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From the archive: "Total Domination: Rachel vs Amanda"

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From the archive: "Total Domination: Rachel vs Amanda"
« on: February 16, 2009, 12:21:11 PM »
If you haven't read my post about the recovering of the old forum, please do it now:,2297.0.html
As an example, I'm posting an old story by davidrep1 that I managed to find by digging the web archive of

"It was very late.  Or very early depending upon the point of view.  It was warm, and humid, and extremely dark on the campus grounds behind the building of the freshmen girl's dorm.  Two girls were slowly walking up the pathway leading to the back entrance on this moonless night.  The girls were laughing and giggling and appeared to be stumbling over each other.  They had been drinking at a party and were trying to get back to their own dorm room. 
Rachel was 18 and blonde and very attractive.  She stood about 5' 6" tall and weighed just under 120 lbs.  Her blonde hair was short and straight and parted in the middle.  Rachel was a tough girl, having grown up deep in an urban area of a northeastern US city.  She sported a small tattoo of a rose near her right ankle and her tongue was pierced.  She had a few drinks at the party, but no where near the amount of liquor that her roommate Amanda had consumed. 
Amanda had one of her arms wrapped around the back of Rachel's neck as the two girls stumbled towards the door.  Rachel was helping her walk as best she could.  Amanda was laughing and slurring her words so much that Rachel could barely make out what she was saying.  Amanda was also very cute and the same age as Rachel.  Her long brunette hair flowed freely over her shoulders.  She was also the same size as Rachel, at 5' 6", but weighed just a couple of pounds more.  Amanda was from a very small town in a somewhat isolated part of the southwest US.  The experience of being away from home for the first time and living at the university was almost overwhelming for her.  But her roommate Rachel seemed to be helping her in feeling more secure and more comfortable. 
The two girls staggered through the doorway and walked down the hall towards the elevators.  Amanda continued to giggle and laugh as Rachel did her best in helping her roommate back to their room.
"SShhhh!"  Rachel said as she stumbled down the hallway with Amanda's arm still draped over her shoulders behind her neck.  "You're gonna wake everyone up."
As soon as Rachel pressed the button for the elevator the doors opened.
'Thank God,'  Rachel said quietly as she helped Amanda into the elevator. 
The doors closed and the elevator began to rise.  Amanda stumbled towards the side of the elevator and pulled Rachel with her.  The cute brunette leaned against the wall and tried to keep her balance. 
"You are so wasted girl."  Rachel laughed as she stood next to Amanda. 
Amanda mumbled something that Rachel couldn't understand and started laughing again. 
The doors of the elevator opened on the fifth floor and the two girls stumbled out. 
"We're almost there."  Rachel said as she led Amanda down the hallway to their dorm room.  The blonde reached into her front pocket and pulled out the key to the door. 
Rachel opened the door and helped Amanda inside.  She led the brunette over to her bed and pushed Amanda's arm off of her shoulder. 
"There you go."  Rachel laughed as Amanda collapsed onto her bed. 
Amanda giggled as she slowly rolled over to her back.  She looked up at Rachel who stood next to her at the side of her bed. 
"I can't believe I'm so drunk."  Amanda slurred.  "I don't think I' this." 
Rachel turned away and walked towards the door and closed it.  She secured the lock.  Rachel flipped a switch next to the door, turning on a light and then dimming it very quickly.  She walked over towards her own bed and sat down.  Rachel smiled to her roommate who remained laying outstretched on her back on her bed across the small room. 
"I can't believe you drank that much."  Rachel said.  "Maybe you should get undressed before you pass out, unless you like sleeping in your clothes." 
Amanda began giggling again.
"I don't care.."  the brunette smiled. 
Rachel stood up and unbuttoned her shorts.  She let them fall to her feet as she quickly stripped off her t-shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor.  She slipped her feet out of her toeless shoes and stepping out of her shorts, she sat down on the edge of her bed wearing only a pair of white panties and a bra.  She crossed her long legs as she smiled at her roommate. 
