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My wife saga - Chapter 5

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My wife saga - Chapter 5
« on: May 25, 2011, 03:29:13 PM »
I was rushing to Julie and putting my hands on her when suddenly I felt myself grabbed from behind with a strong arm locked around my neck while my right  arm was twisted on my back, ‘AGHHHHHHHHHH’ I screamed got in total surprise while I was forced to step back by the grips on me.

Shaking me trying to free myself I just realized that the chair of  Greg, the boyfriend of Joanna, was empty:  while I was following what was happening to my wife, he had been slid out of his chair to stand behind me already foreseeing what could be my reaction in case my wife was in real trouble.
I could experience all the strength of that man, more I was shaking myself and more the pain on my neck and my twisted wrist and arm was growing…. ‘AGHHHHHHH’ I screamed again while I was more pushed away from Julie and forced back in the chair.

‘Stay quiet… stupid fucking man or you are really going to make a lot of pain and troubles to yourself’ a calm and strong voice whispered into my ear.

Then I felt that my twisted arm was released and I shook myself again, but immediately I felt the grab on my neck still stronger and almost chocking me while at the same time my short hair were badly grabbed and pulled forcing back and up my head.. ‘AGHHHHHHH’ I screamed again trying at the same time to get some more air barely able to breath with the voice more badly hissing at me ‘I said..  be quiet.. piece of garbage.. be quiet’ and at those words the hold on my neck became still stronger while my temples were bulging and pulsing and my face warmer and probably red and purple.

At that point I was already surrending too concentrate in getting back my breath when, in the smoke of my dazed senses, I felt that someone was grabbing my wrists and tieing them on the arms of the chair.

Then the same happened to my ankles grabbed and widened to be tied at the chair legs, I moved only a little my head down and I saw Anthony the little bald barrel man working on them.
When I was trapped in the chair the grabs on the neck and the hair had been finally released and I got a long breath while my eyes were going full of tears for the pain, the panic and the shame.

Greg stepped in front of me and, smiling without saying any word, he slapped and backslapped me hard : my head snapped side to side my cheeks making them in fire and purple, then he said: ‘ Hope you have learnt the lesson.. man.. be quiet or things could be worse for you’.
Shocked and more in shame I weakly shook myself  and twisted my tied wrists and ankles only to find myself tightly bound in the chair and I was only able to cry out like a stupid boy:’ You are crazy.. let me go.. let us go’.

The only answer was another couple of still harder slaps right in my face more stunning me and more burning my cheeks:’ Shut up.. shit.. shut up or you are really going to be badly hurt now’.
More dazed I could barely hear that all the attendees were laughing of me while the two men were sitting back in their chairs.

I turned my watered eyes to Julie and my wife: the hated witch was laughing too and still holding up the ankles of my fainted and battered wife she said, taking between her fingers the amulet bracelet on the ankle of my wife, ’mhhhh.. really nice  this thing, too nice to be weared by a piece of garbage like this one’ and then she removed it fixing the bracelet on her right wrist adding: ‘yes this is the right place and owner for it,  will consider it the first gift to me from the skank’.

The attendees approved enthusiastically applauding and cheering while I was more and more desperate with more tears flowing from my eyes and twisting my bound wrists and ankles.

I heard a feeble moan from my wife  and I looked at her , she was slowly reviving weakly moving her head on the grass and her risen legs still held up by Julie that looking down at her battered rival evil smiled and smirked hissing ‘the slut is back my friends… now the real fun will start’.

Saying that she released the legs of my wife letting them down on the ground, then she kneeled beside the laying body of Pat and, still joyfully laughing, she ripped off the bikini bottoms of my wife leaving her totally naked and exposing the dark and thick bush of her pussy.

Seeing that she laughed more ‘mmhhh.. we have a filthy and moist wood here.. ahh.. ahhhh’ and saying that she grabbed the pussy’s hair and pulled on them making the attendees still more excited and enthusiast.

At that my wife moaned more slowly turning her head side to side and a little folding her legs while, in full shame to have my loved wife fully exposed to the attendees , I shouted while crying and more shaking me in the chair: ‘let her alone.. you whore.. let her alone.. do not dare to touch her.. ugly whore.. I will kill you’.

She turned to me and, holding in her hand the ripped bottoms, she stood up and stepped to me until she was few inches from my face and then she, almost spitting in my face, coldly hissed: ‘Now you are really boring me fucking man’.

She badly hit several times my face with Pat’s bottoms and then she grabbed  my hair yanking my head back before to forcefully stuff the pants in my mouth, I tried to resist more shaking me more twisting and hurting my wrists and ankles, but I could experience her strength and at the end my mouth was gagged by the bottoms and I was only able to gurgle ‘mpphhh.. ghh.. mphhhhh’.

