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« on: August 27, 2008, 07:25:39 AM »
 This is the rematch of my fianc'ee Lynn and her sister's friend Gina. Please refer to the story--A Very Moving Experience for details of their first match.

   This occurred about six weeks ago now as Lynn and I planned to get away to the beach with our closest friends one more time before we tied the knot. Lynn's maid of honor was her sister Brenda who was supposed to bring her boyfriend Steve, but they broke up about a month before Brenda moved to her apartment. My best man Chuck and his pregnant wife Stacey were going to join us, but Stacey had some problems and went into labor 3 months early. (She's ok now and so is their baby girl!) So, as fate would have it I guess, Lynn and I were accompanied by our two moving partners, Brenda and Gina for the weekend.
  All Lynn talked to me about was getting revenge on Gina, she wanted to beat her so bad! Gina couldn't resist teasing Lynn every chance she got, always rubbing in the fact that she pinned my girl three straight times at the apartment. It was funny, because Lynn and Gina really hit it off, they really like each other. But there was this thick competitive aura hanging over them that was unexplainable but so erotic that my cock constantly felt like a jack hammer on Viagra when I watched them go at it!
  Lynn and Gina started challenging each other to foot races and arm-wrestling contests and each was winning her fair share of events. We found a very secluded part of the beach and I coaxed the ladies into going topless. Each busty babe loved showing off after she won an event and I got more eye candy than a man has a right to! The two athletic women were even more evenly matched now it seemed and I knew that a wrestling rematch was inevitable. Poor Brenda was getting a little bored as she read her book and sighed as she tried to relax on one of the dunes. Gina proved to be the fastest runner but surprisingly, Lynn had the upperhand in arm-wrestling. Both women are right handed so the championship came down to that. After a long struggle, Gina let out a scream and Lynn put her opponent's arm on the deck. My bouncy blonde was beside herself with excitement as she jumped and danced around the dejected brunette.
  Lynn raced over and gave me a big hug, then turned back to Gina and declared; "Your ass is mine now Bitch!" Gina got up and shook her right arm vigorously and stared at Lynn asking; "What do you mean 'my ass is yours'? You don't own it!" Lynn put her hands on her hips and yet again surpassed her previously most sexy look ever and said; "I will once I've pinned you to a count of 10 ---- THREE TIMES!!!" Gina laughed in disbelief and put her hands on her own hips and shouted; "Honey, if you can pin me once, I'll kiss your ass!" Lynn smiled and turned as she bent forward and boldly shoved her bodacious ass at Gina and told the brunette to start practicing.
   It was then that Gina got the idea that will keep me jerking off until I'm ninety years old! The busty brunette said; "Wait a minute. Let's make it a real ownership match. There is a tattoo shop down the block, the loser has to get a tattoo on her ass saying that her ass is the property of the winner! And let's not have a count on the pins. Whoever gets a pindown has to hold her opponent down until she submits, agreed?" Lynn looked a little puzzled and anxious as she asked if the match would still be decided by whoever got three pins first. Gina started to limber up and confirmed, "That's right Nips, three pins to win. You're gonna be on your back all day long!"



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« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 11:52:29 PM »
Love this series Jeff.  My wife and I can't wait for the next part!  Go Lynn!   ;D



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« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2008, 02:13:52 PM »
I am looking forward to part 2 also.