Rachel had been somewhat aroused ever since she left the party.  She didn't know why.  Maybe it was the liquor that she drank, or maybe it was the physical contact of helping Amanda back to the dorm room, or a combination of both.  She didn't know.  Amanda was on her back still dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, laying on her bed and looking as if she would just pass out at any moment.  Rachel slowly got off of her bed and walked a few feet across the floor and stood at the side of Amanda's bed.  She looked down at the cute brunette.  Amanda's eyes were closed. 
"Hey girl,"  Rachel said as she sat down on the edge of Amanda's bed.  "You want to wrestle a little?" 
Amanda slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the beautiful blonde sitting next to her. 
"What?"  Amanda slurred.  "Wrestle?" 
Rachel stood up and placed one of her knees on the edge of Amanda's bed. 
"Yeah,"  Rachel smiled.  "Let's wrestle." 
Rachel got up to her knees next to Amanda and quickly swung one of her legs over the brunette's outstretched body.  Amanda began laughing as Rachel lowered her ass down onto her stomach.  With her eyes only half opened, the brunette looked up at the blonde who was now sitting astride her. 
"I'm too... tired."  Amanda slurred as she reached up with her hands and very meekly tried to push Rachel off of her. 
"Oh no you don't!"  Rachel smiled as she grabbed hold of Amanda's wrists.  She leaned forward just a bit and held Amanda's wrists down to the bed next to the sides of her head.  As she sat astride Amanda with her ass resting on the brunette's stomach and feeling Amanda's body between her legs, Rachel felt even more aroused.  "You're not getting up that easy." 
Rachel slid forward just a little and placed her knees very lightly onto Amanda's shoulders which pinned them down to the mattress.  Amanda tried to keep her eyes open as she continued to giggle. 
"Come on Rachel,"  Amanda mumbled.  "I'm way too tired.. and too drunk..  Let me just sleep..ok?" 
Rachel released Amanda's wrists and sat upright astride her.  Keeping her knees pressed onto the brunette's shoulders, Rachel put her hands on her hips and smiled down into Amanda's face.  The brunette could barely keep her eyes open. 
"Then you'll just have to fall asleep like this,"  Rachel smiled.  "Because I'm not getting off of you until you can force me off." 
Amanda moved her hands very slowly and submissively until they rested on the tops of Rachel's knees as they continued to pin her shoulders to the bed.  The brunette began to uselessly slide her legs around. 
"I can't..."  Amanda moaned.  "I'm too tired...  get off of me... please?" 
"I know you're not this weak, girl."  Rachel teased her.  "Come on, try to get me off." 
Amanda's legs soon came to rest and her eyes closed.  While her hands rested on Rachel's knees which remained on her shoulders, the cute brunette quickly passed out as she lay pinned on her back.  Rachel reached down with her hands and began to lightly slap the cheeks of Amanda's face.
"Wake up,"  Rachel smiled to her between slaps. 
But Amanda's eyes remained closed.  She breathed heavily as she soundly slept with Rachel sitting astride her body just below her chest. 
"Poor little girl,"  Rachel said quietly as she slid a little more forward on Amanda's body.  With her ass resting comfortably astride Amanda's breasts and with the brunette's shoulders pinned beneath her shins, Rachel slid her knees in a bit and clamped her bare inner thighs tightly against the sides of Amanda's head.  She smiled down into Amanda's stuck face between them. 
The brunette was out cold.  Her eyes were closed and her breathing was deeper and more labored. 
Rachel slowly inched her way even more forward until the crotch of her white panties pressed against Amanda's chin.  As the brunette's head was forced back just slightly, Amanda opened her eyes and looked up in horror at the beautiful blonde who sat dominantly astride her throat and neck.  And then Amanda's eyes closed just as quickly, passing out and falling asleep once again. 