Finally to  more humiliate and still holding my hair in the tight grip she slapped and back-slapped and again slapped and back-slapped my face that was In fire not only for the hits, but mainly for the shame, ‘Shut up.. fucking man.. I wont to be bored while I will have my fun with that piece of shit’ then laughing and shaking my head side to side she added ‘and by the way you should thank me.. you can feel now all the filthy taste of your loved bitch. ahhh.. ahhhhhh’.

The attendees were going crazy looking at my humiliation ‘You are so great… Miss Julie… you are so amazing.. finally this fucking couple is taking what they deserve.. ahhhh.. ahhhhh.. go.. Julie.. go’.
Julie evil smiled and spitted in my face before to release the grip on my head, then she stepped back where my moaning wife was laying and with all her weight she  let fall herself down to reverse facesit my wife while with both her hands began to pull the tits and twist the nipples of Pat.

Through the tears in my eyes I could see my wife weakly shaking herself and quiver smothered by Julie’s ass and tortured in her chest, she was feebly arching her hurt torso and sliding the legs on the grass badly gurgling in agony trying to get some air the mouth and the nose covered by the ass ‘ghh.. mpphhh.. ghhhh’.

She tried to rise her arms to scratch the Julie’s back desperately trying to free her face and the evil witch immediately replied more pulling and twisting the tits  and more sinking her long nails in the flesh, ‘ghhhh.. mpphhhh.. ghhhhhh’ Pat arched more her body for the pain and more slid her legs in the grass ‘ghh.. mpphhh..ghhhhhh’ while her arms feel spread-eagled down in the grass frenetically floundering in the grass for the spasm and the attempt to get some air.

Julie was evil laughing a little bouncing herself on Pat’s face joyfully and triumphantly shouting: ‘ feel the taste of a real and superior woman.. disgusting slut.. ahhh.. ahhhhhh.. learn what is the right place for the unworthy piece of shit you are.. ahhhhh.. ahhhhhhhhh’.
After some minutes of this treatment my wife suddenly arched more her body, her hands grabbed in spasm chunks of grass while her feet slid more and more in the grass, then after a last bad quiver she was totally limp under Julie without any moan and gurgle.

Julie bounced still few times on the face of her defeated rival and finally she stood up raising her arms in victory and standing over my out cold wife with her both feet on Pat’s belly smiling in triumph to answer the wild cheers of her friends: the wildest were the other women, while the men appeared really excited and admired and Mary was in complete silence her eyes on my laying wife.

I was more than desperate and terrible gurgles were coming out from my gagged mouth looking at the status of my wife: she was laying out cold spread-eagled on the grass, her face was purple and fully messed by the loosen make-up, the mouth opened  with the lips almost blue and the eyes closed. Her chest and torso were red and blue for the bruises and the hair were in a mess with some locks on the face and the most part scattered on the grass.

I was barely able to hear Carla saying: ‘Miss Julie.. you have done a great job.. the slut is yours now’ and immediately after her old ugly friend said:’ yeahhh.. really amazing.. Miss Julie… but let me say that I was a little scared at the beginning.. I could not believe that this little whore was taking you’.
Julie stepped away from my wife and smiled at the women replying: ‘tsk.. tsk.. that was only to give some more fun and thrill to all of you.. my dears.. do you really believe that this little skank could get me? Do not be ridiculous.. ahhh.. ahhhhhh’ , Julie and all the others laughed at those words while the witch was kicking at the same time the head of my wife forcing it to turn to the attendees.

Still laughing Joanna said: ’mhhhhh .. Miss Julie.. you are absolutely right and gorgeous as usual, but, but ... do not forget that we still must hear this slut begging to be owned by you and be treated like her deserve and some other things that you well known’.

Desperate and choked for what was happening,  I was not really fully understanding  what they were saying and I heard Julie hissing with an evil light in her triumphant eyes:’mhhh.. Miss Joanna.. do you relay believe that I could forget what I’m mostly waiting for? Ahh.. ahhhhh.. You can be sure that you all will never forget what I;m doing to get from this low bitch’.

I could see the excitement of the attendees at those words and I will never forget  their evil eyes waiting for the total destruction of my wife and an enthusiast Carla cheered happily out: ‘mmhhh.. Miss Julie.. let us see then.. we cannot wait too.. ahhh.. ahhhhhh’.

(To be continued.. again feedbacks and suggestions are more than appreciated)


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Re: My wife saga - Chapter 5
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2011, 03:03:31 PM »
Poor Pat..! I pity for her state.. But enjoying the way of story telling.. And assuming me as Mrs. Pat.. lovely..
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