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Sister’s showdown part 5 : Destruction By The Masked Writer

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Sister’s showdown part 5 : Destruction By The Masked Writer
« on: February 03, 2009, 10:51:04 AM »
Kris feels this one-minute pause is lasting for ages. The 52 year-old, 5’5 and 125 pounds Anne is sitting quietly in her corner while her sister –and Kris’ mom- 58 year-old, 5ft2 and 140 pounds Marie barely managed to pull herself up on the chair, using the ropes, after the frightful beating she took in the last fall.

Kris doesn’t think she is ready for the next fall.

The bell rings.

Saying Anne jumps on her feet would be exaggerated but it is certainly what it looks like compared to Marie’s heavy, slow and painful-looking move as she lifts herself from the chair.

Both women walk to the center of the ring and begin circling around one another. Anne looks a bi tired but Marie looks exhausted. The difference between the two was never so visible as now for Kris. His mother is 5 years older than his aunt but now she looks 20 years older. Her upper back and shoulder bends forward, her belly sticks out and she seems slow, clumsy heavy-bottomed and wrinkled. Sweat rolls in rivers on her body and there is fear on her face.

Anne is feeling it too. She has a smug look on her face. When she gets close enough she slaps Marie in the face. Not a strong slap, more of a tease. Marie was way too slowly in raising her arms to protect herself. Then Anne goes for a punch to the stomach. Marie doubles over as a reflex, even though the blow hardly touched her. Anne moves around her sister and sends her a kick to the butt, shaking the flabby flesh. Marie shrieks and tries to move away, pursued by Anne who kicks her again. Marie literally runs and goes to the rope. Then Ginny stops Anne. The crowd boos and laughs.

Ginny orders Marie back in the center of the ring.  Visibly scared, Marie obeys and faces her sister again. Anne looks more and more confident, almost amused.

Both women takes something of a combat position, bent forward, legs apart and hands half-raised. They get closer and closer, then Anne swiftly slaps Marie’s left breast from under, making it bounce out of her low cut bra. Marie shrieks and instinctively turns her back to put her flabby 32B in place. Of course there is as many people looking on the other side and the crowd laughs. Kris can see her face getting beet-red.
Anne laughs too.
That is enough to make Marie’s fear recede and leave place to anger.

The 58 year-old suddenly faces her opponent and dashes, her fist closed, trying to punch her in the face. She actually lands a blow on Anne’s shoulder but the slimmer and younger sister dodges Marie’s charge by a step on the side. Marie’s momentum draws her past her sister. Ann, once again, kicks Marie’s soft backside.

Marie loses balance and falls, head first, almost through the ropes. Her face hits the upper rope as she vainly tries to grab it to stop her fall. She manages to grab the middle rope with one hand and spins on herself, falling down and landing on her derriere. She drops on her side, rubbing her face with her hands, crying.

She could easily cathes the rope but doesn’t think about it. Anne, on the other hand, doesn’t want to give her a chance.
The younger sister grabs her opponent’s ankles and drags her on her belly, in the middle of the ring.
Marie panicks and twist herself, pedaling with her legs, trying to get out of her sister’s hold. She truns herself on her back, only to see Anne jumping on her and straddling her again.
Anen grabs Marie’s wrist and starts pinning them down. Marie bravely resists  but uselessly as her sister is not only stronger but in better position to use her weight. She forces Marie’s right arm between her left thighs and her calf. Marie struggles in vain with her other hand, trying to pull her sister’s hold open. In a few seconds, Marie’s right arm is immobilized by Anne’s left leg. Marie shouts and swears and tries in vain to punch Anne’s face. Then she grabs Anne’s bra and pulls it down. The fabric breaks and the public gets a full sight of Anne rather firm, round and white 32C.
Kris can read on his aunt’s lips.
-“Bitch !Now you’re going to get it !”
She really is pissed off.

Using both hands, she grabs Marie’s left wrist and easily puts it down, immobilizing it between her right calf and thighs.

She now sits on her sister’s belly, cutting her breath, squeezing her arms between her legs.
Marie is completely at Anne’s mercy. She pedals in vain, hitting the mat with her legs and making a lot of noise. She can lift her head and her shoulder’s from the mat but that is about all she can do.
Anne grabs her torn off bra and takes it off completely by slipping it over her shoulders. She throws it behind her back. It lands on the middle rope where it stays hanging. 

A panicked Marie tries to get herself out of her dangerous position, immobilized by her opponent’s 125 pounds sitting on her stomach, her arms paralyzed by Anne’s legs. Fidget as she wants, kicking the air with her feet, she is completely powerless. A topless, but angry and triumphant Anne takes her time and very deliberately, grabs a handful of Marie’s brown hair. She lifts her head from the canvas and then slams it brutally in the mat. And again. And again.
And again
And again.

Then she keeps her sister’s head down on the mat with her left hand.

Kris can see tears rolling on his mother’s cheeks as she feebly moves her head from left to right, like she is begging for mercy.

But mercy is certainly not what Anne as in store for her sister now. She closes her right fist and punches her sister’s face.

The punch is clumsy and Anne is no boxer but her victim, being immobilized, catch the full force of it.

Her heads moves on the left side and her legs drop on the mat.

Then, with a smile, Anne grabs Marie’s bra and begins to pull it off. Since it can’t be unfastened from the front, she lifts her legs and frees Marie’s arms.

Marie is not completely knocked out. Kris can see her eyes are opened and tears are rolling down in rivers.

But she has no fight left in her. She doesn’t even make an attempt at resisting when Anne pulls her bra over her head.  She throws it away and it falls out of the ring. Now, Marie’s flabby 32B are naked, unimpressive as the are, like two eggs on a plate.

Then Anne grabs Marie’s wrists and pinned then down with one hand over Marie’s head. With the other hand she begins to twist and mauls Marie’s soft left breast. Then the right one.
Marie cries like a baby. Kris can see her torso going up and down as she sobs.

He has to read on her lips when she says “I quit!”

Ginny order the bells to ring, which it does.

With one last, contemptuous slaps on Marie’s tits, Anne gets up and raises her arms in the air, triumphant.

-“The winner of the fourth falls, after 6 minutes, Anne !”

The voice of the Masked Writer can hardly be heard at all, almost covered by the cheers of the crowd.
The applauds are all for Anne who, braless, is parading her glorious 32C around the ring.

Marie could almost be dead, immobile, on her back in the middle of the ring. Covered in sweat, with scratches on her breast and a shiner is beginning to darken around her left eye.

Kris is beginning to be worried. This is going much further than he thought.  He doesn’t think his mother can go on much longer. At first, she doesn’t even tries to go to her corner during the pause. After 30 seconds, she manages to sit up, staying in the middle of the ring, her head between her knees, massaging her breast and rubbing the tears off her face. Eventually, she gets on her feet and goes to the corner where she takes the bottle of water and drinks.

All her body seems to be collapsing. Kris never saw her look so weak. She keeps her head low, breathes hard, which makes her mauled breast go up and down.  Her ribs sticks out and so does her round belly.
He can tell than Anne is also more tired than she wants to show. She has stopped her parading and is lying against the turnbuckles in her corner. Also taking up her breath.

The bell rings. There is still 12 minutes to go.

To be continued

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Re: Sister’s showdown part 5 : Destruction By The Masked Writer
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2009, 07:49:12 PM »
What a great story. I have to admit I would hope Marie gathers some energy and teaches Anne a lesson.