Rachel put her hands onto the tops of her thighs as she smiled down into Amanda's cute face snuggly trapped between them.  Rachel was even more aroused now.  The blonde began to move the crotch of her panties up and down against Amanda's chin and jaw as a wave of pleasure suddenly swept through her body.  Rachel quietly moaned. 
The blonde quickly slid back and got up to her knees.  Rachel stood up to her feet remaining astride Amanda and reached behind her back undoing the hook which kept her bra in place.  It slid off of her chest, exposing her very well-proportioned breasts.  She reached down and pulled her white panties off of her waist and slowly slid them down her legs.  As she remained standing over Amanda on the bed, she stepped out of her panties.  Amanda remained motionless on her back passed out from the liquor she drank at the party. 
Rachel was so turned on and extremely aroused by what was going on.  She was naked as she stood astride her unconscious roommate who lay helpless and prone on her back on her bed.  Rachel slowly got down to her knees and knelt astride Amanda.  The brunette didn't move.  Rachel cautiously lowered her bare ass onto Amanda's stomach, and still, Amanda remained motionless. 
For a few moments Rachel had second thought as to what she was about to do to her roommate.  She moved up just a little and placed her knees onto the shoulders of Amanda's outstretched arms.  There was still no movement from Amanda.  The brunette only breathed heavily as she slept.  Rachel reached down with her hands and slapped Amanda's face rather hard, but her roommate didn't flinch.  Rachel knew that she was out good.  And even if she did somehow awake, she would be completely helpless and at her mercy. 
In a very quick move, Rachel slid up on Amanda's body until her naked crotch pressed hard against Amanda's chin.  Rachel quivered from the sensation.  With Amanda's shoulders pinned to the bed beneath her lower shins and the tops of her feet, Rachel slid her knees in and clamped her thighs tight against the sides of Amanda's head once again.  She looked down into the brunette's face and there was still no reaction.  Amanda was out cold. 
Rachel slowly moved up a little more forward, sliding her crotch over Amanda's chin until it rested right on top of the brunette's mouth.  Rachel lowered her ass just enough to feel the lips of her clit press against the lips of Amanda's mouth.  And then Rachel moaned with pleasure. 
With her hands dominantly placed on her hips, Rachel began to grind her crotch against Amanda's mouth as she looked down into her roommate's face stuck firmly between her thighs.  Amanda suddenly opened her eyes just slightly and Rachel froze.  As she looked into the brunette's cute face, she heard herself let out a very loud moan of pleasure as she felt Amanda's tongue suddenly probe very deeply into her clit.  Rachel threw her head back in ecstasy.  When she looked back down into Amanda's face, her eyes were closed and the brunette was out once again. 
Rachel began to grind her clit harder and harder against Amanda's mouth.  The brunette remained passive and motionless beneath her.  Rachel reached down with both of her hands and in desperation grabbed Amanda's long brunette hair and pulled her head up, forcing her cute face harder against her naked crotch. 
Amanda was still out as Rachel's clit pressed against her mouth, and her chin, and her nose.  And now it was Rachel who was breathing heavily as she rode Amanda's cute but unconscious face. 
An incredible wave of pleasure suddenly began sweeping through Rachel's body.  She felt herself cuming as she forced Amanda's face deeper and deeper into her crotch.  Rachel threw her head back and moaned as she experienced this wonderful sensation. 
As her clit pressed hard against Amanda's mouth, Rachel slowly caught her breath.  Amanda's eyes remained closed.  The brunette was out for the night.  Rachel remained seated right astride Amanda's face for a few minutes savoring the wonderful feeling that flowed throughout her body. 
And then Rachel began to wonder if Amanda would remember what just happened to her.  Rachel slowly slid off of Amanda's face and let her naked ass rest on the top of the brunette's stomach.  She kept her knees pressing on Amanda's shoulders as she looked down into her roommate's face.  Amanda was sound asleep.  Rachel hoped that she wouldn't remember. 
