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Sister’s showdown part 1 : Anne and Marie By the Masked Writer

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Since he was a kid, Kris noticed that there was some bad blood between his mother, Marie, and his aunt Anne, about their respective bodies.
He has seen photos of them when they were younger and heard them talk. His father, as well as uncles and cousins who had known them in their youth also talked about it.
Both are beautiful women, have been beautiful girls and have always been proud of their bodies. Except Anne always made jokes about Marie’s smaller boobs, ever since they were teens. Anne, being the younger one of the two, had been the target of her older sister’s jokes when the 5 years-older Marie was already a young woman and Anne, still a flat-chested preteen. But in a few years, Anne had grown taller by 3 inches than Marie, and developped much bigger breasts. It has been her turn to tease her older sister, and it never ceased since.

With the years, it has become a recurrent feature of their relationship.

And now, Kris is sitting on that metal chair in the gymnasium, among 60 or so people, mostly men, looking at this wrestling ring, and excited at the thought of what is going to happen, yet, still not quite believing it.

For as long as Kris could remember, his mother and aunt have been bitching each other about their respective bodies, with, usually, Anne getting the upper hand by talking about Marie’s modest 32B, compared with her own 32C. It had, however, never gone further than verbal abuse.

Until a few moths ago. It was a summer holiday and the whole family, with some cousins and uncles and aunts, were having a cookout near the pool. The weather was hot and everyone was in his or her swimsuit, taking a dip in the pool every now and then.

Marie and Anne were both in their bikinis, standing near the pool. Kris was watching them. The 52 year-old Anne was not only taller than the 58 year-old Marie, she also looked better in a bikini and obviously knew it. Not only was her breast bigger, it was also firmer (Marie’s sagged) and so was her butt. Marie’s body looked softer and flabbier, her belly contrasted with Anne’s flat stomach. Having brown hair did not make her look younger than Anne’s grey head.
Whatever Marie said she was very conscious of it and always felt uneasy with her sister flaunting her body around. She was too proud to admit it. So the bitching started once again.

Kris was sitting just a bit too far to hear what they were saying, with the music playing really loud on the radio, but he was familiar enough with both women to guess that, once again, they were making catty remarks. Then Anne lifted one of Marie’s breast with her hand, as to point at how flabby it was.

Marie’s face became red and she tried to push Anne in the pool behind her. The younger sister grabbed her agressor’s arms and they both fell in the water, making a big splash and sending waves over the pool’s edge.

Now everybody was looking at the pool, including Kris who was on the edge of his chair. When both women emerged from under the surface, coughing and trying to take their breath, some of the guys started to chant, jokingly “Catfight ! Catfight !”.

The sister had playfighted in the pool before. That they were willing to do it again was not so surprising. Nevertheless, Kris noticed a new seriousness on his mother’s face when she dashed for her sister.

She went for Anne’s head and caught it with her arms, immediately trying to push her under water. Anne reacted by folding her arms around Marie’s torso and lifting her up, which was pretty easy in the pool. She then threw her way like a sack of potatoes, in a great splash. To Kris’s surprise, Marie came back for more.
She dove under water and (Kris guessed) grabbed Anne’s legs or ankles and pulled her up. Anne’s scream was cut short when her head disappeared under the water and Marie’s emerged, holding her sister’s legs. She then let her go and Anne resurfaced, winded and choking on water she swallowed. She was pissed off now, and she went for her older sister. She bearhugged her and lifted her up, carrying her to the pool’s edge, where she crushed her against the cement. Then she put one hand on Marie’s head and forced her under water. Marie grabbed Anne’s wrsit and tried to take it off from her head, which she succeeded long enough to take a breath out of the water.

Both women’s breast where now rubbing against each other while Marie was grinning in pain as the roughed cement scratched the skin of her back. The playfight was turning into a test of strength as Marie was trying to keep her sister’s arms at bay. Anne’s superior height and, as it looked, strength and endurance, were giving her the edge and she managed to grab her sister’s throat and pushed her under water once again. Then she held her for a moment and Marie was trying frantically to free herself. People could see her hands searching desperately for some sort of a hold. Bubbles were coming to the surface as air was going out of her lungs. Then she threw a series of clumsy punches, one which, by chance, hit Anne on the mouth.

The younger sister shrieked “Ouch!” and moved back, letting Marie free to come to the surface and breathe. She rubbed her lips and found a few drop of blood. “Bitch!” she yelled and went for Marie again.
That is when a few other women jumped into the water and stepped between the combatants, ending the fight. To the great disappointment of the guys and, especially, of Kris who found himself more aroused by it than he could have thought. 

For the weeks to come, he could not get that scene out of his mind.

A situation made even more so because his mother and aunts refused to let the issue go away. They were now frankly at odd with each other and hardly talked to one another. However they talked a lot to anyone else who waned to hear about how “she started it” and how “she was going to get it” if “she tried that again”.

And Kris kept thinking about how he could possibly make one of them “try that again”, so that one of them (he did not care who) would “get it”.

And now he sits in the crowd, looking at the ring and wait impatiently. In a few minutes, his mother and his aunt are going to step in the ring.

To be continued


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Re: Sister’s showdown part 1 : Anne and Marie By the Masked Writer
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great start to the story masked writer, can't wait to read the full story



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Re: Sister’s showdown part 1 : Anne and Marie By the Masked Writer
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I am anxiously awaiting when the 2 sisters meet again.