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The Adventures of Wonder Woman PART 1 (Written by Bob; an old friend of mine)

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I will share my story (Pooled Over) soon, but first I'd like to bring back what I consider a real classic from an old mentor of mine. So, without further ado, here is Bob's erotic rendition of his wife's wrestling escapades.  Hope you enjoy; Jeff-----
                       THE ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN!

I met my wife Melissa in May of 1975 and we got married in
Feb. of 1976. She
was 23 and I was 26 and she had the most incredible body I have ever seen! Not
only that,
she was drop-dead gorgeous to boot. Melissa had long flowing dark brown hair,
black really and the face of a model, to me she looked like Racquel Welch. She
had (has) a
killer body and I am one lucky man! Not long after we were married, a new TV
started called Wonder Woman - starring Lynda Carter. Well it was uncanny how
Melissa looked like this actress and I started using the term as a pet name for
her. She
really bought into this character and she absolutely loved being a sex symbol
now more
than ever. Melissa jogs and swims and she plays tennis like a pro so it was kind
of funny
that she seemed to embrace her new identity if you will. Melissa went on a kick
of buying
red, white, and blue outfits, bikinis, she even purchased the wonder woman
outfit - lasso
and all! (That's for the bedroom!) My wife was actually turning this into a
fetish and was
now spelling her name Melyssa because Ms. Carter spelled Lynda with a Y. I
thought she
was getting a little goofy about it, but I couldn't help but love how sexy she
looked and
acted. Melyssa soon began teasing about being stronger than other women,
her friends and our neighbors. She would joke with me and ask if I thought she
could beat
them in a fight. She knew that I was crazy about female wrestling and I said
that I would
love to see her wrestle one or two of her friends (especially Sandy or Kendra -
two busty
blondes!) I kept joking about this with her and she hinted a few times that she
actually go through with setting up a match with a friend. A few months later it
was my
 birthday and Melyssa said that she had something very special planned. I
was hoping
that she was on the same page as me and luckily when my birthday came, she was
my mind!
When I came home from work on the night of my birthday, Melyssa
was dressed
in a blue silk robe and she seemed very horny. She gave me a big kiss and handed
me a
birthday card and then disappeared from the room. The card was a traditonal
card but Melyssa had a message on the inside of it. It read; "Meet me in the
Love, Melyssa!" I eagerly followed orders and when I came down the steps, I saw
friend Sandy standing against the far wall. The busty blonde was wearing a
yellow bikini
and she looked yummy! Melyssa told me to have a seat as she untied her robe and
revealed a blue bikini adorned with white stars; talk about yummy, hot damn!
announced that Sandy and her were going to wrestle for my pleasure. I could feel
my heart
racing in my chest as I took my seat and got ready to view the action. Sandy and
shook hands and the match was underway. I don't like to brag, but Melyssa was in
better shape than Sandy and she dominated the blonde from the get go. My toned
tanned wife had the pale blonde reeling and frightened and it wasn't much of a
mystery as
to what the outcome would be. I truly don't remember Sandy being that flabby and
out of
shape, but she was on this night! I thought that the buxom blonde would have
Melyssa a pretty good fight, but Sandy was slow and lethargic and Melyssa had
fun while
showing off her superior skills in front of me. I think Melyssa pinned Sandy
every way
possible and the blonde tried to laugh it off, but after 6 or 7 pins, Sandy's
face was turning
red with embarrassment! Sandy finally conceded the match and wasted no time in
dressed and leaving. Melyssa mauled me (or maybe I mauled her) after Sandy left.
what a turn-on it is to watch your woman wrestle! We made wild, passionate love
and I
told her how much I appreciated my birthday gift. Melyssa proclaimed herself as
Wonder Woman after her easy victory and asked me who else I thought might want to
her. When I mentioned Kendra, another blonde, but one that has a golden tan and
athletic as well as being equally as busty as Melyssa, my wife cringed a bit and
tried to
come up with a few other choices for me to think about. I asked her if she was
scared of
Kendra, but she said no. However, Melyssa was trying awfully hard to come up
with other
women to ask for her next match! Since my wife beat Sandy so easily, I really started fantasizing about
Melyssa wrestling
Kendra more than ever! Melyssa was bent on someone else however and it seemed
her friend Amy was willing to take her on. Amy is a tall brunette also but she
weighs 10 or 15 lbs. less than Melyssa. Melyssa (5' 8") is slightly shorter than
Amy but my
shapely wife weighs 145 lbs. Amy and her sister Rachel came over one Saturday
as Melyssa had planned and the match was on. Amy is pretty and she looked cute
in her
black one-piece bathing suit but she really looked skinny in it. Melyssa donned
her red
and white striped bikini and she looked incredible! The top was a cup size too
small for
her big D's as she really made my mouth water and my dick rise with that outfit!
Once the
match began, Melyssa again dominated and Amy was no match for her. Within 10
Amy was pinned for the 5th time and gave up. That's when I asked Rachel if she
she could take Melyssa. Amy's sister is about 5' 4" and a little on the chubby
side so she
seemed a bit intimidated by my wife. However, Amy and Melyssa were able to talk
into it eventually as the took off her shoes and socks and was willing to
wrestle in her jean
shorts and her green short sleeve t-shirt. Rachel faired better than her sister
and actually
got Melyssa to submit once as she got her in a waist-scissor hold. My sexy wife
back after that and pinned Rachel 5 times also, but it took nearly twice as long
to do so.
We offered Amy and Rachel a few drinks and we chatted about wrestling techniques
training ideas. Once they left, I carried my victorious Wonder Woman to the
bedroom and
I gave her what she called 'the ride of her life'! Melyssa was now feeling very
about her wrestling abilities and I started testing the water again as I
casually mentioned
Kendra's name from time to time. But, over the next few months, Melyssa got busy
at work and we both sort of forgot about our favorite 'little hobby' during that time.
Right about
when our schedule was getting back to normal however, Melyssa and I ran into
Kendra's husband, at the grocery store. We talked for a few minutes and soon
asked how
Kendra was doing. Jake explained that Kendra had joined one of those new health
and said that she was there now. He really blew me away when he said that his
wife makes
Wonder Woman look like a weakling. I felt my knees actually buckle from the
excitement I
felt upon hearing him say that! We ended our conversation by saying that the
four of us
should get together sometime in the near future. I felt like saying; "You bet
your ass we
should get together!!! Preferably at our place so Kendra and Melyssa could
wrestle in tiny
bikinis for our enjoyment!!!" However, I just nodded and kept quiet until
Melyssa and I got
our stuff in the car. Before I could say anything, Melyssa put her hand right on
my raging
hard-on and said; "Calm down big boy, I know what you're thinking!"


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I love it. Can't wait to read the second part ! I especially like the idea of normal "real" women catfighting in superheorine costume. With no superpower.

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