Rachel got up to her knees and then rolled off of Amanda and stood next to her bed.  Rachel began to realize that after what she just did to her roommate, she didn't want to take any chances.  The blonde walked over towards her bed and picked up her shorts and t-shirt from the floor.  She slowly put them back on as she watched Amanda laying on her back still sound asleep. 
Walking back over to Amanda's bed, she reached down and took hold of Amanda's arms.
"MMMfff"  Amanda moaned, as Rachel pulled her up on the bed. 
Rachel was smiling as she maneuvered Amanda to sitting position on the edge of the bed, and then gently pulled her off of it down to the floor.  Amanda was now on her back and Rachel got right on top of her, laying on her.  The blonde reached her arms underneath the brunette and wrapped them around her back.  As she held Amanda tightly in her arms, Rachel rolled over to her back and took the brunette with her.  Amanda now ended up laying directly on top of Rachel.  The brunette mumbled quietly but she was incomprehensible. 
As Rachel lay on her back on the floor, she breathed a sigh of relief as she closed her eyes and smiled.  Amanda, who was still sound asleep, was laying directly on top of her. 
It was just a couple of hours later when Amanda began to awaken.  Her eyelids were heavy and she was feeling a very strange sensation.  She felt herself laying on her stomach but something was under her.  The cute brunette opened her eyes and remained motionless as she tried to regain her senses and composure.  The room looked familiar.  It was her dorm room at school.  She knew she was at least in her own room.  But what was under her?  She began to turn her head and when she looked straight down, she was stunned.
"Oh my God!"  Amanda said quietly, but loud enough for Rachel to hear.  Rachel slowly opened her eyes and looked up at her roommate who was still laying directly on top of her. 
"Hi Amanda."  Rachel smiled.
Amanda was very weak and still very out of it.  She didn't quite understand what was happening.  The brunette propped her hands onto the floor and raised herself up and slid her knees forward, subconsciously straddling Rachel. 
"What happened?"  Amanda asked in a daze. 
"We had a wrestling match."  Rachel replied.  "And you beat me." 
Amanda put her hands onto her thighs as she became aware of the fact that she suddenly found herself sitting astride her roommates' stomach. 
"Really?"  Amanda asked her as she looked down into Rachel's face. 
"Well I don't know why else you would be sitting on me"  Rachel smiled. 
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry Rachel!"  Amanda replied with obvious shock in her voice.  "I'll get up." 
Rachel quickly reached her hands up and placed them against Amanda's hips. 
"No, that's OK!"  Rachel smiled.  "If you want to stay here, you can." 
Amanda looked down into Rachel's face.
"Why?"  the brunette asked with a very curious tone in her voice. 
"I don't know,"  Rachel replied.  "But when you were sitting on my throat you seemed to like it." 
"No way!"  Amanda replied with a very groggy tone.  "I was not sitting on your throat." 
Rachel smiled up at the brunette who sat astride her stomach. 
"Oh yes you were you little bitch."  Rachel giggled.  "You made me admit that you were stronger than I was.  And than right after that you just fell asleep on top of me and I guess I did also." 
Amanda slowly raised her hands up and placed them against the sides of her head.
"I have such a huge headache."  Amanda mumbled as she looked down at her roommate while sitting comfortably astride her stomach.  "I can't believe this.  Did I really beat you?" 
Rachel began laughing.
"You want me to admit to it again?"  The cute blonde replied, "Yeah you did girl.  You're alot stronger than you look."   
Amanda lowered her hands and let them rest on her thighs as she sat astride Rachel's stomach.
"I don't remember anything."  Amanda said quietly.  "I hope I didn't make a fool of myself at the party." 
"You were fine."  Rachel assured her roommate.  "But I did have to help you walk back to our room." 
Amanda was very groggy.  She was still somewhat drunk but she was at least awake for now.  She looked down at her roommate who was trapped on her back beneath her.  She noticed that Rachel was smiling up at her, and watching her.
