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New Story The Begining

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New Story The Begining
« on: November 11, 2011, 08:10:17 AM »
Lucia is a picture of blonde perfection, with brilliant blue eyes and curly, long, light blonde, hair. Her subtle breasts are a perfect C-cup and she stands a robust 5’- 8”. Lucia loves to wrestle and she is a member of the: NBLVNBRWL “Natural Blonde Verses Natural Brunette Wrestling League.”  
Ciara is the complementary brunette to Lucia. She too has Pert C-Cup Breast and her silhouette is an even 5’-8”. Ciara’s long bouncy hair is raven in color and her eyes are a deep brown. She too is proud to be part of the NBLVNBRWL.
Tonight’s matchup places these two ladies into a superb struggle.  Both are confident and find irresistible the idea of humiliating their adversary into a defeat. The trash talking emails bring this to light: “Hey Blondie tomorrow night I’ll demonstrate why authoritarian brunettes are far superior to second-rate blondes.” Ciara proclaims. “On the contrary Ciara; once again a sexier and far more honorable blonde will crush another pathetic brunette’s will into submission.”  
The evening arrives. Both ladies are in separate dressing rooms; finishing their pre- match warm ups. Lucia has chosen a white Ujena Sheer Brazilian Bikini Bottom, with Sheer Brazilian Triangle Bikini Top. Our spirited blonde admires in the mirror how the scanty fabric barley conceals her desirable delights. Ciara has chosen a. Ujena Seychelles Crochet Bikini top with matching Rio cut bottoms. Akin to her blonde rival’s choice of a bikini, Ciara also feels sexy and self-assured in her attire for this evenings clash.

Moments later the sexy and fuming gladiators are brilliantly told to enter the plush living room of an LA penthouse.  Instantaneously their eyes meet; they openly begin a reciprocated stare down. Nearing the center of the room they smile at each other with a guarded confidence. The obvious exhilaration of the impending fight is evident. An awe of intensity is filling the air as the signal is given to begin their public battle for supremacy.
“Begin” the announcer declares. Lucia and Ciara begin the traditional circling. Fingers flex as teeth clench. The catty smiles are replaced by fury driven sneers.  
Without regard for their personal self preservation they lunge for one another.  Their sharp talon like manicured nails tearing into curls of long bouncy hair. Heads are tossed left to right and up and down.  They struggle to maintain a stance as their battle begins.   With a vigilant but direct assault; Lucia begins the first endeavor to gain an advantage. As she reaches out and puts her brunette adversary into a headlock.  Full of fight and equally willing to inflict pain; Ciara attempts to retaliate as she grabs the blonde’s left breast with her left hand, while still pulling on Lucia’s long locks.  They grapple about until both fall to the carpet.  The unmistakable and erotic grappling back and forth ensues.

By the time they recoil to inspect their sweat covered bodies both tops have been ripped off. Lucia’s pink nipples and Ciara’s Dark brown nipples are in stark contrast. However; both ladies immediately set their eyes on the other’s firm breast. Kneeling face to face they begin an extreme and erotic breast battle. Nails dig deep and fingers pinch and tweak. Heads snap back mouths open in anguish and then clench in anger.  The brunette begins to gain an advantage and forces the blonde to the carpet. Ciara then straddles her rival and plants her firm ass on Lucia’s lower torso while still punishing her blonde adversary’s vulnerable breast.  Lucia arches her back and her long legs move in spasms as she tries to be in command of of her internal willpower.  Somewhere the blonde’s sense of worth rejuvenates.  Unknown to everyone in the room Lucia’s apparent pain is masking her inner desire to survive.  

update:  Meanwhile, with a devilish smirk, Ciara continues to maul her adversary’s breasts.   Conversely with her confidence in overdrive Ciara never perceives Lucia’s clever plan of escape. The lioness forcefully grabs the brunette’s wrist while arching her back along with thrusting her legs upward.  The skillful maneuver forces her tormentor off.   Completely surprised Ciara falls to the right of Lucia.  The astute blonde uses bounces on top of her adversary and applies a full body press.
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