only piece of cloth remaining on my body - and used it to tie my wrists behind my back. He grabbed me again by the hair and led me to the bathroom, forcing me to lie down in the tub. She was holding my panties, which she tore with a pair of scissors and used the shred to tie one of my ankles to the faucet.
After said I would sleep there, she went back home and returned with a very modern CD swapping gadget sound and a light meal that made me swallow – I had the right of devour a delicious light okra pie. Man, I do not know what was the biggest torture: that terrible light meal, the humiliation of being spanked naked, my swollen butt hurting against the tub or the continuous sound, in light tone, of Pat Boone, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Mathis, Ray Coniff and the like. The whole night! And then until 9am!
The madwoman returned this time. I was obliged to take an awful light breakfast, with the right of swallowing kale juice. Then he told me I needed to cleanse myself.
- Cleanse a lot! - she said, untying my ankle - thanks! - and filling the tub with warm water – delicious!
He was careful in keeping the pleasant temperature of water until noon – what a good nature creature! And until noon she grabbed me intermittently by the hair again and drowned me until I lost my breath – keeping my wrists tied behind me with my own bikini top.
When she made me emerged, I was compelled to say "I'll be a good neighbor”, “I will not disturb anybody else," "My rights end when the others' begins”, "I was a bad girl and now I will not be more", “Do not do unto others what you do not want to make you” - and thousand others pills of wisdom more. I repeated everything, scared and obedient, because she, despite being right, was mad as a hatter and, after all, I could not endure another dose of Pat Boone or pat-butt...
At noon, she left. I stood up, trying to get rid of the bikini top that tied my wrists in order to call  anyone up - but she came and caught me off guard.
She grabbed me again by the hair, being I all wet, and asked me if I wanted more punishment. For God's sake, more punishment would disfigure my until then lovely bumbum, I think that neither Dr. Pitanguy could recompose it, would be total loss by excessive swelling.
So I begged desperately her not. Man, she made me sit on the toilet and swallow two bottles of laxatives, an horrible thing that gave me the urge of vomiting.
But I did not vomit: I defecated up the guts during the whole afternoon. Meanwhile, the crazy woman gave me homemade ORT solution and light food to make me endure the ordeal, and defecate more and more. She said me several times that the punishment was to me got cleansed.
At 6pm there was nothing more to be expelled from my guts. She ordered me to stand up and go to the shower. She washed me brutally and completely, with the right of a shower hose into my ass!
- Now you are really cleansed. - she said, after the torturing enema.
At almost 8pm, exactly 24 hours after the torture started, she left left me face down on my bed, with compresses on the rear. She gave me a painkiller and a fucking sleeping pill, that make me only wake up on Sunday afternoon, with the key of the apartment on my side, plus a box of painkiller, two tablets of the fucking sleeping pills and a cold pack, besides a bunch of light food, all on the bed. The bitch left me even a CD of Pat Boone...
I closed swiftly the door, made me sure she was not there, ate the baby food and take a look at my butt in the mirror - oh poor thing of me!
I decided to take an additional painkiller and an extra sleeping pill. I filled the cold pack up with ice and put it on my swollen rear. I just woke up on Monday, when the rear started a timid deflating protest.
The funny thing is that Dona Lucrezia treats me very well, greets me as if nothing has occurred. I laugh a lot to her, to keep my charm firm round, smooth and tamed in my bikinis.
Poor thing of my ass: it is so cute, it did not deserve all that punishment...
Good fellow this Dona Lucrezia, so good looking and buff-bodied...
I have never heard loud music anymore...
The CD of Pat Boone I did not break, for security reasons...

Re: Fight in Rio
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2011, 09:33:41 PM »
Great... I love irony... I've sent you some suggestions.


José Roerto Sileira

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Re: Fight in Rio
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2011, 12:08:28 AM »
I go to Rio De Janeiro, I go wild and then I have to do the Samba...
And I have to have the phone numer of Miss Caroline... Please...


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Re: Fight in Rio
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2011, 05:37:52 PM »
I go to Rio De Janeiro, I go wild and then I have to do the Samba...
And I have to have the phone numer of Miss Caroline... Please...

Dude, love the Pablo Cruse referrence!