"What are you smiling at?"  Amanda asked the cute blonde. 
"I was just wondering if you like sitting on me."  Rachel replied. 
"I don't know,"  Amanda said cautiously.  "I'm just so out of it right now." 
"I think you do."  Rachel giggled.  "I think you like wrestling with me." 
Amanda slowly removed her hands from her thighs and took hold of Rachel's wrists.  She leaned forward and lowered the blonde's wrists to the floor and held them next to the sides of her head.  She looked down into Rachel's face and the blonde was still smiling up at her. 
"Maybe I do."  Amanda replied.  "I think I like holding you down like this." 
Rachel began moving her legs on the floor and struggled just a bit in a token attempt at freeing herself from under Amanda. 
"What do you think you're doing?"  Amanda smiled.  The brunette moved forward just a bit and placed her knees onto Rachel's shoulders which pinned them to the floor.  "You're not going anywhere,"  Amanda said to her as Rachel became still. 
Amanda looked down into Rachel's face as she sat astride her just below her breasts.  With her knees pressed firmly on Rachel's shoulders and as she continued to hold her wrists to the floor she began to feel as if she was suddenly in control of her roommate. 
"So you said I was sitting on your throat before?"  Amanda asked the blonde.
"Yes,"  Rachel smiled her reply.
"Well since I don't remember doing that to you, I guess I have to do it again."  Amanda smiled. 
"No,"  Rachel faked a protest.  "Not again!" 
Amanda began sliding her cute ass forward onto Rachel's chest and didn't stop until the crotch of her shorts pressed against the blonde's chin.  Rachel's head was forced back just a bit.  Amanda brought her knees in and tightly squeezed her inner thighs up against the sides of Rachel's head. 
"Stop!"  Rachel laughed.  "Please?" 
Amanda released Rachel's wrists and sat upright high astride the blonde's chest.  Her crotch remained firmly pressed against Rachel's chin.  She put her hands onto her hips and seemed to admire the view she had of her roommate's cute face stuck between her thighs. 
"You're right."  Amanda confidently said to her.  "I like wrestling with you.  So I want to hear you admit that I'm stronger than you are again." 
Rachel didn't want to admit to that again.  She knew that she was stronger and tougher than Amanda could ever be but she did enjoy playing with the brunette in letting her think she won a wrestling match against her.  She definitely enjoyed her very submissive position beneath Amanda, with the cute girl's crotch right against her jaw and her warm and very smooth thighs gripped at the sides of her head. 
"No!"  Rachel replied.  "I already said it once." 
"Then I'll just sit here until you admit it again."  Amanda giggled.  "I don't have anywhere else to go." 
In a quick move, Rachel brought her long legs up from behind Amanda and managed to get her feet in front of the brunette.  Trapping the hapless brunette between her legs, the blonde easily forced the brunette straight back and Amanda tumbled off of her. 
Amanda rolled to her back as Rachel quickly got up to a kneeling position on the floor.  Both girls were laughing and smiling into each other's faces. 
"Now it's your turn!"  Rachel said to Amanda as she moved towards her.
"No way!"  Amanda replied as she rolled over to her side and tried to get up to her knees.  But Rachel grabbed hold of her and forced her back down to the floor and rolled her over to her back.  Amanda was suffering severely from the effects of the alcohol she drank at the party and was very tired and weak.  Even if she wanted to, there was no way she could fight back against Rachel's advances. 
Rachel swung one of her legs over Amanda's body and quickly sat down on top of Amanda's stomach.  The brunette continued to giggle as Rachel took hold of her wrists and pressed them down to the floor next to the sides of her head. 
"Now I've got you."  Rachel smiled as she sat astride Amanda's stomach. 
Amanda looked up at the pretty blonde who was sitting on her. 
"Not for long."  Amanda smiled.  "I can get up if I want to." 
