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"happy" camper final

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"happy" camper final
« on: October 31, 2011, 02:02:18 AM »
With renewed energy and fury the two tigress step sisters met on knees with fire in their eyes. Their young women hood had been challenged and they intended to meet that challenge head on. A new level to their game had developed, one barrier was crossed and now a new one had been shattered. With open hands each grabbed just over a handful of breast tissue and began to squeeze. Howls of pain rolled through their young bodies as a new venue for pain had been found and exploited. Pure hatred rolled in their eye contact as each fought to a new level of women hood vs women hood. An unknown unwritten rule had been broken. Once in a while in the heat of the moment a fist had made a glance off a shoulder and gotten lodged in a breast, but never a full on tit attack. That had changed. Each getting close enough to each other, still on knees to be within arms reach to grab breast tissue and claw and squeeze while trying to keep out of reach of the other.
     Both desperate to stop this fight with no one to help them tears began rolling down their faces. Pain, anger and fear rolled into one. Both realized this was the fight of all fights. No one would be there to stop them and the stakes had never been higher.  Four hands battling to dig deep into breast only to release and fight her step sisters hands off her body and then reengage her attack.  Grabbing fist fulls of hair leaving clumps that tumbled off bare shoulders to bare knees. Looking for an escape both girls joined in a mutual bear hug leaving only their bare sweat covered backs open to attack and quickly fell to the grown side by side in a bear hug as much to give themselves a chance to breath. Cindy and Jenn layed still for several minutes then the knee fight began. One tried to knee the other in the stomach challenging the other to attack back. Knee striking knee  and sometimes half stricking stomach, thigh and crotch. Jenn finally got the lucky money shot sending her thigh deep into Cindy’s exposed baby maker.  She screamed and tried rolling away.
     Jenn kept up her attack rolling on top of her rival. She quickly mounted her step sister and in the next seconds had managed to shimmy her thighs past her sisters hips and was soon sitting her bare firm butt on her sisters stomach and then her chest. Moments later she was riding hers sisters neck and had her sisters sweat covered hands pinned under her knees. Cindy was in trouble and tried to kick and flail her legs up high enough to grab her sisters head and flip her off, but she was to tired. The bucking continued for several more seconds, but it was over. Both girls breathing heavy, about ready to pass out from exhaustion.
Jenn: “had enough?”  looking down at her step sister planted firmly between her thighs. Cindy looked up with the expression of both horror and pure rage. Jenn’s tangled brown hair tangled and rolling down over her face got an evil smile and began to shimmy her crotch until it was right under Cindy’s chin, then she stopped and asked “ had enough?!” Cindy looked at her sisters bush, just about to come in contact with her face and looked up into her sisters eyes (through her sisters breasts) and nodded.  Jenn exhaustedly collapsed off her sister and both stayed on their backs for minutes. It was sunny and warm. The battle had been fought and there had been a winner, but now there was the destroyed campsite and their parents to deal with, but that was for later.


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Re: "happy" camper final
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2021, 11:25:25 AM »
I found your story very realistic and exciting. I would like to see the two of them in action. There are situations where two Furies should be separated for a round two, but with sisters there should be a few hours without parents every now and then. There can be clarified "things" that have already accumulated years....