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"Footsie" (Rommates' Tiff)

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"Footsie" (Rommates' Tiff)
« on: February 02, 2009, 10:36:53 PM »
    "Don't you dare switch channels," Diane said as she watched her roommate grab the remote and smile.
    "Oh shut up, I'll watch what I WANT to watch," Karen said as she flipped the channel and lay down on the soft rug. She placed her beer and bowl of snacks nearby and turned towards Diane, snickered and made a rather rude gesture.
     "I'd love to kick her ass good," she muttered to me. We were sitting on the sofa, having an interesting "conversation" not really into the tv show that we had just happened to turn to earlier. Diane was wearing a tube top, and short tight cheek revealing jean cutoffs. And was barefoot. She had the prettiest sexiest feet I had ever seen. Her legs and fanny were not bad either. Perfectly formed calves, just enough of a tan. Her breasts were firm, perfectly rounded-like Georgia peaches if you're into fruit.
     "You crazy lazy bitch, turn back to our show," Diane said angrily. I took a few more swigs of the vodka that we had both been drinking most of the afternoon. It was a lazy Saturday and we had been hiking earlier.
      "Wanna switch-come make me," Karen challenged. She kicked off her sandals. A commercial hit the tube and she sat up. She ran her fingers through her auburn hair and adjusted her skimpy low-cut blouse. I swallowed hard. Karen was well, STACKED. Her pink blouse was quite tight and showed off her slight tummy as well as her two best "assets." She was wearing a skirt. She had went into her work office that morning.
      Words became coarse and the two exchanged threats. The thought of these two going at it was making my "temperature" rise too. Diane's words were slurred; she'd had a bit much.
      "Want me to fight her?" Diane whispered in my ear as Karen's show came back on. I knew these two were having increasingly more conflict and problems the last few months. I had never seen Diane fight before but she knew my love for two babes tangling.
       Not wanting to see real blood spilled, not knowing how violent these two would or could get made me a bit hesitant. I am in great shape and have broken up fights between guys before. Never two women though. Sharp nails and fighting dirty and biting can be a bit painful I've heard.
      "I'll give you here bra to keep for a souvenir," she giggled.
      Hesitation gone bye-bye.
      In a flash Diane was off the couch, over by Karen.
      "Switch the TV back or else," Diane said.
      Before Karen could respond Diane put her bare foot on Karen's back and pushed down. Karen gasped. She reached out, grabbed Diane's ankle and jerked. Diane wobbled, then lost her balance and went down. Karen lunged and the two were going at it. First slowly. First hair pulling. They rolled around, scratching, pulling hair. Karen seemed to be stronger or at least was getting the best of my girl. She slipped her fingers in Diane's top and yanked down exposing her gorgeous left breast. Diane blushed with embarrassment then landed a punch to the back of Karen's head. A vicious hair pull and Diane gave Karen a push and escaped.
      "Enjoy the look?" Diane said as she readjusted her top. The tone of her voice was anger, but I saw a quick wry smile. Karen got slowly to her feet. A sudden quick hard slap and my girl screamed. She blocked Karen's next slaps, then landed a punch to the auburn haired beauties soft belly. Karen grunted. Diane slapped her a couple of times, then moaned as Karen landed a kick to her leg-right at the knee joint. Karen lunged grabbed two handfuls of Diane's silky shoulder length brown hair. They wrestled around the room and tripped over a small endtable. I grabbed the lamp just in time.
      Karen was on all fours trying to get up when Diane jumped on her, wrapped her legs around her waist, took her to the floor then squeezed her waist hard. Diane was actually gasping for air and Karen was in lots of pain. She struggled furiously and hard and first, then her long legs went week. Diane grabbed the front of her roommates torn blouse and ripped it, exposing the sexy revealing bra.
     "Show off your big boobs, Karen sweetie," Diane hissed as she grabbed the right bracup and jerked down hard. One huge milky white breast was staring right at me as the large stiff pink nipple instantly felt my girl's anger. Karen's weak legs seem to get a burst of energy as Diane pinched her nipple hard. I saw tears in the redheads' eyes as her fingers tried to pry Diane's talons away.
      Legscissors and gasping breath; soon Karen was almost out, her lovely body spread out on the floor. Diane ripped her blouse and bra completely off. She sat on her waist, reached down and began to play and tickle with Karen's feet. Karen winced, giggled, laughed almost uncontrollably, her big boobs jiggling sexily.
     "Who's the best babe?"
    "You are."
      "Who gets to control the TV and watch anything she wants?"
      "You do."
      "Who's gonna do the dishes, take out the trash?"
      Hesitation. Much foot tickling.
       "I am."
      Diane decided to have a big more fun. She took off her own top, pressed her chest into Karen's face and had her kiss and suck her rock hard nipples. Then she got a chair, sat next to Karen and ran her bare feet slowly over her face, breasts, stomach. She even slipped her toes underneath her roommates skirt and used her pretty sexy toes to pull down the skirt and the pink panties-just enough to expose the top of Karen's reddish curly pubic hair.
      "Ready for us to go have some fun?" I smiled. I was standing close to see every bit of the action. Diane stared at the bulge in my jeans and made mention of how appreciative I was off Karen losing the fight and being "willing" to show off her big boobs, etc.
       "Just one more thing, rather two more things first," Diane chirped. She flexed her toes, placed her feet on Karen's beig beautiful boobs. She caught the thick pink nipples between her big and second toes and pinched them slow and hard. Karen winced. Diane giggled.
      "Now we're ready for some fun; well I am; you've been ready for awhile," Diane laughed as she took my hand-she went back to Karen quickly and gave her a sloppy, deep big kiss, swatted her breasts a couple of times, grabbed her hand and placed it under her skirt.
     "You have a good time too" she ordered."You earned it."



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Re: "Footsie" (Rommates' Tiff)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2009, 06:03:01 AM »
Hank ,  This was a great story.  I hope that you will be posting more stories soon.



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Re: "Footsie" (Rommates' Tiff)
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2014, 03:54:24 PM »
awesom story