"No you can't girl."  Rachel replied as she slid forward and placed her knees onto Amanda's shoulders and pinned them to the floor.  "Go ahead, let's see you try." 
Amanda began laughing almost uncontrollably as she struggled uselessly beneath Rachel.  As she kicked her legs lightly in the air, what remaining strength she had was soon gone.  Amanda was exhausted. 
Amanda's legs came to rest extended straight out across the floor.  Her laughing turned to quiet giggles as she looked up at her roommate who dominantly sat astride her stomach. 
"If I wasn't so tired I could get up."  Amanda meekly said to her. 
Rachel released Amanda's wrists and she put her hands onto her hips.  Keeping her knees pressed on Amanda's shoulders, Rachel smiled confidently into Amanda's face. 
"Do you want me to let you up?"  Rachel asked her. 
"I don't care,"  Amanda mumbled.  "I think I'm gonna just pass out." 
Rachel slowly moved forward, her knees sliding over Amanda's shoulders and coming to rest on the floor next to the sides of the brunette's head.  Amanda's eyes began to widen as she helplessly watched Rachel sliding up to sit on her chest. 
"MMMffff,"  Amanda moaned as she felt Rachel shifting her weight astride her. 
"Before you go to sleep there's one think you have to do girl,"  Rachel smiled down to her as she made herself comfortable astride Amanda's breasts.  Rachel slid her knees in and pressed her firm thighs against the sides of Amanda's head.
"What?"  Amanda asked quietly. 
"I want you to admit that I'm stronger than you are."  Rachel smiled as she looked down into her roommate's trapped face between her inner thighs. 
"OK,"  Amanda quickly replied as her eyes began to close.  "You're.. you're stonger than I am." 
Rachel smiled as she slowly moved forward on Amanda.  When the crotch of her shorts pressed against Amanda's chin, Rachel felt her entire body tremble.  Sitting astride Amanda's throat and neck and with her thighs still holding the sides of Amanda's head firmly in place, and with the brunette's shoulders pinned to the floor beneath her ankles, Rachel began to very discretely move her crotch up and down against Amanda's chin and jaw.  Amanda was still awake, her eyes opened just halfway as she stared up at Rachel. 
Rachel cautiously looked into Amanda's eyes for any sign of resistance but her roommate just lay motionless on the floor beneath her. 
"Do you like this?"  Rachel asked her as she pressed the crotch of her shorts harder against her chin. 
Amanda did not reply but continued to look up at her with her eyelids very heavy.  She was desperately trying to stay awake. 
Rachel raised her cute ass just a bit and slid the crotch of her shorts up over Amanda's chin.  She let it rest very lightly right on top of Amanda's mouth. 
"How about this?"  Rachel asked her roommate as she looked down into her almost closed eyes.  "Do you like me sitting on your face?  Maybe I should do this with nothing on?" 
Rachel sat lightly astride Amanda's face as she watched the cute brunette's eyes close one last time before she fell asleep again. 
Rachel slid back off of Amanda's face and sat comfortably astride the brunette's chest.  Spreading her knees, she kept them placed on Amanda's arms, right on her biceps.  She reached down with her hands and gently moved the brunette's hair from in front of her face.  Rachel was smiling. 
"I hope we can wrestle again Amanda,"  Rachel said to the sleeping girl as she lightly caressed the sides of her face with the palms of her hands.  "And maybe you'll want to sit on my face sometime,"  she continued.  "I know I would like that." 
Rachel stayed seated astride Amanda's chest for the next few minutes as she quietly watched the pinned and helpless girl beneath her sleep.  Eventually Rachel slowly rolled off of Amanda and sat on the floor next to her.  The brunette was completely sound asleep on her back.  Rachel reached up to her bed and grabbed her pillow.  She set it down on the floor next to Amanda's head and pulled a blanket off of her bed.  She lay down next to her roommate and she covered Amanda and herself with the blanket and soon fell asleep as well."

More to come!